The kind of discussion contained in this book is of very little interest to us, and we regard it as of very little value to the world. The statement made in the first paragraph of the preface begs every disputed question at the very threshold of the book. This statement is in the words of the author as follows: »No fact declared by science can be accepted as true if it conflicts with any statement of the Bible.» That an author starting with such a proposition could ever arrive at truth is morally impossible. Therefore it is not surprising that the book instead of being a candid research after truth, Is a weak attempt to make all known facts coincide with the writers interpretation of the Scriptures. Not that the facts of science necessarily conflict with the Mosaic record. All we can say is, that in some cases they seem to conflict with our understanding of that record. But to start out properly in a search for truth, on e must divest his mind of preconceived notions a standard of candor to which,the author of this book lias been evidently unable to attain. The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, Theoretical and Practical, in all its Branches, with Special Reference to American Materials and Processes. By H. S. Osborn, LL.D., Professor of Mining and Metallurgy in Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. Illustrated by 230 Engravings on Wood, and 6 Folding Plates. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, Industrial Publisher, 406 Walnut street. London : Trubner & Co. This is a voluminous and exhaustive treatise, rivaling in extent the celebrated work of Crookes and Rohrig on the same subject, but having, as stated in the title, more especial reference to American materials and processes. We will give a review of this important work as soon as we have time to give it the examination it merits. We arealso in receipt of the Annual Report of the State Engineer and and Surveyor on the Canals of New York, for the Year 1868, and also the State Engineers Report on Railroads for the aame year ; able documents containing much Information, abstracts of which we will lay before our readers in dne time 236 [October 9, 1869 Facts tor the Ladies. This is to certify that I bought a Wheeler & Wilson Sewing MaeJune.Mareh 7,1859, and it has been used with entire satisfaction by my daughter, who was afflicted with spine disease. It proved the best doctor I eyer employed, for she not only regained her health, but has earned a living with it for herself and me ever since. Mrs. M, B.13ALL. New York, Nov. 29, 1868.