Warren Lyon, of New York City, has taken measures to secure a patent for an improvement in hand drills ; they are very simple in construction, cheap, and perfectably adjustable. The nature of this invention consists in having a conical or other shaped weight upon the arbor of the drill, for the purpose of giving the requisite pressure, and having a system ot levers and a counterpoise connected to the upper part of the arbor, for the purpose of elevating and depressing it, and at the same time of adjusting the pressure given to the drill by the weight. The upper end of the arbor turns within the end o f one o f these levers, and to the other end is attached a second lever, which has an adjustable counterpoise connected to it by a stirrup, and a ratchet rod attached to it extending down by the side of a hook, by which the drill may be raised and kept in any desired position while not in operation. The support tor the metal to be drilled may be of the form of those injcommon use.