PHOTOGRAPHY: ITS MATERIAL AND APPLIANCES. With some remarks for the use of non-proficients on their choice and application. London: John Birch & Company, Limited. 1895. Quarto. Pp. 140. Profusely illustrated. Price $3. This work is issued for circulation in foreign countries and especially in the British colonies, and is issued by the well known firm of merchants and engineers, who do a large commission and manufacturing business. The first part of this work is devoted to descriptions of photographic apparatus and directions and formulas for working various processes. The second part is devoted to a priced catalogue of photographic apparatus. It is rather extraordinai-y to make buyers pay for a trade catalogue; it is, however. an English custom. The reading matter in the front occupies only 138 pages and is hardly i-nth the price charged—seven shillings and sixpence. AMERICAN STEAM AND HOT WATER HEATING PRACTICE. New York : The Engineering Record. 1895. Pp. 317. Large 8vo. Profuselv illustrated. No index. Price $4. This is a selected reprint of Important articles which have appeared in the Engineering Record, a journal of high standing. The present work, which is sure of a large sale, is intended to supplement Steam Heating Problems, which was published in 1888. The new volume includes a description of some of the best expositions of heating and ventilating design as applied to modern structures of the most extensi ve kind, as well as a description of various problems arising in this department of building engineering. The book is profusely illustrated with large scale plans and details of some of the best known installations in the United States, and includes work done in the ordinary residence up to the largest and most expensive plant for heating public buildings and churches. The work can be especially commended for the excellence of these plans, which seem to leave nothing to be desired. It is to be regretted, however, that an index was not provided, for even the very full table of contents does not take the place of an index, with which all scientific and technical books should be provided. PHYSIOLOGY. By A. Macal ister, LL.D., M.D. London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1895. Pp. 123. 18mo. 59 illustrations. Price 40 cents. This book belongs to the Manuals of Elementary Science series. The author has endeavored to present in a simple and concise form some of the elementary principles of the physiology of man. As the space at disposal is small, the author has selected suchjportions of the subject as are calculated to be of use to the general reader who is desirous to possess an intelligent appreciation of the nature of the parts of the body und their several functions. How TO STUDY STRANGERS BY TEMPERAMENT, FACE AND HEAD. By Nelson Sizer. New York : Fow ler & Wells Company. 1895. Pp. 380. 8vo. 300 illustrations. Price $1.50 in cloth, paper 70 cents. The author of this work has for more than half a century been engaged in the study of human character, and as the result of such long and varied experience has produced a book the object of which is to teach one how to read the character of the stranger or the friend. It is eminently practical in its teachings, simple and pointed in its language. The three leading features of the book are : I. The. Analysis and Illustration of the Human Temperaments. II. Child Culture. III. Character Studies. REPORT OF THE BOARD OF LIBRARY COMMISSIONERS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE. D ece m ber 1. 1894. Concord, N. H. 1894. Pp . 77, 8vo.