For the Week Ending February 23, 1869. Reported Officially foiWie Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat................................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each origf na 1 Patent................................................$(i On appeal to Commissi oner of Patents........................................20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On Sling a Disclaimer......................................................-.,..$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for design(fourteen years)................................30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims- TVte number of patents issued weekly having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative few oj our readers. ThepubUcation of the names of patentees, and title of their inventions, will be continued; and, also, as heretofore, a briqf description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims, but full Specifications at the annexed prices: For copy oj Claim of any Patent issued within 80 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. The Jull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$129 Official Copies oj Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by address, ing MUNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park JtowtNew York 87,083 —COMPOUND FOR REMOVING INK, STAINS, etc.—Victor G. Bloede, Brooklyn, N. T. 87,089.—MACHINE FOR PLANTING COTTON SEED.—A J). Brown, Sr., Columbus, Ga. 87,090.—SUGAR PRESS.—W. C. Bruson, Chicago, 111. 173 87,091.—MOLD FOR CASTING METALS.—Edwin N. Cleaves, Boston, Mass. 87,092.—SAW TEETH.—Peter Cook, Tonawanda, N. Y. 87,093.—CELLULAR BUCKWHEAT HULLER.—Andrew Crawford, Wilkesbarre, Pa.. 87,094—BLACK INK.—D. A. Dougherty, Kittanning, Pa., assignor to himself, E. A.; Jrodhead, and J. M. Taylor. 87,095.—DOOR SPRING.—Win. Duncan, Lebanon, N. H. 87,096.—REVERSIBLE KNOB LATCH.—Barthel Erbe, East Birmingham, Pa. 87,097.—CLAMP FOR ELEVATING WELL TUBES.—Daniel Fisher, Oil City, Pa. 87,098.—RAILWAY FREIGHT CAR.—William A. Goodwin, Newton, Mass. 87,099.—FIREPLACE.—Elwood Hampton, New York city. 87,100.—WOOD-SAWING MACHINE —G. M. D. Harreld and B. E. Harreld, Washington, Iowa. 87,101.—CULTIVATOR.—James Harris, Janesville, Wis. 87,102.—LOW-WATER INDICATOR.—George M. Hopkins, Albion, N.Y. 87,103.—MACHINE FOR BRUSHING HATS.—Joseph W. Hopkins, (assignor to himself and C. B. Hardick), Brooklyn, E.D., JT. T. 87,104—FLUID METER.—H. B. Leach, Boston, Mass; 87,105.—MAST HOOP.—W. T. Maddocks, Northport, Me. 87,106.—HAT RAKER AND LOADER.—J. C. Moore and C. B. Garlinghouse, Madison, andG. B. GarllBghouse,No.rth Madison, Ind. 87,107.—BATHING DRESS.—Ozias Morse, Concord, Mass. 87,108.—ROTARY PUMP.—Jas. Naughton, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,109.—ANCHOR.—Guilford Norton, Boston, Mass., assignor to Bhilomela T. Vining, New York city. 87,110.—SHIELD FOR HARNESS.—M. W. Pond, Elyria, Ohio. 87,111.—RECLINING CHAIR.—E. C. Ranks, Boston, Mass. 87,112.—GRATE.—E. S. Renwick, New York city. 87,113.—REEL AND SWIFT.—W. G. Ricker and O. B. Webber, Rochester, N. Y. 87,114.—TEA AND COFFEEPOT STAND.—J. W. Routh (assignor to himself, J. A. Aikman, and W. H. Tisdale), Decatur, 111. 87,115.—ADJUSTABLE SEEDER. — Charles Rundquist, Man-kato, Minn. 87,116.—COLLAR.—C. W. Saladee, Circleville, Ohio. 87,117.—MACHINE FOR WINDING BRAID.—Wm. Shedlock and Alfred Shedlock, New York city. 87,118.—FLUID METES.—John Sheffield, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,119.—TANNERS LEACH.—Simon Snyder, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,120.—STREET CAR.—John Stephenson, New York city. 87,121.—STREET RAILROAD CAR.—John Stephenson, New York city. 87,122.—BRAE-TOB HORSE-TEAILROAD CARS.—John Stephen-son, New York city. 87,123.—MANUFACTURE OF ILLUMINATING GAS.—Levi Stevens, Washington, D. C. 87,124—RAILWAY FROG.—A. B. Thompson, Owego, N. Y. 87,125.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE CASE.—William Tibbals,Hart- ford, Conn. 87,126.—SAFETY GUARD FOR RAILWAY CARS.—Thos. Walter, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,127.—COOKING STOVE.—W H. Whitehead, Chicago, 111. 87,128.—GLOBE SHADE FOR LAMPS.—Henry Whitney, East Cambridge, Mass. 87,129.—STRAIGHTENER FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—G. W. Wil- ford, Dayton, Ohio. 87,130.—APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING HEAT AND LIGHT FROM GASES.—Robert dHurcourt (Edouard Armand), Paris, France. 87,131.—LIME KILN.—Geo. Atkins, Sharon, Pa. 87,132.—AMALGAMATED PLATE FOR COLLECTING GOLD AND SILVEE.—Melville Attwood and John Eoach, San Francisco, Cal. 87,133.—WRENCH.—B. F. Bee, Harwich, Mass. 87,134—APPARATUS FOR MEASURING CLOTH, etc.—Thos. Bis- bing (assignor to himself and M. V. Sorber), Buckstown, Pa. 87,135.—CAR COUPLING.—W. J. Blackman, Columbus, Miss. 87,136.—CAR STARTER.—Joseph Boswell and J. W. Brindle (assignors to themselves and Jacob P. Brindle), Wilmington, Ohio. 87,137.—OVERSHOE.—A. O. Bourn, Cranston, R. I. 87,138.—SPINNING JACK.—Oliver Brothers (assignor to himself and Joseph White), Naugatuck, Conn. 87,139.—MACHINE FOR PREPARING WOOD FOR THE MANU- FACTUEE OF PAPEE PULP.—Frederick Burghardt, Curtisville, Mass. 87,140.—MATERIAL FOR FILLING FIRE-PROOF SAFES.—J. M. Burt,Philadelphia, Pa. 87,141.—WEDGE FOR AX HELVES.—Beauman Butler, St. Johns-bury Center, Vt. 87,142.—CAR COUPLING.—Thomas Caldwell and Lewis C. Wil-cox, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,143.—HOISTING APPARATUS. — D. H. Chamberlain, West Roxbury, Mass. 87,144.—RECTIFIER AND CONDENSER FOB ALCOHOLIC AND OTHEE SPIEITS.—J. F. Collins, New York city. 87,145.—FEATHER RENOVATOR.—Enoch Colvin, Paulet, Vt. 87,146.—SCREW COLLAR FOR. CONNECTING COVERS TO GLASS VESSELS.—John Cook, New York city. 87,147.—CHURN.—De Witt C. Cooley, Wilkesbarre, Pa 87,148.—PUMP PISTON.—Solomon Crowell, Syracuse, N. Y. 87,149.—PLOW.—Seymour Curtis, Fitchburg, Wis. 87,150.—MACHINE FOR GRINDING THE KNIVES OF MOWING MACHINES.—B. F. Davis, Auburn, N. Y. 87,151.—CULTIVATOR.—William Day, Morristown, N. J. 87,152.—CASING FOR REVERBERATORY AND OTHER FURNACES. —W. F. Durfee, Bridgeport, Conn. 87,153.—MANUFACTURE OF STEEL.—A. K. Eaton, Piermont, assignor to himself, Albon Man, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Jas. Macdonough, New York city. 87,154.—MOSKETO CANOPY FOR BEDS.—Warren B. Ellis, Boston, Mass. 87,155.—CLSMOZONATOR.—Wm. Elmer, New York city. Antedated Feb. 11, 1869. 87,156.—MANUFACTURE OF GAS FOR FUEL ILLUMINATION, ETC.—Wm. Elmer, New York city. Antedated Feb. IS, 1869. 87,157.—REFINED HEAVY OIL FROM PETROLEUM.—Hiram B. Everest (assignor to Vacuum Oil Company In Vacuo), Rochester,N. Y. 87,158.—CAR COUPLING.—R. F. Fairlie, London, England. 87,159.—ANIMAL TRAP.—Lafayette Faris, Princeton, Ohio. 87,180.—CORSET.—Susan B. Fisler, Newark, N. J. 87,161—PAPER FILIS.—-John O. Foster, Pecatonica, 111. 87,162.—ROCK DRILLING MACHINE.—Samuel Gable, Millers-town, Pa. 87,163.—MODE OF RENDERING WOODEN BUNGS IMPERVIOUS TO LIQUIDS AND GASES.—Philip Geier, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,164.—SAFETY HAT.—Jas. J. Giltenan, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,165.—COOKING STOVE.—Chauncey O. Greene, Troy, N. Y. Antedated Feb. 2,1869. 87,166.—WATER METER.—Oliver B. Griggs, Mansfield, and Edwin A. Barrows, Windham, Conn., assignors to O. B. Griggs. 87,167.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING LEATHER STRAPS, ETC.—Justin Haberbush, Joseph Bentz, and F. S. Vogel, Lancaster, Pa. 87,168.—EXCAVATING MACHINE.—Peter W. Hamel, San Francisco, Cal. 87,169.—BITTERS.—W. P. Haubert and John Haubert, Canton, Ohio. 87,170.—SHEET METAL PAN—Chas. Hodgetts, Brooklyn, E.D., N. Y. 87,171.—SECTIONAL PIER.—Ozial A. Howe, Jersey City, N. J. 87,172.—WELL CURBING.—W. T.- Huntington, Washington, D. c. 87,173.—ANIMAL TRAP.—W. B. Jarvis, Washington, N. C. 87,174—CAST-IRON CHORD CONNECTIONFOR BRIDGES.—Chas. Kellogg, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,175.—HEARSE.—J. F. Kinback, Carbondale, Pa. 87,176.—TOLL COLLECTOR FOR GRIST MILLS.—Fredrich Klinkerman, Aurora, Ind. 87,177.—MODE OF CARBONATINGAND DISPENSING ARTIFICIAL MINEEAL WATEES.—Daniel Kolb and Thomas Kolb, Washington, D. C. 87,178.—VENTILATOR.—Oswald Krakoviez, Chicago, 111. 87,179.—COFFEEPOT.—J. L. Labiaux, Newark, N. J. 87,180—RAILWAY CAR WHEEL.—William H. Mason, Boston, Mass. 87,181.—Low WATER DETECTOR FOR STEAM-GENERATORS.— G. B. Massey, New York city. 87,183.—FLUTING MACHINE.—Eli J. Manville, Waterbury, Conn, 87,183.—LIQUID METER.—Gideon B. Massey, New York city. 87,184.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—Francis B. Matson, Rockford, in. 87,185.—CHURN.—W. D. McFadden, Senatobia, Miss. 87,186.—ASH-SHOVEL AND SIFTER.—William C. McGi.ll, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,187.-COMPOSITIONINSULATOR FOR TELEGRAPH AND OTHER ELECTEIC CONDUCTOES.—J. M. Merrick, Jr., Boston, Mass. 87,188.—PIVOT FISHING LINE.—Francis X. Monnier, Detroit, Mich. 87,189.—LANTERN.—Robert Mood and H. M. Britton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,190.— BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.— Wm. Morganstern, New York city. 87,191.—SAW GUMMER.—Wm. Newcomb, Johnsonville, N. Y. 87,192.—APPARATUS FOR CHARGING AIR WITH HYDROCARBON VAPOES.—H. M. Paine, Newark, N. J. 87,193.—PURIFYING PYROLIGNEOUS OR ACETIC ACID.—C. C. Parsons, New York city. Antedated Feb. 12,1869. 87,194.—FIRE ALARM.—Isaac T. Pease, Thompsonville, Conn. 87,195.—VEGETABLE SLICBR.—George B. Peers, Farmington, Mo. 87,196.—PIANO LOCK.—A. F.Pfeifer, Newark, N. J. 87,197.—POTATO DIGGER—Ephraim Phillips, North Beaver township, Pa. 87,198.—TOOL FOR CUTTING SCREW - THREADS.—Elijah S. Pierce (assignor to the National Screw Company), Hartford, Conn. 87,199.—APPARATUS FOR TREATING PETROLEUM SO AS TO PEODUCE OIL AND GAS THEEEFEOM.—A. C. Rand and Wm. M. Sloane, New York city. 87,200.—MACHINE FOR PRESSING SEAMS AND CUTTING WELTS OF BOOTS AND SHOES.—Edwin Reed, Kingston, Mass. 87,201.—MOLASSES PITCHER.—Chas. Reistle, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,202.—COMPOUND FOR BATING HIDES AND SKINS.—L. F. Robertson, Morrisania.N. Y. 87/803.—APPARATUS FOR TREATING HIDES, SKINS, AND LEATHEE.—L. F. Robertson, Morrisania, N. Y. 87,204.—VELOCIPEDE.—Chas. H. Robinson, Bath, Me. 87,205.—VELOCIPEDE.—Isaac Samuels, Marysville, Kansas, 87,206.—GATE.—E. B. Scattergood, St. Johns, Mich. 87,207.—APPARATUS FOR DISTILLING AND SEPARATING OILS, FATS, AND THE LIKE.—Charles A. Seely, New York city. 87,208.—METHOD OF CONVEYING AND USING HEAT IN CHEMICAL AND OTHEE SIMILAE PEOCESSES.—C. A. Seely, New York city. 87,209.—ADJUSTABLE CURTAIN WEIGHT.—W. F. Shaw, Boston, Mass. 87,210.—APPARATUS FOR GENERATING GAS FROM PETROLEUM.— Wm. M. Sloane, Buffalo, N. Y., assignor to himself and Alonzo C. Rand, New York city. 87,211.—HARVESTER RAKE.—E. H. Smith, Westminster, Md. 87,212.—MACHINE FOR GRINDING EDGE TOOLS.—J.D. Smith, Greig, N. Y. Antedated Feb. 15,1869. 87,213.—WAGON BRAKE.—John Smith, McKay, Ohio. Antedated February, 20,1869. 87,214—CAR BRAKE.—J. W. W. Smith, Canton, Mo. 87,215.—GRAIN BINDER.—Wm. W. Snell, Brushford, Minn. 87,216.—SOFA BED.—B. L. Southack, New York city. 87,217.—APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING A RECIPROCATING INTO A ROTAET MOTION.—C. L. Spencer, Providence, R. I. 87,218.—APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING MOTION.—Charles L. Spencer, Providence, R. I. 87,219.—OBTAINING TURPENTINE FROM TREES.—R. J. Steele, Jr., Rockingham, N. C. 87,220.—REVOLVING COULTER.—C. E. Steller, Chicago, 111. Antedated Feb. 11,1869. 87,221.—DAMPER.—L. C. Taber, Eaton, N. Y. 87,222.—STEAM ENGINE LUBRICATOR.—George W. Teasdale, Lexington, Cal. 87,223.—ROD COUPLING.—G. Thompson (assignor to himself and M. C. Geider), Shamburg, Pa. 87,224.—METAL-PLATE BENDING MACHINE.—Robert Tippett, Harrisburgh, Pa. 87,225.—VELOCIPEDE.—J. A. Topliff and Geo. H. Ely, Elyria, Ohio. 87,226.—APPARATUS FOR SEASONING AND IMPREGNATING WOOD WITH PEESEEATIVE SUBSTANCES.—M. Voorhees, Princeton, and G. W. N. Custis, Camden, N. J. 87,227.—MANUFACTURE OF FLOOR CLOTHS AND SIMILAR FABEICS, AND SLABS FOE PAVEMENTS.—F. Walton, Linoleum Works, Staines, England. Patented in England, Dec. 19,1863. 87,228.—ADVERTISING DEVICE.—W. S. Webb, Providence, R.I. 87,229.—CARRIAGE TIRE.—Wm. Williams, New York city. 87,230.—LINING PLATE FOR STOVES.—A. Wisner, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,231.—FURNACE AND TOOL FOR TREATING IRON AND STEEL. —W. Yates, Westminster, England. 87,232.—STRAW CUTTER.—J. J. Andrew, Saltilloville, Ind. 87,233.—SAWING MACHINE.—J. K. Babcock, Shortsville, assignor to John Doyle, Bristol, N. Y. 87,234.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—J. B. Bailey, New York city. 87,235.—LEACHING VAT.—T. H Baker, Springfield, Ohio. 87,236.—MATCH BOX.—E. B. Beecher and L. W. Beecher, New Haven, Conn. 87,237.—CORN PLANTER.—W. T. Beekman, Petersburgh, 111. 87,238.—TOY BIRD.—J. H. Bellamy, Charlestown, Mass. 87,239.—GRAIN SCREEN.—S. Blair, New Wilmington, Pa. 87,240.—COMPOSITION MARTINGALE RING.—C. B. Bristol,New Haven, Conn. 87,241.—REED ORGAN.—R. Burdett, Chicago, 111. Antedated August 24,1868. 87,242.—TELEGRAPH PUNCHING APPARATUS.—E. A. Calahan, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself and Marshall Lefferts, New York city. 87,243.—BLIND HINGE.—J. L. Cathcart, Georgetown, D. C. 87,244.—HARVESTER.—Walton Chapman (assignor to himself and John Barnett, Jr?), Salisbury, Conn. 87,245.—VELOCIPEDE.—A. Christian and John Reinhart, New York city, assignors to A. Christian. 87,246.—LOOP FOR HALTERS.—S. F. Cross, Canton, Ohio. 87,247.—DEPURATOR.—Wm. Curran, St. Louis, Mo. 87,248.—AMALGAMATOR FOR COLLECTING GOLD AND SILVER. —G. S. Curtis and H. Curtis, Chicago, 111. 87,249.—COMBINED MANURE FORK AND HOOK.—R. Dean, Cohoctah, Mich. 87,250.—FILTER.—J. Ford, Newburgh, N. Y. 87,251.—SCYTHE SNATH.—P. Frost, Springfield, Vt. 87,252.—THILL COUPLING.—A. Furman, Lloydsville, Pa. 87,253.—ENVELOPE.—J. C. Gaston, Cincinnati, Ohio. 87,254.—MACHINE FOR THRESHING AND CLEANING GRAIN. —H, Gill and T. Hummel (assignors to H. Gill), Mansfield, Ohio. 87,255.—GLASS FURNACE KILN, ETC.—J. Green, Norristown, Pa. 87,256.—BURGLAR ALARM.—G. R. Harding, Manchester, Va. 87,257.—SWEAT SHIELD FOR HORSE COLLARS.—C. B. Hogg (assignor to American Horse Collar Company), Boston, Mass. 87,258.—MACHINE FOR SEWING BOOKS.—Amos Holbrook, Jr., Lynn, Mass. 87,259.—MECHANISM FOR DRIVING VELOCIPEDES.—M. Howe andD. F. Hartford, Boston, Mass. 87,260.—TIRE UPSETTER.—Wm. M. Hughes, San Francisco, Cal. 87,261.—MACHINE FOR MAKING TAGS.—C. S. Hutchinson, Burlington, N. J. 87,262.—BUTTON.—L. A. Jefferson, Bridgeport, Conn. 87,263.—HARVESTER.—J. H. Jones, Rockford, 111. 87,264.—HARVESTER.—J. Herva Jones, Rockford, 111. 87,265.—MILK COOLER.—Wm. M. King, Morrison, HI. 87,266.—KITCHEN SAFE.—John M. Klingenmeier (assignor to himself and Henry Latz), Buffalo, N. Y. 87,267.—HORSE RAKE.—Samuel D. Knight, J. W. Smith, and George W. Bercaw.Bryan, Ohio. 87,288.—COVERING FOR WHIPS.—M. D. Knowles, West-field, Mass. 87,269.—HORSE CRUPPER.—P. A. La France, Elmira, N: Y., assignor to himself and Osear B. Gray. New York city. 87,270.—MANUFACTURE OF COLORS.—Anton Leykauf, Nurn-berg, Bavaria. 87,271.—PORTABLE GAS GENERATOR.--Charles B. Loveless, Syracuse, N. Y 87,272.—APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND BURNING GAS FEOM NAPHTHA, ETC.—David H. Lowe, Boston, Mass. 87,273.—BEDSTEAD.—Robert Martin, Chicago, 111. 87,274—FRUIT JAR.—John L. Mason, New York city. 87,275.—TOY.—Robert McCully, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,276.—APPARATUS FOR AMALGAMATING GOLD AND SILVER. —Robert McCully, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,277.—WATER-PROOF FABRIC FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF COLLAES, CUFFS, AND OTHEE AETICLES.—Charles Monestier and Ivar Bang, Paris, France. 87,278.—STEEL BEAM.—Richard Montgomery, New York city 87,279.—STEAM BOILER FURNACE.—Isaac Morgan, Quincy, 111 87,280.—KING BOLT.—F. B. Morse, New Haven, Conn. 87,281.—BRIDLE BIT.—Daniel M. Nixon, Danville, 111. 82;282.—MOLDING TOOL. — Andrew P. Odholm, Bridgeport, Conn. 87,283.—CONSTRUCTION OF DOUBLE-WALLED COOLERS.—John Oldfield, Thompsonville, Conn. 87,284—PLOW.—O. Osborn, Trumansburg, N. Y. 87,285.—VELOCIPEDE.—Joseph J. Ott, Washington, D. C. 87,286.—LAWN MOWER.—E. G.Passmore, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,287.—VELOCIPEDE.—Stuart Perry, Newport, N.Y. 87,288.—SORGHUM JUICE EVAPORATOR. — Henry Ramey, Louisville, Ky. 87,289.—MACHINE FOR FILING SAWS.—George W. Rathbun, North Providence, R. I. 87,290.—VELOCIPEDE.—John Reinhart, New York city, assignor to A. Christian. 87,291.—DRY DOCK.—Jonathan Richardson, Germantown, Va. 87,292.—LIFTING JACK. — John Riddlesberger, Waynes-borough, Pa. 87,293.—CROSSING PLATE FOR STREET RAILWAYS.—Jacob E. Eidgway, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,294.—STEAM GENERATOR.—G. AdolphRiedel,Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated February 13,1869. 87,295.—PREPARING FIBER FROM BAMBOO, ETC.—Louis S. Robbins, New York city, and John A. Southmayd, Elizabeth, N.J. 87,296.—CORN CULTIVATOR.—R. B. Robbins, Adrian, Mich. 87,297.—METALLIC CARTRIDGE.—Benjamin S. Roberts, of the United States Army. 87,298.—MACHINE FOR TANNING, FULLING, AND CLEANSING. -Christian Schmitz, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,299.—MACHINE FOR MAKING GAS FROM VOLATILE OILS, ETC.—Joseph EmanuelSchwippel.lSt. Joseph, Mo. 87,300.—WASH STAND.—George Seelig, New York city, assignor to himself and Conrad Brencher. 87,301.—STEAM HEATER.—Joseph Shackleton, Rahway, N. J. 87,302.—COOKING STOVE.—Jacob H. Shear and Joseph Packard, Albany, N. Y. 87,303.—MODE OF POLISHING ARTIFICIAL TEETH.—Sidnev B. Sill, Three Rivers, Mich. 87,304—COPYING PRESS.—W. M. Smith, Washington, D. C. 87,305— DRAFT EQUALIZER. — Seth H. Smith, North Adams, Mich. 87,306.—BOILING KETTLE.—Stephen Spoor, Phelps, N. Y. 87,307.—PNEUMATIC SPRING.—Louis Sterne, London, England. 87,308.—CHAIR FOR STREET RAILWAY RAILS. — James F. Stileman, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,309.—BIT STOCK.—Francis M. Thompson and John W. Thompson, Greenfield, Mass. 87,310.—WATER-PROOF BOOT AND SHOE.—Lewis C. Tower, Rochester, N. Y. 87,311.—THILL COUPLING.—Edward J. Watson (assio-nor to himself and George A. Ruby), Bridgeport, Conn. 87,312.—CLOTHES DRYER.—Seth Way, Laporte, Ind. 87,313.—PLANT PROTECTOR.—Wm. B. Wickes, Sharon, Mass. 87,314.—CASE FOR HOLDING CIGARS.—S. R. Wilmot, Bridgeport, Conn. 87,315.—HORSE RAKE.—Hosea Wood, East Henrietta N Y. 87,316.—GUN LOCK.—Alfred Young, Philadelphia, Pa. REISSUES. 62,313.—OFFICE CALENDAR.—Dated February 26, 1867 ante -dated December 11,1866; reissue 3,306.-Clark W. Bryan, Samuel Bowles B.F.Bowles, and J. F. Tapley, Springfield, Mass., assignees of Clark W. Bryan. 62,001.—BUTTON FASTENING.—Dated February 12, 1867; reissue 8,807.—George J. Capewell, West Cheshire, Conn. 71,986.—TACK HAMMER.—Dated December 10, 1887; reissue 3 308.—Thomas A. Conklin, New Britain, Conn. 42,675.—HOLLOW WOODEN WARE.—Dated May 10, 1864; reissue 3,309.—David Lyman, Middlefield, Conn., and Sidney Fairbank and Washington Whitney, Winchendon, Mass., assignees of Henry Mel-lish, Walpole, N. H. 18,579.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Dated November 10,1857; re-isBue 8,310.—Frederick H. Manny, Rockford, 111. assignee of Albert Franklin. 63,066.—BED BOTTOM.—Dated March 19, 1867; reissue 3,311. John S. Paine, Boston, Mass., assignee, by mesne assignments of David Manuel. 37,006.—SLIDE FOR BREAST STRAPS FOR HARNESS.—Dated November 25, 1862: reissue 3,312.—Dexter Pettengill and Andrew Buckham, Delhi, N. Y., assignees, by mesne assignments, of Dexter Pettengill. 33,799.—HOT-AIR ENGINE.—Dated November 26,1861; reissue 3,318.—Shaws Union Air Engine Company, Brookline, Mass.. assignees of Philander Shaw. 81,838.—COMPOSITION FOR ROOFING AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.—Dated September 1,1868: antedated April 3,1868; reissue 3,814.— Benjamin Stephens, Wheeling, W. Va. DESIGNS. 3,383.—BRACELET.—A. Codding, Jr., North Attleborough, Mass. 3,384—SPOON OR FORK HANDLE.— John Cook, Brooklyn, N.Y. 3,385.—TRADE MARK.—John Farrell, Baltimore, Md. 3,386.—HAT BOX—Gustav L. Jaeger, New York city. 3,387.—FACE-PLATE OF A LOCK.—Emery Parker (assignor to Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company), New Britain, Conn. 3,388.—PICTURE FRAME.—Christian Pfeffer, Buffalo, N. Y. 3,389.—PRINTERS TYPE.—Edwin Charles Ruthven (assignor to Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan), Philadelphia, Pa. 3,390.—GRINDING MILL. — Joseph Sedgebeer, Painesville, Ohio. 3,391.—SPOON.—Frederick Whitehouse, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to the Whiting Manufacturing Company, New York city. Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the Journal of the Commissioners of Patents.] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 3,691— TBEATING DISEASES.—M. H. Utley, Montreal, Canada. DeeenVbe 4, 1868. 163.—BUENING BEICK AHD OTHEE LIKE AETICLES.-H. W. Adams, Philadelphia, Pa. January 18,1S69. 187.—METALLIC ACTION FRAMES FOE PrAKoFOETES.—Theodore Steinway, New York city. January 20,1869. 214.—MACHINE FOK QUAEEING AND SAWING STONE, ETC.—CO.Luce and C. W. Green,Brandon, and C. M. Willard, Castleton, Vt. January S3,1869. 215.—GEADUATING THE ADMISSION OP STEAM TO CTLINDEES OF STEAM ENGINES BY MEANS OF THE REVEESING AND REGULATOR GEASING.—W. A. Robinson, Hamilton, Canada. January 23,1869. 223.—COMPOSITIONS RESEMBLING IVOET.—W. M. Welling, New York city January 25,1869. 228.—MACHINEET FOE MAKING AETICLES OF SHEET METJO..—W. D. Grim shaw, Newark, N. J., F. P. Erskine, Chicago, 111., and J. P. Peabody, New York city. January 35,186). 230.—FEEMENTING SUBSTANCES AND GEEMINATING GEAIN AITD SEEDS.—-R. dHeureuse, San Francisco, Cal. January 25,1869. 243.—VENTILATING; ;APPAEATUS.—Henry Howard, St. Johns, Canada January 29,1869. 244.—MACHINEET FOE CUTTING VENEEES.—John N. Lyman, J. A. SQUires and M. A. Lyman, New York city. Jan. 26, 1869. 255.—FIEE EXTiuauiSHEB.—Wm. Lincoln, Boston, Mass. January 27, 1869.