Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCT. 19, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat................................................................. 110 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$1 5 On issuinf each original Patent...............................................$20 On a;peal to Commissioner of Patents...........................'.............$20 On apn lication for Reissue .....................................................$30 On application for Extension of Patent ...................................... $50 On granIing: the Exte:sion.....................................................$50 On a lia a Disc1laimer.:...::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.$10 On an aI licatio for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seveu years).................................. $1: On a n a p plication for Design (fourteen years)............................... ;30 In addItion to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents 01 Canada and Nova Scotia pay $GOO on application. For copy oj (aim Of any Patent i8sued within 30 years ....................... $1 . 8ketch from the model or drawing, relating to BUch portion Of a machine as the Claim cover8,from .................................................$1 upward, but u8ually at the price abo'e-named. The full Specification of ':! g atent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at u>Mch U7etg POnt 8fice cormenc0 printing ther...,..........................$1"25 Official Copies of Drawingsof any patent iS8ued since 1836. we can supply at a 'ea8onable cost, the price depending 'on the amount oJ labor in 8 olVed and the number of view8. Full information, a8 to vrlce oj drawings, in each ca8e, ma! be had by addres8 ing MUNN CO .. Patent Solicitor8. No. 37 Park Row, NeuJ York. 95,868.-Steam Engine Slide Valve.-John F. Allen, Tre- mont, N. Y. 95,869.-Sa w Swage.-Emanuel Andrews, Williamsport, Pa. 95,870.-Lamp Burner.-Henr y M. Beidler, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,871.-Saw-filing Machine.-Henry C. Bell, Emporia, Kansas. Antedated October 13,1869. 95,872.-Spring Eye Glass,-Louis Black, Detroit, Mich. 95,873.-Can Opener.-Wm. M. Bleakley, Verplank,N. Y. 95,874.-TuGking Attachment for Sewing Machines.- H. E. Bodwell. Jr., South Norwalk, Conn. 95,875.-Hay Spreader.-Milton Bowker, Newark, N. J. Antedated October 9,1869. 95,876.-Adding Machine.-Benjamin B. Brown, Delaware, Ohio. 95,877.-Boat.detaching Apparatus.-Daniel S. Brown, Astoria, Oregon. 95,878.-Dliven Well Po i nts.-Augustus O. Brummel, :pmphis, Tenn. 95,879.-Hay Stacker.-T. N. Bunnell, Reynolds, Ind. 95,880.-Spring Bed Bottom.-W. Newton Cook, Grand Rapids, Mich. 95,881.Clothes-line Holder.-Albert Cooper, Harrisburg, Pa. 95,882.-ManufactuHe and Preservation of Metals.- John Corson (assignor to himself and Danies Breed), Washington, D. C. 95,883.-Stable Horse Tie.-E. D. Cramer, Hackettstown, N.J. 95,884.-Saw.-Her:llann Cramer, Sonora, Cal. 95,885,-Car Spring.-Mitchell R. Dand, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,886.-Shaft Coupling.-Hiram Dodge, Beaver Dam, Wis. 95,887.-Straw Cutter.-Wilson Elder, Mill Hall, Pa. 95,888.-Machine for Sawing Lath.-Ervin H. Ewell, St. Louis, :ich. 95,889.-Circular Saw Mill.-Wm. M. Ferry, Grand Haven, Mich. 95,890.-Nut Lock.-J. Hyde Fisher, Chicago, Ill. Antedated April 19, 1869. 95,891.-Sausage Stuffer. - John J. Flansburgh, Berne, n. Y. 95,892.-Photographic Printing. - Egbert Guy Fowx, Baltimore, Md. 95,893.-Animal Trap.-Calvin G. Frushour, La Gro, Ind. 95,894.-Box Toe for Boots and Shoes.- Horace W. George, Danvers, Mass., assignor to John H. Young and John A. Greene. 95,895.-H arness Saddle.-Algernon Gilliam, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95,896.-Potato Digger.-Dennis Gorman, Hornellsville, N. Y. 95,89 7.- Lock Nut-Merritt W. Griswold, New York city. 95,898,-Ruler.-Joseph D. Hall, 'renton, N. J. 95,899.-Rose for Door Knobs.-Wm Hall, Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and Samuel Peck Co., New Haven, Conn. !5,900.-Fruit Dryer.-John Harvey, Martinsville, Ind. 95,901.-Machine for Dressing Millstones.-John Hine, Cockermouth. England. 95,902.-Weather Strip-David I. Horner, Battle Ground, Ind. 95,903.-SI,ack-belt At ' achment for Machinery.-. 'V. Howard, Greenville, Ala. 95,904.-Head-block of Saw Mills.-J oseph Hubbell, Zanes- ville. Ohio. 95,905.-Water Wheel.-A. J. Jack and D. E. Brand, Des Moines, Iowa. 95,906.-Corn Planter and Cultivator.-Jes s e Jenkins (assignor for one-haU to Abram Dobbs), Andrew county, Mo. 95,907.-Sleigh and Sled Runner.-C. H. Johnson , Chelsea, Mass., assignor to himself and Charles Libbey, Whitefield, N. H. 95,908.-Wash Pave Key Handle.-Wil l iam II. Johnson, Philadelphia. Pa. Antedated October 5,1869. 95,909.-Broiler.-Wm. J. Johnson, Newton, and Henry A. Hildreth, Lowell, Mass. 95,910.Water Wheel.-John J. Kimball, Naperville, Ill. 95,911.-Lubricator for Loose Pulle ys.-Chas. A. King, Springfeld, l\ia i,912.-Lubri Springfield, Mass, feld, l\iass. 95,912.-Lubricator for Loose Pulley s .Ch a s. A. King, 95,913.-Rotary Vegetable Grater.-Wm. E. Knight, Shrewsbury, assignor to Darins A. Martin, Mount Holly, Vt. 95,914.-Spring Pounding and Chopping Block.-Frederick Kohler and A. J. Alsing, New York city. 95,915.-Picture Case.-Franz Friederich Kullrich, Berlin, Prussia. 95,916.-Washing Machine.-William Leighty, Ebensburg, Pa, 95,917.-Clothes Dryer.-J. C. Longshore, Mansfield, Ohio. 95,918.-Machine for Making Wire Ferules.-Henry O. Lothrop, Milford, Mass. 95,919.-Core-box for Car Wheels.-Thos. Maher, Cleveland, Ohio. 95,920.-Animal Trap.-Joel Manchester, New York city. 95,921.-Stovepipe.-Horace A. Mears, Pecatonica, Ill. 95,922.-Propelling Vessel.-George A. Milani, Frankfort, Ind. 95,923.-Wagon Stake.-Edward Milner, Marquette, Mich. 95,924.-Apparatus for Decanting Liquids.-Titus Moli- nier, New Orleans, La. 95.925.-Combined Plow and Harro w .-Albert Moore and Friederich Wendel, Chillicothe, OhIo. 95,926.-S0apcutting Machine.-Charles S. Murphy and Donald McGregor, Detroit, M ich. 95,927.- Cut-oFF N ozzle for Cans. - John McLeod Murphy (assignor to James Lorimer Graham), New York city. 95,928.-Railway-rail Chair.-Frederick Nicklin (assignor to himself and Reuben Willis), Troy, N. y. 95,929.-Ice Cream Server.-Jorge Oyarzabal, Malaga, Spain. 95,930.-Wind- w heel Pump.-L. D. Parsons, Tremont, N. Y. 95,931.-Process for Amalgamating Gold and Silver.- Almarin B. Paul, San Francisco, and J. L. Wood. Independence, Cal. 95,932.-Fence Stake.-James N. Pease, Panama, N. Y. 95,933.-Manufacture of Iron and Steel.-John Player, Philadelphia, Pa. 95,934.-Stea m Generator.-Wm. J. Reed, West Middlesex, assignor to himself, John M. Clapp, and Warner Pearson, Newcas-tle,Pa. 95,935.-Machine for Making Horseshoes.-Andrew J. Roberts, Boston, Mass. 95,936.-Hooks an d Eyes.-Edward P. Roche, Bath, Me. 95,937.-Butter Package.-Theodore W. Ryding, Tully N.Y. 95,938.-Railroad Car Ventilator. - Albert G. Safford Boston, Mass. 95,939.-Preserving Dead Bodies.-George W. Scollay St. Louis, lo. Antedated October 5, 1869. 95,940,-Soil Pulverizer.-Warren Shumard, Richmond Ind. Antedated Oct. 5,18D9. 95,941.-Manufacture of Illuminating Gas.-Benj. Silli- man, New Haven. Conn. 95,942.-Fruit Dryer.-R H. Sipes and D. Defibaugh,Bloody Run, Pa. 95,943.-Pump.-Anthony Sluthoin, Cleveland, Ohio. 95,944.-Traveling Bag.-J. R. Smith, Chicago, Ill., assignor' to Cornelius 'Valsh. Newark. N. J. 95,945.-Bed Bottom.-W. C. Smith, Warrensburg, Mo. 95,946.-W agon Brake.-D. '. Snelbaker (assignor to Alex ander Delorac), Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,947.-Milking AppaUatus. -Eugene Spedden, Astoria Oregon. 95,M8.-Lamp Filler.-H. ". Staples, Saco, Me. 95,949.-Coal S'ove.-H. Stickney, Cleveland, Ohio. 95,950.-Mowing Machine.-J. V. Strait, Litchfield, Ohio, 95,951. - Boot Pattern. - William Swarts, Pent Water, Mich. 95,952.-Am Hoist.-Lewis Taws and J. M. Hartman (assignors to Louis Taws and J. M. Hartman), Philadelphia, Pa. 95,953.-WateU Elevator.-L. Taylor, Jordan, and J. C Richardson, Prairie-rIu-Chien, Wis. 95,954.-Water Vheel.-Jose Tort, Mexico, Mexico. 95,955.-Stone-cu'ting Machine. - Frederick Townsend, Albany. Y. 95,956.-Rotating Cultivator.-Theodore Uehling, Logan , Nebraska. 95,957.-Box OpeneU.-H. C. Van Gieson, Paterson, N. J. 95,958.-Apparat1s for Evaporating Liquids to Obtain Sugar. etc.Rcuben W ak e field, Ha rc wic lc , Vt. 95,959.- Coffeepot.- S. V. Wa rner, B uffa lo, N. Y. 95,960.-P low.-Wm. B. Wes t, Utic a, 'i s. 95,961.-Excavator.-B. R. Wehn e r, Mankato, Minn. 95,962.-Brick Machine.-J ohn 'Vhiteford,Pond City,Kansas. Antedated Oct. 9, 1869. 95,963.-Fence.-Henry Wicker, Olean, N. Y. 95,964.-Combination Tool.-J. S. Zerbe, D e law a re , Ohio. 95,965.-Mode of Hanging Window Curtains. - Henr y Aiken, Pnilade1phia, Pa. 05,966.-Reflector for Street LalIp.-J. N. Aronson,New York city. 95,967.-S'ovepipe Damper.-J. M. Baker, Aurora, Ill. 95,968.-Railway Moving Machine.-Wm. Ball, Wilmington, Ohio. 95,969.-Game.-C. B. Barlow, Portsmouth, N. H. 95,970.-Composition for Cleaning S'one.-Frederick Bau- mann, Chicago, Ill. 95,971.-Safety fackle.-Benjamin Bellair, Paris, France. 95,972.-FirepI,ace Stove.-.acob Benner, Pittsburgh, Pa. 95,973.-Feed Mechanism foR Grinding Mills.-H. L. Bennett, Geneva, Ill. 95,974.-Apparatus for ApplY i n g Roofing Composition to Fel'.-H. O. Benton, Buffalo, N. Y. 95,975.-Spark AUrester.-John William Bowker, Sacramento Clty, Cal. 95,976.-Sectional Coffer Dam.-Thomas Bracher, Rah-way, N. J. 95,977.-Paint and Pigment.-Joel Prenton (assignor to himself, F. C. Epting, AIpheus Catler, J. L. Giddings, and Richard Brenton), Pittston, Pa. 95,978.-Dool Latcn.-E. W. Brettell, Elizabeth, N. J. Antedated Oct. 9, 1869. 95,979.-Shutter Fastener.-l. T. Brown, New York city. 95,980.-Composition for Beverage.-R. F. Brown, Prov- incetown, Mass. 95,981.-Steam and Air Whistle.-Thomas Brown, Chica- 9G,982.-Fence.-J. S. Burch, Buffalo, N. Y. 95,U83.-Automatic Boiler Feeder.-J. E. Burdge, Cincinnati, Ohio. 95,984.-Spring Mattress. - Edwin L. Bushnell, Pough- keepsie, N. Y. 95,985.-Device for Burning Sawdust in SteaI Genera- 'on Furnaces.-E. S. Chase, Eau Claire, Wis. 95,986.-Hand Cultivator.-Ebenezer Clark, Rushville, Ill.. 95,987.-Manufacturing Flour.-D. R. Clem, Edinburg,Va. . 95,988.-MacRine for Grinding Cylindrical-fluted Cut:" teRs.-A. G. Coes, Worcester, Mass. 95,989.-Washing Machine.-John W. Cord, Pleasant Hill" Ind. 95,990.-Metallic Hoofing . -J. B. Crowley (assignor to him se1f and Manning, Bowman Co.), Middletown, Conn. 95,991.-LocomVive Signal Ligh'.-J. M. Crull (assignor to hirsclf, A. C. McCulley, '. A. Middleton, and Jacob )alters), Harrisburg. Pa. 95,992.-Ro'ary Engine.-John Cuthber t , Glenham, N. Y. 95,9"3.-Curtain Fixture.-Alfred S. Dickinson, New York city. 95 994.-Curtain Fixture Device For Stopping the Motion of CoRds.-A. S. Dickinson, New York city. 95,995.-Machine for Destroying W orlIs from Cotto n Plants.-William Ewing', Columbia, La. 95,9l6.-Sadiron Holder and Clo'hes Dryer.-H.L.Frank- lin and Eugene Clark, Nashua, N. H. 95,997.-Gang Plow.-W. J. Funk, Portland, Oregon. 95,998.-Breech-loading Fire - arm.-William Golcher, St. Panl,Minn. 95,999 . -Pnotogra p her s' Plate Vise.-V. M. Griswold, Peekskill, N. Y. Antedate d Oct. 7,1869 . 96,OOO.-Pu m p.- W. M. H ami lton, Jacksonville, Ill. 96,001.Furnace for Steam and other Devices-David Harger, Des Moines, Iow a. 96,002.-G at e . -Jes se H arpster, Clyde, Ohio. 96,003.-Chalk fon Use a' BilliaHd Tables.-Thomas Harrison, Detroit, and 'illiam Hollman and 'Villi am Chart, Three Rivers, :ich. 96,004.-S'raw CutteH.-F. B. Hunt, Hichmond, Ind. 96,005.-Horse Hay Rake.-J. G. Huntington, Atkinson, assignor to himself and F. E. Wi lson , North Bradford, Me. 96,006.- Sn ow P low .- A. H. J ackso n, Bear Valley, assignor to J. C. Garland, Sacramento, Cal. 96,007.-Potato Digger and Cullivato r .-Moses Johnson Three Rivers, Mich. 96,008,-Saw Gummer.-Nelson Johnson, Jasper, N. Y. 96,009.-Saw Swage.-Nclson Johnson, Jasp e r, N. Y. 96,010.-Shover Plow.-E. A. Kamerer, Greentown, Ohio. 96,Oll.-Machine for Making Needles for Sewing MacIIines.-Geo. Karrmann, Ansonia,assignor to himself and Chas.Alvold, Wolcottvillc, Conn. 96,012.-Varnish for Plastered Walls and for Coating otheR Surfaces. ' W. M. Kimber, Sacramento City, Cal. 96,013.-Canal Tug.-S. R. Kirby, New York city .. 96,014.Window Shutter and Blind.-Frederick Hartt Knevitt atr i enrlt erbelt Hazard, London, England,assignors to Frederick iartt Knevitt. 96,015.-CoHn-Planter, Seed-Sower, and Cultivator.- D. P. Leach, Franklin, Ind. 96,016.-Breast Strap Attachment Ior Harness.-Joseph Letchworth, Buffalo, N. Y. 96,017.-Feeding Mechanism for Sewing Machines.- Henry I.omax. Over Darweu, Great Britain. 96,018.-Metallic Double Shovel Plow.-W. W. Love, Athens, Ohio. 96,019.-Catch-Basin for Sewer s .-J. J. Lyon, Cincinnati, Ohio. 96,020.-Manufacture of Hollow Rubber Goods.-J. C. Lyons. N cw York city. 96.0 2 1.-Manufacture of Sewer Pipe.-John Lyth, Buffa10, N.Y. 96,022.-Plasterers' Hawk.-T. J. McGeary, Newark, N. J. 96,023.-Heel-StiffeneU.-J. R. Moflitt, Chelsea, Mass. 96,024.-Stump.Joint for CarIiages.-F. B. Morse (assignor to himself and Plants Manufacturing CompaJY), Plantsville, Conn 96,02 5.- StU p-Joint for CaRRl ges.-F. B. Morse (a ssignnor to himself and Plants Manufacturing Company ), . lantsville, Conn., 96,02fi.-MuSIC Stand.-A. R. Nettleton, Unionville, Conn. 96,027.-Shingle Machine.-P. D. Northcraft, Thurston county, Washlnlton Territory. 96,028.-CarlUage-Hub Shell.-James O'Connor, Jackson, Mo. 96,02 1.-DistiT,ing- Whisky and other Spirits.-J. S. Oliver and Edward Harris. New York city. 96,030.-Coffee Roaster. - c. T. Palmer, Norwich, Conn, 96,0 ;1.-Water - Proof Coating or Paint for Wood anD other l.teIHals -j. k. P a l mer, Clmbrldge, Ma8s. 96,032.- Spool Rack.-W. P. P att o n ( a ss ignor to himse lf 'nd Alfred Bomgardlner), Harrtsbnr!, Pa. 96,033.-Compresslon Cock.-Charles Perkes, Philadelphia, Pa. 96,034 .-Spouted Can.-T. C. Phinney and C. E. Bancroft, Mont p e l 1 er , Vt 96,0i5.-Rea mer.-A. J. Prescott, Catawissa, Pa. 95,036.-Appara tus for Admi nister ing M edicated or Pu re Steam to Brut es.-Leonard Quetsch, Urban", Ill. 96,0;:7.-Art of Making Metallic Tubes.-J. B. Root, New York city. Antedated October 13, 1869. 96,038.-Appara'ruB for Dividing Powders.-Frederick Shaeffer, Philadelphia, Pa. 96,039.-Att ach ment to R oLLs for Calendering Paper Boards- E. A. Seeley, S cotch Plains, N. J. 96,040.-Machine for Cutting and Dressing Stone.- Thomas Sharp Car1isle, P;l. 96041.-Ga'e Latch.--Daniel Sheets, Suisun, Cal. 96,042.-Corn Stalk Cutter.-J. B. Sherlock, Port Byron, Ill. 9f,Oi3.-Carriage Axle.-A. E. Smith, Bronxville, N. Y. 96,044.-Galvanic Apparatus.-Elias Smith, Normal, Ill. 96,045.-Mode of Attaching Diamonds for Stone Drilling. -H. J. Smith, Boston, Muss. 96,04'j.-Superheating Device for Steam and other GeneRatoRs.-Wright ,mith, St. Louis. Mo. 96,047.-Mode of V entilating and Cooling.-D. E. S omes, 'WaRhlngton, D. C. _ 98,048.-Proces s and Apparatus for CoQling and Preserving P e rishable Articles.-D. e. Somes, Wash1ngton, D. C. 96,049.-R e vers ible Latch.-W. E. parks (assignor to Sarjent Co.), New Haven, CConn. 96,050.-Fly THap.-August Staudinger, St. Louis, Mo. 9t,051.-Railway Car BUake.-S. R. Stina rd, Paterson, N . J. 96,052.-Plane.-E. G. Starke, Auburn, N. Y. 96,053.-Lantern Glo be.-Micha el Swee ney (assign or to ' Sweeney, Bell, and Co .), Wheeling, "rst Va. 96,054.-Co tto n-See d Separa tor an d Planter.-s. W. Thomps-m. Ofr:8o, Orio, asS ignorto hi :se\f'I Wm,i. Ward , and Wm . D. Wh'teca;,philadephia, pa. ntedaied October 16, i869. 96,055.-Flour Sifter.-c. j. Tripp, Wallingford, Conn. 9o , 056 . -Apparatus for Ageing Spirituous Liquors - R. D. Turner, New Y ork city. 96,05 7.-Rotary CoDter.-F. J. Underwood, Rock I s lan d , 96,018.-Tail-Board for W agons.-Wi liam Vanscoyoc, 96,059o.- R ailw ay C;r Coupling.-'. V. Wallace, New York city. __ , 96,060.-Spike. -w. v. Wallace, New York city. 96,0H1.-Lasting Ha mm e r . -J. W. Warner, Dover, n. H. 9J,062.-Laying Street P avement.-Gardner Warren, BOB-ton, Mass. ,-,-r.,,. TTT 96,OG3.-Seed-Wheel for Grain-Drills.-William Weust- hot, Dav ton, Ohio. _ , _ ~ , 96,0 4.-Grain-Drill.-W. Weusthoff and Charles Schmidt, 96,065.-C ar Coupling.-J. m. WheeleT and C. W. Chase, Batavia, Iowa. _ -n i a 96,0 66 . - Dev i c e f or Grinding Metal Plates-Earl a. ' V hite (assiO nor to him self and d. D. B uf ora Co.), R oek Island, Il l . 96,0 i7.- Stea m Ge ne ra tor .-S . L. W l' e g and , Ph 1'l la an d elphia, Pa 96,008.-Washing Machine.-J .B Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. 96869.Tesselateb Floor.J. F. Worth (ass ignor to himself, i. w. Greory, and Alfred Gregory), Brooklyn N. Y. 96;070.- RAway Car CouplinO.-J. S. Merriken (assignor to himself and Wllliam Colton), Baltimore, Md. REISSUES. 93,68 5/Door L atl .I-ll D ated August 17,1869 ; reissue 3,675. F. W. Dean, Tr emont, 111. 55,764.-Brush.-Dated Ju ne 19, 18 66 ; reissue 3, f6 .Florence Manufacturing Company, Flo renc e, Mas s., aSdignee. by m(sne as-signment, of A. C. Estabrook. 90,160.-Manufacture of Glue.-Dated May 18, 1869 ; rl. Issue 8,677.-w. A. Fleck. Philadelphia, Pa., a ..ugnee of Hugo Fleck. 80,179 .Machin e for Drying and S c ouring Sheet-Met"l.-Dated J u l y 21,18; rel . su 83, 6 78 . - c. E_ l. H o lmes , New York city. 92,457.-Dumping Car.-Dated July 13. 18\9; reissue 3,679. -Isaae K elth, H . T. K eith, and 1. N. Keith, West Sandwich, Mas., as-sienees of Isaac K eit h 88,730.- BreeOh-Loading Fire-Arm.-Dated April 8, 18f9 ; reissue 8.680.J. D. S.Newell' - r nsas parish, and A G. Bric, E' -i-r:, and i h s ;!PRkre; New Orle:;s, La., assignees Of J. D: : . Newell. 67,213.-Lock.-Dated July 30, 1867; reissue 3,6 1.-Necolas Petre, New York city. 22,990.- Mop -H ead .Date d F eb. 15, 1 859 ; re isslue 3,192; dated Nov. 10. 186; rejssue 3,2'5, dat ed Nov. 24, 1 868; reissne 3,682.-I.uke Taylor, Springfield, Vt. 35,355 .-Mea ns of At t aching Rubbe r to Pencils.- Dated May 20,1862; relBsue 8 6'r3.-W. C . Vo,bnrgh and W. A. L ud d e n (,.silno or. to J. J. Merritrt, Brooklyn , N. Y., assignor to R nbberTp Penell Company, New York city. 80,125.-Broiler.-Dated July 21 , 1 86 8; reissue 3,684.-The American Broller Company, Elmira, N . y., as slglee of Sylvester Bowers. DESIGNS. 3,713 and 3, 7 14.-Tack Head.-O. L. B a ssett (assignor to the Taunton Tack Company). Taunton, Mass. Two patents. 3,715. Tack Head.-T. R. Bearse (assignor to the Taunton Tack Company), Taunton. Mass. 3,7HI.-Ornam en'ilg Glas s W are.-John Bryce, East Birmingham, Ps. 3,717 and 3,718..- Carpe t PaTTer n.-Jonatha n Crebtree (ass-signorto Jamea Bromley Brothers), Philadelphia, Pa. Tmwo potents. 3,719.-StoVe ..D. K. Innes and W. W. Magill, Cincinnati, Ohio. 3,720.-:ange Front.-J. L. Mott, Mott Haven, N. Y. 3,721.-Iron Wash-Stand Slab.-J. L. Mott, Mott Haven, N Y. l,722. -Shu tt er-Ho ok or Bar.- Emmery P arker (assifnor to the Russell and Erwin l1anufactnring Compauy), New Brltail, Conn. 3,723.- Co mbined I nkst and and Penrack.-Henry Whitney, East Cambridge.