Issued by the United States Patent Office, FOR the WEEK Ending AUG. 31, 1869. United Offcial for the Sciemtific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OF FICE FEES: On eacti cav eat.................................................................SIC On filing each application for . Patent (seventeen years)...................$1 1D On f s suing; each original Patent...............................................fati On appeal to Commissioner of Patents........................................$20 On app lica tion for Reisiue .... .... .. ......... . ............... .... . . ......... . .. j%m On appllcation for Exteniion of Patent ...................................... $ .0 On grhting the Extension........:...........................................ijfto On filing; :Lf sc1laimer.i::..:::::.....:.::.......................................$10 01 an application for De.ign (tlree and a half years)......................:1 ( On an applicatlOn for Delign (Ieve . years)..................................$1; On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$ In addition 10 which there are 80me IIall reTcnue'stamp taXiS. Reiidents -! Canada and Nova Scotia pay $5O on application. For COP1 Of Claim Of an1 Patent u8ued within 30 1.M ........................ $1 .A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to Buch portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upward, but uluallv at the price aboienamed. Thefull Specification of anv patent i8.ued Bin c e N (v. 20, 1866, q t which time the Patent Office commenced 1r ? ntml them ....................':......... $12. ( , cal Copie, O J Drauing8 of anv patent iSlued ,ince 18M. we can supply at a reasonable cost. the p1'ice dependtng upon the amount O "abo? in'olved and the number,f 'ieW8. All information, al to orice Q crawin[3, in each case, may be had by addre88 inf MUNN & CO .. Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Row, Nel York. 94,170.-Ingot Mold.-George Abel and John Peddler, Tem- p eranceville. PR. 94,171.-R for Locomotive Cross Heads.-S. A. Alexandtr and Edward Dunn, Sunbury, Pa . 94,172.-Combined Latch and Lock.-J. H. Allen and John Schwab, Louisville, Ky. 94,173. - Animal ''rap. - James W. Bagby, Northcutt's Store, Ky. 94,174.-Horse Hay Fork.-William d. Ballard, Davids-burg, Mich. 94,175.-Guide for Sewing Machine.-Menzo m. Benster, D etrOit, Mich . 94,176.-Churn.-George Berkstresser, Bedford, Pa. 94,177.-Flax Brake.-a. G. Bill, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 94,178.-Printing Telegraph.-John Blackie, New York ci t y. 94,17l.-Spring Seat for Chairs, Cars, Cauriages, etc.- J. D. Bonney, Pembroke, Mass. 94,180.-Reel and Swif'.-M. V. Brigham, Mannsville,N.Y. 94,181.-Vegetable W asher.-J acob Bump, Hartford, n.y. 94,182.-Clothes Dryer.-f. R. Butler (assignor to himself and L. R. Welles), Rocky Hill, Conn. 94,183.-Button or S ' u d. -John B. Cart e r, Hartsville, Ind. 94,184.-Skate.-s. p. Castle (assignor to o. H. Castle),Urbana, o hio. Antedated Aug. 14,1869. 94,185.-Marker for Corn Ground.-Oliver H. Catey, vYilliamsburg, i nd. 94,186.-Beehive.-David Collom, Tallmadge, Ohio. 94,187.-Sewing Machine.-Job A. Davis, Watertown, n. y. 94,188.-Kilns for Drying Bricks.-E. C. Dean, Henry Hamilton, G. P. Tenney, and A. T. Putnam, DetrOit, :ich. 94,189.-Machinery for Cutting Match S'cks.-Frangois de Bowens, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,190.-Pump.-Alexander Dixon, Aurora, Ill., assignor to himself and J. J. Hall. 94,191.-Sea Drag.-Jacob Edson, Boston, Mass. 94,192.-Gas Stove.-L n. Elwell, E'lint, Mich. 94,193.-Cooking Stove.-M. G. Fagan, Troy, N. Y. 94,194.-Machine for Making Cut Nails.-D. J. Farmer, Wheeling, w. Va. 94,195.-Fence Post.-Daniel Fisher, Fair Haven, Ohio. 94,196 -Machine for Boarding and Graining Lea t her. -L. a. Gignac, Troy, N. Y. 94,197.-Currier's Knifel. A. Gignac (assignor to himself and P. Pollock), Troy, n. .- . 94,198.-Electro.Magne'ic Alarm for Railroad Cars.- Webster Gillett, YpSilanti, Mich. 94,199.-Fence.-James Godfrey, Allegheny City, Pa. 94,200.-Lathe for Turning HubB.-Andrew Goolyear, Albion, Mich. 94,201.-Machine for Shaping Hubs.-Andrew Goodyear, Albion, Mich. 94,202.-Shrub and Flower Box.-Gustaf Gustafson, Oakland, Cal. 94,203.-Ventilator.-Geo. Hayes, New York city. 94,204.-Me thod of Season ing and Pre serving W OOd.- Th9.odore William Heinemann, New York city. Antedated Au gust 17, 94,205.-Machine for Rounding the Corner's of Slate Frames.-Robert Heneage and Albert Storer, Buffalo, N. Y. 94,206.-Mangle.-Petcr Henry Hink and Herrmann Kaack, Maline, Ill. 94,207.-Spring Bed Bottom.-c. Hogeboom, M. Hogeboom, and L. Van Vleck, Winslow, Ill. 94,208.-aparatus for Rejeweling W atches.-C. Hopkins, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Aug. 19, 1869. l4,?09.-Low-water Indicator.-g. m. Hopkins and J. A. StraIght, Albion, N. Y. Antedated Aug. 17,1869. 14,210.-Metallic Cartiudge.-b. b. Hotchkiss, New York city. 94,211.-Apparatus foR Fluting and Quilling.-GeO. R. Houghton, Flint, Mich. 94,212.-Sewing Machine for Working Buttonholes.- Edmund Howard. Flushing, and W. H. Jackson, BrookW, N. Y. 94,213.-Cruiping Brake.-Jarvis Howe, Milford, Mass. Antedated AUI. 21,1869. 94,214.-Manufacture of CaUbonate of Lead, Acetate OF Coppl, and Acetate of; I ron . - o tto J".obi, Philadelphia, Pa. M,215.-Velo c i p ede . -s. H. Jennings, Deep River, Conn. 94,216.-Coal-ireaking Machine - John Jones, Chestnut House, Stratford, and S. P. Bldder,Jr.,Hillfleld, Mitcham, England. Patented in England, Nov. 17, 186S. 94,217.-Stump Extractor.-j. A. Kaussler and H. B. Cook, White Pigeon, Mich. 94,218.-SropIing Mechanism for Knitting Maciine.- John Kennedy, Claverack, N. Y. 94,219.-Apparatus and Process for Obtaining LigIt fro Gas .nd O il.-Joshua Kidd, New York city. 94,220.-Prin'ers' Ink.-Camille Krejci, Scranton, Pa. 94,221.-Lotion for 'he Destruction of Insect5.-Daniel Leibert, 'ashington, D. c. 94,222.-Alarm Attachment foR Stills.-J. c. Leistner, Cincinnati . o hio . 94,223.-Base-burning Stovb,-M. 'V. Lester, Chicago, Ill. 94,224.-Hot-air Furnace.M. W. Lester, Chicago, Ill. 94,225.-Machine for Making Honseshoes.-W. V. Lewis, Cininnati, Ohio. 94,226.-Steam Generator.-Herman w. Luccrs, Philadelphia. P a. 94,227.-Pas''ry Roller.-h. s. lltby, Cincinnati, Ohio. 94)428.-Process of Preparing Wood Fiber for Paper Stock.G. E. Marshall, Laurel. Ird. 94,229.- race Buckle.-J. H. Martin, Columbus, Ohio. 94,230.-Hames Fastener.-J. I . McDivit, ]ayettoville, Ohio. 94,231.-S''eam Engine V alYe.-J. d. Moon nl J. T. Foster, .ersey City, N. J. 94,232.-Maciinery l'on Making Axes.-H. d. Morris,Bald- winsville, N. Y. 94,203.-Rack for SugaR, Cream, Salt, e'c.-M. A. S. Mul- lin, Osgood, Ind. 94,234.-Ilying-hoRse Machine.- G . L. Nowhall anll J. f. Cummings, c helmsford, Mass. 94,235.-Liquid Meter.-Chas. Nila, Greenville, n. J. 94,236.-Preserve Jar.-'. G. Otterson, Camden, N. J. 94,237.-Mincing Machine.-w. H. Pierce, Bangor, Me. 94,238.-Fence.-S. m. Prentice, Aurora, Ill. 94,239.-Lathe Chuck.-John Rich, Painesville, Ohio. 94,240.-Umbrella.-H. r. Hobbins, Boston, Mass., assignor to Ellis, Knapp & Co., New York city. 94,241.-Pipe Wrench and Pipe Cutter.-a. Robes,Somer ville, and J. C. c hapman, Cambridgeport, Mass. 94,242.-Ships' Fenders.W. D. Hobinson, Buffalo, n. y. 94,243.-Extension TaRle Slide. - Otis E. Sanford, La Porte, Ind. 94,244.-Crout Cutter.-J. G. Schwarz, Indianopolis, Ind., asEgnor to himself ard J. G. Brand. 94,245.-Ventilator.-W. T. Sears and Wm. Edson, Boston, Mass., assignor to W. T. Sean. 94,246.-Piwcess for Extracting Oils, etc.-C. A. Seeley, New York city. 94,247.-Shear.-r. H. Seymour (assignor to Henry Seymour and Co.), New Y'ork city. 94,248.-Fruit Jar.-h. e. Shaffer, Hochester, IT. Y. 94,249.-Evaporator.-A. W. Shidler, South Bend, Ind. 94,250.-Washing Machine.-D. Smallwool, Middletown, o hio . 94,251.-Haryester Cutter.-j. s. Smith and John Coder, Swanton, Ohio. 94,252.-Husk Mat.-J. p. Smucker, Ashland, assignor to himself and R. S. Owei, Bryan, Ohio. 94,253.-Press foIt Caiting Metal.-J. b. rarr, Fairhaven, lIass. Anteuated Aug. 25, 1869. 94,254.-Lubrica'or for V:ntilator.-Hugh Thomas New York city. Antedated Aug. 18,1889. 94,255.-Hanging CircVlar Saws.-Charles R. Tompkinl", Rochester, N. Y. 94,256.-Stone-Cianeling MacIine.-Frederick Townsend Albany, N. Y. 94,257.-Press.-L H. Trabue, Livingston county, Ky. 94,258.-Seeding Machine.-w. A. Van Brunt, Horicon Wis. 94,259.-WateR 'Vheel.-Henry Van De vater, Attica, N Y. 94,260.-Deyice for Filling Steam GeneUatous.-Charles: "ard, Detroit, .ich. 94,261.-WRench.-v Yalter Ward, Mount Holly, n. J. I4,262.-Fence.-'homas Westermann, Clinton township" Pa. 94,263.-Means for Putting Up and Using Powders.- A. P. 'Villard, Battle Creek, Mich. 94,2t.-Mode 0] ' H emoving Stumps.-Henderson Willard (assignor to himself 2nd Joseph "Val:er), Grand Rapids, Mich. 94,265.-Grain Bin.-c. D. Woodruff (assignor to' himself and \m. Krauss), Toledo, Ohio. 94,266.-Clamp ScUew for Callipers, ETC.-f-DanielWright, Jr., Waltham, Mass. 94,267.-'hill Coupling.-T. H. Andress (assignor to himself and J Ohll Decker), Sparta, N. J. 94,268.-Clod Fender.-Daniel Applegate. Noblesville, Inl. 94,269.-Vapor Burner.-\ m. Aurich, Chicago, Ill. 94,270.-Fastening for Breastpins.-Samuel Ayres, Danville, Ky. 94,271.-Hain-Water StRaineU and Cut-Off.-S. Ayres, Danville. Ky. 94,272.-Buidge.-Calvin Baker, St. Joseph, Mo. 94,273.-AppaUatus for Pressing and Vulcanizing India ' BUJR.-Joseph Banigru, "oonsocket, R. I., as.iJllor to the 'Voon, socket Rubbber Company. 94,274.-Permutatwn Padlock.-Tracy Beadle and w. p. Yates, Elmirf, N. Y. 94,275.-Sprlng-W agon Seat.-J. 1. Bear, Decatur, Ill. 94,276.-Meth" of Making Square-Necked Bol''s.-Geo. C. Bell, Buffalo, N. Y. 94,277.-Furling and Reefing Sails.-E. W. Brown, Cambridge, I11. 94,278.-Jack for Spinning.-vy. H. Brothers (lisignor tv himself and Elisha Allen), ,Vinooski, Vt. 94,279.-Reyolving Spring 'oy Gun.-Charles Bunge" Geneva, N. Y. 94,280.-Ferrule.-s. n. Chapin, New Britain, Conn. 94,281.-Turbine Water Wheel.-j. e. Chapmun, West Reading, Conn. Antedated AUI. 19,1869. 94,282.-'!'ire and BuRglal AlaRm.-J. L. Cheston, South Easton, Pa. 94,283.-Bag Holder.-j. n. Collins, Menasha, Wis. 94,284.-Wooden Pavement.-Chas. c. Converse, Biooklyn", N. Y., assignor to S. S. Greeley . 94,285.-Machine foU Cutting Nails.-John Coyne, Allegheny City, Pa. 14,286.-Apparatus foR the Manufacture of Pig-Bloom .. -J ohn Coyne, Allegheny City, P'. 94,287. - W asiing Machine.-Hermann Carmer, Sonora,. Cal . 94,2s8.-Tank RegulatoR.-J. M. Crose, Lebanon, Ind. 94,289.-Combined PlanteR and Cul''IYatoR.-J. A. Currie,. Xenia, Ohio. 94,290.-Nail Machine.-f. Davison, Richmond, Va. 94,291.-Rock Crushing Mill.-. H. Day, Walla vYalla" "ashington Territory. 94,292.-CoJlined VYeighing and Measuring ScaJ,e.-J. Decker, Sparta, assignor to himself and E. De Camp, Boonton, N. J. 94,293.-Railway Car vheel.-Clarence Delafield, Castle ton, and F. G. Johneoll, Northfeld, N. Y. 94,294.-Floating Velocipede.-Jules Marie de la Rue, Nogent Sur Marne, near Paris, France. Patented in France, December 14,1868. 94,295.-Lamp.-J. A. Dew (assignor to himself and o. A . Bogue), Cllicago, Ill. 94,296.-Plow CleYis.-Thos. Dow, Yorktown, Ill. 94,297 . -Ma n uf a ct u re of Illu1natilg Gas.-c. f. Dun- derdale, New York city. 94,298.-Apparatus for Purifying Saccharine Liquids, and for Curing, Drying, and Trea'.ing S ug..1 t and otTer Ma'erials.-W. B. Espent, SpaniRh Town, Jamaica. 94,299.-Ruffling At'fachme. for Sewing Machines.- J. o. Fairbairn, Milwaukee, Wis. 94,300.-Pocket Lamp.-a. p. Foster mad d. 1. H. Bartlett (assignors to themielvei and C. J-.Howe), L owell, Mass. 94,301.-Cotton Seed and Coun Plan'rer.-J. G. b. Gill, Chestnut Grov., S. C. 94,302.-Peat Mold.-Kingston Goddard, Richmond, n. y. ih,303.-Ditch Gage Scoop.-David Gore, Carlinville, Ill. 94,304.-IMachine fob, Linti ng and Relin tin g Cotton Steds ;: f Motes.- G. W. Grader (assignor to himself and W.B.Wiggs), Memphis, 'e,n. 94,305.-Self-Watering Scrubber.-a. d. Granger, Tal- botton, Ga. 94,306.PUR NACE FO R PRODU CI NG IR ON DIREC T FR OM Th E ORe.-Wm. Grifh, Jr. (a ssignor to him self, J. S. Patter s on, and t. c. Znlick), Pottsville, Pa. 94,i07.-Combined Turn and Subsoil Plow.-j. c. Gross, Goshen Hill, s. c. 94,308.-Grain DRYeR-Remig Grotz, Chicago, Ill. 94,309 .-Slate Polishing Machine. - Stinson Hagaman" Weissport, Pa. 94,310.-Slate-Polishing Machine.-s. Hagaman, Weiss-port, Po. 94,311.-Churn.-j. a. Ham and W. Carpenter, Jr., Barry, Mo. 94,312.-Churn.-j. A. Hanger, Staunton, Va. 94,313.-Ice-Cream FReezeR.-William Hawkins, Oregon, Mo. 94,314.-Water Wheel.-Jacob Hepperly, Peoria, Ill. 94,315.-Dumping Wagon.-Britain Holmes, Buffalo, n. y. 94,316.-Steam-Engine Valve GeaR.-Chas. s. Inslee, New York city, and W. h. Inslee, Newark, n. J. 94,317.-Cue-Leather Trimmer.-l. A. Johnson, H. V V. Collerder' and J. 'f. Boyle (assignors to Michael Phelan, H. W. (ollen der, and J. E. Boyle), Ue York city. !4,318.-AxE.-A. H. Jumper, Sunman, Ind. 94,319.-Horse Hay FoRk.-Nathan w. Kingsley, Swansea, Mass. 94,320.-Base-Burning Fmeplace HeateR.-Philip Klotz (assignor to B. C Bibb), Baltimore, Md. 94,321.-BRidge.-John Laird, Canton, Ohio. 94,322.-BRidge.-John Laird and g. f. Laird, Canton, Ohio. 94,3.23.-Flask for Casting Den'al Plate.-Samuel Lawrenee (assignor to himself and Ambrose Lawrence), Lowell, Mass. 94,324.-Composition for Molds and Models in Casting Dental Plates and othel ARticles.-Samuel Lawrence (assignor to mself and Ambrose Lawrence), Lowell, Mass. Antedated August. 24, 1869. 94,325.-Carriage Wheel.-Obed Look, Bridgeport, Conn. 94,32R.-H aRRow.-Isaac l ow, e ast f lIfield , Oh 10. 94,327.-Cooking Stove.-Charles McClain, Carlyle, Ill. 94,328.-Syringe.-j. f. McMillen, Mansfield, Ohio. 94,329.-Printing TelegRaph.-Charles t. Moore, White Snlphur Sprlngs, West Va. 94,330.-Hot-coRn Holder.-w. a. Morgan, Brooklyn, n. y. and T. B. Mosher,New York city. 94,331.-Double Window.-Steven, Earl of Mount Cashell, Moore Park. Ireland. 94,832.-Washing Machine.-j. w. Myers, Lyons, Iowa. 94,b3.Machine, for Punching Metal Screens.-j. W. Nesmith, Black Hawk, Colorado Territory. 94,334.-Cotton Check.-s. W. Odell, Ouachita parish (assignor to himself and John Nixon). New Orleans, La. 94,3i5.-Seat for Schools, Halls, Churches, etc.-HarriRn Ogborn, Richmond, Ind. assignor to Aaron Chandler, Davenport, Iowa. 94,336.-Skate Runner.-P. A. Peer, Kalamazoo, Mich. 94,337.-Brick Machine.-Julius f. M. Pollock, Manchester, England. !4,i38.-Pump.-A. N.Putnam, Antrim, n. H. 94,339.-Plow Coupling.-William keck, Mendota, Ill. 94,340.-vagon Standard.-George Richards, Richland Centre, 'Vis. 94,341.-Process and Apparatus for Treating Flour, Mjai,, and otheR FaRinaceoUS Subst.nces.-J. J. Ridge, St. Johns, toEutlhw ark, England. 94,342.-Puddling Furnace.-j. B. Robinson, Duncansville, Pa. 91.34i.-Evaporator fo . Sugar, and other Liquids.- Thomas Scantlin and .ames M. Scantlin, Evansvllle, Ind. 94,344.-Window.-Georgc Shatswell, Waukegan. assignor to himself, Parne 1 Munson, and Charles l. Sampson, Chicago, Ill. 94;345.-Holjjow Grate Bar-Noah Shaw. West Eau Claire, Wis., assfgnor to himself, J.F. Moore, W. M. Lee, and A. B. Alden. 94,346.-Machine for Upsetting ''ires.-Elias Shopbell, Ashland, Ohio. 94,s. c.Hay and Cotton Press.-John Simpson, Chester, 94,348.-Clevis.-Zachariah b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,349.-Cotton Plow and Planter.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, 94,350. as. Cotton Plow.-Z. b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,3:l.-Cotton Plow.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, 'exas. 94,352.-Cotton Picker and Cleaner.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,353.-Cotton Hoe.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,354.-Stalk and Cane Puller.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,355.-Three Horse Equalizer.-z. b. Sims, Bonham, Texas. 94,356.-Potato Digger-h. m. Smith, Long Branch, n. j. 94,357. - Moth-proof Lining.-j. r. Smith, Chicago, Ill. 94,358.Tubular Paper Box Cutter.-j oseph Spooner and Ebenezer Spooner, New York city. 94,359.-M ode of B le Achrg G ranul ated Sugar.-T. C. Taylor, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated August 20.1869. 94,3HO.-Apparatus for Caubureting Air and Gas.- OUkes Tirrill, Boston, Mass. 94,361--Shaft and Pole Holder.-j. s. Totten, Lebanon, Ohio. 9'i,302.-Floating Velocipede.-V. b. Townlnd, Woreester, Mass. 94,363.-Shutter Fastening.-b. D. Washburn, Boston, . ass. 94,i64.-Apparatus for Turning Heavy Clay Pipes.- William Wassal, Wellsville, Ohio. 94,3f5.-Planter and Cultivator.-Nicholas Whitehall, Newtown, Ind. 94,366.-Plow.-Edw ard Wiard (assignor to b. f. Avery), Lonisville, Kentucky. 94,367.-Plow.-Edward Wiard (agsignor to b. f. Avery ) , Louisville, Kentucky. 94,368.-Embobsing Press.-j. m. Wilbur, Cleveland, Ohio. 9 4,369.-Hose Pipe Noz ' le.-Archibald villiscroft, Wilmington. Del. 94,370.-Mill Stone Balance.:g. w. Wilson (assignor to himself and Horace Franc.sco), Tolono, Ill. 94,371.-Steam Engine Piston.-Richard Witty, Chicago, Ill. !4,372.-Carriage Hub-a. s. Woodward (assignor to himsplf and H. A. Parker), Pepperell, Mass. 94,373.-Apparatus for Cooling and hefrigerating.- John Agate. Pittsford, N. Y. 94,374.Hoasting and 'rreating Iron Ores.-Henry Aitkin, Falkirk, Scotland. 94,375.-AHticle of Food from Pumpkin and Squash.- E. W. Ayer and 1 c. Ayer, South Waterford, Me. 94,376.-Chuck.-w. f. Bacon, Skowhegan, Me. 94,377.-Steam Heater.-a. c. Baker, Westfield, Mass. \ m,378.-Wash Boiler.-Oren Baldwin, Keokuk, Iowa. 94,379.-LinrIent.-J. M. Barrett, Plymouth, n. c. 94,,3' O.-Glove.-Orson Bartlit and J. d. Edson, Rockford, Ill. 9 4,381.-Churn.-n. s. Barton, Mannsville, n. Y. 94,:82.-Toe Plate for Boots and Shoes.-George Beatty, Cleveland, Ohio. 94,383.-Plow.-j. c. Bell, Lebanon, Ind. 94,3r4.-Needle for Sewing Machine.-j. b. Blanchard, Boston, Mass 94,385.-Bath Tub.-c. a. Blessing, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated August 27, 1869. 94,386.-Railway Car Coupling.-Ernst A. Bohne, Brook-haven, Miss. 94,387.-Piano-Forte Stool.-Joshua Briggs, Peterborough, n. h. 94,388.-0ttoman Piano StooJ".-Joshua Briggs, Petlrboroull, N.l. 94,389.-Sewing Machine foR Sewing Boots and Shoes. J. H. Brown, Watertowll, Mass. assignor to 11. K. Moody, New York cit; . 94,390.-Fan.-Otto Bruck,. New York city. 94,391.-Machine for Making Horseshoe Nails.-E. L. Blndage, M!d,letown, N. Y. 94,392.-Shaft Coupling.-G. A. Buchanan, Telford station, Pa. 94,393.-Window Curtain Holder.-J. S. Burch and J. O. Burch, Buffalo, N. Y. 94,3!4.-Globe Valve.-Henry Burt (assignor to himself and L. D. Towsley), Newark, N. J. 94,395.-Boiler Feeder.-Henry Burt (assignor to himself and L. D. Towsley), Newark i N, J. 94,396.-Locomotive Engine.-C. W. Cahoon, Portland, Me. 94,;j97.-Vehicle.-B. N. Carpenter, Mount Jackson, Va. 94,398.-Stove Pipe Drum.-J. 'r. Clymer, Galion, Ohio. Antodated August 25,1869. 94,3!!.-Pressure Adhesive Gum for Envelopes, etc.- Philip s. P. Conner, Philadelphia, Pa. 94,400.-Sail for Vessels.-C. H. Crandall, Stonington, Conn. 94,401.-.Loom.-George Crompton, Worcester, Mass. 94,402.-Sea Drag.-Samuel Curtis, Lynn, Mass. 94,403.-Steam Engine Condensing Apparatus.-C. H. De Lmuater, New York city, 94,404.-Corn Plan''er and Grain Dmll.-G. W. Dickinson, Charleston, in. 94,405.Com;o1nd to be Applied to Frui'l ' Jars for Receiving WRitten Labels.-George W. Doty, Wooster, Ohio. 94,406.-Seeder and Fertilizer Combined.-Samuel M. Firey, Clear Spring, Md. 94,407.-S0Rghum Pan SkimmeR.-George B. Fitz, Louisville. Kv. 94,408.-Fastening Metal Tubes to Glass (;ups or Vessels.-Gregory Gerdom, Albany, N. Y. 94,409.-Still.-Henry Grogan, Flatbush, N. Y. 94,410.-Railway Frog.-Friedrig Gubser, Newport, Ky. 94,411.-Mode of Ob'aining Fiber and Other Products fRo - the Maize Plant.-John T. Harris, Tyngsborough, Mass. 94,412.cPosthole Auger-Ira Hart, Clarksburg, West Va. 94,413.-Vege''Ale Cutter and Feed-grinding Machine. -James T. Iarvey, Murrysville, Pa. 94,414.-Car Wheel and Axle.-Frank Hudner, New York City. 94,415.-Machine for Grinding the Cutters of Mowing Machines.-D. W. Jameson, Warren,Ohio. !4,416.-Plug Cutter.-Melvin Jincks, Wallace, N. Y. 94,417.-Corn Planter.-J ames A. Johnson, Pendleton, Ind. 94,418.-Reel for Reaping Machine.-J ohn Henry Keller, Boalsburg, Pa. 94,M9.-SeJF-closing Faucet. - Henry F. King,. New York city. 34,420.-Sash Holder.-BenjaminS. Lawson, New York city, assignor to Augustus M. Miller,Brooklyn, N. Y., and Alfred Gill, Orange, N.J. 94,421.-Lamp Burner.-John C. Love, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Holmes, looth, and Haydens, Waterbnry, Conn. 94,422.-Baske'' Rest for Ladders.-William E. Ludlow (assignor to Henry C. Metcalfe), Cincinnati, Ohio. 94,433.-Step and Extension Ladder.-Wm. E. Ludlow (assignor to Henry C. Metcalfe), CinCinnati, Ohio. 94,424.-TumbleR W asheR.-,J ohn Matthews, Jr., New York oily. 94,425.-IIorse Hay Bake.-Wm. Matthews, Vinton, Ohio. 94,426.-cSteaI Pump. - George McFeely, Steubenville, Ohio. 94,42J.-SadiRon Heater Oven.-Wm. McLucas, Wood Grove, Ohio. 94,428.-Compound for GSring Cholera in fogs and Chiokens.-Anson C. McMahan, Lincoln, Ill. 94,429.-IIoiBting Apparatus.-J. Vaughan Merrick and W. H. Merrick,Phlladelphia, Pa. 94,430.-0tlel.-James A. Metcalf, Lawrence, Mass. 94,431.-Parlor Bedstead. -J. A. Morgan, Bloomfield, Iowa. 94,432.-Transfer Engraving.-Robert Neale, Brooklyn, e. d., n. y. 94,433.-Skate.-John H. Noakes, New York city. 94,434.l- Garden Plow .-Washington F. Paget and Silas H. 'Gard, Springfield, Ohio. 94,435.-Chlrn.-George N. Palmer, Grpene, N. Y. 94,436.-Grain Binder.-L. F. Parker, Davenport, Iowa. 94,437.-Machine for Burring and Cleaning Wool.- Ziba Parkhurstt Milford, Mass. 94,438.-0x Yoke.-Cyrus Phelon, East Granville, Mass. 94,439.-Journal.-David R. Quick, New York city. 94 .4 40.-Rake for Har v este rs .-George H. Reister, Washington, Iowa. 94,441.-apparatus FOR Welding Chain Links.-HelY Reynolds, Aurora, N. Y. 94,442.-Molding S crew P ro p el lers.-A lexandel K. Rider, Elizabeth, N. J .. assignor to C. H. Dc Lamater. New York city. 94,443.-Pavers' Rammer-Thomas Robjohn, New York 94,444.C or n Sheller.-Samuel P. Ross, Pittsburgh, and NiklaU8 Haller, Allegheny City. Pa. 94,445.-Dumping Car.Clinton H. Sage, Fulton, N. Y. 94,446.-Corn H.\rv :ster.-J. "V. Sharrard, Samuel Bryan, and Howard Hunt, Janesville, Wis. 94,447.-Extension 'lable.-Joseph Sherman, Burlington, N. J. 94,448.- Pocket foR Railway CaR Seats.-Sigmund Simon-son, Bridgeport, Conn. 94,449.-LetteR Box.-Samuel Strong, Washington, D. C. 94'450.Mode of Cooling and FRE Ezin g Liquids and othER Substances.-A. H. Tait, NNew York city. Antedated August 2, 1869. !4 ' 451.-Lamp RuRNER.-Alvin 'aplin, and H. D. Bradley, Forestville, assignors to "The Bristol Brass and Clock Company," Eristol, Conn. 94,452.-FRuit Jar.-VVm. S. Thompson, Rochester, N. Y. 94,453.-Manufac'ure of Cow Bell.-Wm. T. ''ibbalsand Lyman B. Tibbals, Cobalt, Conn. 94,454.-MalUne Safe.-E. B. Tyler, B:ltimore, Md. 94,455.-Tin-coa ted Eyel et.Ambros e I. Upson , New York ' city, assignor to Waterbury Brass Company, W aterbury, C onn. 94,456.-Cultivator.-Elisha Walker ao Josiah J. Piatt, La Porte, Ind. 94,457.-Fruit Picker.-Edemon Ward, Urbana, Ohio. 94,458.-Breech-loading Firearm.-VV. G. Ward, New York city. 94,459.-Rotary vV asIing Machine.-William H. Welch, Bloomington, Ill. 94,460.-Mode of Cleaning Musty Beer and other Casks. -Denni"'n Willard, Jr., Pittsford, N. Y. 94,461.-Railway Freight Car.-Joseph Page Woodbury, BORton, Mass. S - 94,462.-Ventilator for Windows.-William H. Cowl, Brooklyn, N. Y. REISSUES. 45,834.- Raill oad C a r for Tr anspo rting Pe trole um. Dated January 10,1865 ; reissue 2,031, dated July 18,1865 ; reiS8ne 3.622.-.oel F. Keeler, Pittsburgh, Pa. 71,313.-Self-Lubricating JouRnal Box.-l'ated November 2, 1860 ; reissn e 3,623.-Lane and Bodley (assignees 01 Pbilander P. Lan e), Cinc innati, O hio. 56,345.-CoRset Spring.Dated July 17,1866 ; reis!ue2,929, dated May 12,1868 ; reissue 3,520, dated June 29, 1869 ; reissue 3,624.-Frances Lee Bd earnese. dN. e w York city, executrix of the estate of Samuel H. 75,39&.-Lamp Shade.-Dated March 10, 1868 ; reissue 3,625. -George D oolittle and Georg e H. Diam on d, Bridgeport, and Thom as Wallace, J r., AllnttsIo nia, Conn., aS Sign ees, by mesne aSSignm ents of T. E.. Dool little . 59,595.-Wheat DRill.-Dated November 13, 1866 ; reissue S,626.-Jam( F. HarcourVMoscow, Ind. 61,953.-HaRvesteR.-Dated February 12, 1867 ; reissue 3,627.-ltn" Manufacturing Company, Salem, OhiO, aisignees of Amos Rank. 52,341.-Wagon Wheel.-Dated January 30, 186( ; reissue 3,62S.-Johl Thrasher, AlbIon, Mich. 10,722.-FibeR fR o m C ane forPapeU and fo r other Pur-poses. Dated April 4,1854 ; extended seven years ; reissue 2.953, dated June 6, 1868 ; reissue l,6.;9.Kat Lowe and Willin McTeer, Baltimore, Md., assignees, by mesne assig nments, of Benjamin A . Lavender and Henry Lowe. DESIGNS. 3,639 to 3,642.-Fwor Oilcloth.-Hugh Christie, Morrisania ass!gnor to Deborah PoWeS W lbert J ' Powers, and Nathaniel B. Pow:;s, LanRinlburg, N. Y. Four patents. 3,643.-]'ur Collar.-Isaac Lewine, New York citv. 3,644.-Printing Type.-Andrew Little, New YQl:k city. 3,645.-llqck Case.-Carl Muller (assignor to Nichobs Mul- lerl, New York city. 3,646.-Pair of FiguIes.-Carl Muller (assignor to Nicholas Muller). New York city. 3,647.-Preserve Dish.-vm. Parkin (assignor to Reed and Barton), Taunton, Mass. 3,648.-Cake 'razza.-Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed and Barton), Taunton , Mass. 3,649.-Elevated Oven Range. - Philip Rollhaus, Port Che6tel' . N. Y. 3,650 to 3,(j52.-0rnament for a Child's Ha'l.-John Sealy, Jr., NBwark, N. J. Three patents. 3,653.-Stove.-Alexander White, Geneseo, Ill.