A GENERAL TREATISE ON THE MANUFACTURE OF SOAP, Theoretical and Practical; Comprising the Chemistry of the Art, a Description of all the Raw Materials and their Uses, Directions for the Establishment of a Soap Factory, with the Necessary Apparatus, Instructions in the Manufacture of every Variety of Soap, the Assay and Determination of the Value of the Alkalies, Fatty Substances, etc., etc. By Professor H. Dussauce, lately of the Laboratories of the French Government. Author of " A Practical Guide for the Perfumer," " A Complete Treatise on Tanning, Currying, and Leather Dressing," etc. With an Appendix, containing Extracts from the Reports of the International Jury on Soaps, as Exhibited in the Paris Universal Exposition, 1867, numerous Tables, etc. Philadelphia : Henry Carey Baird, Industrial Publisher, 406 Walnut street. London : Trubner &Co., 60 Paternoster Row. That this work was not called a'cyclopedia of the soap manufacture was not, certainly, that the extent of the information contained in it would not justify the title. It is a very thick octavo volume,% containing807 pages of carefully-prepared matter pertaining to one of the most important branches of industry. The best review that could be given of it would be the transcription of its copious index, in itself occupying 25full pages. The topics comprised in this extended list, not one of which is superfluous, are each discussed with clearness, force, and simplicity, the author never losing sight of the practical bearings of his subject, and treating the whole in the happy style which has made his other industrial worlcs deservedlypopular. It would be useless for us to attempt an elaborate review of this work in the limited space we could spare for the purpose. Our readers will lind in another column an extract from it, containing general observations on the industrial fattybodies. The work is undoubtedly the mostcomplete treatise upon the subject ever published. Price, Iby mail, free of postage, en dollars. A COMPENDIOUS MANUAL OF QUALITATIVE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS. By Charles W. Eliot, Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Metallurgy, and Frank H. Storer, Professor of General and Industrial Chemistry, both in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. New York : D. Van Nostrand, Publisher, 23 Murray street, and 27 Warren street. This treatise is confined to the theory and practice of qualitative analysis in the wet way, and is intended to form an introduction to the study of chemical analysis, but comprises all that is requisite to meet the wants of those who do aim at becoming professional experts. The latter class of students will find, howeyer, that the study of this work will be an excellent preparation for a more extended course. It is further confined to the ex- 1 amination of inorganic solids and liquids. The pietallic elements arc put into seven classes : Class first being those precipitated as chlorides; class second those precipitated as sulphides insoluble in dilute acids, and not redissolvable alkaline liquids; class third, those precipitated as sulphides insoluble in dilute acids, but redissolved by alkaline liquids; class fourth those precipitated by ammonia usually as hydrates—namely, iron, aluminum, and chromium, together with certain salts which require an acid sol-Yect; class fifth, those precipitated as sulphides insoluble in alkaline fluids; class sixth, those precipitated as carbonates; and class seventh, remaining elements distinguished by special tests. While we do not approve this classification for an extended conrse of analysis, we are inclined to believe that for the purposes of the present treatise it is a good one, and that for the examination of such substances as do not contain the more rarely occurring elements it will be found more serviceable than many which have preceded it. Altogether, we like the book, and wo uld recommend it particularly to thosa who are desirous of purau- I ' iag a course of analysis without a personal instructor. Such will find a i full catalogue of the necessary apparatus and reagents appended. WEDLOCK; or, the Right Relations of the Sexes; Disclosing the Laws of Conjugal Selection, and showing who may and who miiy not Marry. By; S. R. Wells, 389 Broadway, New York city. 12mo, pp. 233, cloth, $1-50. For i sale by all booksellers. WE are in receipt of the "Twelfth Annual Report of Commissioners of tha i CentralPark, for the Year ending December 31,1863." It is an ably-written ! and interesting document.