For the Week Ending March 23, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacii caveat..............................................................,...$U On filing each application for a Patent (seventeenyears)...................$1; On issuing each original Patent................................................$2( On appeal to Commissioner of Patents....................................... $s On application for Reissue........,.......................,....................jj On application for Extension of Patent.......................... "%5 On granting the Extension.................................................... $51 On filing a Disclaimer.....................,.................................... On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$11 On an application for Design (seven years)................................$i On an application for design(fourteen years)................................$8( In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and NovaScotia pay $500 on application. For copy oj Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from........... .....................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time tfa Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*21 Official Copies oj Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply a a reasonable cost, the price, depending upon the amount oj labor involved am the number of views, FiillinformaUon, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be liad by address ing MUNN CO., Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Eow, New York 88,002. Manufactuee of Sheet Ieon. George Atkins (as signor to George W. Westerm n, Eobert Fox, and Eobert May) Sharon, Pa. 88,003. Manufactuee of Beeech-plates for Guns. Wai ter Baker, Ilion,N.Y. 88,004. Bbewing. Edward Beanes, Cordwalles (near Maiden head), Great Britain. 88,005. Automatic Boilee Feedee. Julius Boden, Colum bia, Pa. 88,006. Electeo-heating- Apparatus. W. Leigh Burton Biehmond, Va. Antedated March 12,1869. 88,007. Fifth-wheel foe Vehicles. E. G. Cameron, Tif fin, Ohio. 88,008. Valve foe Bottoms of Vessels. Luther S. Chase and Zebina H. Chase, New Bedford, Mass.; said L. S. Chase assigns hi; right to Z.H. Chase. 88,009.- Hay Raker and Loader. Robert Chestnut (as signor to himself and George Kelley), Eichmond, Ind. 88,010. Teipping Mechanical Detents. Stephen Chester New York city, and Charles T. Chester, Englewood, 1ST. J. Antedatec March 4,1869. 88,011. Cooking Stove. Orson E. Clark, Waterford, Mich 88,012. Projectile. Wm. A. Cobb, Orange, Mass. 88,013. Oar. Henry W. Connor, Troy, N. Y. 88,014. Floue Sifter. James Coyle, Boston, Mass. 88,015. Lifting Jack. James Dampman, Lebanon, Pa. 88,016. Apparatus for Butter Making. Frederick P Deuel, Tecumseh, Mich. 88,017. Wrench. L. R. Dexter, WMtefield, N. H. 88,018. Road Scraper. E, L. Dorsey, Winslow, Ind. 88,019. Roller for Extracting Cockle from Wheat.- Wm. G. Douglas, Warrenton, Va. 88,020. Mold for Casting Pipe. Jacob Edson, Boston 88,021. Bridle Bit. Alfred B. Ely, Newton, Mass. 88,022. Book Holder. Freeman Emmons, Danvers, Mass 88,023. Straw Cutter. Samuel F. Estell, Richmond, Ind. 88,024. Welt Knife. Myron J. Ferren, Stonehain, Mass. 88,025. Cultivator Plow. Simeon B. Forbes, Steuben Mile, Ohio. 88,026. Mackerel Latch. Charles S. H. Foster, Deei Isle, Me. 88,027. Knitting Machine. William Franz and Willian Pope, Crestline, Ohio. 88,028. Extension Table. Lambert Freeman, New Yort city. 88,029. Last Machine. Roscoe R. Frohock, Boston, Mass. 88,030. Bung Cutter. Benjamin Geyler and Frederick Qey ler, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,031. Making Cone Springs. William H. Goodale, Col ton,N.Y. 88,032. Faucet. Daniel W. Green (assignor to Williair Brundage), Port Chester, N. Y. 88,033. Cigar and Cigarette. Thomas Griffin, Rox bury, Mass 88,034. Cultivator. Anthony Grohmann, South Sagi naw,Mich. 88,035. Machine for Constructing Vegetable Mem BRANE. Stuart Gwynii, TSevr Yofti city. 88036. Vegetable Membrane, or Parchment. Stuart 88, Gwynn, New York city. T AT oo, 88,037. Slate-punching and Cutting Machine. l. m. Ham, Boston, Mass. . __ , T1, "o; 88 038. Trace Carrier. J. H. Hams, Vermont, 111. 88,039. Sewing Machine. M. C. Hawkins (assignor to him- 88. self and A. Z. Waters), Edinborough, Pa. . l 88,040. Mechanical Movement Henry R. Huling (assign- or to himself and John M. Marston), Boston, Mass. Antedated March ; $$ 88,041. Printers' Galley. Edwin Hutchings, Hartford, 88,042. Thill Shifter. S. Jennings, Patterson, N.Y. 88,043. Harvester Reel. J. R. Jones, Clarksville, Iowa. g8 88,044. Fly Trap. John H. Kiplinger and Joseph Kiplin- 88 ger, North Manchester, Ind. 88,045. Cultivator. Henry Landes, Bath, Pa. 88 88,046. Harrow. Charles Lane and Jesse M. Healy, James- 88 88,047. Hygieometer. Benjamin M. Lawrence, Gales- 88 88,048g Corn Planter. Daniel P. Leach, Franklin, Ind. 8 88,049. Sash-fastening and Hoisting Device. A. W. 8 Livingstone, BluiFton, Ind. 88,050. Boot. John H. Livingston, Providence, R. I. 8 88,051. Hoe. James F. Lowe, Louisville, Ky. 88,052. Paddle Wheel. William R. Manley (assignor to c himself and Wm. H. Webb), New York city, Q, 88,053. Chamfering Machine. Benj. F. Mattox and Sidney c Corson, West Ridge, 111. Qi 88,054. Portable Bath Tub. Robert McCully, Philadel- phia, Pa. 8c 88,055. Railroad Car Heater. F. McManus, Ellenburg Center, N. Y. nt 88,056. Churn. Charles Messenger, Cleveland, Ohio. Ante- dated March, 9,1869. 88,057. Combined Coat Hook and Line Holder. Wm. A. Middleton, Harrisburg;, Pa. Antedated March 12,1869. ol 88,058. Bee Feeder. Peter Miller, Jr., Fredonia, N. Y. 8; 88,059. Cotton Press. C. W. Millerd, Monticello, Ark. 8! 88,060. Pencil Holder. J. L. Moore, Bridgeport, Conn. 88,061. Apparatus for Transmitting Rotary Motion. ! Samuel Rodman Morgan, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated March 18,18G9. ft 88,062. Automatic Fan. John Naugle, Mooresville, Ind. 88,063. Device for Turning Logs in Mills. Isaac H. g, Newton, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated March 10,1869. Ql 88,064. Process of Preparing Fish for Food. Joseph ; Nickerson, Boothbay, Me. o 88,085. Hand-spinning Machine. Francis M. Nixon (assignor to himself, William Leet, William Dixon, and Jacob S. Best), o Lena, 111. 88,066. Glass Furnace. Samuel Oakman, Boston, Mass. 8 88,067. Horse Hay Fork. Oscar Paddock, Watertown, N.Y. 8 88,068. Money Drawer. Carlos L. Page, Cambridge, Mass. 88,069 Water Elevator. C. D. Palmiter (assignor to him- self and Lavinia P. Webb), Oswego, N". Y. Q 88,070. Spring Bed-Bottom. Byron Partello, Detroit, Mich. 88,071. Fruit Gatherer. Hiram Perry, Manlius, N. Y. 8 88,072. Crucible for Melting Metals. Edw'd R. Playle, Great Bend, Pa. 88,073. Case for Melodeons, etc. Geo. Sanford Randall, 8 Providence, R.I. Antedated Sept. 23,1868. fi 88,074 Grape Trellis. Alvin Rathbun, Smith's Mills,N.Y. g 88,075. Composition for Kindling Fires. Abraham ! Reed, Louisville, Ky. g 88,076. Teapot. C. H. Reynolds and Geo. Z. Clark, Croton Falls, N. T. g 88,077. Toilet Mirror. L. H. Rogers (assignor to himself, I and George A. Rogers), Boston, Mass. g 88,078. Churn. William M. Rumrill, Roanoke, Ind. g 88,079. Apparatus for Generating Gas, and Heating Dwellings and other Buildings. S. C. Salisbury, New York city. 88,080. Furnace for Upright Steam-Generators. Silas C. Salisbury, New York city. 88,081. Furnace for IIohizoxtat, Steam Generators. 6 S. C. Salisbury, New York city. 88,082. Reverberatory Furnace. S. C. Salisbury, New York city. 88,083. Blast, Smelting, and Cupola-Furnaces. Silas C. $ Salisbury, New York city. 88,084. Furnace for Heating and Annealing Steel Ingots, etc. S. C. Salisbury, New York city. 88,085. Telegraph Apparatus. John. E. Seiden, Albany, * N.Y. . i 88,086. Mode of Polishing Hard Rubber and other Ar- ticles. W. F. Semple, and E. "VV. Stephens, Mount Vernon, Ohio. . 88,087. Grain Binder. G. B. Shaler, Delta, Ohio. l 88,088. Potato Digger.. Isaiah Shaw, Four Corners, Md. { 88,089. Washing Machine. John P. Simmons, Schoolcraft, Mich. Antedated March 18,1869. 88,090. Suspended Portable Fence. Alonzo Skinner, j Warren, assignor to L. A. Skinner, West Novi, Mich. 88,091. Knife Head for Harvesters. H. A. Soliday, j Doyles town, Ohio. 88,092. Machine for Hackling Corn Husks. George B. j Stacy, Richmond, Va. 88,093. Apparatus for Turning Logs. L. J. Stannard and M. L. Perry, Newark, N. Y. 88,094. Rule Clamp. D. H. Stephens, Riverton, Conn. ; 88,095. Churn. J. H. Stephens, Orange Court House, Ya. 88,096. Milk Cooler. J. C. Thayer, Dunton, 111. : 88,097. Clothes Pin. Chas. N. Tyler, New York city. 88,098. Double Cooler. Judson Yan Duzer, Otisville, N.Y. 88,09$ Button. W. W. Wade, Medford, Mass. Antedated March 5,1869. 88,100. Manufacture of Chains. Wm. B. Wadsworth Cleveland, Ohio. Antedated March 8,1869. 88,101. Cancelled. 88,102. Manufacture of Paper. Z. C. Warren (assignor toH. C. Hulbert), Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,103. Steam Trap. Jos. E. Watts, Lawrence, Mass. 88,104. Conduit for Invalid Chairs. Geo. Wells, Bethel, Conn. Antedated March 11,1869. 88,105. Show Bottle. Henry Whitney, East Cambrido-e, Mass. te 88,106. Alarm Bell. Chas. Wiley, Hannibal Center, K. Y. 88,107. Hat. David Wilcox (assignor to himself, W. H. Slo- cum, and W. A. Brown), Boston, Mass. 88,108. Gate. E. J. Wolfgang and J. M. Kenreigh, Salem, Ohio. 88,109. Plane Guide. John Woodville, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,110. Clothes Wringer. John Young, Amsterdam,N.Y. 88,111. Potato Masher. Wm. Zeiger, Elmore, Ohio. 88,112. Cooking Stove. J. J. Anderson, Rochester Pa. 88,113. Door Key. Wm. H. Andrews (assignor to Burton Mallory), New Haven, Conn. 88,114. Gig Saw. Isaiah B. Arthur, Sidonsburg, Pa. 88,115. Milking Stool. Ira Barrows, Hermon, N. Y. 88,116. Hat. J. P. Beatty, Norwalk, Conn. Antedated Feb. 2,1869. 88,117. Spring. E. U. Benedict, Chicago, 111. 88,118. Coop for Poultry. S. S. Bent, Port Chester N. Y. Antedated March 22,1869. j 88,119. Machine for Cleaning Stables. D. S. Bigler and j Wm. N. McCracken, Monaghan township Pa. ' 88,120. Velocipede. John B. Blair, Philadelphia, Pa. I 88,121. Auxiliary Table. Jas. Blake (assignor to Blake I and Company), Scranton,Pa. 88,122 But Hinge. Etienne Boileau and Chas. Mesnier, St. Louis, Mo. 88,123. Clothes Dryer. R. H. Boughner, East German-' town, Ind. [ 88,124. Elevating and Weighing Apparatus. James H i Brookmire, St. Louis, Mo. 88,125. Blacksmiths' Swage. G. W. Brown (assignor to himself and A. T. Gifford), Providence, R.I. 88,126. Meat Chopper. C. N. Brumm, Minersville Pa. 88,127. Hay Rake. R. I. Burbank, Boston, Mass. 128 Blacking Box. Richard Cadle, Shawneetown, 111. 88. 129._Sash Lock and Bolt. L. O. Cameron, Allegheny g8 130. Car Coupling. Richard Campion and J. W. Thorn- g8 son, Jr., Camden,N. J. Qq ,131. Boot. M. F. Chandler, Boston, Mass. # , ,132. Extension Table. Giacomo Chelini, Washington, 88, 133#1_Knob Latch. A. B. Clemons, Ansonia, Conn. 434. Medicine for Cure of Ring Bone, Spavin, etc. V. A. Cleveland, Waterville,N.Y. . 135. Plastering Machine. J. L. Coburn,Mmeral Point, *Wis ,136*_Cultivator. Alex. Connolley, Milan, Ind. oo ; 137 _Bolt Feeder. Jacob Corn well (assignor to himselt, 'd.b'. Merrill,and W.H. McCourtie),Kalamazoo, Mich. gg 138. Scoop. Wm. Craine, South Brookneld, N. Y. i,139. Composition Pavement. J. P. Cranibrd, Brooklyn, gg ; Jio. Lamp for Destoying Insects. Geo. C. Cranston, 'south Bend, Ind. m . 88 5,141. Piles. S. B. Cushmg, Providence, R. 1. t42.__Tempering Steel Springs. Joseph H. Deniger, 88 Bridgeport, Conn -r t oc 1143. Cutter for Tonguing and Grooving. D. C. De- c 'vail', New York city, assignor to J. B. Schenck, Matteawan, N.T. $,144 Clover Harvester. Paul Dismukes, (rallatm, 8fc U45n Blind Wiring Machine. W. F. Dodge, Newark, 88 $,146."__Sofa Bedstead. Jacob Dourson, Columbus, Ohio. g 3147 Flood Fence. Zachariah Dowden and C. T. Ander- g 'son, Clarksburg, Md. . 3,148. Churst. S. D. Edgar, Dayton, Ohio. 3149 Adjustable Pole Attachment for Carriages. g ' H. F. Edwards (assignor to himself and B. I. Peabody) Worcester, f of Mop Head. John Fahrney, Boonsborough, Md. 1 151._Velocipede. H. J. Ferguson, Whiting, N. J. 152. Shutter Fastening. W. C. Fisher, Charlestown, 'Mass 8( 3,153. Spring Bed Bottom. Mark Flanigan, Detroit, gj 3,154 Railway Car Wheel. A. C. Fletcher, New York j 8,155. Car Spring. A. C. Fletcher, New York city. S 8,156. Harvester Rake. J. S. Fowler, Davenport, Iowa. 81 8,157. Beehive. J. J. Frey and A. J. Frey, Hook's Point, g 8,158. Folding Bedstead. M. B. Groodeli, Worcester, g Mass. 8,159. Holdback. D. A. Grorham, Norway, Me. ftl 8,160. Water Reservoir for Cooking Stoves. C. O. ; Greene, Troy, N.Y. 8,161. Breech-Loading Firearm. J. D. Greene, Cam- g bridge, Mass. 8162. Rotating Oscillating Steam Valve. C. F. Had- ley, Chicopee, Mass., assignor to Clifford Arrick, St. Clairsville, Ohio. o 8,163. Device for Converting Rotary into Recipro- ft cating Rectilinear Motion. C. F. Hadley, Chicopee, Mass., assignor ;8,164 Sash Holder. J. W. Hansel, Peoria, 111. 8 !8?165. Paper Box. A. B. Hendryx, Ansonia, Conn. 8 18,166. Clay Molding Machine. Robert Hill, St. Louis, 18,167. Knife Scourer and Sharpener. Daniel Hodg- 8 kins, Newburyport, Mass. ;8,168. Automatic Boiler Feeder. John Holtz, Balti- 8 timore,Md. o 58,169. Paper Sizing. J. E. Hover, Philadelphia, Pa. c 18,170. Steering Apparatus. P. H. Jackson, New York 58 171. Powder for Blasting and other Purposes. W. *H. Jackson, Salem, Mass., assignor to G. B. Upton, D. IX Stackpole, and S. H. Gookin. $8,172. Shears. P. N. Jacobus, J?Mpokville, N. J. S $8,173. Manufacture . of Iron and Steel. Jacob Jameson, Philadelphia, Pa. $8,174 Toy Hoop. C. C. Johnson, Springfield, Vt. ; $8,175. Clothes-Line Fastener. Job Johnson, S. J. Smith, 'and Simon Inffersoll, Brooklyn,N. Y., assignors to Job Johnson and S.J. Smith. ' L- 38,176. Saw Gummer. Nelson Johnson, Jasper, N.Y. 38,177. Saw Swage. Nelson Johnson, Jasper, N. Y. * 38,178. Locomotive Drive Wheel. W. J. Johnson, New t Orleans, La. ' 38 179. Cord Tightener for Curtain Fixtures. H. L. 'judd, Brooklyn, N.Y. j 38,180. Block for Holding Stereotype Plates. A. N. Kellogg, Chicago, 111. 38,181. Bridge. J. J. Kelly, Slippery Rock, Pa. 8,182. Process of Manufacturing Sheet Iron. T. K. i Bolton, Cleveland, Ohio, executor of S. H. Kimball, deceased. { 38,183. Railroad Car Heater. G. S. Koontz, Washington, D. C, and Edward Potts and McLeod D. Lewis, Baltimore, Md. ' 38,184 Centrifugal Draining Machine. H. W. LafFerty and Robert Lafferty, Gloucester City, N. J. 88,185. Centrifugal Sugar-Draining Machine. H. W. Lafferty and Robert Lafferty, Gloucester City, N. J. 88,186. Door Button. Thomas Lincoln and Geo. Hubbard, ( New Haven, Conn. ( 88,187. Tellurium. Marshal Long, New York city. ; 88,188. Carpet-Cleaning Machine. Theodor Luke, St. ; Louis, Mo. 88,189. Cab Coupling. I. V. Lynn and W. J. Lynn (assign- j ors to themselves, J. J. McCormick, and W. D. Baker), Pittsburgh, Pa. i 88,190. Construction of Refrigerators. L. H. Mace and F. S. Gwyer, New York city. 88,191. Metai Lie Cartridge. Edwin Martin, Springfield,] Mass., assignor to himself, S. W. Porter, and J. F. Cranston. 88,192. Breast Strap Slide. John H. Martin, Columbus, Ohio. 88,193. Wash Boiler. A. McDaniel, Dubuque, Iowa. 88,194. Street Sweeper. J. W. McDonald, Chicago, 111. 88,195. Harrow. Samuel Mendenhall, Muncy Station, Pa. 88,196. Fifth Wheel. Wm. Munson, Abington, Pa. 88,197. Walking Doll. A. W. Nicholson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,198. Velocipede. W. L. Paine, Boston, Mass. 88,199. Potato Digger. Chester Palmer, Willoughby, Ohio. 88,200. Roller Stop for Window Shades. I. E. Palmer, Hackensack, N. J. 88,201. Washing Machine. F. D. Paradis, Chicago, 111. 88,202. Cartridge. W. F. Parker, Meriden, Conn. j 88,203. Self-Registering Lumber Measure. D. E. Pease and George Richards, Richland Center, Wis. 88,204. Operating Valves of Steam Engines. Hart F. Pease, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated March 15, 1869. 88,205. Velocipede. R. H. Plass, New York city. 88,206. Lamp-Shade Holder. J. T. Pope, New York city. 88,207. Construction of Railway Wheels. James Rae, London, England, and George Miller, Glasgow, Scotland. 88,208. Manufacture of Iron and Steel. John Ralston, A. L. Thomas, and Wm. Parkinson, Tamaqua, Pa. 88,209. Harvester. Amos Rank, Salem, Ohio. 88,210. Nerving Bridle. J. V. Reardon, Elkton, Md. Antedated March 11,1869. 88,211. Sheep Rack. Shelby Reed, Scottsville, N. Y. 88,212. Chalk Line Spool. J. E. Richardson, Lowell,Mich. Antedated March 18,1869. 88,213. Grate for Cooking Stove. J. H. Roelker, Evans- ville, Ind. 88,214. Bolt-Heading Machine. John Root (assignor to himself and McLagon and Stevens), New Haven, Conn. j 88,215. Meter. S. P. Ruggles, Boston, assignor to J. H. I Shedd, Waltham, Mass. 88,216. Crushing and Grinding Machine. J. W. Rutter, St- Louis, Mo. 88,217. Clutch for Slaughtering Purposes, Richard Savage, Chicago, 111. ,218. Apparatus for Evaporating Medicines in Treating diseases. e. O. Schartan, Philadelphia, Pa. ,219. Sink. Wm. Seaman and G. A. Banta, New York city, assignors to Wm. Seaman. ,220. Water Closet. J. H. Seymour, Hagerstown, Md. ,221. Water Meter. Gerard Sickels, Boston, Mass. 1,222. Apparatus and Process for Extracting Oil from Vegetable and other Matter. Thomas Sim and E. S. Hutchinson, Baltimore, Md. !,223. Fertilizer. Amor Smith, Baltimore, Md. 5,224. Compound for Coloring the Hair. Gibson Smith, Croton Junction, Mass. 5,225. Harrow. James Snowdin,Westford,and John Kent, Beaver Dam, Wis. 5,226. Churn Dasher. Orville Sperry and J. W. Hopson, Hartfi eld, N. Y. $,227. Last Holder for the Manufacture of Boots aid Shoes. M. J. Stein, New York city. $,228. Method of veneering Articles with Pyroxyle. Leander R. Streeter, Chelsea, assignor to himself and A. B. Ely (trustees), Newton, Mass. 3,229. Dentists' Flask. L. R Streeter, Chelsea, assignor to himself and A. B. Ely (trustees), Newton, Mass. 3,280. Wrench. G. C. Taft (assignor to Loring Coes),Worcester, Mass. 3,231. Wire for Shoe Pegs. Elmer Town send, Boston,, Mass. 3,232. Wire for Shoe Pegs. Elmer Townsend, Boston Mass. 3,233. Plow. A. J. Traver, Lisburn, Pa. 3,234 Corn Marker. G. W. Tucker, Eugene, 111. 8,235. Beehive. G. W. Umbaugh, Lima, Ohio. 8,236. Miter Box. C. H. Underwood, Dorchester, assignor to J. A. Dupee, Boston, Mass. Antedated March 18,1869. 8,237. Cigar Dryer. Oliver Vallandigham, St. Louis, Mo. 8,238. Velocipede. William Van Anden, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 8,239. Neck-tie Retainer. Jas.Varley, Hudson City, N.J. Antedated March 15,1869. 8,240. Carriage Axle. Frederick Volkmann and Augustus Miller, Philadelphia, Pa. 8,241. Fanning Mill. W. W. Wait, Richmond, Ind. 8,242. Axle Box. Lewis Wakefield, Minneapolis. Minn. 8,243. Wash Boiler. Samuel J. Wallace, Keokuk, Iowa. 8,244. Corn Planter. J. P. Ware, Montgomery City, Mo. 8,245. Expanding Chuck. Wm. Webb, Waterbury, Conn. 18,246. Automatic Boiler Feeder. T. B. Webster, Sekau- kus, N. J. 18,247. Roller Cleaner in Spinning Machines. Horace Wells, Hopkinton. R. I. 58,248. Automatic Transmitting Telegraph Apparatus. C. Westbrook, Harrisburg, Pa. !8,249. Gate. S. P. Williams, Sheridan, N. Y. 8,250. Machine for Splitting Wood. Wm. L. Williams, New York city. Antedated March 18,1869. 58,251. Dish and Clothes Washer. G. W. Williamson, Gouldst)oroua;h, Pa. 58,252. Fence. J. Q. A. Yonkey and F. M. Rawson, Frankfort, Ind. 58,253. Combined Sower and Cultivator. Martin Wood- ard, Des Moines, Iowa. $8,254. Harvester. Geo. W. 1ST. Yost, Corry, Pa. $8,255. Table Attachment for Chairs. Wm. Zimmerman, Bloomington, 111. 38,256- Artists' Easel. F. W. Bacon, New York city. 38,257. Machine for Winding Cloth. G. F. Hargis, De- catur, 111. 38,258. Process of Deriving Useful Products from Gar bage, etc. W. E. Johnson, Chicago, 111. 38,259. Liquid Meter. J. H. Shedd, Waltham, Mass. 38,260. Composition for Dental Plates. L. R. Streeter,, Chelsea, Mass., assignor to himself and A. B. Ely, trustees. REISSUES. 33,826. Dated May 3,1859 ; reimue 3,338. Skate Fastening. E. H. Barney and John Berry, Springfield, Mass., assigne'es, by mesne assignments, of John Co e, administrator of the estate of John H. Coe, deceased, and W. B. Sniffin. 78,699. Dated June 9, 1868 ; reissue 3,334 Nail Extract- ob. J. V.Bogert, New York city, and J. F. Lowell, Boston, Mass., as signees, by mesne assignments, of James Tyzick. 42,842. Dated May 24,1864 ; reissue 3,335. Electro-Mag- ketic Telegraph. S. F. Day, Ballston Spa, JST. Y. 81,799. Dated Sept. 1, 1868 ; reissue 3,836. Sulky Plow. J. B. Lewis and J. E. Udall, Concord, 111. 75,319. Dated March 10, 1868 ; reissue 3,337. Cotton-bale Tie. D. C. Lowber,New York city, and G. L. Laughland, New Orleans, La., assignees, by mesne assignments, of Wm. Trowbridge. 87,123. Dated Feb. 23, 1869; reissue 3,338. Manufacture of Illuminating Gas. Levi Stevens, Washington, D. C. 35,960. Dated July 22, 1862 ; reissue 3,339. Seeding Machine. g. W. Van Brunt, D. C. Van Brunt, and Hiram Barber, Horicon. Wis., assignees of G. W. Van Brunt. 55,564. Dated June 12,1866 ; reissue 3,340. Hot-air Furnace. Alien Willard, Hartford, Conn., assignees of Edward Webster. 23,721. Dated April 19, 1859 ; reissue 868, dated Dec. 20,1859; reissue 3,341. Stop Cock. Erastus Stebbins, Chicopee, Mass. DESIGNS. 3,404 to 3,407. Stocking Fabric Conyers Button, Phila delphia, Pa. Four Patents. 3,408. Stove. J. V. B. Carter, Albany, N. Y. 3,409. Stove. Calvin Fulton, Rochester, N. Y. 3,410. Label. G. F. Grantz, New York city, assignor to Gh F. Gantz Co. 3,411. Locket. George Hartie and Lucien S. Jacquin, New York city. 3,412. Barn-door Hanger. J. L. Haven, Cincinnati, Ohio. 3413. Chamber Pail. J. S. Jennings, Brooklyn, E. D., N.Y. 3,414. Floor Oilcloth Pattern. C. T. Myer, Bergen, N.J. assignor to E. C. Sampson, New York city. 3415._Floor Oilcloth. C. T. Meyer, Bergen, N. J., assignor to E. C. Sampson, New York city. 3,416. Carpet Pattern. V. E. Meyer, Harrison, N. J., assignor to A. Folsom Sons, Boston, Mass. 3,417 to 3,420. Carpet Pattern. E. J. Ney (assignor to Lowell Manufacturing Co.), Lowell, Mass. Four Patents. 3,421 and 3,422. Bottle Stand or Caster. Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed Barton), Taunton, Mass. Two Patents. 3,423. Ottoman. W. H. Reed, New York city. 3,424. Trade Mark. R. H. Rice, Newport, R. I. 3,425. Spoon or Fork Handle. Geo. Sharp, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,426. Plates of a Cook's Stove. Garrettson Smith and Henry Brown (assignors to W. L. McDowell), Philadelphia, Pa. 3,427. Stove. Isaac Snider, Jas. Woodruff, and J. M. Woodruff, Salem, Ohio. 3,428. Body of a Pickle Jar. S. A. Whitney, Glasborough , N.J. 3429. Fork or Spoon Handle. H. C. Wilcox (assignor to Meriden Britannia Co.), Meriden, Conn. 3430. Trade Mark. Edward Wilhelm (assignor to A. W Fox Co.), Buffalo, N. Y. Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 504. Machine for Making Sewing Needles. Francis W. Mallett, New Haven, Conn. Feb. 18,1889. 534. But;Hinge. James Bidwell, San Francisco, Cail. Feb. 20,1869. 538. Floating Velocipede. J. G. Holbrooke, New York city. Feb 20,1869. 546. Manufacture of Iron and Steel. T. S. Blair, Pittsburgh, Pa Feb. 22, 1869. 548. Artificial Stone. Wm. Munroe, Boston,Mass. Feb. 22,1S69. 550. Velocipede. L. B. Flanders, Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. 22,1869. 551. Screw Wrench. C. L. Perkins, New York city. Feb. 22,1869. 564. Fire Boxes and Ash Pans of Locomotive Engines. H. L. Lansin and G-H. Chase, Buffalo, N.Y. Feb. 28,1869.