For the Week Ending April 13, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat.................................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent...............v. *..*"........................... 20 On appeal to C ommissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$39 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension................. ...................................$50 On Sling a Disclaimer...................................*......................$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years).,..............;..... $10 On an application for Design (seven years)..,...............................$15 On an application f pr design(f ourteen years)................................ 30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ot Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years........,,,............$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. Thejull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supx ly at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount oj labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price oj drawings, in each case, may be had by address ing MTJNN CO. Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park How, New York 88,767. Motive Power. John B. Atwater, Chicago, 111. 88,768. Feeding Trough for Horses. Addison D. Barrett, Cambridgeport, Mass. 88,769. Krout-cutting Machine. W. K. Baylor and Conrad Rapp, Batesville, Ind. 88,770. Gate. Jacob Behel, Rockford, 111. 88,771. Steam Engine Valve Gear. Riley Bowers, Chilli- cothe, Ohio. 88,772. Bed Bottom. Charles A. Brigham, Cleveland, Ohio. 88,773. Gate. Lorenzo D. Brooks, Syene, Wis. 88,774. Automatic Boiler Feeder. Daniel L. F. Chase, BostonjMass. 88,775. Baling Press. Peter K. Dederick, Greenbush, N. Y, Antedated April 8,1869. 88,776. Folding Chair. Carl Dieterich, Koslindale (West Roxbury), Mass. 88,777. Holder for Stove Lids. Lindley M. Doudna., Washington, D. C. 88,778. Animal Trap. Josiah W. Ells, Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,779. Mode of Ornamenting Candles. Arthur Field, Upper Marsh, Lambeth, and William Bryer Nation, No, 394 Old Kent Road, England ; (said Nation assigns his right to said Field), 88,780. Tuck-creasing Attachment for Sewing Machines. h. W. Fuller, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,781. Anchor. J. Durrell Greene, Cambridge, assignor to himself and Charles H. P. Plympton, Boston, Mass. 88,782. Portable Fence. Frank W. Groff, Indianapolis, Ind. 88,783. Bolt Machine. Moore Hardaway, St. Louis, M0. 88,784. Lamp for Cooking Purposes. Mary E. Hatch, Be- loit, Wis. 88,785. Earth Scraper. John Y, Herston, Warrick county, Ind. 88,786. Manufacture of Rails for Railroads. Charles Hewitt, Hamilton township, N. J. 88,787. Seeder and Cultivator. E. W. Hewitt and Geo, Gorgam, Pecatonica, 111. 88,788. Casting Tweers. Wm. M. Johnston (assignor to himself and David P. Estep), Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,789. Carriage Jack. A. W. Keeler and Jacob Eckert, Lafayette, N. Y. 88,790. Corn Shelter. Elisha Kelley, Locust Grove, Ohio. 88,791. Combined Knob Latch and Lock. J. B, Kelley, Brandon, Vt. 88,792. Flour Bolt. Ira B. Ketchum, Rochester, Minn. 88,793. Hair Dye. Joseph Jjory, Memphis, Tenn. 88,794. Plow. Benjamin F. Masters, Middleport, 111. 88,795. Machine for Manufacturing Roofing Tile. Charles MessengerjCleveland, Ohio. 88,796. Wagon Brake. C. H. Mills, Ravenna, Ohio. 88,797. Sled Brake. S. A. Mitchell, Alstead Center, N. H. 88,798. Plate for Artificial Teeth. George Morrison Lockport, 111. 89,799. Metal Bird House. John Murdock, Jersey City, 1 N. J., assignor to John Savery's Sons., New York city. 88,800. Composing Stick. Francis W. Murray, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,801. Bog-cutteii and Drag. John W. Newton, Geneva, Wis. 88,802. Wheelwright Machine. James O'Connor, Jackson, Mo. 88,803. Stilt. Charles Page and George W. Miller, Meri- den, Conn. 88,804. Horse Hay Fork. James A. Park (assignor to himself and William Woodhouse), Lansing, Mich. 88,805. Furnace for Annealing Tacks, Nails, etc. E. G. Pauli (assignorto American Tool Company),Fair Haven, Mass. 88,806. Washing Machine. Spencer B. Peugh, Salem, Ind. 88,807. Process and Apparatus for the Manufacture of Extkact of Bark, etc. John Pickles, Wigan, England. 88,808. Sewing Machine. Heinrich Pollack and Edwin Schmidt, Hamburg, Germany. 88,809. Nail Plate Feeder. I. R. Richardson, New Cas- 88,810. Table Cutlery. Charles L. Robertson, Providence, R I. 88,811. Comb. Charles L. Robertson, Providence, R. I. 88,812. Corn Planter Andrew Runstetler, Peoria, 111. 88,813. Milking Stool. Erastus W. Scott, Wauregan,Conn. 88,814. Blind Catch. Wm. Frank Seavey, Portland, Me. 88,815. Velocipede. Samuel M. Skidmore, Brooklyn, N. Y. 88,816. Washing Machine. Hamilton E. Smith, New York city. 88,817. Handle for Drawers. John Smith, Brockport, N. Y. 88,818. Gate. W. Willard Sowles (assignor to himself and A. D. Wilcox), Manlius, M. Y. Antedated January 18,1869. 88,819. Fence. Thomas Stanford, Noblesville, Ind. 88,820. Fire Tongs. F. Stith, Memphis, Tenn. 88,821. Boring Machine. Miles Sweet, Troy, N. Y. 88,822. Hay Spreader. Benjamin F. Taft (assignor to himself and David Needham), Groton Junction, Mass. 88,823. Machine for Mixing Tea. William Thompson, No. 85 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, Ireland. 88,824. Boot and Shoe. William H. Towers, Boston, Mass. 88,825. Tooth Brush. William B. Watkins, Jersey City, N. J. 88,826. Liniment. Wm. W. Wells, Freehold, N. J. 88,827. Manufacture of Paper Boxes from Pulp. Seth Wheeler and Edgar Jerome, Albany, N. Y. 88,828. Gate. A. D. Wilcox, Manlius, N. Y. 88,829. Jug Top. Homer Wright (assignor to himself, Henry H. Collins, and Benjamin F. Collins), Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,830. Manufacture of Cheese. J. W. Andrews and N. J. Ogden, Uryden,N.Y. 88,831. Step Ladder. E. R. Austin, Elmira, N. Y. 88,832. Sled Brake. S. W. Barber, Heath, Mass. 88,833. Carpenters' Gage. T. E. Barrow, Mansfield, Ohio. 88,834. Vise. J. D. Beck, Liberty, Pa. 88,835. Printing Press. Henry Betts (assignor to himself and Hart Z. Norton), Norwalk, Conn. Antedated April 3,1869. 88,836. Self-adjusting Watch Key. John S. Birch, New York city. 88,837. Die for Making Awls. James P. Blake, Rock- ville,Mass. 88,038. Breast Collar. George W. Blakesley, Rock-ford, in. 88,839. Knife Sharpener. Charles A. Bogert, Bay City, Mich. J 88,840. Ring for Spinning Machines. John Booth (as- s gn r to Orville Peckham, trustee, and said trustee assigns to John Booth, and Fales, Jenks, and Sons) Smithfleld, K. I. 88,841. Hand Truck for Sacking Grain and Moving the Same. William Brocklesby, Jr. Caledonia, Ohio. 88,842. Extension Ladder. Moses T. Burbank, Lawrence, Mass. 88,843. Grain Fan Blast. John Butterworth and William H. Butterworth, Trenton, N. J. 88,844. Process an Apparatus for Extinguishing Fire by Means of Water Charged with Carbonic Acid. Daw on Miles, Cambridge, Mass., administrator of Philippe FranQois Carlier, deceased, and Alphonse A. C. Vignon, Paris, France. 88,845. Picker for Looms. A. H. Carroll, Baltimore, Md. 88,846. Baling Press. Nathan Chapman, Milford, Mass. 88,847. Churn. Nathan Chapman, Milford, Mass. 88,848. Wrench. John Charlton, Newark, N. J. 88,840. Grain Conveyer for Elevators. D. C. Chester, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 88,850. Cigar Machine. R. M. Cole, Burlington, Vt. 88,851. Plow. Wm. S. Colwell, Allegheny City, Pa. 88,852. Mode of Warming Railway Cars. A. C. Crary, Utica, N. Y. 88,853. Magazine Firearm. Thomas Cullen, San Francisco, Cal. 88,854. Vapor Burner. Joseph R. de Many and J. P. Cross, New Orleans, La. 88,855. Sash Holder. D.M. Donehoo, Beaver Court House, Pa. 88,856. Device fo Holding Edge Tools while being Gkound --P4 V Dunn, Calamus, Wis. Antedated April 5,1869. 88,857.-Mode of Hanging and Fastening Doors. C. N. Earl, Elk River, Minn 88,858. Horse Rake. Wm. Emmons, Sandwich, 111. 88,859. Wagon Brake. 0. F. Evans, Guilford, N. Y. 88,860. Felt Shoe. Reese Evans, Milltown, N. J. 88,861. Ear Blank for Elliptic Springs. Wm. Evans, Pittsburgh, assignor to John Evans, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,863. Cooking Range. Francis Falls and John P. Hayes, Philadelphia, Pa., assignors to Francis Falls. Antedated Oct. 13,1868. 88,863. Harvester Pitman. J. R. Finley, Delphi, Ind. 88,864. Smoke Stack for Locomotive Engines. Lorenzo Fulton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,865. Machine for Shaping Hats. G. W. Gallagiere, and E. W. Ruby, New Milford, Conn. 88,886. Fence Post. E. S. Goodrich, Oakland, Wis. 88,867. Stove and Furnace. Wm. P. Hall, Piqua, Ohio,! 88,868. Cultivator.- J. R. Hand, Billingsville, Ind. 88,869. Carving Machine. Adolph Henkel, New York city. 88,670. Seed Planter. I. F. Herrin, San Antonia, Texas. 88,871. Steam Engine. W.C. Hicks, New York city. Antedated April 1,1869. 88,872. Velocipede. W. S. Hill, Manchester, N. H. 88,873. Compound for Destroying Insects. Jacob Hinds, Hindstmrg, N. Y. 88,874. Adjusting Feed Rollers for Carding Engines. Lysander Holmes, Newton, Mass. 88,875. Bran Duster. Stephen Hughes, Hamilton, Ohio. 88,876. Mechanism for TransmittingMotion. C. C. Hull, Williamsburgh, N. Y. 88,877. Composition for Artificial Stone. C. B. Hut-chins, Ann Arbor, Mich. 88,878. Milk, Pan. B. F. Jewett, North Bangor,N. Y. 88,879. Treating Wood for the Manufacture of Paper Pulp. V. E. Keegan, Boston (Southern District), Mass. 88,880. Threshing and Separating Machine. J. W. M. Kirkpatrick, Hamburg, Ark. 88,881. Nursing Table. Jeremiah Larkin, Unionville,S. C. 88,882. Screw Threading Machine. W. J. Lewis, Pittsburgh, Pa. 88,883. Pastry Cutter and Crimper. W. R. Marie, Boson *on, Mass., assignor t0 T* A. Mitchell, Washington D. C. 88,884 Attaching Hoes to their Handles. J. A. Marine oo ooSlign0Irt0 himself and A- T- banker), Mooresville,Ind. , 5. Machine for Making Sheet-Metal Screw Caps. J. L. Mason, New York city. 88,886. Manufacture of Sheet-Metal Screw Caps. J. L. Mason, New York city. 88,887. Rubber Hose, or Tubing. T. J. Mayall, Roxburv, Mass. j j 88,888. Manufacture of Rubber Hose or Tubing T J. Mayall. Roxbury, Mass. 88,889. Velocipede. F. W. McCleave, New Bedford, Mass. 88,890. Breech-Loading Firearm. John McGoveren, New York city. ' 88,891. Well-Auger. A. A. McMahen, Oxford, Miss. 88892. Weather Strip. E. Mears, Battle Ground, Ind. 88,893. Saw Filing Machine. C. GK Miller, Brattleborough, Vermont. 88,894. Velocipede. T. H. Mott, New York city. 88,895. Scissors. Albert Murdock (assignor to himself and H. E. Snow),North Bridgewater, Mass. 88,896. Double Tree. H. W. Palmer, Kingsville, Ohio. 88,897. Shuttle Holder. C. H. Parmenter (assignor to GL W.Raynes and A. S. George), Lowell, Mass. Antedated April 3,1869. 88,898. Railway Switch. F. P. Perdue, Atlanta, Ga. 88,899. Combined Mowing Machine and Hay Spreader. J. G. Perry, Kingston, R. I. 88,900. Apparatus for Arranging and Conveying Screw Blanks. E. S. Pierce (assignorto National Screw Company), Hartford, Conn. 88,901. Apparatus for Arranging and Conveying Screw-blanks. E. S. Pierce (assignor to National ScrewjCompany), Hartf ord,. Conn. 88,902. Device for Connecting the Parts of Machinery. E. S. Pierce (assignor to National Screw Company), Hartf ord. Conn. 88,903. Oil Can. Wm. Polyblank, Cleveland, Ohio. 88,904. Carriage Coupling. H. J. Pringle and Wm. Prin- gle, Columbus, Ohio. 88,905. Washing and Wringing Machine. H. 0. Reddish, Linden, N.Y. 88,906. Let-off Mechanism for Loom Rensselaer Reynolds, Stockport, N. Y. 88,907. Sash Stop and Lock. Rensselaer Reynolds, Stock-port, N. Y. 88,908. Lock Nut. Almon Roff, Southport, Conn. 88,909. Electric Organ Action. H. L. Roosevelt, New York city. 88,910. Advertising Frame. W. H. Sadler, and James M. Drysdale, Baltimore, Md. 88,911. Table Caster. A. B. Searles, Providence, R. I. 88, 912. Table Caster. A. B. Searles, Providence, R. I. 88,913. Fanning Mill. H. F. Seibert, Brady's Bend, Pa. 88,914. Cooking Stove. W. Q. Semple, Cincinnati, Ohio. 88,915. Cultivator. J. B. Sexton (assignor to himself and J. L. Andrew), Pella, Iowa. 88,916. Potato Digger. Isaiah Shaw, Four Corners, Md. Antedated March 15,1869. 88,917. Mop Head. Emile Sirret and E. GL Sirret, Buffalo, N.Y. 88,918. Securing Knobs to their Shanks. T. J. Sloan, New York city. 88,919. Securing Knobs to their Shanes. T. J. Sloan, New York city. 88,920. Tool for Shaving the Edges of the Soles of Boots and Shoes. Thomas Smiley, Albia, Iowa. 88,921. Folding Milking Seat. Seiden Snow, Somers, 88,922. Broom Head. W. C. Spellman, Baltimore, Md. 88,923. Lifting Jack. Timothy Stebins, San Francisco,Cal. 88,924. Cotton Gin. R. W. Stough, Griffln, Ga. 88,925. Valve and Valve Spring for Melodeons, etc. A. L. Swan, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 88,926. Compound for Filling the Pores and Coating Wood. Horace Thayer, Johnsonburg, N. Y. 88,927. Apparatus for Raising Beer. J. L. Treat, New York city. 88,928. Construction of Burglar-Proof Safes. J. Weimar, New York city. 88,929. Steam Power Break Device. Geo.Westinghouse, Jr., Schenectady, N. Y. 88,930. Velocipede. J. J. White, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,931. Harrow. B. B. Williams, Laclede,Mo. 88,932. Sash Holder. B. F. Wilson, Geddes, N. Y. 88,933. Stop Valve for Steam and other Enginery. ' B. F. Wilson, Geddes, N. Y. 88,934. Stop Valve for Steam and other Enginery. B. F. Wilson, Syracuse, N. Y. 88,935. Washing Machine. W. W. Wilson, Geneva, Wis. 88,936. Sewing Machine. Wm. Winter, Leeds England. 88,937. Clothes Dryer. Louis Winterhaider and David Wilson New York city. 88,938. Drive Wheel for Harvesters. W. A. Wood, Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 88,939. Mode of Roasting Iron Ores. Henry Aitken, Falkirk, Scotland. 88,940. Guard Attachment for Cultivators. Jas. Armstrong, Jr., Elmira, 111. 88,941. Mode of Purifying Iron. Ed. Brady Philadelphia, Pa. 88,942. Finger Shield for Penmen. Chas. N. Brainerd, Hartford, Conn. 88,943. Shingle Machine. Merrill Chase, Jr., and Horace J. Morton (assignor to themselves and F. C. Merrill), South Paris, Me. 88,944. Device for Adjusting and Hanging Carriage Bodies. J. D. Cole, Phelps, N. Y. 88,945. Hay Loader. Emmett Coopor, Theresa, N. Y. 88,946. Base-Burning Stove. D. B. Cox, Troy, N. Y. 88,947. Apparatus for Exhibiting Hymns, etc. H. V. Edmond, Norwich, Conn. 88,948. Material for Cartridge Cases. Alfred B. Ely, Newtown, Mass. 88,949. Circular Saw. J. E. Emerson, Trenton, N. J. 88,950. Fastening for Wagon Seats. Peter Faber and Henry Martin, Canandaigua, N. Y. 88,951. Harvester. Amasa Foot, Earlville, 111., assignor to C. R. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. 88,952. Trace Buckle. Kasson Frazer, Syracuse, N. Y. 88,953. Building. W. J. Fryer, Jr., New York city. 88,954. Buggy and Wagon Top. Gustav Fuchs (assignor to himself and J. E. Wehr), Milwaukee, Wis. 88,955. Dumping Wagon. T. H. Gary, Bristol, Md. 88,956. Let-Off Mechanism for Carriers for Braiding Machine. Thomas Greenhalgh (assignor to himself and A.L. Holgatej, Raritan, N. J. Antedated April 5,1869. 88,957. Churn Dasher. W. J. Hale, Ashley, 111. 88,958. Lasting Tool. Frederick Henderson, Marietta,Ohio, assignor to himself and Isaac Atkinson. 88,959. Bolt. Chas. H. Hopkins (assignor, by mesne assignments, to himself and H. A. Alden), Lyndonville, Vt. 88,960. Surface Condenser. John Houpt, Springfield, Pa. 88,961. Harness Saddle. W. G. Hull, Sing Sing, N. Y. 88,962. Wagon Brake and Tongue Support. Abram C. Jacques, Leavenworth, Kansas. 88,953. Amalgamator. Solomon Johnson, San Francisco, Cal. 88,964. Blast Heating Apparatus for Smelting Furnaces. j. C. Kent, Phillipsburg, N. J. 88,965. Ox Yoke. Emmaus Knowlton, Stockbridge, and S. F. Smith, Royalton, Vt. 88,966. Stair Rod. Moritz Krickl (assignor to H. Uhry), New York city. 88,967. Melodeon Attachment for Pianofortes. La Fayette Louis, New York city. 88,968. Lamp. Louis Mangeon, New York city. 88,969. Sash Stop. W. J. Manker and A. T. Manker, Indianapolis, Ind. 88,970. Pianoforte. Theo. Marschall, New York city. 88,971. Seed Sower and Planter. E. G. Matthews, Newton, assignor to F. F. Holbrook, Dorchester, Mass. 88,972. Sheet-Metal Lathe Machine. Edwin May, Indianapolis, Ind. 88,973. Salve for Cure of Foot-Rot in Sheep. John McDowell, Buffalo township, Pa. 88,974. Combined Knob-Latch and Lock. John McLeod, San Francisco, Cal. 88,975. Stencil Impress. G. V. Metzel, Baltimore, Md. 88,976. Inking Apparatus for Color Printing. Thomas Moore and P. H. Day, Bloomington, 111. 88,977. Folding Bedstead. John M ller, Philadelphia, 88,978. Process of Purifying Petroleum. C. C. Parsons, New York city. 88,979. Truss Pad. E. C. Penfield, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,980. Power Hammeb. T. T. Prosser, Chicago, 111. 88,981. Machine foe Heading Bolts. T. T. Prosser Chicago, 111. 88,982. Manufacture of Illuminating Gas. A. C. Rand, New York city. 88,983. Churn Lid Screen. Edward Reynolds, Winnee - ne, Wis. 88,984. Stocking Supporter. J. A. Robbins, Boston, Mass. 88,985. Door Spring. Wm. Ross, Baltimore, Md. 88,986. Base-Burning Stove. Elihu Smith, Albany, N. Y. i 88,987. Base-burning Stove. Elihu Smith, Albany, N. Y. ! 88,988. Folding Table. J. W. Smith, Charlestown, Mass. i 88,989. Seed Planter. T. G. Smith, Canton, Miss. i 88,990. Method of Transmitting Motion in Car Brakes and Other Machinery. Joseph Steger, New York city. 1 88,991. Horse Hay Fork. J. B. Sweetland, Pontiac, Mich. 8 092. Trunk. C. A. Taylor, Chicago, 111. I 88,993. Stair Rod. H. Uhry, New York city. 88,994. Stair Rod. H. Uhry, New York city. 88,995. Stair Rod. H. Uhry, New York city. 88,996. Ring and Traveler for Spinning. Thos.Welham , Philadelphia, Pa. 87,997. Mechanism for Mixing Soapstone with Cotton being Carded. T. Welham, Philadelphia, Pa. 88,998. Gang Plow. Geo. Wharton, Jerseyville, 111. 88,999. Sirup Pitcher. J. P. Whipple, Woonsocket, R. I. 89,000. Washing Machine. John Young, Amsterdam,N.Y 89,001. Hand Corn Sheller. Joseph C. Curry er, Thorn town, Lad. REISSUES. ! 8B,444. Steam Engine Talve Device. Dated Oct. 27,1868 reissue 3,364. William Baxter, Newark, N, J. 82,957. Hollow Auger. Dated Oct. 13,1868 ; reissue 3,365 W. A. Ives, New Haven, Conn. 58,,435. Rock Channeling Machine. Dated Oct. 2,1866 ; Teissue 3,366. E. G. Lams n, Shelburne Falls, Mass. 16,460. Stone Channeling Machine. Dated Jan. 27,1857; (reissue 3,367. E. G. Lamson, Windsor, Vt., assignee of G. W. Bishop. 1*8,852. Rock Channeling Machine. Dated Oct. 6,1857 ; aetssue 3,368. Division A.-E. G. Lamson, Windsor, Vt., assignee of Wil-! Ham Plumer. 18,352. Rock Channeling Machine. Dated Oct. 6,1857 ; reissue 3,369 Division B. E. G. Lamson, Windsor, Vt., assignee of Wil- 3,079. Hobsb Rake. Dated March 19,1867 ; reissue 3,370. John I. Monroe, Woburn, Mass. 19,377. Harvester. Dated Feb. 16, 1858 ; reissue 44, dated March 5,1861: reissue 3,371. Division A. Frederick Nishwitz, Brooklyn, JT.T. 19,377. Harvester. Dated Feb. 16,1858 ; reissue 44, dated Marck 5,1861; reissue 3,372. Division B. Frederick Nishwitz, Brooklyn, n. y 36,672. Seeding Machine. Dated Oct. 14, 1862 ; reissue 3,373. J. S. Rowell and Ira Rowell (assignees of J. S. Rowell and M. F Lowth), Beaver Dam, Wis. 60,573. Method of Blasting with Nitroleum. Dated Dec. 18,1866; reissue 3,374. Division A. Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Louisville, Ky. 60,573. Method of Blasting with Nitroleum. Dated Dec. 18,1866; reissue 3,375. Division B. Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Louisville, Ky. 63,804. Fare Boxes for Cars, etc. Dated April 16,1867; reissue 3.376. J. B. Slawson, New York city, assignee, by mesne assignments, of W. H. McLellan. 50,617. Mode of Exploding Nitro-Glycerin. Dated Oct. 24,1865; reissue 3,377. Division A. The United States Blasting-oil Co., New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 50,617. Device for Exploding Nitro-Glycerin. Dated Oct. 24,1865; reissue 3,378. Division Br-The United States Blasting-oil Co., New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 50,617. Mode of Manufacturing Nitro-Glycerin. Dated Oct. 24,1865; reissue 3,379. Division C The United States Blasting-oil Co., New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 50,617. Use of Nitro-Glycekin. Dated Oct. 24,1865 ; reis sue 3,380. Division D. The United States Blasting-oil Co.,New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 57,175. Manufacture of NitrineorCiystallizing Nitro- Glycerin. Dated Aug. 14,1866; reissue 2,588, ated April 2,1867; reissue 3,381. Division 1. The United States Blasting-oil Co., New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 57,175. Process of Manufacturing Nitro-Glycerin. Dated August 14,1866: reissue 2,538, dated April 2,1867 ; reissue 3,382. Division 2. The United States Blasting-oil Co., New York city, assignees of Alfred Nobel. 28,936. Seed Planter. Dated June 26,1860; reissue 3,383, Elijah Young, Fayetteville, Mo DESIGNS. 3,446. Handle of a Table Caster, H. A. Dirkes, New York city. 3,447. Trade Mark. H. A. F nshawe, Hew York city. 3,448. Carriage. John C. Ham, New York city. 3,449. Eraser. Wesley W. Hamilton (assignor to himself and W. G. Vermilye), New York city. EXTENSIONS. Machine for Making Candles. John Stainthorp, Brooklyn N. Y. Letters Patent No. 12,492, dated March 6,1855. Cut-off Valve for Steam Engines. Noble T. Greene, of Providence, R. I. Letters Patent No. 12,507, dated March 13,1855. Process of Curing Meats. John C. Schooley, Cincinnati Ohio. Letters Patent No. 12,530, dated March 13,1855. Benzole Vapor Apparatus. Charles Cunningham, Nashua N. H. Letters Patent No. 12,535, dated March 13,1855. Cultivator. G. W. N. Yost, of Corry, Pa. Letters Patent No. 12,571, dated March 20,1855. Printing Press. Lemuel T. Wells, of St. Louis, Mo. Letters Patent No. 12,568, dated March 20,1855. Illuminating Vault Covers. Thaddeus Hyatt, of New York city. Letters Patent No. 12,595, dated March 27,1855. Operating Valves in Direct-acting Steam Engines. William H. Guild and William F. Garrison, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Letters Patent No. 12,592, dated March 27, 1855; reissue No. 382, dated July 29,1856. Plow. Thomas J. Hall, of Bryan, Texas. Letters Patent No. 12,627, dated April 3,1855.