Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 13, 1869. Reported Ojficiall1I for the Scientific AmerlOan. OnS CeHacEnD cUavLeEa tO . .F. . .P. .A. .T.E. .N. .T. . .O. .F.F. .I.C. .E. . .F. E. .E. .S. .: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15 On application for Reissue$SO On appl1catlon for Extension of Patent ...................... . ............... $50 On an application for Design (three and a half yeal's) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $lO On an application for Desj gn (seven years) ..... .......... ................ ... $lj On an al' plication for DeSllrn (fourteen years ) . . ............................. '30 In addItion to which there are some small revenuestamp taxes. Residents 01 Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy Of Claim of any Patent ??8ued wUhin 30 years ....................... $1 A 8ketch from the model or drawtng, relatl,ng to 8uch portion qf a machine i1??????????ai;;: ??????';izf;/??? ??e'p;'ice'a;,o,;';:,;amed: " """"" " " " " " ' " .$1 Thefull Sp eo!1!cation Of any patent i8sued since No v. 20, 1866, at wMch time the Patent Qffice commenced printing them ...... . ....................... $1 'Zii Ojfi cial Oopies oj Drawings of any patent i88ued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending up on the amount OJ labor involved and the number of vieW8. FY???? nformation, as to price oj draWings, in M(flJ'{t,mlJ1fJ???? had by addre88- Patent Solicftor8. No. 31' Park Row. New York. 92,415.-MATCH MACHINE.-Emery Andrews and W. Tucker, Portland, Me. 92,416.-FINISHING AND DR;ESSING SHEEP SKINS FOR LEA'fIlER.-Robert Andrews, MilwaUkee, Wis. 92,417.-UTERINE SUPPORTER.-A. D. Angell; Cold??ater -?? , 92,418.-RAILWAY CAR SEAT.-Arthur Barbarin-, New Orleans, La. 92,41??.-DRILL.-Hamilton Bates and D. L. Bates, Dayton, OhlO. 92,420.-CANE SCRAPER.-L. A. Bringier, Ascension parish, and N. B. Trist, New Orleans, La. 92,421.-MACHINE FOR MAKING LEVEES.-E. J. Brown, Car- roll parish, La. 92,422.-ROTARY HARRow.-M. B. Champion, Sturgi??, Mich. 92,423.-CIGAR TIP.-J onas Clark, Lowell. Mass. 92,424.-MACHINE FOR SETTING, FITTING, AND TEMPERING SsaPcRkI,N NG . PJr.. .ATES.-J. B. Cleveland and Henry C. GuilderBlein, Hacken92,4N2E5S. S-.-MWmEA. CNoSm pFtOoRn, NRewEaFrRk,E NS.H JI.N G HORSES WHILE IN HAR92,42 B.-DuMPING CAR.-J. G. Conlon, New Orleans. La. 92,427.-MANUFACTURE OF TOBACCO PAPER.-P. M. Consuegra and Ramon Antigu??dad, New York City. 92,428.-CURTAIN FIxTuRE.-John Crandell and P.W. Smith, Chicopee, Mass. 92,429.-BEER COOLER.-H. C. Dart, New York city. 92;430.-AuTOMA'l'IC GATE.-B. F. Dickey, Marshall, Mich. 92,431.-MACHINE FOR GRINDING THE CUTTERS OF MOWING MACHINEs.-Henry Dodge, Washington MilIs, N. Y. 92,432 .-SPOOL.-M. F. Doran, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,433 .-SPRING FOR STEADYING THE MOTION OF MILLSl'ONES.- J. J. Doughty, Lake Citr, Minn. 92,434.-HoRSE HAY FORK.-J . A. Eberly and Henry Wechtel', Reamston Station, Pa. 92,435.-HARVESTER.-Ezra Emmert, Franklin Grove, Ill. 92,4b3an6k.-s, ASt.u JToOhMnsAbTuIrCy , GVtR. AIN-WEIGHING SCALE.-Henry Fair- 92,437.-POTATO DIGGER.-E. T. Ford, Stillwater, N. Y. 92,438.-CARRIAGE WRENCH.-E. T. Ford, Stillwater, N. Y. 92,43 9 . -BuN G CUTTER.-Andrew Goetzino-er Cincinnati Ohio. .. I":) , , 92,440.-PLASTER SOWER.-E. J. Gordon, Greenville, Mich. 92,441.-MusQUITO SCREEN.-John M. Griswold Auburndale Mass. " 92,442.-FENcE.-H. A. Grover, North Cohocton, N. Y. 92,443.-RoCKING CHAIR.-Edson Hartwell, Hubbardston Mass. ' 92,444.-FEED RACK FOR ADDRESSING MACHINES.-Wm. H. Henderson and W. H. Snider, Lena, Ill. 92,445.-SADIRON HEA'l'ER.-Gardne r Herrick, Albion, Mich. 92,446.-NEEDLE SETTER FOR SEWING MACHINES.-J. M. fHoora,dd, Cleoyn, nD erby, assignor to'Weed Sewing Machine Company, of Hart92,447.--,-- COAL Box.-Charles Hrefinghoff(assignor to himself, c. C. 1\""inchell, and J. '1'. Sargent) , CInCinnati, Ohio. 92,448.-DoUBLE-FoOTED PLOW STOCK.-J. L. Hood, Floyd county,' Ga., assignor to himself, J. F. Martin, and J .S. Black. 92,449.-AsH SIFTER.-3. F. Horn, Boston, Mass. 92,450.-POTATO DIGGER.-James M. Hotchkin, Prattsburgh, N. Y. 92,451.-FENCE GATE PosT.-Elij ah Humphreys, Samsville, 1II . 92,4F5A2CE.- OFP BRIOLLCIEASRSD FBOARLL SC, OKANTIFIEN GH AANNDDL EBSE, AETUCT.-IFJY. WIN. GH yTaHttE: J rS.,U ARI bany, N. Y. 92,453.-SASH CORD SHEAVE.-W. T. Jaquith and Robert Calhoun, Allegheny, Pa. 92,454.-CURRY COMB.-L. P. Jenks (assignor to H. A. Hall), Boston, Mass., and J. A. Minott, New York city. 92,455.-ApPARATUS FOR CONCENTRATING EX'rRACTS OF BJuAnReK 2 A6N, 1D8 6O9T. HER LIQUIDs.-T. W. Johnson, New York city. Antedated 92,456.-SCROLL GATE FOR WATER WHEELS.-J. H. Jones, Charlton, Mass. 92,457.-DuMPING CAR.-Isaac Keith (assignor to himself, Hiram Keith, and 1. N. Keith) West Sandwich, Mass. 92,458.-CHURN.-August Kindermann, Vleveland, Ohio. 92,4IoSw9.a-. WASHING MACHINE.-C. H. Knox, Mount Pleasant, 92,460.-VELOCIPEDE.-Henry Laurence, New Orleans . La. 92,461.-ApPARATUS FOR RAISING COAL.-Alfred Lawton (assignor to F. N. Lawton), Philade,lphia, Pa. 92,4R6ic2h.-moMndA, VCHa.I NE FOR MAKING PLUG TOBACCO.-Peter Mayo, 92,461:l.-SAW MILL.-G. L. McCahan, Baltimore, Md. 92,464.-COOKING STOVE.-J. H. McConnell, Newcastle, Pa., assignor to himself and J. R. Richardson. 92,4N6e5ed.-haAm paPnAd RJaAmTeUs SK itFeO, VRa uDxhEaPllU, ERnAgTlaInNdG. LIQUIDS.-William 92,461J.-CIRCULAR SAW MILL.-John Orm, Paducah, Ky. 92,467.-BoWLING ALLEY.-A. T. Peirce, Fair Haven, Mass. 92,468.-BuTTER-KNIFE REsT.-B. D. Reed, Westfield, Mass. 92,4-69Ja.-cobM n",ET????HeO, PDi tOtsFbu MrgAh,K PIaN. G BANDS FOR SHINGLE BUNDLES. 92,470.-RoTATING BELL AND BELL vVHEEL.-Joshua Regestel', Baltimore, Md. 92,471 .-PICKER CUSHION FOR LOOMS.-G. L. Richardson and J. C. Moody, Brunswick, Me, 92,472.-UMBRELLA FRAME.-H. T. Robbins, Boston, Mass. 92,473.-HoRsE POwER.-Cyrus Roberts and John A. Throp, Three Rivers, Mich. . 92,474.-HoRSE POWER.-Cyrus Roberts and John A. Thro.p, Three Rivers, Mich. 92,475.-HoRSE POWER.-Cyrus Roberts and John A. Throp, Three Rivers, Mich. 92,476.-COAL-LOADING ApPARATUS.-S. S. Roberts, Elizabeth, Pa. 92,4G7. 7W.-. RSo'bfsIoLnL, CFiOnCRin AnaLtiC, OOHhiOoL. IC SPIRI'l's.-Wm. Robson and 92,478.-FuRNA??E FOR MANUFACTURING IRON AND STEEL.If869 ??erson Ross and D. F;Agnew, Pittsburgh, Pa. Antedated June 30, 92,479.-DOUGH KNEADER.-C. B. Sawyer, Fitchburgh, Mass., .assignor to himself and F. G. Allen, Providence, R. I. 92,480.-ApPARA'l'US FOR SHOTTING METALs.-Thos. Shaw, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated April 80, 1869. . 92,4A8r1m.-strConOgT, TTOimNbSerEsvEiDlle ,P TILl.A NTER.-Joseph Shearer, and M. B. 92,4tl2.??BOOKHOLDER.-C. W. Simpson, Bangor, Me. 92,483.-BRoOM .-Albert Sinclair, West Waterville, Me. 92,4A8ir4,. -assPigRnoOrC tEoS hSi mOsFel fT, AANugNuIsNt GB riSelK, IaNndS .G-odCfhreryi sRtiuasnck S. mith, Bell 92,485.-VELOCIPEDE.-W. H. Smith, Newport, R. I. 92,486.-DoOR SPRING -Enos Stimson, Montpelier, Vt. 92,4'37.-TENT.-P. E. L. W. Stockmann, Keppel street, Russel Square, England. Patented in England, September 21, 1868. 92,488.-CLOTHES-PIN.-D. M. Strail?-. Jr ... . Ilts Moines, Iowa. D2,489.-PRESSURE BLOWER.-B. F. Sturtevant, Boston, Mass. 92,490.-BLAST ApPARATUS.-B. F. Sturtevant,West Roxbury, Mass. 92,491 .-MACHINE FOR CUTTING BEAD MITERS.-R. F. Tompkins, New York city. 92,4P9a2. .-ExTENSION LADDER.-W. F. Trautman, Llewellyn, 92,493.-SIGNAL LANTERN.-E. G. Turner, :New Bedford, Mass. 92,494.-MACHINE FOR MAKING R.tILROAD CHAIRS.-Wm. VanAnden, Ponghkeesie, N. Y. 92,495.-HoRSE HAY FORK.-J. M. Walker (assignor to himself and J. C. Hollinger), Rossville, Pa. 92,496.-MACHINE FOR PRESSING THE SEATS AND BACKS OF VCHt.A IRS AND SETTEES INTO THEIR FRAMEs.-G. A. Watkins, Cavendish, 92,497.-COMPOSITION FOR TOBACCO SUBSTITUTE.-J. B. Webster (assignor to himself, W. E. Greene, and Henry E. Winslow) , Stockton, Cal. 92,498.-WORK TABLE IMPLEMENT AND SPOOL O F THREAD COMBINED .-Geo. Wells, Bethel, ()onn. 92,499.-CAR STARTER.-G. A. Wilbur, Skowhegan, Me. Antedated Dec. 4, 1868. 92,500.-HARVESTER.-D. H. Wilgus and S. M. Denny, Harveysbu ??, Ohio. 92,501.-'l'RESTLE.-JoS. Witmer, Niagara, assignor to himself, and Tobias Witmer, Williamsville, N. Y. 92,502.-DoOR LOCK.-T. B. Worrell, Frankford, Pa. 92,503.-THREE-HoRsE EQUALIZER.-E. M. Wright, Castile, N. Y., assignor for one half to Gardner Herrick, Albion, Mich. 92,504.-POST AUGER.-James Armstrong, Bucyrus, Ohio. 92,505.-BLAST FURNAcE.-Geo. Atkins, Sharon, Pa. 92,506.-PLASTERING TRowEL.-Samuel Ault, Bridgtown, near Cannock, England. Patented in England, Nov. 2, 1868. 92,507.-WIRE CUTTER.-Henry Axtell, Yreka, Cal. 92,508.-ExCAVATING MACHINE.-J. A. Bailey, Detroit, Mich. 92,509 .-FENcE.-Thnas Barnes, Wayne, Mich. 92,510.-TURlhNE WIIllTER-WHEEL.-Jeremiah Barney, Per ry's Mills, N. Y. 92,511.-CoAL STOVE.-I. J. Baxt!lr, P!lckskill, N. Y. 92,512 .-WAGON BRAKE.-J. T. Bennett, Lenora, Minn. 92,513.-SPRING-FAN A'l'TACHMENT.-John Carey, Victoria, Mo. 92,514.-SAW BUCKo-E. H. Clark, Appleton, Wis. 92,515.-LANTERN.-P. J. Clark, West Meriden, Conn. 92,516.-PIPE CU'l'TER.-Edward Clarkson, Carbondale, Pa. 92,517.-GRAIN BINDER.-E. H. Clinton, Iowa City. Iowa. 92,518.-PoTATo DIGGER.-W. W. Cole, and T. McGhee, Eu- dora, Kansas. 92,519.-ADJUSTABLE BRACKET.-J. H. Davis, Chilicothe, Mo. 92,520.-CAN OPENER.-M. E. Davis, Folsom, Cal., adminis tratrix of the estate of M. C. Davis, deceased. 92,52J..-HoRSE RAKE.-Edward Dorr, Rockford, Ill. 92,522.-NECKTIE RETAINER.-S. A. Fite (assignor to himself and J. H. Mansur), Philadelphia. Pa. 92,523.-LoOM.-Wm. Gadd and John Moore, Manchester, Great Britain. 92,524.-GATE.-W. H. Goodale, Colton, N. Y. 92,525.-CARRIAGE SPRING.-G. R. Groot, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,526.- BLAST HEATING FURNACE.- Homer Hamilton, Youngstown, Ohio. 92,527.-FIRE-EsCAPE LADDER.-H. T. Hartman, Norwood, Va. 92,528.-VELOCIPED??.-R. C. Hemmings, New Haven, Conn. 92,529.-CULTIVAToR.-Isaiah Henton, Shelbyville, Ill. 92,530.-FIRE TONGS.-M. C. Heptinstall, Enfield, N. C. 92,531.-DooR CLAMP.-H. O. Hooper, Diamond Springs, Cal. 92,532.-HATcHET.-Jabez Jenkins, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,533.-BLACK BOARD.-W. H. Jaeckel, New York city. 92,534.-COMBINED COLLAR AND HAMEs.-F. Jones, Burling- ton, Iowa. 92,535.-ELASTIC TACKLE BLOCK.-J. E. Jones,Wiretown, N.J. 92,536.-CARRIAGE.-J. R . McAlister, Heuvelton, N . Y. 92,537.-VAPOR BURNER.-J. H. M??ick, New Germantown, N. J. 92,538.-SPICE CAN.-Edwin Norton (assignor to himself and o. W. Norton), Broaklyn, N. Y. 92,5ci3t9y..- 0UTHAUL FOR BOOMs.-Thomas O'Neill, New York 92.540.-WASHING MACHINE.-M. A. Page, La Crosse, Wis. 92,541 .-AuGER HANDLE.-S. T. Peat, Florence, N. J. 92,542.-IcE PLANER.-W. F. Pough, Esopus, N. Y. 92,5c4ol3n.,- IllC. OMBINED DRUM AND OVEN.-G. F. Reinhardt, Lin- 92,544.-IRONING MACHINE.-Louis Ringler, New York city. 92,5B4e5lk.-napW, SAt. TJCoHh-nMsbAurKgE, VRSt.' LATHE.-C. C. Rowell and John 92,54??.-COAL SCUTTLE.-Morris Saulson, Troy, N. Y. 92,547.-CAR COUPLING.-J. E. Simpson, Malden Bridge, N.Y. 92,548.-FEED CUTTER.-Felix Sims, Ridgeville, I\ssignor to himself and .J. N. Templer, Portland, Ind. 92,549.-SASH BALANcE.-Wm. Stanfield, Flora, Ill. 92,550.-RECORDING DESK OR TABLE.-W. B. C. Stirling (as- signor to himself and D. O. Cowen) , Batavia, Ohio. 92,551.-LIGHTNING RoD.-L. D. Vermilya, Dayton, Ohio, and. w. S. Reyburn, and E. A. W. Hunter, Philadelphia. Pa. 92,552.-CORK EXTRACTOR.-C. G. Wilson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,5m5o3n.-d, IPllO. RTABLE FIELD FENCE.-'Vm. Wilson, Jr., Ray- 92,5fi5ce4,. -PaV. ELOCIPEDE.-Henry Wolf'kill, Mill Creek Post Of- 92,5in5g5,.N-. SJ.T EERING ApPARATus.-Henry York, Smith's Land92,556.- GRAIN CLEANER.-Wilson Agel', Washington, D. C. 92,5P5a.7 .-WAGON BRAKE.-Wm. P. Alcorn, New Wilmington, 92,5A5n8t.e-daEteNd VJuElLyO 3P, 1E86 9G. UMMER.-Edwin Allen, Norwich, Conn. 92,559.-COCKLE SEPARATOR.-S. W. Andrews and L. Godfrey, Greeneville, Tenn. 92,560.-HoRSE POWER.-Cornelius Aultman and Joseph Allonas (assignors to C. Aultman and H. H. Taylor) , Mansfield. Ohio. 92,561.-P AINT MILL.-William R. Axe, Rockton, Ill., assignor to Samuel J. Goodwin, Beloit, Wis. 92,562.-FuRNACE GRATE.-Isaac R. Barbour, deceased, Hannibal, Mo. : Wm. G. Barbonr, administrator. 92,563 -SIDING GAGE.-Stephen V. Barns (assignor to himself and Isaac G. Dundore), Whitney's Point, N . Y. 92,5Y6o4rk.- ciLtyo. W WATER INDICATOR.-Frederick S. Barus, New 92.565 . ....:.MACHINE FOR CUTTING MILLING TooLs.-Benjamin pFa. nBye.e ,A Hnatrewdiacthe,d M Jausnse., 1a0,s s1i8g6n9.'B r to the New York Tap and Die Com92,56I:r.- CHURN.-Charles H. Beeman and Edwin G. Beeman, North Fairfax, Vt. 92,567.-Dm FOR FORMING THREADS ON BOLTS.-Alexis Belaieff, St. Petersburg, Russia. 92,568.-MACHINE FOR CLEANING SAND.-Edwin Bennett, pBhailati,mPoar. e, Md., assignor to himself and William T. Gillender, Phlladel 92,ti69.-TUBE WELL.-S. L. Bignall, Chicago, Ill. 92,570.-LAMP CRANE.-Andrew C. Black, Kaukauna, Wis. 92,571.-AIR-TRAP FOR STEAM AND OTHER BNGINERY.-Geo. W. Blake, \ ew York eity. 92,572.-STEAM GAGE FOR HEAT AND PJitESSURE.-James M: Blanchard, Washington, D. C. 92,573.-'fAPE MEASURE.-L. P. Bradley, New Haven, Conn. 92,574.-ME'l'HOD OJ!' PROPELLING SLEDS. - John Braun, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,575.-LEVEE.-Alexander G. Brawner, Frankfort, Ky. 92,5w7in6.B-nlCgiHnA), IVRi.e-nnPae, Nte.rJ . Buckley (assignor to himself and Ed92,577.- M??ST Hoop. - E. F. Burrows, Mystic River, Conn .. 92,578.-METHOD OF RETARDING THE GROWTH OF STRAWBERRY VINE8.-George Burson, East Palestine, Ohio. 92,579.-IRON FENcE.-Clark T. Bush, Middleburg, N. Y. 92,5d8re0w.- J.R SEtuCcIkPeRr,O SCilAvTerI NCiGtl ,B IdEaLliLO OTWers..- John S. Butler and An' 92,581.-:-HAND GARDEN CULTIVATOR.-Philander Byrns, Min doro, Wis. ,,:.' 92,582.-FENCE.-John Carr, Emerald Postoffice, Ohio. 92,583.-STRAW CUTTER.-Danford Chaffee, Rome, Pa. 92,584.-PORTABLE PUMP.-Jules A. Cheron, New York city-. 92,585.-PULVERIZ/:NG AND MIXING CYLINDER.-William Coggeshall, Springfield, Ohio, and John W. Stanley, Chicago, III. 91,586.-LuBRICATING DEVICE FOR SPINDLEs.-Albert A. Davis and BenjaminF. Walker, Lowell, Mass., assignors to B??F .. Walker and M. R. Favoe. 92,587.-COMPOUND FOR CnRING PILEs.-Stephen S. Davis, Edgerton, Wis. Antedated June 30 1869. 92,588.-CoPY HOLDER.-H. B. Denny, Washington, D. C. 92,589.-AuTOMATIC FAN.-Coellestin lieringer and Morris Lindamann, CinCinnati, Ohio. 92,590.-COMBINED PLOW, CULTIVATOR, AND MARKER.-J ohn Dooley, St. Panl, Minn. 92,591 .-SHINGLE MACHINE.-John B. Dougherty, Rochester, N. Y. Antedated Jnne 30, 1869. 92,592.-RAILWAY CAR AXLE.- Robert Dutch, Jersey City, N. J. 92,593.-PRINTING REVENUE STAMPS, ETC., IN Two OR MORE COLORS.-John Earle and Alfred B. Steel. Philadelphia, Pa. 92,5P9h4il.a-deGlPOhLiaD. P a.W ASHING MACHINE.-Wm . B. Eltonhead, 92,5N9e5w.- YDorOkO cRit y.O F A BURGLAR PROOF SAFE.-John Farrel, 92,596.-PAPER-MAKING MACHIN E.-Elias T. Ford, Stillwater, N. Y. 92,N59a7sh.-naC, NO.U HN. TERPOISE GUN CARRIAGE. - J. G. Foster, 92,5O9h8io.-. TELEGRAPH FIRE ALARM.-J. B. Frantz, Cl??veland, 92,5J9.-BALANCE SLIDE VALVE FOR STEAM ENGINES.-D. R. Fraser (assignor to himself and P. W. Gates) , Chicago, III. 92,6O0h0io.-. PAPER PERFORATOR.-J. G. Gaston, Cincinnati, 92,601 .-BoTTLE STOPPER.-Wm. H. Gibbs, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,602.-SAW FOR CUT'l'ING HEDGE FOR PLASHING.-David Gore, Carlinville, Ill. 9 2,603.-TURBINE WATER WHEEL.-Mahlon Gregg, Rochester, N. Y. 92,6G0r4iffi.-thM, FAorCtH WJNaEyn FeO, IRnd B. ENDING PLOW HANDLEs.-George V. 92,605.-MEANS OF AT'fACHING ARTIFICIAL TEETH TO THEIR BASE PLATEs.-Edward Hale, Jr. (assignor to himself and Joshua H. Alexander), St. Louis, Mo. 92,606.-MoDE OF ATTACHING RUBBER TIRES TO CARRIAGE WHEELs.-David Ham. Iowa City, Iowa. 92,6H0a7m.-iltoDnE aVndIC HEe nFdOrRic kP HR. OHPaEmLilLtoInN, GP anCaAmRa,R NI.A YG. Es.-Thomas U 92,fi08.-THILL COUPLING.-Edmund A. Harvey, Wilming- ton, Del. . 92,609.-VARIETY MOLDING MACHlNE.-James Hatch, San Francisco, Cal. 92,6 1 0.-BURGLAR ALARM. - Andrew George Hutchinson, Elatnodn eayncdr oHfet,n nryea Rr oLwivlaern??do. ol, Great Britain, assignor to Thomas Row .. 92,611 .-COMPOSITION WAGON BODY. - John W. Jarboe, Green Point. N. Y. 92,612.-SHUTTLE-BOX OPERATING LEVER FOR LOOMS.-Bar- ton H. J enks, Bridesburg, Pa. , 92,613.-WEATHER STIUP.-Chas. A. Judd, Milwaukee, Wis. 92,N61.Y4-.- HARROw.-Albert Kane. and Nelson Kane, Newport ,. 92,615.-A'l.'MOSPHERIC TANNING ApPARATUS.-John E. Kauffelt. Shrewsbury, Pa. 92,6K1r6ei.-derA, CuhTeOstMnuAtT LIeCv,CelH, PEaQ. K Row CORN PLANTER.-John L. 92,-61R7o.-berEt xHH. LAeUckSyT, ADllEeVghIeCnEy F COitRy, PLaO. CAOnMtOedTaItVedE J uSnMeO 2K9, E18 6S9T. ACKS 92,6C1on8n.-. SpOOL SHOW CAsE.-John N. Leonard, Rockville, 92,619,-??PARATUS FOR DISPLAYING SPOOLS OF COTTON, ETc.-Jolin N. Leonard, RockvllIe, Conn. 92,620.-CHAIR.-Leon Lindquest, Pittsburgh, Pa. 92,621.-PTlMP FOR CONTINUOUS DISCHARGE.- Samuel T. Lonnt" Rathbone, West"ya. L_?? 92,622.-STEAM WATER HEATER.- William B. Mack, De- troit, Mich. . 9 2,623.-COOKING S To vE.-Charles Maguire, Chicl1go, Ill. 92,624.-Mop.-W. Mallerd (assignor to himself and John Barr), Bridgeport. Coun. 92,625.-BRICK MACHINE.??J F. Mallinckrodt, St. Louis , Mo. 92, 626 .-PUISON BAR.-Jeremiah A. Marden, Boston, assignor to Charles E. and John H. Abbott, Malden, Mass. 92,627.-S'1'E.AM LIFT AND FORCE PUMP.- James R. Maxwell, and Ezra Cope, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,628.-PITMAN CONNECTION.-William K. M iller, Canton, Ohio. 92,629.-GRAIN SEPARATOR.-Wm. K. Miller, Canton, Ohio. 92,630.-BALANCED CYLINDRICAL SLIDE VALVE.-J. G. Mil- holland, Harrisburg, Pa. ' 92,??31 .-ANIMAL TRAP.-Levi Moore, Baraboo, Wis. 92,632.-HAND SEED PLANTE R. - Albert More, Moresville, N. Y. 92,633.-ApPARATUS FOR AGEING SPillITs.-Edmund L. Morse, St. Louis, Mo. ! 2,634.-BoOTs AND SHoEs.-Walter Murray, Chicago, Ill. I 2 , 635 .-CARBUHETER FOR AIR AND GAS.-Wm. J. Nichols, Buffalo, N. Y. 92,63li.-BRICK MACHINE.-vValker Olds, Albany, Ill. 92,637.-INSTRUMENT FOR CUTTING PEG S FROM BOOTs.ETC.FEraastn kB rOidsgbeowrnaete. rS, oMuatshs . Hanson, assignor to himself and 'V. H. Keene, 92,638.-LIGHTNING ROD. - Nathaniel Otis, Charles City, Iowa. 92,639.-ELASTIC TIP FOR FURNITURE, ETC.-Wm. S. P a ddock, Albauy, N. Y. 92,640.-PROCESS FOR PURIFYING ALCOHOL AND OTHER SPIRITS.- C. C. ParRons, New York city. 92,641.-CORN AND COTTON CULTIVA'fOR.-R. F. Patton, Quin- cy, Ohio. 92,642.-CLAMP.-O. L. Payne, Batavia, Ill. 92,643.-BEDSTEAD.-J_ E. Pencille, Lockport, N. Y. 92,644.-DEAD BEAT VERGE FOR CLOCKs.-Noah Pomeroy, Hartford, Conn. 92,6O4h5io.-. SilIPS' CARGO INDICATOR.-W. O. Reim, Springfield, 92,646.-SHOCK TIER.-Woodson Rice, London, Ohio. 92,Mvil7le.-, MSasPsI. NDLE 92,685.-ApPARATUS FOR RECTIFYING AND FLAVORING SPill. same. ITS.-Ludwlg Wolff, Chicago, I