KBMLOS WATCH REPAIBEBS HAND-BOOK : Being a Complete Guide to the Young Beginner in taking apart, put-ing together, and thoroughly cleaning the English Lever and other Foreign Watches, and all American Watches. By P. Kemlo, Practical Watchmaker. With Illustrations. Boston: A. Williams & Co., 100 Washington street This work contains information of practicaljmportance to every one en gaged in repairing watches. It is express, clear, concise, and comprehensive. While of special interest to the craft, it is also a valuable work for owners of watches. We need not instruct our readers that the man who understands a machine is the only one who can take proper care of it. The book before us is eminently adapted to give even the amateur a good understanding of the mechanism of the watch. THE VELOCIPEDE : Its History, Varieties, and Practice. With Illustrations. New York : Hurd & Houghton. A pleasantly-written, convenient, and entertaining little pamphlet, which will be sought for by enthusiasts in this sport.