Annual of Scientific Discovery; or Year Book of Pacts in Science and Art, for 1839. Exhibiting the most Important Discoveries and Improvements in the Arts and Sciences, together with Notes on the Progress of Science during the Year 1868; a List of Recent Scientific Publications, Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men, etc. Edited by Samuel Kneeland, A. M., M. D., Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, etc., etc. Boston : Gould & Lincoln, 59 Washington street; New York: Sheldon & Co.; Cincinnati: George S. Blanchard & Co. The year of our Lord 1863 has been so crowded with discoveries and improvements, that the volume before us could scarcely be otherwise than one of unusual interest. The able manner in which the editorial work has been performed adds greatly to the intrinsic value of the recorded facts. The index (a matter of vital importance in a work of reference, although some compilers seem to think it otherwise, Judging from the careless manner in which indexes are often prepared) is prepared with Judgment and accuracy. The work is embellished with a very fine portrait of James D. Dana, Professor of Natural History and Geology in Tale College, which adds to the attractions of the volume. -THI AEOHITECCTTBAL BEVIEW AND AHEBI0i.1T BUILDEKS' JoUKNAL, for March, is published at Philadelphia, and fully sustains the excellent character heretofore noticed in that publication. Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Magazine, New York, for March, is also at hand, with a variety of well-selected articles.