Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 35, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: ncacti caveat.................................................................$10 Oil tiling each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each original Patent................................................$M On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting th e Extenslon.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer.......................................................... 10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years).................................. 18 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$50 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $501) on application. For copy of Claim oj any Patent issued within years.......................$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above named. The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Ojllce commenced printing them..............................$1*35 Official Copies of Drawings o 1any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at 'a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may he had by addressing MUNN & CS .. Patent Solicitors, No. 31 Park Bow, New York 90,332.—MODE OF ELECTRO-PLATING WITH NICKEL.—Isaac Adams, Jr., Boston, Mass. 90,333.—COMPOSITION FOR STUFFING LEATHER.—Rob't Andrews, Milwaukee, Wis. 90,334.—PROCESS OF CURING AND PUTTING UP FISH.—John Atwood, Jr., Provincetown, Mass. 90,335.—MODE OF COLORING AND TINTING RUBBER GOODS. —Jos. Beck, Trenton, N. J. 90,336.—KAIL WAY HOSE PROTECTOR.—J. H. Bellamy, Charles-town, assignor to himself and L. M. Faxon, Boston, Mass. 90,337.—ALLOY FOE FORMING EYELETS.—G. B. Brayton (assignor to (" The Novelty Eyelet Company "), Boston, Mass. 90,338.—CHUCK.—G. E. Brettell, Rochester, N. Y. 90,339.—BRICK PRESS.—T. J. Burke, Sandwich, 111. 90,340.—TUCK CREASER AND GUIDE FOR SEWING MACHINES. —G. F. Clemons, Springfield, Mass. 90,341.—POTATO DIGGER.—Ira Cooper, Middlefield, Ohio. 90,342.—COOKING STOVE.—E. J. Cridge, Troy, N. Y. 90,343.—FAUCET.—Geo. T. Dalton, New York city. 90,344.—BAG HOLDEK.—Geo. Dare, Auburn, N. Y. 90,341.—SLIDING DOOR SHEAVE.—M. L. Deering, New York city. 90,348.—FURNACE FOR STEAM AND OTHER PURPOSES.—C. H. De Lamater, New York city. 90,347.—COMPOUND FOR THE CURE OF DIPHTHERIA, ETC.— A. J. Denison, Paris, Mich. 80,348.—FASTENING FOR GLOVES.—Theodore Deschamps, Paris, France. 90,349.—AFPABATUS FOR PRESERVING BEER.—Wm. Dietrich- 90,350— BANJO.'—'G. C. Dobson and Wm. McDonnell, Boston, Mass., assignors to G. C. Dobson. 90,351.—CARRIAGE.—J. L. Dolson, Charlotte, Mich. 90,352.—DEVICE FOR ATTACHING AND DETACHING HORSES.— G. L.Du Laney, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 90,353.—CORSET.—D. H. Fanning, Worcester, Mass. 90,354.—SEWING MACHINE FOR QUILTING.—T. 0. Foot, New-burg, in. 90,355.—ROAD SCEAPER.—Jas. Gorton, Cohocton, N. Y. 90,356.—LAMP POST.—J. W. Graham, Chillicothe, Ohio. 90,357.—BASE BURNING STOVE.—Wm. Hailcs, Albany, N. Y. 90,358.—COOKING STOVE.—Wm. Hailes, Albany, N. Y. 90,359.—MANUFACTURE OF COLORS.—Eberhard Harrsch, New York city. 90,360.—ICE PRESERVER AND WATER COOLER.—Rober Hen- eage, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,361.—FIRE-PROOF BUILDING.—E: W. Hoe, N*ew York city. 90,362.—HORSE-RAKE.—Jas. Hollingsworth, Chicago, 111. 90,363.—GUIDE FOR MEASURING THE PERSON AND CUTTING OI;T LADIES' DRESSES.—Louisa L.Jackson, Richmond, Ind. 90,364.—HEDDLE FOR LOOMS.—E. G. Jelley, Pawtucket, R. I. 90,365.—SAW AND SAW TOOTH.—Jno. M. Johnston, Mayfield. Cal. 90,'366.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—A. H. Knapp, Newton Center, Mass. 90,367.—FERTILIZER.—Wm. Lalor, Utica, N. Y. 90,368.— STUFFING FOR MATTRESSES.—F. A. Lane (assignor to himself and L. S. Lane), Swanzey, N H. 90,369.—FECIT DRYER.—Minnie E. Lloyd, New York city, Antedated May 8,1869. 90,370.—MANNER OF APPLYING ROLLERS TO ROCKING CHAIRS. A. Lodeman and M. Desenberg, Kalamazoo, Mich. 90,371.—STEAM-ENGINE LUBRICATOR.—J. A. Lynch (assignor to himself E. K. Huntoon, and C. S.Lynch), Boston, Mass. 90,372.—MANUFACTURE OF IBON.—W. M. Lyon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 90,373.—MANUFACTURE OF WROUGHT IRON.—Wm. M. Lyon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 90,374.—HORSE COLLAR FASTENING.—M. F. Mclntyre, Girard, Pa. 90,375.—SPUING FOR WAGON SEATS.—G. H. Mittan, Dewitt, in. 90,376.—FENDER FOR CULTIVATOR PLOWS.—W. E. Moore, Crawfordsville, Ind. 90,377.—LOCKING NUT.—Wm. Morehouse, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,378.—ROVING FBAME.—E. P. Morgan, Saco, and J. H. Mc- Mullan, Biddeford, Me. 90,379.—LEVELING HYDRAULIC GAS MAINS.—Peter Munzing- er, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,380.—CHIMNEY CAP.—Elijah Myrick, Harvard, Mass. 90,381.—BUEECH-LOADING FIEEARM.—J. D. S. Newell, Ten-sas parish, assignor to himself, A. G. Brice, E. Tomatis, and Thos. Pickles, New Orleans, La. 90,382.—DEVICE FOR SETTING BUTTON HOOKS.—J. S. Palmer, Providence, E. I. 90,383.—IfiLTER-.—G. 0. Parkman, Lincolnville, and John M. Trussell, Belfast, assignors to themselves, and Ambrose Strout, Belfast, Me. 90,384.—SPRING BED BOTTOM.—J. F. Peck, Springfield, Mass. 90,385.—WIND WHEEL.—Walter Peck, Rockford, 111. 90,386.—COFFEE ROASTER.—H. W. Persing, Chicago, 111. 90,387.—APPARATUS FOR MAKING TEA AND COFFEE.—H. W. Persing;, and J. F. Pease, Chicago, 111. 90,388.—DENTAL INSTRUMENT.—W. R. Pomeroy, Millersburg, Ohio. 90,389.—ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER.—J. L. Porter, Kirksville, Mo. 90,390.—CARPET CLEANING MACHINE.—E. S. Poucher, New 90,391.—WASHING MACHINE.—S. G. Rice, Albany, N. Y. 90,392.—APPARATUS FOR TREATING HYDROCAEBON OILS.—L. M. Eice, Hartford, Conn., and S. E. Adams, Charlestown, Mass. 90,393.—MANUFACTURE OF FLEXIBLE HOSE, TUBE, OR PIPE JOE CONVEYING FLUIDSUNDERPRESSURE.—J. P. Eider,Brooklyn,N. Y. 90,394.—HOKSKSHOE.—David Roberge, Mooers, N. Y. 90,395.—PAINT FOR SHIPS' BOTTOMS.—Henry Roundy (assign- orto T. M. Cash), San Francisco, Cal. 90,396.—WINDOW.—G. A. Russell, Chicago, 111. 90,397.—MANUFACTURE OF HOSE, TUBING, AND OTHER RUBBER FABRICS.—Junius Schenck, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,398.—TREE BOX.—Stephen Scotton, Richmond, Ind. 90,399.—REIN HOLDER.—J. L. Shillito, and W. M. Walker, 90,400.—METALLIC DOOR STRIP.—A. D. Smith, Grafton, Ohio. 90,401.—FLUE STOPPER.—Henry Smith, Southington, Conn. 90,402.—FLY TRAP.—Warren Smith, Alexandria, Ind. 90,403.—TRUSS ROCKER BEAM.—W. B. Snow, and W. A. Elm- endorf, Chicago, 111. 90,404.—POTATO DIGGER.—Simon Soules, Dowagiac, Mich. 90,405.—FILTER.—Thos. Stewart (assignor to himself and W. C. Stiles), Philadelphia, Pa. 90,406.—NECK YOKE.—Charles E. Sweney, Geneseo, 111. 90,407.—DEVICE-FOR SHARPENING THE CUTTERS OF MOWING MACHINES.—Warren Tanner, Chicago 111., assignor to himself and Oliver Bascom, White lall, Vt. 90,408.—TORPEDO FOR OIL WELLS.—Henry H. Thomas, Titus- ville.Pa. 90,409.—AMALGAMATOR.—James Thompson, Gibsonville, Cal. 90,410.—RAILWAY CAR WHEEL AND AXLE.—Charles D. Tis- dale (assignor to himself and Joseph H. Clapp), Boston, Mass. 90,411.—BROOM HOLDER.—L. W. Turner, Yalesville, Conn. 90,412.—ATTACHING HANDLES TO AXES.—T. H. Tyndale, Belleville, 111. 90,413.—CHURN DASHER.—0. A. White, Norwalk, Ohio. 90,414.—CHURN.—A. G. Wilkins, G. N. Crodle, and F. L. Niner, Cooperstown, Pa. 90,415.—ALE, BEER, AND WATER COOLER.—Lewis John Wolf Port Bichmond, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,416.—WASHING MACHINE.— J. B. Woolsey, Bloomfield, Iowa. 90,417.—INK POWDER AND DYE FROM ANILINE COLORS.— John Zengeler, Chicago,111. 90,418.—POCKET CASE FOR RAILROAD SCHEDULES.—Sidney E. Allen, Company Shops, N. C. 90,419.—TURBINE WHEEL.—V. M. Baker, Preston, Minn. 90,420.—ROSE FOR DOOR KNOBS.—Charles L. Bates, New York city. 90,421.—GATE.—Francis C. Brown and Cyrus Allen, Palmyra, N, Y. 90,422.—DUMB WAITER.—Arnout Cannon, Jr., Poughkeep- sie.N. Y. 90,423.—HOISTING ATTACHMENT FOR POETABLE HORSE POWER.—Peter Cary, Coeymans, N. Y. 90,424.—CREAM PUMP.—T. A. Case, Ellington, N. Y. 90,425.—HAY RAKER AND LOADER. — Albert Clark, Cadiz, Ohio. 90,426.—CORPSE PRESERVER.—J. L. Clark, Providence, R. I. 90,427.—GOVERNOR STOP-VALVEFOR STEAM ENGINES.—Chas. A. Conde, Indianapolis, Ind. 90,428.—LAMP.—Abel Crook, New York city. 90,429.—VEGETABLE CRUSHER. — Reuben Daniels; Wood- 90,430.—HARNESS BUCKLE.—F. W. Dean, Tremont, 111. 90,431.—HAY AND COTTON PRESS. — Levi Dederick, New York city. 90,432.—RAILWAY CAR TRUCK.—Patrick S. Devlan, Jersey city.N. J. 90,433.—NEEDLE SHARPENER.—A. S. Dinsmore, New York city. 90,434.—MINER'S LAMP.—W. G. Dowd, Scranton, Pa. 90,435.—KNITTING MACHINE REGISTER.—William V. Du- bois (assignor to himself and W. A. and J. G. Sangster), Coving-ton, Ind. 90,436.—CARBURETER.—C. F. Dunderdale, New York city. 90,437.—COAL SCUTTLE.—John L. Ellithorp and Peter Sloan, Canajoharie, N. Y. 90,438.—COMPOSITION FOE CLEANING MARBLE, STONE, ETC. —Alpheus C. Ford, Lynn, assignor to himself and Robert B. Swisher, Sprfngville, Pa., and William C. Larzelair,Blairstown, N. J. 90,439.—COAL BREAKER AND SEPARATOR. — L. P. Garner, Ashland, Pa. 90,440.—APPARATUS FOR COLLECTING AND FORCING GASES FROM BLAST, PUDDLING, AKD OTHER FURNACES.—David H. Geiger.St. Clair, Pa. 90,441.—REVOLVING CHRISTMAS TREE.—F. A. Geisler, Bristol, E. I. 90,442.—DETACHABLE CALK FOR HORSESHOES.—Kingston Goddard. Richmond, N. Y. 90,443.—COMPOSITION FOR MAKING IMITATION IVORY, WOOD, HORN, ETC.—Solomon Gradenwitz (assignor to B. Ollendorff), New York city. 90,444.—APPARATUS FOE DISTILLING AND PRODUCING FRESH POTABLE WATER.—William Albert Gray (assignor to J. Howard Wainwright), New York city. 90,445.—GAS MACHINE.—J. W. Groat, Fremont, Ohio. 90,446.—HORSE RAKE. — Stephen J. Ilalsted, Margarett- ville.N.Y. 90,44"?.—J3mnKMmmm BOWL FOR MA*t tms, WASHING MACHINES, ETC.—Thomas Hardcastle, of the Bractshaw Works, near Bolton, England. 90,448.—BLANK FOR RAKE AND HOE COMBINED. — Nathan Harper, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,449.—ADJUSTABLE BED BOTTOM.—Eliku Hoag, Coxsackie, N. Y. 90,450.—STEAM GENERATOR.—James Howard and Edward Tenney Bousfleld, Bedford, England. 90,451.—CORN SHOCK BINDER.—Joh i E. Hunter, Mechanicsburg, assignor to himself and T. Martin,Catawba, Ohio. 90,452.—DRAWER FOR FURNITURE, ETC.—Enos B. Johnson, "Milwaukee, Wis. 90,453.—WATER CLOSET APPARATUS.—John Keane, New York, assignor to himself and George H. Brown, Milbrook, Washington Hollow, N.Y. 90,454.—EAVES PROTECTOR.—Joseph J. Lovell (assignor to himself and George W. Millar), New Yorkeity. 90,455.—CRANK AXLE FOR WAGONS.—Thomas E. Lutner, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,456.—DROP PRESS.—Nathan P. Maker, Providence, R. I. 90,457.—MEASURING FUNNEL.—G. B. Massey, New York city. 90,458.—DEVICE FOR SETTING WAGON TIRES.—Francis Mills, Mount Vernon, Ind. 90,459.—STOVEPIPE SHELF AND OVEN.—J. A. Miner, and H. J. Torrey, Wellsville. N. Y. 90,460.—SEWING NEEDLE.—Abel Morrall, Studley, England, 90,461.—MACHING FOR DRESSING MILLSTONES. — Samuel Prettyman Mumfordand John Wallis, Greenwich, England. 90,462.—WASHING MACHINE. — Ira A. Newhall, Crooked Creek, Pa. 90,463.—HAY AND MANURE FORK.—L. D. Pitcher, Pitcher- ville, 111. 90;464.—COAL STOVE.—Francis Raith (assigns one-third to Edmund F. Krellwitz), Calumet, Mich. 90;465.—PADDLE WHBBL—Wm. C. Rice, Oquawka, 111. 90,466.—WAGON SEAT.—Andrew Sheline, Edon, Ohio. 90,467.—WASHING MACHINE.—J. M. Shuck, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 90,468.—WATER WHEEL.—J. C. Smith, Mahanoy.Pa. 90,469.—WATER WHEELWEI. H. Snyder, Phelps, N. Y. 90,470.—VELOCIPEDE.—L. H. Soule, Mount Morris, N. Y. 90,471.—AUTOMATIC DOUGH'RAISER.—John Stark, Thomas- ville, Ga. 90,472.—SUBMERGED CENTRIFUGAL PULP-WASHER.—Richard E. Sylands (assignor to himself and John S. Eeeve), Millburn, N. J. 90,473.—CARRIAGE JACK.—J. Newton Thatcher, Martinsburg, West Va. 90,474.—KNIFE FOR PARING VEGETABLES, ETC.—William Veber, Jr., Shingle Creek, N. Y. 90,475.—PLOW.—Edward Wiard, Louisville, Ky. 90,476.—MODE OF MELTING, CASTING AND HARDENING NICKEL.—Isaac Adams, Jr., Boston, Mass. 90,477.—BOOT CRIMPER.—J. B. Aikin, Somerton, Ohio. 90,478.—IRON FRONT FOR BUILDINGS. — John Alexander, Greenpoint, and Nathaniel J. Burchell, New York city. 90,479.—FLUID METER.—C. W. Baldwin, Boston, Mass. 90,480.—STEAM ENGINE.—Edwin P. Ball, Chicopee, Mass. 90;481.—FRICTION CLUTCH.—Darius Banks, New York city. 90;482.—FEED TABLE FOR PRINTING PRESSES.—Henry Barth, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,483.—AUTOMATIC VALVE.— F. H. Bartholomew, New 90,484.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—J. F. Bartlett, Winstead, Conn. 90,485.—BELT AWL.—S.Y. Beach, Seymour, Conn. 90,486.—HOT CLOSET FOR STOVE PIPES.—Nelson W. Beck- with, McDonough, N.Y. 90,487.—LATHE CHUCK.—Wm. Bellows, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,488.—PLOW CLEANER.—Andrew C. Black, Kaukauna, Wis. 90,489.—VELOCIPEDE.—P. J. Boris, Boston, Mass. 90;490.—WASHING MACHINE.— Branson Breeden, Lexington, Va. 90,491.—COFFIN.—Webb Broomhall (assignor to himself and Acker King), Circleville, Ohio. 90,492.—MACHINE FOR BENDING METALS EDGEWISE.—Geo. W. Brown, Galesburg, 111. 90,493.—MACHINE FOR DISTRIBUTING GUANO. — Hiram L Brown and Calvin P. Brown, Manchester, N. Y. 90,494.—MANUFACTURE OF IRON.—John Burt, Detroit, Mich 90,495.—DITCHING MACHINE.—M. E. Burtless, Seneca Falls N.Y. 90,496.—FARM GATE.—J. W. Byers, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 90,497.—COMPOSITE PAPER FOR HANGINGS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.—Wellington Campbell, Millburn, N. J. 90,498.—HANDLE FOR UMBRELLAS AND CANES.—Levi Chapman, New York city. 90,499.—INSOLE FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—Edwin Chesterman, Tremont, N. Y. 90,500.—BLIND HINGE.—C. B. Clark, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,501.—BELT BUCKLE.—Francis Clausen, San Francisco, Cal. 90,502.—WATER CLOSET.—B. R. Cole, Buffalo, N. Y. 90,503.—SPRING WHIFFLETREE.—G. N. Compton, Canton, O. 90,504.—HINGE AND SPRING COMBINED.—J. J. Cowell, New ark, N. J. 90,505.—PROCESS OF MAKING ORNAMENTAL SIGNS, ETC.—J . H. Crane and C. W. Crane, Charlestown, Mass. 90,506.—STEAM GENERATOR.—Benjamin Crawford, Allegheny City, Pa. 90,507.—SEWING MACHINE FOR MAKING BOOTS AND SHOES.— C. O. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. 90,508.—MACHINE FOR MAKING TATTING.—C. 0. Crosby, New Haven, Conn. 90,509.—DOUGH-MIXING MACHINE.—Joseph Davidson, Xenia Ohio. 90,510.—ORE CRUSHER.—M. B. Dodge, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90,511.—SADIRON.—David Donalds, New York city. 90,512.—COMPOUND MOLDBOARD FOR PLOWS.—S. H. Dwight Decatur, 111., and Calvin Wells, Pittsburgh, Pa. 90,513.—RUNNING GEAR OF STREET CARS.—Zebina Eastman Chicago, 111. 90,514.—PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTING. — Ernest Edwards, Fir* Willesden, Great Britain. 90,515.—CONSTRUCTION OF REVERBERATOEY AND MELTING FURNACES.—Abial Elliott, South Wolfborough, N. H. 90,516.—HORN COMB.—M. H. Fairchild, Newtown, Conn. 90,517,—DITCAING MACHINE.—Henry Felthoff and L. D. Ting- ley, Prince William, Ind. 90,518.—PRINTERS'SHEARS.—C. E. Fisk, New York city. 90,519.—APPARATUS FOR LIGHTING GAS.—Henry G. Fisk, Springfield, Mass. 90,520.—MOP HEAD.—Samuel Gantz, Beaver Creek, Md. 90,521.—MACHINERY FOR BRONZING PRINTED WORK.—B. G. George, London, England. 90,522.—IMPLEMENT FOR CUTTING GREEN CORN FROM THE COB.—W. L. Gilroy, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,523.—FILTERING FUNNEL.—J. H. Goodfellow, Troy, N. Y. 90,524.—COAL STOVE.—J. H. Goodfellow (assignor to himself and R. S. Goodfellow), Troy, N. Y. 90,525.—METAL PULLEY BLOCK.—G. W. Gregory, Water town, N.Y. 90,526.—MANURE HOOK OR DRAG.— Henry Gross, Middle-town, Pa. 90,527.—MANURE HOOK OR DRAG.—Henry Gross, Middle-town. Pa. 90,528.—SEWING MACHINE.—Julius Gutmann, Berlin, Prussia. 90,529.—TIME LOCK.—L. A. Haines, Wakeneld, Md. 90,530.—SKATING ROD AND STOOK—Wm. Hall, Jr., North Adams, Mass. 90,531.—IRON GRINDING PLATE.—Daniel Halladay and B. H Ruggles, Batavia, 111. 90,532.—ORE CRUSHER.—John Hamilton, L. E. Hanson, G. W. Hamilton, and Joseph Hamilton, Wheeling, W. Va. 90,533.—MECHINE FOR THREADING HODS, BOLTS, ETC.—Wm. Harris, Washington, Mo. 90,534.—SAWING MACHINE.—J. J. Harris, St. Louis, Mo., assignor to himself, Richard Mo'rgan, and John Gayso. 90,535.—WATER METER.—T. C. Hargrave, Boston, Mass. 90,536.—MACHINE FOR FINISHING GALVANIZED TACKS.— Russell Hathaway Jr., and J. D. Stetson (assignors to the American Tacte Co.), Fair Haven, Mass. 90,537.—COAL STOVK.—J. H. Helm, Pittsburgh, Pa. 90,538.—SAWSET.—Charles Herrmann, Evansville, Ind. 90,539.—COVER FOR DRINKING VESSEL.—John Heuennann, Davenport, Iowa. 90,540.—FIRE PLUG.—R. A. Hill, Washington, D. C. 90,541.—BRANCH STOP-COCK FOR MAINS.—R. A. Hill, Washington, D. c. 90,542.—STEAM-ENGINE CONDENSES.—John Houpt, Spring-town, Pa. 90,543.—RRACKET BASKET FOR RAILROAD CARS.—J. L. Howard, Hartford, Conn. 90,544.—CHURN.—J. S. Huffman, Brownsburg, Va. 90,545.—PROCESS OF DRYING MALT.—W. W. Hughes, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,546.—VELOCIPEDE.—Elon Huntington, New York city. 90,547.—RATCHET DRILU—Geo. Hutchins, New York city. 90,548.—PROPAGATING TREES AND SHRUBS.—Sullivan Hutch inson, Bristol, N.H. 90,549.—APPARATUS FOR DRYING SUGAR AND COOLING CHARCOAL, etc.—G. A. Jasper, Charlestown, Mass. 90,550.—CASK-WASHING MACHINE.—William Johnson, Milwaukee, Wis. 90,551.—BOOT AND SHOE.—William F. Jobbins, New York city. 90,552.—SEWING MACHINE.—J. T. Jones, New York city. 90,553.—LADIES' WORK BASKET.—R. V. Jones, Canton, Ohio. 90,554.—SMOKING PIPE.—F. J. Kaldenberg, New York city. 90,555.—BRICK MACHINE.—John Keller (assignor to himself, F. J. Fairbank, and J. W. Cole), Paducah, Ky. 90,556.—COMBINED SEED DRILL AND FERTILIZER.—John F. Keller, Hagerstown, assignor to Hagerstown Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Co., Hagerstowi , Md. 90,557.—RAILWAY STOCK CAR.—John S. Kendall, Northfield, Minn., assignor to himself, Ralph Emerson, and William A. Talcott Rockford, fil. 90,558.—SASH LOCK.—Geo. King, Frederick, Md. 90,559.—STAKE PULLER.—Richard Knott, Suisun City, Cal. 90,560.—DOOR FOR GRAIN CARS.—S. E. Knott, Chicago, 111. 90,561.—MACHINE FOR REAPING AND THRASHING GRAIN.— L. B. Lathrop, San Jose1, Cal. 90,562.—MOP.—Joseph Law, New York city. 90,563.—VELOCIPEDE.—B. S. Lawson, New York. 90,564.—COMPOSITION FOR RENDERING FABRICS WATEB REPELLENT, AND FOR FIXING- TtrEiK COLORS.—R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. 90,565.—PROCESS FOR SEPARATING IRON AND OTHER METALS FKOM POTTERS' CLAY. — William John Lynd, Golden City, Colorado Territory. 90,566.—PREPARATION OF PAPER STOCK.—G. E. Marshall, Louisville, Ky. 90,567.—NUT LOCK.—Harvey McCown, Enon Valley, Pa. 90,568.—BEDSTEAD FASTENING.—Peter Mclntyre, Norwich, Conn. 90,569.—AUTOMATIC CAR COUPLING.—John McLain and Jared Kelsey (assignors to themselves and Snyder Filson), St. Mary's, Ohio. 90,570.—FANNING MILL.—Ellis Michael, La Porte, Ind. 90,571.—CURTAIN FIXTURE.—Benjamin Moser, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated May 19,1869. 90,572.—LAMP EXTINGUISHER.—Carlton Newman, San Fran Cisco, Cal. 90,573.—CAR COUPLING.—W. B. Parsons, Short Tract, N. Y. 90,574.—CORN HUSKER.—0. S. Parkins and L. A. Crandall, New Haven, Conn. 90,575.—SPRING BURGLAR ALARM FOR DOORS.—Geo. W. R. Pollock, Boston, Mass. 90,576.—PUMP.—A. J. Pritchard, Liverpool, Ohio. 90,577.—CAKE MACHINE.—Joseph Repetti, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,578.—LIGHTNING ROD COUPLING.—W. S. Reyburn and E . A. W. Hunter, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,579.—VELOCIPEDE.—James Reynolds, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself and J. J. Marshall, New York city. 90,580.—VENTILATOR.—M. M. Reily, New Haven, Conn. 90,581.—WASHING MACHINE.—M. W. Riker and D. T. Torrey, Hastings, Mich., assignors, by mesne assignments, to p T. Torrey. 90,582.—GRAIN DRILL.—J. L. Riter, Brownsville, Ind. Antedated Nov. 25,1808. ,90,583.—COOKING RANGE.—H. R.Robbins (assignor to himself and J. J. Moran), Baltimore, Md. 1)0,584.—STEP COVER AND WHEEL FENDER FOR CARRIAGES. —John Roberts, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,585.—VELOCIPEDE.—P. C. Rowe, Boston, Mass. 90,586,—NON-CORROSIVE GAST-IRON PDMP.—J. A. Rumsey, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 90,587— SKATE.—R. J. Russell, Wheeling, West Va. 90,588.—MEAT CUTTEB.—F. S. Rutschman (assignor to himself, John Kutachman, and Wm. Kutechman), Philadelphia, Pa. 90,589.—METALLIC ROOFING.—David Saunderson, St. Louis, assigns one-half his right to A. B. M. Thompson, Webster Groves, Mo. 90,590.—PROPELLER.—Christian Sharps, Philadelphia, Pa. 90,591.—APPARATUS FOR MOLDING PIPE.—Frederick Shickle (assignor to Shickle, Harrison & Co.), St. Louis, Mo. 90,592.—HORSE RAKE.—A. J. Shunk, Millersburg, Ohio. 90,593.—METHOD OF MAKING SERRATED SICKLE SECTIONS.— G. F. Simonds (assignor to the Simonds Manufacturing Co.), Fitchburg, Mass. 90,594.—ICE CREAM FREEZES.—Joseph Sissons, Horncastle, England. 90,595.—VELOCIPEDE.—Joseph Simpson, Newark, Ohio. 90,596.—DIE FOR RAISING AND TRIMMING METAL.—Samuel Simpson, Wallingford, Conn., assignor to Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. 90,597.—RAILWAY R IL.—A. F. Smith, Norwich, Conn. 90,598.—WASHING MACHINE.—C. P. Snow, Freeport, 111. 90,599.—PAPER CUFF.—Or. K. Snow, Watertown, Mass. 90,600.—CHIMNEY COWL.—T. S. Speakman, Camden, N. J. 90,601.—VELOCIPEDE.—Charles Spring, Hyde Park, and Andrew Spring, Weston, Mass. 90 602.—MACHINE FOK POINTING BOLTS OR RIVETS.—John Stacker (assignor to Franklin Moore andEdwardClark,) West Winsted, Conn. 90,603.—ROLLER SKATE.—G. K. Stillman, Cincinnati, Ohio. 90,604.—PLOW POINT.—O. O. Storle, Norway, Wis. 90,605.—BAND CUTTER FOR THRASHING MACHINES.—Levi Sumner, Oskaloosa, Iowa. j)O,fiO6.—CAP FOR FEEDING BOTTLES FOB INFANTS AND INVALIDS.—John Thompson and J.G. Ingram, London, England; said Ingram assigns his right to Joha Thompson. 1)0,607.—METALLIC CARTSIDGE.—Wm. Tibbals, South Coven-90.6(f$.—TOILET PIN CASE.—T. R. Timby, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 90,609.—GAS-LISHT GOVERNOR CASE. —Nathaniel Tufts, Boston, Mass. 90,610.—HARNESS OBNAMENT.—Wm. Ulrich and Chas. Hach-meister, Newark, N. J. 90,611.—FENCE POST SOCKET.- George Unger, Danville, Pa. 90,612.—BRIDLE BIT.—Adrien Viridet, Glasgow, Ky. 90,613.—PIANO STOOL.—Hugo Vogel and Victor Vogel, St. Louis, Mo., assignors to Hugo Vogel and Frank Justin. 90,614.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM.—Friedrich Von Mar- tini, Frauenfeld, Switzerland. 90,615.—STEAM BOILER FUKNACE.—L. R. Wallace, Adrian, Mich. ,90,ii 10.—REFINING SUGAR.—C. F. L. Wandel, Waldau, near Bernburg, North German Conf:deration, assignor to F. O. Matthiessen and W. A. Wiechers, New York city. 90,617.—PURIFICATION OF ANIMAL CHARCOAL,.—Carl F. L. "Wandel, Waldou, near Bornburg, North German Confederation, assign-orto F. O. MattUiessen and W. A. Wiectiers, New York city. 90,618.—PKUMING IMPLEMENT.—G. F. Waters, Boston, Mass. 90,619.—BIRD CAGB.—J. II. Williams, New York city. 90,630.—LATHE FOR G-KINDING AND POLISHING PFVOTS OF WATCH WORK.—C. V. Woerd, Waltham, assignor to American Watch Company, Boston, Mass. 90,621.—HARVESTER.—Geo. W. N. Yost (assignor to Corry Machine Co.), Corry, Pa. 90,622.—MACHINE FOR BORING POSTS AND POINTING RAILS. John Young of C.Fair View, and C. I. Grumbine,FrederiGk,Md. REISSUES. 25,632.—HANGING RECIPROCATING Siws.—Dated October 4, 3859; reissue 3,154.—Thomas Bakewcll and John Lippine.olt, Pittsourgh, Pa., assignees, by mesne assi amenfs, ol' Pearson Crosby. 88,845.—PICKER FOR LOOMS.—Dated April. 13, 1869; reissue 3,453.—A. H. Carroll, Baltimore, Md. 87,025.—FOLDING DESK.—Dated February 16, 1869 ; reissue 3,456.—Aaron Chandler, Davenport, Iowa, and S. F. Estell, Richmond, 68,288.—HORSE RAKE.—Dated August 27, 1867; reissue 3,457. —A. W. Coates, Alliance, Onio. 48,632.—LAMP SHADE.—Dated July 4, 1865; reissue 3,458.— C. B. Curties, Bridgeport, Conn., assignee, by mesne assignment, of C. St. John. 29,281— GAS AND WATER-PIPE JOINT.—Dated July 24, 1860; reissue 3,459.—Edward Gwyn, Tiffin, Ohio, assignee of C. W. Isbell. 18,975.—MOWING MACHINE.—Dated December 29, 1857; reissue 3,460.—S. E. Jackson and M. P. Jackson, Booneville, N. Y. 31,084.—MACHINE FOR SOWING FERTILIZERS.—Dated Januarys, 1861; reissue 1,718, dated July 5, 1864: reissue 3,461.—J. F. Keller (assignor to Abraham Miller, W. H. Protzman, A. R. Appleman, and Wm. Updegraff), Hagarstown, Md. 62,697.—STRAINER FOR COFFEE AND TEA-POTS.—Dated March 5,1867; reissue 3,463.—G. A. Lawrence, Springfield, Mass., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Michael Simons. 87,948.—BED BOTTOM.—Dated March 16,1869 ; reissue 3,463. —R. O. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. 25,443.—SEEDING MACHINE.—Dated September 13, 1859 ; reissue 3,464.—S. G. Rand all, New Braintree, Mass. 84,370.—EXHAUST NOZZLES FOR STEAM ENGINES.—Dated November 34, 1868; reissue3,4(i5.—John Sanders, Harrisburgh, Pa., administrator of the estate of Richard Norris, deceased. 16,337.—MACHINE FOR PRESSING THE LOCKS OF SHEET-METAL PLATES.-Dated January 6, 1857; reissue, 3,466.—The S. Stow Manufacturing Company, Plantsville, Conn., assignees of J. J. Lau-bach. 15,701.—HARVESTER.—Dated September 9, 1856 ; reissue 3,467.—C. Wheeler, Jr., Auburn, N. Y., assignee of W. P. Maxson. 20,108.—PIPE FOR RAILWAY WATER TANK.—Dated April 27, 1858; reissue 3,468.—John Wilkeson, Buffalo, N. Y., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Benjamin of M. Van Derveer. DESIGNS. 3,507.—DOOR OF A BOOK CASE.—Simeon Taylor, Worcester, Mass. EXTENSIONS. MACHINE FOR SPLITTING WOOD.—J. A. Conover, of New York city.—Letters Patent No. 12,857, dated May 15,1855. SEED PLANTER.—E. M. Stevens, J. B. Crosby, and J. W. Peirson, of Boston, Mass.—Letters Patent No. 13,924, date4 May22,1855 ; reissue No. 3,278, dated January 26,1869. MACHINERY FOR SPINNING.—T. J. Silsby, of Boston, Mass., administrator of Arad Woodworth, 3d.—Letters Patent No. 18,889, dated May 15,1855. TENONING TOOL.—T. J. Knapp, of Philadelphia, Pa.—Letters Patent No. 12,854, dated May 15,1855. Facts for the Ladies. I have used my Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine over ten years without repairs, and without breaking a needle, although I commenced the use of it without any instruction. Have used it constantly for family sewing; have quilted whole quilts of the largest size, and it is still in comple order, runs like a top, and bids fair to be willed to those who come after me, with better powers of production than an unbroken prairie farm. MES. H. E. G. AEEY. Whitewater, Wis.