FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCT. 26, 1869. Reported Official for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat$16 On filing- each application for a Patent (seventeen years)K1E On issuing each original PatentS^l! On appeal to Commissioner ofPatents,%2O On application for Reissue On application for Extension of Patent$50 insi Oq tiling a Disclaimer$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)$10 On an application for Design (seven years)...$1:;, On an application for Ilesign (fourteen years!^30 In additionto which there aresomesmallrevenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $5Ot( on application. For copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim coversfrom$1 upward. but usually at the price above-named. Thefull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them$1 -25 Official Copies of Drawingsof any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number ofview8. Fidl information, as to vrice oj drawings. in each case, may be had by addressingMUNN CO•• Patent Solicitors, No. 37 Park Row, New York. 9 6,142.Centrifugal Machine for Extracting Honey from the Col'is.-H. O. Peabody, Boston, Mass . 96.143.Fire-CrackerHolderA. E. Peck, Brooklyn,- • N. Y. 96.144.FlowerPot.B. IV. Putnam, Boston, Mass. 96.145.Printers'Galley.William Quail, New York city. 96.146.RailwayCar Coupling.Matthew Quinn, Wataga; in. 96.147.GateLatch.F. M. Ranons, Little Shasta Valley , Cal. 96.148.Compoundfor Making Water-Proob' Paper. C. S. Rauh, Boston, Mass. 96.149.ShutterWorker.-E. W. Scott, Wauregan, Conn, Antedated Oct. 16, 1869. 96.150.KeyFace for Concertina.L. A. Seward, New Orleans, La. 96.151.Apparatusfor Teaching Music, etc.Louis A, Seward, New Orleans, La. 96.152.ShoeLast.-W. C. Shipherd, Willoughby, Ohio. 96.153.PotatoDigger.J. J. Singley, Lafayette, Ind. 9 li,154.Washing Machine.R. H. Sipes, Bloody Run, Pa. 96,155,Machine for Bleaching Cane Juice.E. Skelly Plaquemine, La. C6,lo(j.-Saw iSET.-H. Sloat, Watertown, N. Y. 96.157.Condenserfor Alcohol STILLS.Ed. Smeeth ) Chicago, Ill. 96.158.-Faucet.A.D. Smith, Grafton, Ohio. 90.159.GopherTrap.-D. N. Smith, San Bernardino, Cal.' 96.160.SewingMachine.-E. H. Smith, Bergen, N. J. Antedated Oct. 13,1869. 96.161.Apparatusfor Unloading Hay.George Smith, Providence, R. 1. assignor to himself and J. C. De Lang, Detroit Mich.° 96.162.HandStamp.-R. H. Smith, Springfield, Mass. 96.163.MatchSAfE.August Steinbok, New York city. 96.164.-HalterClasp.-E. H. Stewart, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.165.BlackingBRUSH.-Augusta Thompson, Holyoke, Mass. 96.166.Thimble.T.R. Timby, Saratoga, N. Y. 96.167.CornCultiyatoh.-D. ''IF. Travis, Enfield, N. Y . Antedated Oct, 12,1869. 96,16S. Watkr Wheel.B. 'IV. Tuttle, Galena, Ill. 96.169.SleighCoupling.Wm. E. Van Scliaick, Delevan, Wis. 86.170.Harvester.J.P, Van Sickle, Geneva, N. Y. 96,171Blind Hinge.Adolph Velguth, Milwaukee, Wis. 96,172.Car Stat ter.M. N. Ward, Bangor, Me. 96,173:Horse HII.Y Fork.C. E. Warner, Syracuse, Y Antedated Oct. 16, 1869. 96.174.ChinRest for Violin.A. W. White, Boston, and J. J. Watson, Gloucester, Mass. 96.175.CombinedLatch and Look.T. Weaver (assignor to .T. W. Moffitt), Harrisbnrgh, Pa. 96.176.WeatherStrip.-J. R. Webber, Chicago, Ill. 96.177.CottonSeed Hulling Machine.F. A. Wells Memphis, Tenn. 96.178.Meansof Attaching Tops to Jugs, Cruets, etc -Homer Wright (assignor to himself, H. H. Collins, and . Ii'. Col1in9) Pittsburgh, Pa. Antedated Oct. 9, lS69. 96.179.Apparatusfor Preserving Fruit.C. C. Wil- liams,Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.180.Attachmentfor Sewing Machines.Enoch S. Yentzer, Ottawa, Ill. 96.181.ClothesDryer.L. J. Adams (assignor to himself, Wm. Hyland, and A. B. Miller), Hoosick Falls,N. Y. 96.182.WaterWheel.J. S. Anderson, Oconomowoc, Wis. 96.183.Clothes-LineSupporter.Jolm Andrews, New Bedford, Mass. 96.184.Machinefor Cutting Cork.Olney Arnold, Paw- tucket, R. I. 96, b5.Machine for Driving Rake Teeth.M.Barnes and A. T. Barnes (assignors to themselves and Tifiin Agricultural Works), Tiffin, Ohio. 96.186.CentrifugalSugar-Draining Machine.H. W, Bq,rtol, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.187.Methodof Transporting Letters and Parcels, -A. E. Beach, Stratford, Conn. 96.188.ShowCounter.Aaron Beardsley, Mount Zion, Iowa. 96,189Vise.J. D. Beck. Liberty, Pa. 96,190.Steam GeneratorC. G. Beitel, Easton Pa. 96,191 .-Harrow.R. N. Bennett, Union Mills, Ind. 96.192.HorsePower.W. N. Berkeley, Cedar Rapida, Iowa. 96.193.RailwayCattle GATE.-Joel Bowman and J. B. Overmyer, Reading. Ohio. 86.194.LightningRod Point.J. F. Boynton, Syracuse, N. Y. 96.195.Bootand Shoe.Edmund Brown (assignor to him-. self and Artemus Prouty), Burlington, Vt. 96.196.CabinetBudstead.S. S. Burr, Dedham, Mass. 98.197.-Modeof Cleaning Gas Retorts.C. A. Bush, New' London, assignor, for one quarter of llis right, to H. P. Ostrum, New Haven, Conn. 96,19".Insulator for Telegraph 'Wires.C. A Bush, New London, assignor. for two thirds of his right, to H. P. Ostrum and T. C. Bush, New Haven, Conn. 96.199.GalvanicBattery.J. A. Callaud, Nantes, France. Patented in France May 19, 1858. 96.200.LampBurner.G. H. Chinnock (assignor to New Lamp Chimney Company), New York city. 96.201.Distillingand Treating Alcoholic Spirits. George Clarlr, Buffalo, N, Y. 9(l,202.Machine for Cleaning Co” ton.L. T. Clement, Smyrna, Tenn. 96.203.Wrench.LoringCoes, Worcester, Mass. 96.204.Piano-ForteAction.B. E. Colley, Boston, Mass. 96.205.SnowPlow.--M. A. Cravath and I. M. Cravath, Bloomington,Ill. Antedated Oct. 16, 1369. 98,206 Rotary Puddling Furnace.Samuel Danks, Cincinnati. Ohio. 96.207.LatheChuck.H. M. Darling, Bridgeport, Conn. 96.208.Velocipede.C.E. Dayton, Meriden, Conn. 96.209.ExtensionTable.Jacob Dourson (assignor to himself and F. A. Comstock), Colnmbus, Ohio. 96.210.Shaftand Coupling Shikld.-M. L. Drake, Rock- ford, Ill. 93.211.BuckingChair..T. E. Emerson, Trenton, N. J. 96.212.TanBark Leach.-L. C. England, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.213.WagonSeat.W. R. English and Jason McCiure English Centre, Pa. * 96.214.XwEER.SamuelEpley, McGrawsville, Ind. 9)<),215. Medical Compound for the Cure of Fever and Ague.J. M. Ferguson, Summit, Miss. 98.216.SpringPerch for Carriages.E. R. Ferry (assignor to himself and P. Ferry, New Haven, Conn. 96.217.Modeof Plating, Coating, and Ornamenting Articles of Iron and STEEl.-Kasson Frazer, Syracuse, N. Y. 96.218.Lock-Nut.P.L. Gibbs, Dunleith, 1ll. 96.219.ScrubbingBrush.Samuel Gibson, Safe Harbor, Pa. 93220.Machine for Splitting Whalebone.Nathan Goddard (ass gnor to himself and D. B. Saunders), Boston, Mass. 98.221.TreadleMotion.E. A. Goodes (assignor to F. M. Wood. H. F. Hays, Samuel Allen, J. S.Brown, T.E. Wtidershiein, and T . S. Keyser), Philadelphia, Pa. 96.222.-HatTip.S. H. Greenbaum, New York city. 96.223.AirBlast Engine.John Grim, St. Louis, Mo. 96.224.-Methodof Adjusting Circular Saws.J. P Grosvenor, Lowell, Mass. 96.225.HorsePower Connection.J. A. Hafner, Com merce, Mo. 96,223.Extension Scaffold.P. L. Hains, Freeburg, Pa. 96,227.Drilling Machine.John Hale, Scranton, Pa. 9 6,228.-Gas Flat IBON.-Albert Hallowell and A. T. Ather ton , Lowell, Mass. ,229Bag Fastener.C. A. Haring, Peoria, Ill. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC of latms. Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCT. 26, 1869. Reported Officially for the ScientWe Amerwan. 96.071.HeatRadiatorA. Albee, Worcester, Mass. 96.072.STiLT.M.C. Ames (assignor to himself and W. E. Simonds) , Hartford, Conn. 96.073.Machinefor Carbureting Atmospheric Air. Arthur Barbarin, New Orleans, La. 96.074.Apparatusfor Carbureting Air.Arthur Barbarin, New Orleans, La., and A. E. Dupas, Paris, France. 96.075.Propeller.Thos.Bell, Bellport, N. Y. 96.076.PIT!JHINGBarrel.J. P. Benoit. Detroit, Mich. 96.077.CombinedSawset, Clamp, and Vise.B. Black- stone, Warren, Ill. 96.078.Machinefor Sharpening Saws.L. N. Borem, Kennard, Ohio. 96,079.,,-S'£ALK Cutter.R. A. Boulware, Doniphan, Kansas. 96.080.Samplesfor Shoe Dealers.A. N. Breneman, Lancaster, Pa. 96.081.Apparatusfor Evaporating Cane Juice.M. S. Bringier,Ascenslon parish, La. 96.082.Lantern.T.B. Burgert, Crestline, Ohio. 96.083.Buckle.D.S. Butler, Otterville, Mo. 96.084.PortableFence.Jacob Closs, Dee atur, Ind. 96.085.Palletand Brush for Graining.Fred'k Cole, Kankakee, Ill. 96.086.TicketCLIP.Austin B. Culver, Westfield, N. Y. 96.087.SurgeRelieverC. D. Cutting (assignor to himself and W. J. Keefe), Boston, Mass. 96.088.-Sugar-caneMill. Anthony Demaree, Fairfield,§1.230.Look for Car Door.A. V. Hartwell, Chicago. 111. §o;2 >1.Manufacture of Putty.G. W. Hatfield, Dayton, Qhio. 96.212.Pruning Shears.-Virgil Hayes, Tekonsha, and Lewis Cuatt. Eckford ,Mich. 962233.Gutter for Door Sill.J. A. Hemberger, Read- .ng, Ohio. 96,234Plow clod Fender.James Higgins and J. W. Hig'gins,Orth. lnd. 98,235.Wind and TIDE Alarm.G. M. Hoffman and Peter Hermas, Jr., Rahwa,y, N. J. 96.23<i,Traveling Trunk.-Thomas Hunt, New York city. 96,237.Rubber Compound for Packing.John Johnson, Brooklyn, E D.,N. Y. 9^,238 .Hand Loom.Abraham Jones, Clinton , Ill. 96.239.Processof Reducing Wood and Woody Fibers for Papeb Pulp.V. E.Keegan, Boston Highlands, Mass. Antedated Oct 80,1869. 96.240.RailwayCar Brake J. J. Kiser, Middletown, Ind. 96.241.Methodof Recovering Grease from W aste Soap Liquor.William Koehler, Norwalk, Conn., assignor to J. m. Pendleton. 96.242.ColoringMaterial for Dyeing and Printing. Charles Lauth Paris, France. 96,243Fdel for Metallurgic Purposes.C. E. Lester, New York city. 9'l,244.Harrow.J. S. Lewis, Elkader, Iowa. 96.245.Compoundfor Treating the Human Hair.W. R. Lount, Austm, Texas. 98.246.Safe.EgbertMacy, Brooklyn. N. Y. 96.247.WashingMachine.S. T. McDougall, Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.248.ExplosiveCompound. - William Mills (assignor to himself, G. A. Lilliendnhl, and J .J. Detwllier), New York city. 96.249.-KehoseneStove. R. B. Mitchell, Chicago. Ill 96.250.Diefor Forming Thill Irons.~F. B. Morse, Plantsville, Conn. 96,251 Series of Dies for Forming King-Bolts.F. B. Morse Plantsville. Conn. 9(5,252 Carriage Clip.F. B. Morse (assignor to himself and H. D. Smith&Co. ), Plantsville, Conn. '98,253.Slat-iron for C rriages.F. B. Morse (assignor to himself and H.D.Smith&Co.),Plantsville,Conn. 96.254.Top-p,op for Carriages .F. ,>. Morse (assignor to himself ami H. D. Smith&Co.) , Plantsville. Conn. 96.255.Boltfor Whiffi,etrees.F. B. Morse (assignor to himselfand H. D. Sm ith&Co.), Plantsville, Conn. 98,25 Carriage Shackle.F. B. Morso (assi gnor to himself and H. D. Smith&Co.), Plantsville, Conn. arlesAlbany, N. 96.258.Carpenters'ijlane.Georg Muller (assignor to hlmselfand Francis Burnet), w Yoi'k City. 96.259.Lavat Attac hment for Railroad Cars. John G. Murdock, Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.260.GasHeater.Hiram B. Musgrave, Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.261.TooLfor Cutting Tubes.Thomas Nelson, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.262.SteamEnginery forMotivc Power.Alfred Col- eri ck Pilli ner and J am es Cliarl es Hill, 0 akfi eH Works, near Newport, England. Patented in England January 28.1S68. 96.263.ScrewDriver.J. C. Pinner, Newb ern. Tenn. 96.264.Sugarand Sorghum Mill.D. J. Powers and Henry B. Stevens, Madison, Wis. assignor to D. J. Powers, assignor to Buffalo Agricultural Machine Works. 96,235,Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Elevator.Silas G. Randall Providence, R. 1. 96,2-8!).Lounge an,) Sofa Bed.R. M. Reeby, Worcester, Mass. 96;361.-FURNACE FOR Heating TUBES.-Patrick Reilly (assignor to Seyfert, McManus&Co.), Reading, Pa. 96.268.lightning Rod. Wm. S. Reyburn and F J. Martin, Philadelphia ,Pa. 96.269,Medicinefor Cancer.Lawrence Roy (assignor to himselfand Charles J. Nesbitt), Plattsburg, Mo. I 96,270.Lace-leader for Sails.Daniel W.S awyer, Booth | Bay, Me. 96.271.CombinedCultivator and Seeder.Silas C. Scho- fl3ld Chicago,Ill. Antedated October 16.1869. 96.272.HorseRake.Silas C. Schofield and A. Judson Wise, Chicago, assignors to Silas C. Schofield and Wm D. Andrews, Eockford, Ill. 96.273.BlindHinge.Alfred L. Seabury and Davidson Morri-, Norfolk, Va. 96.274.OilCan SroP.ER.Conard Seimel, Brooklyn, IT. Y., assignor to Charles Pratt, New York city. 96.275.ImitationHair for Ladies' Head Dress.Louise New Yor 96 ,276.Compound Bail.E, R^ Shepard, Scranton, Pa. AntedatedOctoberl6, 1869. 96.277.BurglarAl arm.Isaac Silvernail, Byron, Mich. 96.278.BRiDGE.FrederickH. Smith (assignor to Smith, Latrole Co.), Baltimore, Md. 9 ,279.Uultivator.-J. A. Smith, Lacon, Ill. 9(5,280.Apparatus for Elevating and Distributing ' Water in BUILDINGS.James L. Smith, Pltssaic, N. J. 96.281.Self-feedingBoiling and Eva.orating Ap- parattts.Michael M. Smitli, St. Louis, Mo. 96.282.Basefor Bench ViSES.-Anson P. Stephens (assignor to himself. Melvin Stephens, and N.tnan Stephens), Brooklyn, 96.283.CaneMill.Henry B. Stephens, Buffalo, N. Y., and D. J. Powers, Madison, Wis., assl gnors to George L. Squier, Buffalo, n. y. 96.284.SteamEngine Piston Packing.Edward Sullivan, Pittsburgh, Pa. 9il,2S5.Copying Press.George Tangye, Birmingham; England . 97,28ti.H0SE and Pipe Coupling. J. C. Thompson, Charlestown (assignor to himself and Jo'in H. Rogers), Boston. Mass. 96.287.Wrench.R.M. Thompson, Coshocton, Ohio. 96.288.FishBAIT.George T. Thorp, Philadelphia, Pa. 96 '289. Summer Furnace.J. S. Van Buren, Green Island . n. y.' 96,290..-iCuLTiVATOR.Elisha Walker and Josiah J. Piatt, La Porte, Ind. _ 9>,291.-Sash HOLDER.Wm. M. Walton (assignor to himself and Joseph J. Walton), Newark, N. J. 96.292.Photographers'Rest.Edward L. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. . 96.293.Fenderfor Corn PLows.-Lewis C. Witt and W. F. Jones, Boston, Ind. 96.294.PruningImplement. James R. Woodworth, Nunda, N. Y. • 93.295.SashHolder.J. C. Young, Toledo, Ohio. 96.296.StraWCUTTER.Thomas N.Youn^ Richmond, Ind. 96.297.Soemakers' Last-holder.Humphrey Calder and George Burgess, Richmond Va. REISSUES. '15,836.Horse Hay Rake.Dated March 24, 1868 ; reissue 3.685.A. T. Barnes (assignor to '• The Tiffin Agricultural Works"), Tiffin, Ohio. 86,ti44.-SETTEE Frame.Dated February 9, 1869 ; reissue 5.686.-ThomasJ. Close, Philadelphia, Pa. 16,266.Machine for Folding PAPER.Dated December 23,1856 ; reissue 3,687.-Charles A. Durgin, New York city, assignee of Chauncey O. Crosby. 86,835.Process of Utilizing the Waste Products of COMBUSTION FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF WHITE LEAD, AND FOR OTHER Purposes.Dated February 9,1869 ; antedated February 1,1869 ; reissue 3.688.HenryHannen, Thomas Woods,and Benjamin F. Pine, Philadelphia, Pa., ass gnees of Henry Hannen. 12,723.Machine for Punching Metals. - Dated April 17, 1855 ; extended seven years : reissue 3 617, dated August 24.1869 ; reissue 3.689.CharlesParker,Meraen, Conn., assignee oi George Fowler and tljeadministrators ofthe estate of De GrasseFowler.deceased,nainely, Maltby and Soptironizi Fowler. 39,2S5.Rock DRiLL.Dated July 14, 1863 ; reissue 3,304,. dated February 16,1R69; reissue 3,69D. -Asahel J. Severance, Middlebury' Vt., assignee,by mesne assignments, ofRudolp iLcschot. 58,455.Spice B'1x...,-Dated October 2, 1866 ; reissue 3,691. Division A.-Joseph H. Steele, New Haven, Conn., assignee of Wallace A. Miles. 58,455.Spice Box.Dated October 2, 1866 ; reissue 3,692. Division B.-Joseph H. Steele,New Haven, Conn., assignee of Wallace < A. Miles. 80,375.Tape-roll Clip FASTENING.Dated July 28, 1868 ; reissue8,693.-:'.IarcusBrown, Westhead, MancHeste^r, Engiaad. DESIGN S. 2,724 and 3 725.Tack Head.Orin L. Bassett (assignor to the Taunton Tack company), Taunton, Mass. Two patents. Dellicker, Trenton, N. J., assignor to The East Trenton Porcelain Comoany. 3.727.CoveringTrunks.Jonathan Smith Eaton, Boston, Mass. 3.728.Forkor Spoon Handle.George Sharpe, Philadel- phia,Pa. 3.729.FlowerShade and Pedestal.Elizabeth Mary S'tlgaley Philadelphia. Pa. 3.730.Printers'Type.George Wm. Witham (assignor to MacKellar, Smiths&Jordan), Philadelphia, Pa. EXTENSIONS. Sewing Machine.Isaac M. Singer, New York city.Let- tel's Patent No. 13,661, dated October 9 1855. Grain S eparator .Peter Geiser, Waynesborough, Pa.Let- ters Patent No. 13,644, dated October 9, 1855. Chimney Stack.B. F. Miller, New York city.Letters Patent No. 13,620, Dated October 2, 1855. Dust Deflector for W ndows of Rail'Oad Cars.James M. Cook, Boston, Mass.-Letters Patent No. 13,676, dated October 16, 1855. Wash Boar d.Joseph Keech, Waterloo, N. Y.Letters Patent No.1 .68), dated October 16,1855. Faucet.Albert Fuller, New York city.Letters Patent No. 13,677, dated October 16, 1855; reissue o. 752, dated July 5,1859. Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the “ Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 2,746,-Purification of Spirits or Alcoholic Liquids and Apparatus tHEREFOR AND THE SEPARATION OF THE LIGHTER FROM THE HEAVIER Particles of Oils and other Liquids.R. D. Turn er, New York city. September 21,1869. 2,758. -Thrashing Machine.-A. S. Whittemore, Willimantic, and J. B. Atwood, Mansfield, Conn. September 22,1869. 2.824.ManufactureofHorseshoe Nails and apparatus THEREFOR J. D. Kingsland, Burlington, Vt. September 28, 186.». 2,826.-Harvester.-T. Fawcett, Pittsburgh, Pa. September 28,1869. 2,250..Mail Bag, ETC.John Dewe, Toronto, Canada. July 24,1869. 2,717.Car Brake.A. 1. Walker and T. E. Whitcomb, Lynn, Mass. Sept. 24, lb69. ?,807.-Sized PAPER.-H. C. Hulbert and Z. C. Warren, Brooklyn, N. Y. September 21,1869. 2,8,1.Embroidering Looms.K. Adams, South Orange, N. J. Sept. 27, 1869. 2,813.Knitting Machine.H. A. House,Bridgeport, Conn. September 27, 1869. 2.825.Apparatusfoe Preventing A lteeation of Values in Mone takvInsteuments.M. E. Berolzheimer, NewYorkclty , September 28 1869 2,82".Aerial Carriage.-F. Marriott, San Francisco, Cal. September 29, 1869. 2,846. Lock.J. Dewe, Toronto. Canada. September 30,1869. 2,851.-.Screw.W. A. Ingalls, Chicago, Ill. October 1,1869. 2,855.Sewing Machine.-B. P, Howe, New Yurk city. October 1,1869. 2,863.-Buckle for Cotton Bands..J. S. Wallis, New Orleans, La. Oct. 2, 1869. 2,869,Construction of Vaults,etc.T. Hyatt, Atchison, Kansas. Oct. 2, 1169. 2,882.Forging Bolts, etc.W. HorSfall, New York city. October 5, 1869