WE are In receipt of the publishers advance sheets of a new work entitled " Our Home Physician," being a new and popular guide to the art of preserving health and treating disease, withplain advice forallthe medical and surgical emergencies of the family. It treats of the structure and functions ol" the human body; the Influence of occupation on health and longevity ; the laws of inheritence; with new and original chapters on diet, stimulants and narcotics, air, sunlight, exercise, climate, electricity, and nervous diseases of modern times; and full directions for the care of the sick:, and the management of infants and children ; with a general description of recent medical discoveries and improvements; plain suggestions I for the treatment of diseases adapted to the wants of the household, and for those who, lilcti miner*, sailors, planters, and dwellers in remote districts, are beyond the ready call of a nhysiehm. The discussion of these topics is based upon the most recent and On! highest, authorities in the several departments, find brought down, (o the latest, dates. The author is ! George M. Beard, A.M., M.D., lecturer on nervous diseases In the University of New York'; Member of the New York. County Medical Kocioty ; one of the authors of " The Medical Use of Electricity," vir,. There are numerous illustrtitioiiK, ;i .specimen of which we tins week copy in an article on the Restoration of Persons Apparently Dead from Drowning. We recommend the work to all who desire to obtain new and valuable information in regard to the preservation of health and the proper treatment of disease. It will shortly be published by "E. B. Treat & Company, 651 Broadway, New York city. How to Get Patents Extended, Patents granted in 1855 can lie extended, for seven yeai*H,under the genera law, but it is requisite that the petition for extension shouhl be filed with the Commissioner of Patents, at le:ust ninety days before the date on which the patent expires. Many patents are now allowed to expire which could be made profitable under an extended term. Applications 1'or extensions can only be made by the patentee, or, in the event of hi.s death, by his leal representative. Parties interested in patents about to expire, can obtain all necessary instructions how to proceed, free of charge, by writing to MUNN & CO., 87 .Park Row, New York.' JHecliariical Ingrrswiugs, Such as embellish the ScTENTnao AMWIMCAN, sire generally superior to those of any similar publication, either in this country or in Europe, They are prepared by our own artists,who have had long experience in this brand! of art, and who work exclusively for us. There is one pertinent Tact in connection with the preparation and publication of an illustniLion Ln our columns, that needs to be better understood by many inventors ami manufacturers who pursue a short-sighted policy in bringing their improvements to public notice. They often go to a large, expense in printing and cireu-ating handbills, which few care either to read or preserve. !Now, we undertake to say, that the cost of a iirst-c.hiss engraving, done by our own artists and printed in one issue of the SCIENTIFIC AMKKIOAN, will amount to less than one-half the sum that wouldliave to be expended on a poorer illustra tion, printed in the same number of circulars,and on a rflieet of paper in .-size equal to one page of our journal. A printed handbill lias no permanent value. Thousands of volumes of the SCIENTIFIC AMEIUCAN are hovmd and preserved for future referencebeside, we estimate that every isyne of our paper is read by no fewer than one hundred thousand persons. Parties who desire to have their inventions illustrated can address the undersigned,who are also prepared to send iirtists to malic sketches of miiiuifacturin:;* establishments, with a view to thoir publication in the yciKNTino AMwiucAis For particulars address MUNN & CO., 37Psirknow,New York.