DICTIONARY OF DYEING AND CALICO PRINTING. Contain-a brief Account of all the Substances and Processes in Use in the Arts of Dyeing and Printing Textile Fabrics; with Practical Receipts and Scientific Information. By Charles O'Neill, Analytical Chemist, Fellow of the Chemical Society of London, etc., etc. To which is added an Essay on Coal Tar Colors, and their Application to Dyeing and Calico Printing. By A. A. Fesquet, with an Appendix on Dyeing, as shown at the Exposition of 1867. Philadelphia : Henry Carey Baird, 406 Walnut street. This is a reprint of a well-linown and valuable treatise on dyeing and calico printing, with such additions as bring the work fully up to the present state of these arts. The extent and value of these additions will be appreciated by those familiar with the English editions of the work, and the wonderful advances that have been recently made in the art of dyeing. The style in which the work is printed, as well as the treatment of the subject matter, alike recommend it to the technical reader, to whom we can Commend as a first-class work. We have received the "Almanac" of thvBrUish JournalofPhotographyiov 1S69. It is replete with interesting information and many valuable formulas pertaining to the beautiful art. Inventions Patented in England Iby Americans, [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 3.1B8.—MAMUFACTOT.E or WATEK AND DKAIW PIPES.—J. E. Hughes and I. S. Church, San Francisco. Cal. Octo"ber 15,1868. 370 — PITDDI.INQ AND OTHEB FVJENACES.—Samuel Danks, Cincinnati, Ohio February 6,1868. 384.—STEAM ENGTCTE GOVEENOKB.—William Bellis, Richmond, Ind. Feb, 8,1869. 388.—P'jDDLisa AND crnuE "FTJBNACJES,—Samuel Dnnts, Cincinnati, Ohio. February 8,1868.190Facts for tbe Ladles. Nearly six years ago, I ordered one of your Sewing Machines, and since then I have done with it, not only the ordinary family sewing, but also all our millinery and mantua-making, beside frequently encroaching upon the tailor's peculiar province; and this for a family of eight adults. Several of themweregrown.engagedin business or professional life. I have wrought on various Mnds of material, from Swiss muslin and silk to heavy beaver cloth and morocco, and have two bedquilts, every stitch in which, piecing, quilting, and binding, was done on the machine. When I purchased, I was; i perfect novice, never having worked on any kind of a machine. The agent was miles away, and there was not then, as now, other "Wheeler & Wilson Machines near by. Still, though I never had flveminutesinstruction.I found no trouble in learning myself. It is as completely under my control as the needle in my hand, and has never needed any repairs. Only two needles have been broken. One No. 2 needle did all the sewing, coarse and fine, for ten years. It is indeed our " household pet." It has paid for itself more than once in the sewing bills which it has saved. MliS. M. A. GAGE. Koxabelle, Ohio.