Cotton Culture, and the South Considered With Ref ERENCE TO emigration. By F. W. Loriug and C. F Atkinson. Boston : A. Williams & Co., 100 WasMngtoi street. This pamphlet is the embodiment of a large mass of information ob tained by the authors in response to a circular letter addressed to the cot ton planters of the South. It contains a large amount of interesting am authentic information, with a free discussion of the labor and immigratioi questions. Some extracts from this portion of the work will be found i: another column. Benedict's Time Tables. Benedict Brothers, 691 Broadway, whose " time " has been regarded fo many years as standard in this city, are now issuing a series of very cor venient time-table cards—small in size—which give the exact time of th departure of all the railway and steamboat lines leaving this city. The; are carefully revised from official sources, and 200,000 copies of the card are now freely circulated every month throughout the city and upon th trains and steamboats. The expense of their publication is met by advei tisementsprinted upon the cards. It seems to us that, as an advertisin medium, these time-table cards offer superior advantages. The Resources of California. Comprising Agriculturt Mining, Geography, Climate, Commerce, etc., and th Past and Future Development of the State. By John Hittell. Fifth Edition, with an Appendix on Oregor Nevada, and Washington Territory. San Francisco: A Roman & Co. New York : 27 Howard street. Physical Survey of Virginia, Her Geographical Positior its Commercial Advantages, and National Importance Preliminary Report by M. F. Maury, LL.D., etc., Profes sor of Physics Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va Gen. Francis H. Smith, A.M., Superintendent. Secom Edition. New York : D. Van Nostrand, 23 Murray streel and 27 Warren street. Inventions Patented in England 1y Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 2,133.—annealing Metals.—James m. Bottum, New York city. Julyl 1869. 2,227.—Preserving the Aromatic Principle of Hops.—E. D. Brainar( Albany,n.y. July22, 1869. 2.235.—Telegraph-Wiee Insulators.—W. E. Simonds, Harttord, Com July 22,1869. 2,241.-Purifying Alcohol and Paraffine.—C. C. Parsons, New Yor city. July 23,1869. 2,261.—Reaping and Mowing INlACHiNE.—James Thayer, New York cit July 26, 1869. 2,264.—Valve.—Gerard Sickles and J. H. Thorndike, Boston, Mass. July 26, 1869. 2,311.—Steam Engine.—John Storer, Peekskill, N. Y. July 26,1869. 2,329.—Spinning Mechanisai.-R. L. Walker, Southbridge, Mass. August 3,1869.