APPLETON'S JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART. The first number of this new candidate for popular favor has made its appearance, and its mechanical execution is well calculated to invite the reader to " a feast of fat things," but we confess to a disappointment in the literary branch. Victor Hugo's new novel opens in a somewhat disjointed style, but the fame of the man assures us that the tale will progress with an increased power and interest; the opening chapters being the rougher work, which always precedes the more symmetrical structure. The gener al contents lack somewhat of that spicy flavor which necessarily must enter into all journals of a] popular character; but the editorial department may improve with a little more experience. The Architectural Review. Edited by Samuel Sloan, Architect. Published by Claxton, Eemsen Haffelfinger, Philadelphia. The number for April contains a good article upon " Architecture In America, "The Cathedrals of England," beside several practical articles and illustrations of value to all w h o take a n interest i nt h e development o f architectural taste in our country.