Issued by the United States Patent Office FOB THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 9, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF. PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat..............................................................___S10 On filing eaoh application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................f 15 Oa issuing each original Patent................................................$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents...............................v........$20 Ottappllcation for Reissue..................................___...:.;.........:ao On application for Extension of Patent......................................! SO On granting the Extension.....................................................ISO On filing a Disclaimer.........................................:................$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$15 On an application for design(fourteen years)................................S0 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay 500 on application. Patents and Patent Claims.—The number of patents issued weekly having become so great, with a probability of a continual increase, has decided us to publish, in future, other and more interesting matter in place of the Claims. The Claims have occupied from three to four pages a week, and are believed to be of interest to only a comparative few of our readers. The publication of the names of patentees, and title of their inventions will be continued; and, also, as heretofore, a brief description of the most important inventions. We have made such arrangements that we are not only prepared to furnish copies of Claims, but full Specifications at the annexed For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 80 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relattn$lo such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. The full Specification of any patent issued 'sinceNov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1'25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Fullinformation,astopriceofdrawings, in each case, may be had byaddress-ing MtJNN & CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, New York 87,532.—Railroad Car Heater,—William H. Beal, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Nov. 16,1868. 87,533— Plow.—James F. Benton, Penn Yan, N. Y. 87,534.—Feather Renovator.—Lafayette Blair, Painesville, Ohio.. -" ' 87,535.—Cotton Gin.—John B. Brackett and Wyman Dearborn, Boston, Mass. Antedated March 2,1869. 87,538.—Potato Digger.—John I. Brinkerhoff, Auburn/N.Y. 87,537.—Apparatus for Continuous Distillation.—Chas. H. Budd,Philadelphia, assignor to himself, and G. D. Wolff, Norristown. Pa.. Antedated Feb. 86,1869. 87,538.—Steam-Engine Rotary Valve.—A. R. Buffington, United States Army. 87,539.—Mowing Machine.—George E. Burt, Harvard, Mass. 87,540.—Thresher and Separator__John W. Cardwell, Richmond, Va., assignor to himself and Samuel Freedley. 87,541.—Cotton Bale Tie.—John S. Carson, Brookhaven, Miss. 87,543.—Gravel Spreader.—John S. Casement, Cleveland, Ohio, and John Elliott, Erie, Pa. 87,543.—Portable Head Rest.—H. E. Churchill, Portland, Me, 87,544.—Fire Extinguisher.—George Clark, Jr., Boston, Mass. 87,545.—Apparatus for Pasting and Hanging Wall Pa-pee.—a. H. Clay, Pottsgrove township, Pa. 87,546.—Machine for Threading Screws.—J. A. Cleave-land,Logan8port, Ind. 87,547.—Wrench.—Loring Coes, Worcester, Mass. 87,548.—Animal Trap.—Henry H. Cottrill, Vinton Station, Ohio. 87,54ft—Catch for Carpet-Bags.—George Crouch, New Tork city. 87,550.—Direct Acting Steam Engine.—G. H. Deane, C P. Deane, and J. B. Gardiner, Springfield, Mass. Antedated Dec. 31,1868. 87,551.—Revolving Frame for Showing Goods.—Thomas Dickinson, Jr. (assignor to ihimselfand Thomas Dickinson), Buffalo, 87,552.—Machine for Marking Corn Ground, with bake Attachment.—Morria Dickie, and E. P. Cowan, Ottumwa, Iowa. 87,553.—Fingered Scoop.—Harrison Doolittle, East Cleveland, Ohio. 87,554.—Hose Coupling.—Jacob Edson (assignor to John Clark), Boston, Mass. 87,555.—Rotary Wire Feed.—Wm. A. Foskett, Meriden, Conn. 87,556.—Gas Apparatus.—Wm. Foster, Jr., and G. P. Gan- ster, New York city. 87,557.—Machine for Manufacture of Wire Strips.—T. Fowler, Seymour, Conn. 87,558.—Fence.—Melvin J. Gaskill, Pleasant Plain, Ohio. 87,559.—Sewing Machine for Making Shirt Bosoms.—E. D. Gird, Cedar Lake, N. Y. 87,580.—Register Frame__Bartholomew Gommenginger, and Chas. W. Trotter, Rochester, N. Y. 87,561.—Harvester.—A. B.. Graham, Waukegan, III. 87,562.—Mode of Preserving Eggs.—J. H. Hall, New York city. Antedated March 8,1869. 87,563.—Buckle.—-Martin Haneline, Huntington, Ind. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,564.—Grate Bar.—Michael Helbling (assignor to himself and John F. McKinney), Allegheny City, Pa. 87,565.—Horseshoe.—John A. Heyl (assignor to himself and J. H. Wiggins), Boston, Mass. 87,566.—Bridge for Playing Pool.—O. A. Hill, Westbrook, Me. 87,567.—App ratus for Heating Water by Steam.—H. S. Huidekoper, Meadyille, Pa. 87,568.—Fireproof Grain Bin.—George H. Johnson, Buffalo, N. Y.. 87,569.—Bracing for Cylindrical Structures.—Geo. H. Johnson, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,570.—Coffin Bier.—Patrick Joyce, Rochester N Y 87,571.—Axle Set.—H. R. Ladd, Orwell, Ohio. 87,572—Substitute for Tobacco.—J. C. Lange, Pittsburgh, 87,573.—Machine for Grating Fodder.—Jason Lusk, Fre- donla, Mich. 87,574.—Dinner Pail.—Alfred McQueen, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,575.—Regulator for Gas, Steam, and other Fluids.— E. C. Maldant, Paris, France, assignor to Marins Caune, Crawford,N. J. 87,576.—Seed Sower.—F. H. Manny, Rockford, 111. 87,577.—Harrow.—N. B. Marsh (assignor to himself and I. R.Miller), Marengo, 111. 87,578.—Puddling and other Furnaces.—Hugh McDonald (assignor to himself, and Wm. Stuart),Pittsburgh,Pa. 87,579.—Velocipede.—Wm. McKerahan, Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,580.—Wagon Axle.—F. McManus, Ellenburg- Center N. Y. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. ' 87,581.—Machine for Figuring Carpenters' Squabes,etc. Norman Millington (assignor to Eagle Square Company), South Shafts- 87,582.—Car Coupling—Henry T. Moody, Newburyport, Mass. 87,583.—Combined Pen and Pencil Holder and Knife — Wm. A. Morse, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,584.—Work Bench.—H. W. Neary (assignor to himself and Nathaniel Schenck), Princeton, N. J. 87,585.—Turbine Water Wheel.—Jesse Newlin Philadelphia, Pa. 87,586.—Dovetailing Machine.—Charles Ohlemacher and Otto Kromer, Sandnsky, Ohio. 87,587.—Register Point for Printing Presses.—Andrew Overend. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Richard M. Hoe, New York city 87,588.—Branding Iron.—Frank L. Penney, Boston, Mass. 87,589.—Canopy, or Mosquito Bab.—Jacob B Platt Au- gusta, Ga. 87,590.—Last.—Micah H. Pool, East Abington, Mass. 87,591.—Portable Map Holder.—George Rice, Framing-ham, Mass. 87,592.—Tube Well.—Reuben Rich, Dorchester, Mass. 87,593.—Cartridge-making Machine.—Benjamin S.Roberts, United States Army. 87,594.—Plow and Subsoiler.—Gain Robinson, Plymouth, Ohio. 87,595.—Sewing Machine.—Daniel H. Rogan (assignor to himself and Cyrus L. Hall), Hudson, Wis. 86,596.—Velocipede.—M. B. Stafford, New York city. 87,597.—Farm Fence.—John K. Staman, Mansfield, Ohio. 87,598.—Paper File.—Anson P. Stephens (assignor to himself and Benjamin F. Stephens), Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,599.—Manufacture of Spirits.—George B. Stone, Chicago, in. 87,600.—Farm Gate—John G. Talbot, Sloansville, N. Y. 87,601—Lamp Burner.—Alexis Thirault, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Holmes, Booth.andHaydens, Waterbury, Conn. 87,602.—Straw Cutter. — Edward R. Thompson, Lan-sing.Mich. 87,603.—Inhaler and Remedy for Throat Disease.—Geo. Humphrey Tichenor, Canton, Miss. 87,604.—Soldering Iron. — William H. Trissler, Cleveland, Ohio. 87,605.—Medical Compound.—Philip W. Vaughan, Columbia, Ky. ' 87,606.—Harness Saddle.—John Waite, Palmer, Mass. 87,607.—Starch or Gloss for Use in Laundries.—Peter W. Weida, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,608.—Paper-bag Machinery.—Joseph Wells (assignor to Orlando A. Wilcox), Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,609.—Carriage Axle.—John T. Wilson (assignor to himself and Coleman, Rahm & Co.,) Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,610.—Hot-air Furnace. — Isaac T. Winchester, Boston, Mass. 87,611.—Meat Cutter.—O. B. Woodruff, Southington, Conn. 87?612.—Equalizer.—G. W. N. Yost, Corry, Pa. 87,613.—Grain Dryer.—Edson A. Abbott, Baltimore, Md. 87,614.—Blacking Brush.—Robert Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated February 26,1889. 87,615.—Feeding Shoe for Grinding Mills.—John C. Andrew, Seventy-six, Ky. 87,616.—Loom for Operating Shuttle Boxes.—John Ash-worth (assignor to George L. Davis, John A. Wiley, and Joseph M. Stone), Nor th And over, Mass. 87,617.—Washing Machine.—T. Bailey and Virgil W. Blan-chard, Bridport, Vt. 87,618.—Compound for Renewing Hair.—A. L. Baker, New- ark,N.J. 87,619.—Pad and Lining for Horse Collars.—Seth W. Baker, Providence, R. I. Antedated March 4,1869. 87,620.—Machine for Twisting Bullion Fringe.—Edwin Barton, Paterson, N. J. 87,621.—Toy.—E. S. Belton, New Orleans, La. 87,622.—Car Coupling. — Benjamin Bevelander, Boston, 87,623.—Pinion.—V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. 87,624.—Artificial Leg.—Douglas Bly, Macon, Ga. 87,625.—Exterior Casing for Turbine Water Wheels. —John W. Bookwalter, Springfield, Ohio. 87,626.—Glass Board and Apparatus for Cutting Glass. —Franklin Bowly, Winchester, Va. 87,627.—Hoeing Maching.—Horace C. Briggs, West Au- 87,628— Wind Wheel.—A. P. Brown, Syracuse, N. Y. 87,629.—.Grate Fender. — George Buchanan, Washington, Pa. 87,630.—Velocipede.—Jabez Burns, New York city. 87,631.—Fly-net for Horses.—Joseph Cantner, Millheim, Pa. Antedated February 27,1869. 87,632.—Cutting Threads on Pipes, etc.—J. M. Carpenter, Florence, Mass. 87,633.—Embroidering Attachment for Sewing Ma- chines.—William Carpenter, Fairbury, 111. 87,634.—Grain Storehouse.—George Clark, Buffalo, N. Y. 87,635.—Cotton Gin.—Robert J. Clay, Greenpoint, N. Y. 87,636.—Clothes-Line Fastener.—F. Clymer, Gallon, Ohio. Antedated March 5,1869. 87,637.—Harvester.—J. F. Coddington, Newark, N. J. 87,638.—Churn Dasher.—C. L. Cole, Bushnell, 111. 87,639.—Churn.—E. Coleman, Woburn, Mass. 87,640.—Mash Tub and Vapor Cooler.—A. W. Cram, St. Louis, Mo. 87,641—Plow.—Hiram Culver, Dansville, N. Y. 87,642.—Combined Harrow and Cultivator.—H. Culver, Dansville, N. Y. 87,643.—Horse Hay Fork.—J. Cummins, Perry, Mieh. 87,644.—Elastic Seat and Back for Chairs and Bottom fob Beds.—Leo Daft (assignor to himself and John Wood), New York city. Antedated Nov. 20,1868. 87,645.—Portable Key-Hole Guard.—W. E. Dante, Washington, D. C. 87,646.—Wind-Wheel Water Elevator.—G. W. Darby, New Vienna, Ohio. 87,647.—Blind and Shutter Fastening.—Wm. J. Decker, Nyack, N. Y. 87,648.—Brace and Suspender Combined.—E. L. Demor- estand W. G. Cook, New York city. Antedated March 5,1869. 87,649.—Railway Car Coupling.—L. M. Doddridge (assignor to himself and J. N. Templar), Portland, Ind. 87,650.—Manufacture of Artificial Fuel.—Chas. du Lin, Mans, France. 87,651.—Corn Planter.—J. W. Eardly, Cascade, Mich. 87,652.—Thimble Skein for Axles.—M. Ehrgott (assignor to himself and James Parker), Pittsburgh, Pa. 87,653.—Artificial Bone Black.—H. Endemann, New York city. 87,654.—Fire Kindler.—M. B. Ezell, Hatchechubbee, assignor to W. S. Gordon, Bussel county, Ala. 87,655.—Boot and Shoe Lacing.—P. S. Foster, Richmond, Me. 87,656.—Millstone Balance.—A. Frederick, Toledo, Ohio. 86,657.—Churn.—A. S. Galliher, Bristol, Tenn. 87,658.—Process of Preparing etroleum to be Used in Lubricating Wool.—S. Gibbons, Freedom, Pa., assignor to Excelsior Oil Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania. 87,659.—Churn.—John Glattner, Suspension Bridge, N. Y. 87,660.—Churn.—J. L. Good, Elizabethtown, Pa. 87,661.—Pen.—H. S. Goodspeed, New York city. 87,662.—Stair Rod.—W. B. Gould, New York city. 87,663.—Method of Constructing Molds for Metallic Castings.—Wm. Hainsworth, Sharpsville, Pa. 87,664.—Water Meter.—A. W. Hall, New York city. 87,665.—Rotary Motor and Meter.—Wm. Hamilton and Wm. Hamilton, Jr., Toronto, Canada. 87,666.—Step and Extension Ladder.—H. J. Hancock, New York city. 87,667.—Portable Mill.—B. Harnish and R. J. King, Lancaster, Pa. 87,668.—Skylight and Ventilator.—G. Hayes, New York city. 87,669.—Blacking Staff for Facing Millstones.—Abram Heartsill, Louisville, Tenn. 87,670.—Packing for Artesian Wells.—Peter C. Heinz, Pioneer, Pa. 87,671.—Reflector for Head Lights.—H. L. Hervey, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,672.—Material for the Manufacture of Cabinet and other Work in Wood.—Aueust Herzog and John G. Roth, (assignors to American Ornamental Wood Manufacturing Company), New York city. 87,673.—Water Wheel.—D. Holdiman and S. Goodwin, Waterloo, Iowa. 87,674.—Billiard Game Register.—E. Holmes and H. C. Roome, New York city. 87,675.—Spring Seat.—C. H. Hudson, New York city. 87,676.—Corn-Stalk Cutter.—H. Jackson, Elmira, 111. 87,677.—StTLKY Plow.—John R. Jaekson, Pelahatchee Depot, Miss. 87,678.—Band Tightener for Shocks of Corn.—James Jay, Bear Creek township, Ind. 87,679.—Fireproof Granary.—G. H. Johnson (assignor to himself and G. Milsom), Buff alo, N. Y. 87,680.—Vapor Burner.—Joshua Kidd, New York city. 87,681.—Carbubeting Gas; and Oil for the Same.—J Kidd, New York city. 87,682.—Apparatus for Carbureting Gas.—J. Kidd, New York city. 87,683.—Sash Holder.—D. P. Lacey, Orfordville, Wis., assignor to R. R. Ball, West Meriden, Conn. 87,684.—Brush Handle__C. L. Larder, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,685.—Railway Car Door.—T. R. Leighton, Cameron, Mo 87,686.—Hames Ring.—J. Letchworth (assignor to Pratt and Letchworth), Buffalo, N. Y. 87,687.—Railway Car Axle.—E. T. Ligon, Demopolis, Ala. 87J5B8.—Cooking Stove.—E. C. Little, L. E. Clow, and D. H. " Nation, St. Louis, Mo. 87,689.—Paper Bag Machine.-H.C. Lockwood, Baltimore,Md. 87,690.—Cultivator Plow.—Wm. Looker, Graham, Mo. 87,691.—Churn.—J. L. Marsh, Centerville, Ind. 87,692.—Sheet-Metal Seaming Machine.—John Mays and E. W. Bliss, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to Devoe and Pratt Manufactur ing Company, New York city. 87,693.—Machine for Paging Books.—John MoAdams, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,694.—Covering fok Blind Ditches.—T. M. C. Lutes, New Mount Pleasant,Ind. 87,695__Printing-Press Fly Frame.—T. H. Mead, Boston, Mass., assignor to R. Hoe and Company, New York city. 87,696.—Horse Hay Fork.-J. A. Miller, Shippensburg, Pa. Antedated Feb. 27,1868. 87,697.—Truck for Moving Buildings.—John S. Millikan, Thorntown, Ind. 87,698.—Registering Apparatus for Stills.—John Minor, Peoria, and M. W. Nesmith and G. W. Nesmith, Metamora, 111. 87,699.—Harvester Rake.—John B. Morse and Loren L. Carter, Lafayette, Ind. 87,700.—Sawing Machine Guard.—A. W. Pagett, Springfield, Ohio. 87,701.—Marble-sawing Machine.—C. H. G. Pease, Dan-bury, Conn. 87,702.—Tweer.—J. J. Pierce, Emmett, Mich. 87,703.—Miter Box.—John Pons (assignor t himself, J. S. Russell, and Henry Vogler), Baltimore, Md. 87,704.—Soldering Machine.—Charles Pratt, New York.and Conrad Seimel, Greenpoint, N. Y., assignors to Charles Pratt.; 87,705.—Pea Picker.—Abner Quinn, Wilmington, N. C, assignor to himself and A. E. Wright. 87,706.—Fanning Mill.—B. F. Randell, Des Moines, Iowa. 87,707.—Chronometer Escapement.—George P. Reed, Boston, Mass. 87,708.—Sash Holder.—A. C. Rodgers (assignor to himself and J. and G. H. Gibson), Philadelphia, Pa. 87,709.—Shingling Bracket.—Abner Rollo, Friendship,Wis. 87,710.—Ice-cream Receptacle.—Edward A. G. Roulstone, Boston, Mass. 87,711.—Road Scraper.—W. W. Rumrill, Roanoke, Ind. 87,712.—Grain Drill and Corn Dropper.—J. D. Saterand Turner Barns, Greensburg, Ind. 87,713.—Velocipede.—L. W. Serrell, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Robert Fonlds, Pasuaic, N. J. 87,714.—Keyhole Guard.—Edmund E. Shepardson, Providence, R. I. 87,715.—Bitstock.—W. H. Sible, Harrisburg, Pa. 87,716.—Clay Pulverizer and Stone Separator.—F. H. Smith, Baltimore, Md. 87,717.—Screw Bolt and Lock Nut.—J. B. Smith, Milwaukee, Wis., assignor to himself and G. R. Chittenden, Chicago, 111.' 87,718.—Pea Rake.—Silvester Skinner, Clayton, N. Y. 87,719.—Extension Pruning Hook.—John Stark, Thomas- ville, Ga. Antedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,720.—Branding Iron.—Lewis Stark, Chelsea, assignor to himself and F. L. Penney, Boston, Mass. 87,721.—Revolving Cultivator.—Abraham J. Stevens, El Dorado, Wis. 87,722.—Shank.—H. P. Stewart,Bath, Mich. 87,723.—Tympan Frame for Printing Presses.—David U. Stoner, Mount Jo'y, Pa. 87,724.—Ctltivator.—D. C. Stover, Lanark, 111. 87,725.—Furnace for Smelting Ores.—C. H. Swain, Brooklyn, N. Y. 87,726.—Seed Sower.—H. R. Swank, West Jersey, 111. 87,727.—Stencil Plate.—J. L. Tarbox and H. L. Tarbox, New York city. 87,728.—Valve for Blowing Engines.—Lewis Taws, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,729.—Fence.—J. B. Tedrow, Chillicothe, Ohio. 87,730. — Preserve Jar. — Nathan Thompson, Brooklyn, E.D..N.Y. 87,731.—Washing Machine.—H. B. Tibbits, Vineland, N. J. 87,732.—Bottle-corking Apparatus.—Hiram Unger, Lo- gansport, Ind. 87,733.—Composition for Recutting Files and Rasps.— A. Van Camp, Washington, D. C. 87,734.—Composition for Fire-kindling.—A. Van Camp, Washington, D. C. 87,735.—Cartridge—J. R. Van Vechten, New York city. 87,736.—Machine for Scraping and Loading Earth.—Albert Ward, New Michigan, 111. 87,737.—Backband Hook.—Seth Ward, Princeton, Ind. Antedated March 4,1869. 87,738.—Wheel.—J. C. Welch and M. A. Ammeden, Edger-ton, Ohio. Antedated March 5,1869. 87,739.—Hinge Pintle.—William Wells, Ashtabula, Ohio. 87,740.—Fishing Net.—F. A. Werdmuller, New York city. 87,741.—Iron Bridge.—T. B. White, New Brighton, Pa. An-tedated Feb. 27,1869. 87,742.—Bedstead.—H. K. Whitner, Philadelphia, Pa. 87,743.—Churn.—Manuel Witmer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 87,744.—Machine for Pressing Hats.—F. Wolfram, New York city. 87,745.—Measuring Funnel.—H. J. Woltere, Salem, Mass. 87,746.—Car Wheel and Axle.—J. A. Woodbury, Boston, Mass. 87,747.—Device for Heading Bolts.—J. M. Woods, Wash- ington.Mo. 87,748.—Triturating and Amalgamating App ratus fok Treating Ores of Gold or Silver.—Leonard Wray, Ramsgate, England. 87,749.—Stirrup-strap Loop.—A. B. Zellner, Monticello,Ark REISSUES. 9,781.—Mop Head.—Dated June 14, 1853; extended seven years; reissue 2,957, dated June 2,1868 : reissue 8,188, dated Nov. 10,1868 j reissue 8,322.—Colby Brothers & Co., Waterbury, Vt., assignees, by mesne assignments, of Harvey Murch. 60,657.—Cushion for Billiard Tables.—Dated Dec. 18, 1866; reissue 8,828.—Levi Decker, New York city. 70,668.—Extension Table.—Dated Nov. 5, 1867; reissue 8,824.—F. R. Wolflnger, Chicago, 111. EXTENSIONS. Method of Working Franklinite Ore.—Thaddeus Sel- leck, Greenwich, Conn.—Letters Patent No. 12,829, dated Jan. 80,1855. Harvester.—Cyrenus Wheeler, Jr., Auburn, N. Y.—Letters Patent No. 12,367, dated Feb. 6,1855; reissue No. 971, dated June, 5,1860; reissue No. 2,632, dated May 28,1867. Elliptical Rotary Pump.—Birdsill Holly, Lockport, N. Y.— Letters Patent No. 1&S50, dated Feb. 6,1855. Base-burning Stoves.—James Easterly, Albany, N. Y.—Letters Patent No. 12 382, dated February 18,1855; reiasue No. 8,009, dated June SO, 1868. Base-burning Stoves.—James Easterly, Albany, N. Y.—Letters Patent No. 12,882, dated Feb. 13,1855; reiasue No. 3,010, dated June 80,1868. Augers.—Russell Jennings, Deep River, Conn.—Letters Patent No. 12,818, dated Jan. 80,1855; reissue No. 2,081, dated October 3,1865; reissue No. 2,146, dated Jan. 16,1866. Screw Jack.—Thomas C. Ball, Bellows Falls, Vt.—Letters Patent No. 12,464, dated Feb. 27,1855. Method of Operating Steam Valves.—Norman W. Wheeler, Brooklyn,, N. Y.-Letters Patent No. 18,869 dated July 855. Antedated March 1,1855,