Issued by the United States Patent Offioe FOE, THE "W3EK ENDING AUG 3, 1869 Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: Oneacncaveat$10 On filing eacli application for a Patent (seventeen years)$15 On issuing eaeh original Patent$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents$20 On application for Reissue$30 On application for Extension of Patent$50 On granting th e Extension$50 On tiling a Disclaimer$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years;$10 On an application for Design (seven years)$ld On an application for Design (fourteen years)$30 In addition to which there are some small revenuestamp taxes Eesidents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within SB years$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from$1 upward, but usually at the price abovemimed Thefall Specification of any patent issued since A'ov20,1$GS, at whichtimethe Patent Offlce commenced printing them$1'25 Official Copies oj Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we cans'upply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, mail be had by address ing MUNN CO; Patent Solicitors, So 37 Park Bow, New York 93,156FLYEB FOB SPINNINGS A B Abbott, Boston,Mass and E F Fields, Lewiston, Me 93,157ELECTBO DEPOSITION OF NICKELIsaac Adams, Jr, Boston, Mass 93,158HYDBOSTATIC SCALE FOB TUNNAGE OF VESSELSIra E Amsden, Buffalo, N Y 93,159VELOCIPEDEJ A Aspinwall and C M Perry, New Utrecht, N Y 93,160FANNINGMILL ATTACHMENTPardon Austin, Medina, Wis 93,161FLOOD FENCEW F Auxier, Mason City, 111 93,162PLATE FOB, MAKING BLANKS FOB MOLDBOABDS AND SHARES FOR PLOWSHenry Barnes, Franklin township, Iowa 93,163HEAD BLOCK FOB CABBIAGESJ C Bates, Warrensburg, Mo 93,164WASHING MACHINEBarzillai B Beckwith, Rock ville, Conn 93,165GBAIN BINDEBJacob Behel, Rockford, 111 93,166RAILWAY CAB BBAKENorborne Berkeley, Aldie, Va 93,167SCBEW PBESSH C Bowen, New York city 93,168ALABM BELLL F Bruce, Bridgeport, Conn 93,169WHIFFLETKEEHenry Buck, Chardon, Ohio 93,170APPABATTJS FOB MAKING PlG BLOOMS IN THE MANUFACTURE or IRONJ A Burden, Troy, N Y 93,171MILKCAN STOPPEBJ M Burghardt,Great Barrington, Mass 93,172COMBINED COBN PLANTEB AND CULTIVATOBJohn Campbell, London, Ohio 93,173WASHING MACHINEHeman Carter, Greene, N Y 93,174CHUBNW C Chamberlain, Dubuque, Iowa 93,175TURBINE WATER WHEELJohn Chase, Paterson, NT 93,176STEAM GENERATORRobert A Chesebrough, New York city 93,177SAFETY SWITCH FOB RAILWAYSAnthony Conarro and Zak Gemmill, Warren, Pa 93,178METHOD OP PBOTHICTNG CALCIUM LIGHTChas L Coombs, Washington, D C, and J A Bassett, Salem, Mass, assignors to J J Coombs, Washington, D C 93,179PIPE TONGSR Crain, Shaffer Farm, Dennison Post office, Pa 93,180DEVICE FOB TILTING JBABBELSJ C Curran, Philadelphia, Pa 93,181MACHINE FOB CURVING AND SHAPING SHEET METAL Daniel Cushing, Lowell, Mass, assignor to himself, G W Smith, and Franklin Smith 93,182MODE OF PEESEBVING LIQUID AND OTHEB SUB STAHCESE D'Heureuse, New York city 93,183PEESEBVING MEATS, POULTBY, FISH, ETCJ E Dotch, Washington, D C Antedated Feb 3,1869 93,184CARRIAGE AND SLEIGH COMBINEDJ S Drake (assignor tor himself and W K Burton), New York city 93,185ANIMAL TBAPMelvin W Drake, Owasso, Mich 93,186BEDSTEAD FASTENINGWilliam H Elliott, New York city 93,187HABPOW AND CULTIVATOBW A Estes, China, assignor to II M Mansur, Augusta, Me 93,188CLOTHES WBINGEBPeter Falardo, Danbury, Conn 93,189GAS BUENEBI R Fisher, Reading, Pa 93,190SLED BBAKEW F Foley, Albany, N Y 93,191WHITE LEAD AND PACKING CANSCharles J For tin and D H Drake, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignors to Eagle White Lead Co 93,192STUMP EXTBACTOBD C Frazeur and Peter Ginter, Siddonsburg, Pa 93,193BRAID GUIDE FOB SEWING MACHINEJ W Gil lam, Newton, N J 93,194TINNEBS' BENDING MACHINEIsaac Grim (assignor to himself and William Gregory), Polo, 111 93,195LIFEPEESEEVING MATTBESSDavid E Hall, Detroit, Mich 93,196BLACKINGBOX HOLDEBHeman B Hammon, Bris tolville, Ohio 93,197STEAM BLOWEBJ T Hancock, Jamaica Plain,Mass Antedated July 22,1809 93,198FENCEThomas Harrison, La Fayette, Wis 93,199STEAM ENGONKAndrew Hartupee, Pittsburgh, Pa 93,200STIFFENING COHD FOB SMUTSHenry Hayward, New York city 93,201TBACE SUPPOBT AND BUCKLEJ H Hill and H C Hill, Clinton, 111 93,202BINDING GUIDE FOB SEWING MACHINES W S Hotchkiss, Bridgeport, Conn, assignor to Howe Machine Company 93,203COMBINED PLOW AND CULTIVATORSamuel Huber, Danville, Pa, 93,204STEAM VALVE DEVICEW H Hull, Warren, Ohio 93,205WAGONReuben Hurd, Morrison, 111 93,206HOG CHOLEBA REMEDYA M Johnston and H H Avrit, Clarksville, Tenn 93,207CHUBN DASHEBWilliam Kegg, Lassellsville, NY 93,208APPABATUS FOB EMPTYING THE COOLING TUBES OF BOUEBLAOKFURNACESEugen Langen, Cologne,Prussia 93,209MEDICAL COMPOUND OB " BITTEBS"Joseph Llado, New Orleans, La 93,210IMPLEMENT FOB TAMING AND MABKING HOGS Samuel Long, Ogle county, 111 93,211YOKE FOB STANDARDS FOB STOVE SHELFLuther Longley, Leominster, Mass ' 93,212MILLING TOOLAlbert J Lutz and H Reiss, New York city 93,213MACHINE FOB MAKING CHAIN Wesley Malick, Erie, Pa 93,214MECHANISM FOB DBIVING SEWING MACHINES(J W Manson (assignor to himsell, Jolm A Knoellei1, and Michael Bowe) , Jersey City, N J 93,215DIE HOLDEB FOB SCREW PBESSESJ Me Williams , Providence, B I 93,216PBINTEBS' GALLEY RESTJ M Murphy, Olympia, Washington Territory 93,217FLOOBING CLAMPDavid Nevin, Boulder City, Colorado Territory 93,218TBANSPOBTATION CASEEdwin Norton, Toledo Ohio, assignor to himself, O W Norton, and AH Fanclier 93,219CHUENT S Nutter, Harrisburgh, Ohio 93,220FISHINGLINE SINKEKR T Osgood, Oriand, Me 93,221STEAM VALVE DEVICESJoseph E Outridge, Newport, England Patented in England, Aug 1,1368 93,222FAUCETS W Palmer and J F Palmer, Auburn 126 N Y, assignors to "The Metropolitan Washing Machine Co," Middlefield, Conn 93,223WRINGING MACHINEB L Perry and C Manhaim, New York city 93,224LAMPJohn Phelps (assignor to himself and C W Merchant), OwegoNY 93,225DOVETAILING MACHINEJohn Phillips Jr,Chicago, \ in 93,226LANTERNWm Porter, Sr, and Win Porter, Jr, Sew York city 93,227BUILDINGSJoseph Potts, Harrisburgh, Pa 93,238LAMPF C Richer, Gilmer, Texas 93,229LOCK NUTAlmon Roff, Southport, Conn 93,2DOLOCK NUTHenry Rosamyer, Rochester, Pa 93,281(TRAIN MEASUREJ A Rosbeck, Herman, N Y 93,233 STEAM GENERATORSilas C Salisbury, New York city 93,2:S3EXTENSION HAMEF M SchaefferBlooming Grove, Kansas 98,284FEEDING DOOR FOR ANIMAL PENSB C Scott, Paxton, 111 i 9B235STRAW CUTTERL Sears, Perrysville, Ohio 93,2;SBHAY ELEVATORS B Secrist and Isaac Seyster, OL'IC county, 111 93,237CORN PLAXTEKPeter Shellenberger, Millerstown, 93,238ROTARY SPADEB E Siversten, Pittsburgh, Pa | 93,239RAILWAY CHAIRD B Skelly, Lockport, N Y ; 93,240STEAM GENERATORH B Smith and J V Stevens, Pomeroy, Ohio 93,241CLAMP FOR PLANKING SHIPSP Staples, Stockton, 93,242WASHING MACHINEJ M Starr, Jr (assignor to ' himself and G D Trombly), Fond da Lac, Wis 93,243BALANCING THE KEYS OF PIANOS, ETCFrank J striuhauser, Lancaster, Pa 93,244WATER HEATING DEVICEB R Stilwell, Dayton, Ohio 93,245COMPOSITION FOR ROOFINGL S Stimson (assignor to himself and N F Libby) Lowell, Mass 93,241 iSAFETY WATCHPOCKETW 0 Sumner, Brooklyn, J E D,N Y 93,247 GKAPPTEJ F Thomas, Dion, N Y 93,248BABE BUHNER W B Treadwell, Albany, N Y 93,249TOY BALI,Henry Trebe, Indianapolis, Ind, assign j or to hlmaelf and Frederick Klare 93,250HEDGE PLANTERJ J Tucker, Albia, Iowa | 93,251HATP W Vail, Newark, N J 93,252SEIEVVE PULLEYJ B Vannan and N P Cran er, CarbondiiloPa j 98,253MACHINE FOR CUTTING AND SLICING VEGETABLES ; C H Van OrstrandNew York city j 93,254MACHINE FOR SPOOLING THREADAsel M Wade,! Lmvrenci Mass 93,255WASHING MACHINEC F Walker, Benford's Store Post Office, Pa 93,25(3STRAIGHTENING MACHINEJ C Warr, Waroham, Mass 93,257CASTING HOLLOW METAL ROLLERS WITH SHAFTS Zadock Washburn, Hopedale, Mass 93,258GREASE TRAP Edward Whiteley, Cambridge, Mass 93,25'JCARRIAGE HUBJ M Whiting, Providence, R I 93,260HARVESTER RAKEJulius Wilcke, Chicago, 111 Antedated July 23, 1869 93,201FIFTH WHEEL FOR CARRIAGESDarius Wilcox, Birmingham, assignor to himself and Warren Wilcox, Ansonia, Conn 93,263HORSE COLLAR AND HAMKSEzra Wilder, South Hiugham, Mass 93,283WASHING MACHINERobert Wilson, Burdett, NY 93,264 CHURNRobert Wilson, Rees Corners, Md 93,265CORDMAKING MACHINEG T Wright (assignor to himself and AValier Bnrnham), New Preston, Conn 93,2(i8EMHROTDKKINC, ATTACHMENT FOR SEWING MA njiNRfl 0 Young, Bridgeport, Conn, assignor to Howe Machine Company 93,267APPARATUS FOR CARBURETING AIRJ F Barker, Springfield, Masfl, and C N Gilbert, New York city 93,268APPARATUS FOK CARBURETING AIRJ F Barker, Springfield, Mass, and C N Gilbert, New York city 93,269HOPPOLE SHARPENERS V Barns, Triangle, NY 93,270RECEIVERS OR CARBOYS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF MUHIATIO AND OTHER AcmsAlfred Baumgarten (assignor to himself and C W Walter), New York city Antedated Aug 2,1869 93,271CORN POPPERJ H Bigelow, Worcester, Mass 93,272MODE OF CONSTRUCTING BILLIARD AND OTHER GAWE 'I' USLESW E Bond, Cleveland, Ohio 93,273PISTON SPRINGW R Brown, Bath, N Y 93,274SASH FASTENERDaniel Hull, Amboy, 111 93,275SELFRECORDING PRESSURE GAGEG P Clarke, M B Edson, and J B Edson (assignors to the Recording Steam Gage Co), New York city 93,276STEAM GENERATORL H Colborne, Albion, N Y 93,277GARDEN PLOWG W Cole, Fannington, 111 93,278RAILWAY SWITCHJ B Cox, James O'Conner, and Michael Cahalan, Columbus, Ga 93,279PHOTOGRAPHIC HEAD RESTGustav Cramer and Julius Gross, St Louis, Mo 93,280COMPOSITION PAVEMENTH L Cranford, Brooklyn, N Y 93,281EARTH SCRAPERJ H Dalbey, Springfield, Ohio 93,282STREETCAR STARTERA B Davis, Catahoula parish, La 93,283CAR STARTERA B Davis, Catahoula parish, La 93,284ProwA B Davis, Catahoula parish, La 93,285CnuiiNA B Dean, Louisville, Ky 93,286APPARATUS FOR PURIFYING WHISKEY AND OTHER ALCOHOLIC SPIRITSL A De Lime, St Louis, Mo 93,287PORTABLE CLAMP FOR SCHOOL BOOKST H Deni son, Baltimore, Md 93,288GAS CARBURETERG B Dyer, New York city 93,289CARRIAGE JACKD Elliot and E Seely, New York city, assignors to themselves, and John A Holmes 93,290S: EDPLANTER, FERTILIZER, AND PLOW COMBINED H C Eves, Orangeville, Pa 93,291 MACHINEFORMORTISINGBLIND STILESC A Fenn, E P Fenn, and Isaac Cook, St Louis, Mo, assignors to C A Fenn 93,292CASTERF U Ford, New York city 93,293DECOY DUCKJacob Foster, Philadelphia, Pa 93,294EXHAUST NOZZLE FOR STEAMENGINEC H Fris bie, Chicago, 111 93,295CAPSTANJohn Gardner, New York city 93,296BOTTLESTOPPERW H Gibbs, Cincinnati, Ohio 93,297FLOUR COOLERW W Goff, Avoca, N Y 93,298RAILWAYSWITCHChas Greenman, Scott township, Pa 93,299DRAWERKNOB LABELFred Hale and Wm Manicy, Philadelphia, Pa 93,:;0'0EYE SIRUPW C Hall and Colatres Moore, California Mo 93,301SLATE AND METAL ROOFINGS R Hathorn, Worcester, Mass 93,302WATER COOLER AND REFRIGERATORJos Hinde myer and Clias C Savery, Philadelphia, Pa 93,303ANTIFRICTION MASTHOOPB H Hussey, Portsmouth, K H 93,304COMPOSITION FOR ROOFING AND PAINTC B Hut chius, Ann Arbor, Mich 93,305BEDSTEADHanford Ingraham, Naples, N Y 93,306HARROWJohn Jay and Joel Coppock, Jonesborborough Ind 93,307POTATO DISGER AND CULTIVATOR COMBINEDM Jolmson, Three Rivers, Mich 93,308WAsnTNG MACHINEJosce Johnson (assignor to himself and Wm H Johnson), New York city 93,309WAsniNG MACHINEJosce Johnson (assignor to himself, andWmH Johnson), New York city 93,310GAS BURNERWesloy L Jukes (assignor to himself Frederiek McLawee, P U Putnam, and Johnson Murray), Now York ity 93,311CORN HARVESTER AND SHOCKERWmH Karicofe Harrisonburg, Va 93,312SLAW CUTTERMichael Keefer, Washington county, Md 93,313HAY SPREADERW G Kenyon, Wakefield, R I 93,314KNITTED FABRICMartin Landenberger, Jr, Philadelphia, Pa assignor to Martin Landenberger Co 93,315WAGON BRAKEJay Lsthrop, Lapeer, N Y 93,316FARM LOCOMOTIVED F Leach, Forsyth, 111 93,317COFFEEPOTJ E Lewis, Kittery, Me 93,318GANG PLOW"J J Lindly, Lebanon, 111 j 93,319HARVESTER CUTTERH A Link, Columbus, Ohio, i 93,820FLANGING MACHINESrth Lowen, Temperancoville, Pa, assignor to himself, and O D Lewis 93,321PORTABLE SUMMER FURNACEJ H Lyon,W Agor,J Daniel Breed, and W H Seaman, Washington, D C ': 93,322STREET CARJF Madison and Henry McLaughlin, I St Louis, Mo 93,323CONVERTIBLE LADDERHenry B Malbone,Geneva, N Y, assignor to himself, D E Moore, and W J Morse 93,324DOOR LATCHEmmons Manley, Marion, N Y 93,325SUXSHADE FOR HORSESJ L Mclntosh, Brooklyn, j NY | 93,321!WniE FENCEA H Mendell (assignor to himself and Wm H H Taylor), Adams, N Y 93,327SEED DRILLSolomon Mickley, Dover township, and Samuel Leathery, Warrlngton township, Pa | 93,328CORN SHELLERWm Miller, Bloomington, Ind 93,32')FLY TRAPA C Mills, Oaktown, Ind j 93,330BREECHLOADING FIREARMWm Morgenstern, New York city, assignor to himself and Herman Funke 93,331PRINTERS' RULEC N Morris, Cincinnati, Ohio Antedated July 201869 93,332PENCEI J Morrow, Everton, ind 1 93,333ROOFING COMPOSITIONF Neidhardt, East Saginaw,! Mich 93,334LUNCH BOXAddison Norman, Rochester, N Y 93,335APPARATUS FOR OPENING BOXESC M O'Hara, New York city Antedated July 30,1869 93,331COAL SCOOPH A Palmer, Rochester, N Y 93,337PROPELLING APPARATUSJoseph Paradis, Brooklyn, N Y 93,338FRUIT PICKERG H Parham, Harrodsburg, Ind 93,339FILTERJD Parrot (assign or to himself andHenry McCauley), Morristown N J Antedated July 30,1869 93,340BEEHIVERichmond Pearson, Appleton, Wis 93,341SWITCH HOLDERA C Penny and Minor Spicer, Unadilla Forks, N Y i 98,342ELECTRICAL RAILROAD SIGNALGeorge M Phelps, Brooklyn, N Y, and Robert Stewart Bordentown, N J 93,348CARRIAGE JACKC J Philleo, Kenyonville, N Y 93,344SAFETY ATTACHMENT FOR WATCH CHAINMorris Pollak, New York city 93,345HAND STAMPJ A A Post, New York city 33,346WASHING MACHINEJohn Ringen, St Louis, Mo 93,347TOBACCO AND GRAIN CURERHR Rob bins (assignj or to himself and J J Moran), Baltimore, Md 93,348RAILWAY CAR AXLE JOURNAL AND BOXOby Ro birds, St Louis, Mo 33 349ORGANWm RobjohnNew York city 33,350ADDING MACHINEThos Rossiter (assignor of one half interest to Rufus HSandford and Frank Prescott), New Haven, Conn 33,351HOTAIR FURNACES C Salisbury, New York city 33,352GRAIN BINW S Sampson, New York city 33,353EYELETING MACHINEJ F Sargent, Melrose, assignor to Elmer Townsend, Boston, Mass 33,354KETTLESPOUT ATTACHMENTMoritz Saulson, Troy, N Y 33,355WIRE EAR FORMETALBUCKETSJoseph M Shank, Dayton Ohio 33,356APPARATUS FOR CHALKING BILLIARD CUESD P Shaw, Elkhart, Ind 93,357CARRIAGE WHEELSamuel S Sherman and Silas D PipJT, West Eau Claire, Wis 93,358SULKY PLOWBenjamin Slusser, Sidney, Ohio 93,359DOOR SPRINGPatrick Smith, Newport, Ky 93,360VAPOR BURNERWillard H Smith, New Yorkcity 93,361STREET RAILWAYWm M Smith, Augusta, Ga 93,362PLOW GAGEHugh B Spedden (assignor to himself Wm H Baltzel, and G A Moore) Baltimore, Md 93,363SODA FOUNTAINB E Sperry, Aurora, 111 93,34DRIVING BELT AND BAND OF RUBBER AND METAL Louis Sterne, London, England Patented in England, June 2 1868 93,865SEAMPUTTYING MACHINEAlfred Stevens, Georgetown, assignor to Josiah Starling, Manheigan, Me 93,366ioT BLAST PRESSURE GAGEJohn Storer, New York city 93,367RAILWAY RAIL CHAIRJohn H Teahl, Eberly's Mill, Pa 93,368MACHINE FOR DISTRIBUTING FERTILIZERSJohn H Thomas and Phineas P Mast, Springneld, Ohio 93,369GRAIN DRILLJohn H Thomas, Phineis P Mast, and Charles O Gardiner, Springneld, Ohio, assignors to John H Thomas and Pnineas P Mast 93,370GRAIN DRILI John H Thomas, Phineas P Mast, and Charles O Gardiner, Springfield, Ohio, assignors to John H Thomas and Phineas P Mast 93,371SEAL LOCKJames E Thompson and James Tillinghast Buffalo, NY 93,372BEEHIVERuggles S Torrey, Bangor, Me 93,373WATER ELEVATORPieter van Dyk, The Hague, Holland 93,374CULTIVATORHenry Wadsworth, Duxbury, Mass 93,375RAILWAY CAR COUPLING William V Wallace, New York city 93,376FIFTHWHEEL FOR CARRIAGES Daniel Weaver, Dayton, Ohio 93,377ST:AMGENERATORJohn Wells, Baltimore, Md 93,378RAILWAY CAR COUPLINGRichard Wells, Bloomington, in 93,879BLASTING CHARGEGustavus Werlich, Watertown, Wis 93,?80PORTABLE STEAM APPARATUS FOR GREENHOUSES Edward Whiteley, Cambridge, Mass 93,381RAIL WAY CAR COUPLINGOrin M Whitman, North Haverhill, N H 93,382WASHING MACHINEAretus A Wilder and John Wilder, Detroit, Mich 93,383STEAM ENGINEJames D Willoughby, ShippensburgPa 93,384PROPELLING APPARATUSCharles Wolff, Washington, D c 93,385Low GRADE STEEL FOR AXLES, TIRES, ETCHenry i Brook Woodcock, Low Moor, England 93,386RAILROAD CAR WHEELGeorge W NYost, CorryPa 93,387PESSARYI avid D Young, Dayton, Ohio 93,388ASH HOPPERPeter Zimmerman, Sylvan, Pa 93,389COFFEE ROASTER F W Zochert, Watertown, Wis 93,390LADIES CHEMISER L Jones, Sacramento City, Cal 93,391REVENUE STAMP FOR BARRELSEdward A Locke, Boston, Mass 93,392TIDE WATER WHEELP W Yarrell, Littleton, NC REISSUES 82,475STEAM PUMPING ENGINEDated September 29, 1868 ; reissue 3,513Robert Allison, Port Carbon, Pa 22,379BORING MACHINEDated December 21, 1858 ; reissue 3,574Emory L Bates (assignee of George F Rice) Fiskedale, Mass 39,616SOLDERING SHEETMETAL CANSDated August 18, 1863; reissue 3,575Devoe Manufacturing Company Long Island City, N Y, assignees, by meane assignments, ofHerman Miller 41,887COMPOSITION OF MATTERDated March 8, 1864; reissue 1,772, dated September 24,1864 ; reissue 1,886, dated February 28, 1865 ; reissue 3,576Lewis Francis and Cyrus H Lontrel, New Tori city, assignees of Lewis Francis 1 30,400SOCKET COUPLINGDated October 16,1860 ; reissue ? 3 577Elliott P Gleason, Providence, R 1 64,571REVERSIBLE KNOB LATCHDated May 7, 1867 ; reissue 3578M Greenwood and Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignees of Henry M Ritter 54,554MANUFACTURE OF ELASTIC PACKINGDated May 8, 1866 ; reissue 3,579Nathaniel Jenkins, Boston, ass 17,798HARVESTS Dated July 14, 1857 ; reissue 3,580 Division AJohn P Manny, Kockford, III 17,798HARVESTERDated July 14, 1857 ; reissue 3,581 Division BJohn P Manny, Rockford, 111 66,088GYMNASTIC SWING Dated June 25, 1867 ; reissue 3,582Alonzo P Payson, San Francisco Cal 45,198MANUFACTURE OF SHEEP SHEARSDated Novem ber 22,1804 ; reissue 3,583Henry Seymour, New York cjty, assignee of Herman Wendt and Henry Seymour 76,365RAILWAY FROGDated April 7, 1868 ; reissue 3,584 George AVestinghonse, Jr, Pittsburgh, Pa DESIGKS 3,593TRADE MARKlienry Ashbury (assignor to Enterprise Manufacturing Company), Philadelphia,P;i 3,594ARM END OF A SETTEEJacob Beesley, Philadelphia, Pa, assignor to Tliomas J Close 3,595 TRADE MARKJames L Brickey, Hannibal, Mo 3,59(1TRUNK CLASP CASTERJII Burnett, Williamstown, N Y 3,597FURNITURE LEGG L Chapman, Maumee, Ohio 3,598COOK RANGEJohn I Hess, Philadelphia, Pa 3,599TRADE MARKHenry Roundy (assignor to California Marine Metallic Paint Company)^ San Francisco, Cal 3,600COOK RANGEJohn Clifford Shoch, Philadelphia, Pa 3,601BOOT LEG TOPJ H Walker, Worcester, Mass 3,002SHOW CASEGerhard Winter, New York city 3,603GRINDING MACHINETliomas II Worrall (assignor to the American Twist Drill Company , East Blackstone, Mass EXTENSIONS BRIDLE REINKingston Goddard, Richmond county, N Y Letters Patent No 13,306, dated July 24,1855 CANDLEMO D APPARATUSWellis llumiston, Troy, N Y Letters Patent No 13,384, dated July 24 1855; reissua No 1,131, dated January 22,18(il ; reissue No 2,108, dated November 14, lb(J5 How to Get Patents Extended Patents granted in 1855 can be extended, for seven years,under the genera law, but it is requisite that the petition for extension should be filed with the Commissioner of Patents, at least ninety days before the date on which the patent expires Many patents are now allowed to expire which could be made profitable under an extended term Applications for extensions can only be made by the patentee, or, in the event of his death, by liis legal representative Parties interested in patents about to expire, can obtain all necessary instructions bow to proceed, free of charge, by writing to AIUJfN CO, 37 Park Row, New York