Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING Nov. 23, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientifc American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat............'....................................................$10 gn filing each application for a Patent (seVenie'j:years)........::........ :$15 On issuing each original Patent.........................j : : :: : : : :..:: : : : : :..$ig On appeal to Commissioner o'' p ateii.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::$20 On application for Reissue.......P........ ...................................... ISO On application for Extension of Patent .........................."............$5(! gn granting the Extensi.o....................................:................$ On filing a cacoimer...............:::::::::::::::::::::: ... :.::: : :::::::::::$10 On an applicatio n for e.lgn (three and a half year.) . : . : . ... . .... ..... . . . .$.1.0 n a n application for Design (seven years).................................. :lii On an application for Design (fou.. teen n addition to which there ar.sonie sJ:fr re;eiie:si;ii i'axes: :esiients of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. F8 copy of Claim of any Patent issue d 'Uhin 30 yea r 8 .......................$$ 1 A sketch frC the model or drawing, relating to such p'n ' a machine e the Claim covuers,from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price a bove-named. Th e full Specification of any pe r: ssued anm d. v'.: : :866, at Uhich time the Patent Office commenc0 printing$1* Ocial Oopies oJ Drawingsof any patent i8sued since 1836, we c nsupply at a reasonable C08t, the price depending upon the amount q labor Iv olved and the number of views. Flinform a i o", as to trice oj drawings, In each cS, may b: had by addre8s ing MiN&&CO.. Patent Solicitor8. No. 37 Park Rw, New York. 97,021.-Horseshoe Machine. - Wesley Anderson, Pittsburgh, Pa. 97,022.-M out h Piece of Bridle Bits.-A. P. Baldwin, Newark, N. J. 97,023.-Welding Iron and Steel.-John F. Beazel,Union-town, Pa. 97,024.-Key Guard.-M. E. Berolzheimer, New York city. 97,025.-Scoop an d Sifter for Flour, etc.-Cephus Beu ens, Waupun, W is. 97,026.-Magazine for Base-burning StoYes.-B. C. Bibb, Baltimore, Md. 97,02'1.Fireplace StoYe.-B. C. Bibb, Baltimore, Md. 97,028.Fmireplace StoYe.-B. C. Bibb and Philip Klotz, Baltimore, Md. 97,029.-Fireplace StoYe.-B. C. Bibb and Philip Klotz, Baltimore, Md. 97,030.-Chisel.holder for File-cutting Machines.-W. J. Birdsall, Newark, N. J. 97,031. - Sleeping Car.H. S. Blood, Jefferson parish, La. 97,032.CultiYator.-S. W. Brock, Niantic. Ill. 97.033.-Stench Trap.-Jesse Brown, San Fra:cisco, Cal. 97,034.-Picture Case.-Geo. Brownlee, Princeton, Ind. 97,035.-Drainpipe Machine.-Isaac C. Bryant, Washing. ton,'D. c. f 97,036.-Manufacture of Semolina. - G. A. Buchholz, Shepherd's Bush, England. Patented in Englana Nov. 19,1862. 97,037.-Manufacture and Means of Assorting Semoli. na and Flour.-g. A. Buchholz, Sbepherd's Bush, Eng. Patented In England March 28, 1867. 97,038.-Machinery for Manufacturing Semolina and Flour.-g. A. Buchholz, Shepherd's Bu.h, Eng. Patented In England Sept. 4,1867. 97.039.-Hulling Machine. - G. A. Buchholz, Shepherd's Bu.h, Enl. Patented in England Aug. 12,186S. - 97,040.-Blind.mortising Machine.-Martin Buck (assignor to himself a"d A. H. Cragin), Lebanon, N. H. 97,041 . -Machine for Making Wood Pulp.-F. Burghardt, Curtisville, Mass. Antedated Nov. 15,1869. 97,042.-Wash Boiler-G. E. Calkins, Rock Island, Ill. 97,043.-Wagon-seat Spring.-Cyrus C. Carter, Exeter, Ill. 97,044.-Drawbridge.-H. W. Cass, Lodi, Wis. 97,045.-Co mpound for Insulating.-A. H. Castle, . Arbor, Mich. 97,046.-Manufacture of Cast-metal Dies.-Luke Chapman (assignor to Coll!n. Co.), Collinsville, Conn. 97,04 7.- Vegetab le Hutter.MT. n. Chrysler, Kinderhook, N. Y. Antedated NoviW, 1869. ' ',. ' 97,048.-Steam Cooking Mparatus.-James O. Clay, HudSOll, Wis. 97,049.-Combined Butter Cutter and Stamp.-Nathan Clough, Lowell, Mas . 97,050.-Fireplace.-Benjamin F. Conley, Funnelton, West Virginia. 97,051.-Mercurial Gas Regulator for Nitrous Oxide Apparatus.-J. B. COOlidge, Be.ton, Ma.s. 97,052.-Mercurial Regulator for Vulcanizing and other Heaters. -J. B. COOlidge, BostOD, Mass. 97,053.-Butter Mold and Print.-Jas. S. Corya, Dupont, Ind. 97,054.-Apparatus for Tempering Steel.-C. B. Cottrell, Westerly, R. 1. 97,055.-Hlve for Raising Queen Bees. - Jewell Davis, Indianapolis, Ind. 97,056.Steam Engine GoYernor-Rollin Defrees,Newark, N. J., assigns to J. D. Defrees, A. Defree and T. Percival three fourths of hi. right. Antedated Nov. 19, 1869. 97,057.-Billiard-table Cushion.-Mathew Delany, Virginia City, Nevada. 97,058.-Portable Still.-L. A. De Lime, St. Louis, Mo. 97,059.-Apparatus for Obtaining Extractive Matter from Sugar Cane and other Materials.-Louis A. De Lime, St. Lonis, Mo. 97,060.- -Metho d of Co n struct ing O rnam enta l Woodwork.Joseph DU! aud H. E. Jordan, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated Sept. 22, 1869. 97,061.-Bag forgathering Fruit.-N.B.Dixon and M.W. Sprague, Rochester, N. Y., assignors to N. B. Dixon. 97,062.-HarYester Cutter.-G. L. Du Laney, Mechanics-burg, Pa. 97,063.-Cham and Fan.-Abraham Dyson, St. Louis, Mo. 97,064.-Steam Engine ValYe Gear.-T. Dyson and Geo. Smith, New York city. Antedated Nov. 19, 1869. 97,065.-Water Wheel.-A. A. Easton, Killingly, and A. J. Harrington, Plainfield, Conn. 97,066.Cooking StoYe.-Richard Eaton, London, England, and Joseph Marks, Boston, Mass. 97,067.-!BeehiYYe.-W . A. Elam, Milan, Ten n. 9977,068.Excavating M ac hine.- William H . Elliott, New York City. 97,069.-Lamp Burner.-J. B. Fulle r, Norwich , Conn. 97; 070.-Grain ConYeyer. - John G ardiner, Philad elphia, Pa. 97,071.-Ticket Punch.-John Gardner, San Francisco, Cal. 97,072.-Blacking Box.-C. H. Gatchell, Oldtown, Me. 97,073.-Cultivator.-1. N. Gates, Burnside, Ill. 97; for Pianos.-Marie Gether, St. Louis, Mo. 97,075.-Combined Roller and Ice Skate.-A. J. Gibson, CinCinnati, Ohio. 97,076.-Dial Telegraph .aratus.-E. T. Gilliland, Cincinnati. OhiO, a.signor to himself and Peter Neff, Jr. 97,977.-Digester for Coffee Pots.-W. L. Gilroy, Philadelphia. Pa. Antedated Nov. 12,1869. 97,078.-Baby W alker-John C. Goulding, Trenton, N. J. 97,079.-Fire-proof Safe.-John Pevear Greely (assignor to himself, Ru.sell Arnold Ballou, Sanford Greely, and Jonathan Pierce), Boston, Mass. 97,080.-Coal Drilling Machine.-John Grimm, Darlington township, Pa. 97,081.-Clip or Paper Holder for Photographers.- Y. M. Griswold, Peekskill, N. Y. 97,082.-Photographers' Dripping and Drying Rack.- Y. M. Grl.wold, Peekskill, N. Y. 97,083.-Coffee Roaster.-T. J. Hall, Bryan, Texas. 97,084.-Cooking StoYe.-J. D. Harden, Troy, N. Y. 97,085.-Turbine Water Wheel.-A. M. Harding, Oregon, City, Oregon. 97,086.-Post.hole Digger.-B. B. Herrick and C. W. Wicker, Duquoin, Ill. 97,087.-Composition Fuel.-Frank N. Hopkins, Baltimore, Md. 97,088.-Conglomerate for PaYing, Roofing, and Similar PUlQsE . -Frank N. Hopkins, Baltimore, Md. 97,089.-Whooping Cough Plaster.-Frederick Hower , Booklyn, N. Y, 97,090.-KnU'e Sharpener.-W. H. Howland,San Francisco Cal. 97,091.-Lubricator.-J. J. Hoyt, Chelmsford, Mass. 97,092.-Paneling Machine. - Nicholas Jenkins, New York City. 97.093.-Pla'fe Lift E a:d Bread Toaster.-T. D. Keith Mayville, Wis. 97,094."Fme Place StoYe.-Philip Klotz, Baltimore, Md. 97,095.-Machine for Winding Thread on Bobbins, etc -L. J. Knowles, Warren,Mass. 97,096.-Lathe for Turning OYals.-Ramsey Lawson Shelburne Falls, Mass. 97,097.-Fluid Meter.-H. B. Leach, Boston, Mass. 97,098.-Grindstone. - Thomas Loring, Blackwoodtown N. J. 97,099.-Combination Pocket Rule. - Joel Manchester New York city. 97,100.-.erial Steam Car.-Fred. Marriott, San Francisco Cal. 97,101.-Combined Bed and Musical Instrument Board -John McDonald, New York city. 97,102.-Stump Extractor. - Alex. McLeod, Black River Falls, Wis. 97,103.-Churn.-Friedrich Miller, Frostburg, Md. 97,104.-Harrow.-J. H. Miller and F. A. Pickering, Niantic Ill. 97,105.-Water Closet.-G. R. Moore, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,106.-Power Loom for WeaYing Ingrain Carpets.- Wm. Murkland aud J. w. Murkland, Lowell, Mass. 97,107.-Tme-Bending Machine.-J ohn Naugle, Moresville, Ind. Antedated Nov. 10,1869. 97,108.-CoYering for Steam Boilers.-Chas. M. O'Hara, New York City. 97,109.-Hand Corn Sheller.-Chas. M. O'Hara, Bolivar, Tenn. 97,110.-Velocipede. - Joseph Ives Pease, Stockbridge, Mass. 97,111.-Fifth Wheel for CarrTages.-J. A. Peck (assignor to hlm.elf ald W. L. Wl1!te, Jr.), Taunton, Mass. 97,112.-Saw Mill.-Wm. Penny, Milton, Fla. 97,113.-Bending Machine.-David Pierce, Almont, Mich. 97,1l4 .- D eRRick .-J. W . Piper, Chicago, and W. J. Hanger and J. S. Hanger, Taylor, 1.1. 97,1l5.-Machine for Making ,\Vheels.-Thomas Place, Alfred Centre, N. Y. 97,1l6.-Suspender.-T. O. Potter, Boston, Mass. 97,1l7.- Mach ine for RoLLin g Bars for Horseshoes. Abram Reese, McClure township, Pa. 97,1l8.-Horseshoe Machine.-Jacob Reese and A. Reese, Pittsburgh, Pa. 97,119.-eighing Basket.-C.Renne and F. Landenb er ' er, New York city. 97,120.-P ape r,Cutting Machine.-Thomas C. Robinson, Boston, M ass. 97,121.-Combined Planter and Cultivator.-J. A. Rock-wood (assignor to himself and S. Morris), Kinderhook, Ill. 97,122.P ortable G as Ap paratu s and Car bu reter.-M. A. Boot, Philadelphia, and J. D. Custer, Norristown, Pa. 97,123.-Securing the Cannon Pinions of W atches.---E. Sandoz, Hudson City, N. J. Autedated Nov. 15,1869. 97,124.-BeehiYe.-Riley Sanford, Marion. N. Y. 97,125.-Fluting Machine.-H. C. Sergeant, Newark, N. J. 97,126.Mowing Machine.-W. H. Seymour,Brockport,N.Y 97.127. - Padlocks.-Thomas Slaight, Newark, N. J. 97.128. - Work Box and Desk.-C.W.Small, W orcester,Mass. 97,129.DeYice for Pack ing Eggs forTlansportation. -A. S. Smith, Lawrence, Mass. 97,130.- ApParal'fu s for Building Sod Fences.-Cyrus W Smith, Morrisville, N. Y. 97,131.-A pPar atus for MaWufacturing Cheese.-P. W . Strong; Evans' MIlls, N. Y. 97,132.-Stair Rod.-J osef Stueller, Brooklyn, N. Y. 97,133.-Buckle.-H. R. Swan; NOJ;walk, Conn. Antedated Nov. 8,1869. 97,134.-Balancing Millstone. - George S. Thompson, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,135.-Close Stool and Closet.-C. True, Pecatonica, Ill. 97,136.-VVindmill.-W. I. Tustin, San Franciscu, Cal. 97,137.-Seeding Machine.-W. A. Van Brunt,Horicon,Wis 97,138.-ReYolYing Scale.-Hermann Von Schlagintweit. Sakunlunski, Munich, Bavaria. 97,139.-Corn Planter.-D. F. Wagner, West Hanover, Pa. 97,140.-Paper Cutting Machtne.-F. L. Walker, Boston, Mass. 97,141.-Machine for Making Nails for Horseshoes.- Wm. Wickersham, Boston, Mass. 97,142. - Wagon LaddeI.-Isaac Williams, Bucyrus, Ohio. 97,143.Process of Brewing Beer.-Chas. Abresch, New York city. 97,144. -Isaac Adams, Jr.-Suspebded. 97,145.Curing and PreserYing Fish.-R. A. Adams, Cambridge, Mass. 97,146.-Propelling Apparatus.-J. F. Alexander, New York clty. 17,147.-Spindle for Loom Shuttles.-N. 1. Allen and J.C. Moody, Brunswick, :e. 97,148.-Step Ladder.-E. R. Austin, Elmira, N. Y. 97,149.-Concrete PaYement.-D. VV. Bailey, Chelsea, Mass. 97,150.-Sleigh.-S. R. Bailey, Bath, Me. 97,151.-Machine for Sawing Shingle Bolts.-D. H. Ball, Sinnamahoning, Pa. 97,152.-Knife and Fork.-James Ball, Brooklyn, N. Y. 97,153.-Progressive Reciprocating Motion for Stamping and other Machines.-R. L. Barclay, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 97,154.-Pocket Knife-F. H Barnard and W. L. Brace, Hartford, Conna 97,155.-Confection from R.Usins.-Joseph B. Bidwell, Grand Rapids,Mlch., assignor to him.olf and J. C. Knoblock, South Bend, Ind. 97,156.-Me"hod of Forming SleeYe Button Shanks.- W. H. Blake, Waterbury, Conn. 97,157.-Horse Rake.-Olpha Bonney, Jr., San Francisco, Cal. 97,158.-Loom.-J. L. Branson, Pittsburgh, Pa. 97,159.-Safe.-Martin Briggs, Rochester, N. Y. 97,160. - Pipe Trap.-C. H. Burleigh, Worcester, Mass. 97,161.BeeMoth Instrument.-R. P, Buttles, Mansfield Pa. 97,162.-Plow.-F. M. Caldwell, New York city. 97,163.-Railway Frog.-F. J. Calhoun, Boston, Mass. 97,164.-Ditching Machine.-Henry Carter, Cleveland. Oh.IO. 97,165.-Syringe.-P. F. Cederholm, Stillwater, Minn. 97,166.-Extension Bit.-H. P. Chapman, Essex, assignor to the Centre Brook Manufaoturlng Company, Centre Brook, Conn. 97,167.-BreechLoading FireArm.-A. A. Chassepot, PariS, France. 97,168.-Fruit.Dryer.-W. R. Clark, Indianola, Ill. 97,169.-Bag for Guano, Phosphates, and other FertiI,izers.-b. R. Croasdale, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,170.-Baling Press.-William Deering, Louisville, Ky. 97,171.-Horse Hay Eork.-J. J. De Grummond, KnOXVIlle, m. 97,172.-Hay Rack.-Geo. Denis and GeQ. Grassal, Osceola, Iowa. 97,173.-Machine for Making Chains.-Wm. Dennison, Cambridge, Mass. 97,174.-Fruit Dryer.-Elias Dilday, South Pass, Ill. 97,175.-Loom.-Geo. Duckworth, Wm. Duckworth, :James Duckworth, and J. C. Duckworth, PittSfeld, Mass. 97,176.-Velocipede Wheel.-Wright Duryea, Glen Cove, N, Y. Antedated Nov .12,1869. 97,177.-Carpenters' GrooYing Plane.-Theodore Duval, Hartford, Conn. 97,178.- Machi ne for PouncUg HatI.-Rudolph Eicke meyer, Yonkers, N. Y. 97,179.-Churn.-E. R. Embry, Rjchmond, Ky. 97,180.-Liniment.-E. C. Evens, Forrest Hill, Ind_ 97,181.-Dinner PAIL.-J. 0. Fairbairn, Milwaukee, Wis. 97,182.-Mode of RecoveRIng the Spent Acid From Oil Refineries.-L. S. Fales, New York city, aS8ignor to the American Fertilizer Company. 97,18 3.--- Dit cher an d GHa de r.-ME. L. Forem an (assignor to Edward Forem'D). TIe,ntoul, Ill. Anteda ted Nov. 15, 1819. 97,184.-Vege'Iable Hutter.Warren Gale, Peekskill, N. Y. 97, 18 5.-Printing Press. -Merritt GaIly (assignor t o A. P. Carpenter), Rochefter. N. Y. 97,186.-Indica'I'oH foH MaD[.Spring of Watches.-JOseph Gardner, Jr., Boston, MaSR. 97,187.-Lo08e Grain FoHk.-Hiram Gary, Croton, N. J. 97,188 .-M olding Machine.-A. S. Gear, New Haven, Conn. 97,189.-PapJm Felt on Wadding.-\V. W. Glentworth, Philadelphia, Pa., and I. H. Gandey, Lambcrtville, N. J. 97, 190 . -M achine for Nailing S hoe S oles 'ith W ire.- Louis Goddu (astignor to Elmer Townsend), Roston, Mass. 97,191.-Machine fon Nailing Shoe Soles witI Wire.- Louis Godlu (assignor 10 Elmer Townsend), Boston, l[AS. 97,192.-MacIiKm for N al[,ing Shoe-Soi/es with \ire.- Louis Goddu (assignor to Elmer Town.end). Boston, Mass. 97,193.-AnUIal Power.J. B. Hall, Cheshire, N. Y. 97,194.-Shut''I Fa s tening.-Randol p h Hayden (assignor to himsp)f and 0 . C. Ferlel). Middlftowl, Conn. 97,195.Mod.e of Cu'r::g Shoes.-H. P. Hay ward (assign- 01 to himsclf;H. C. Aiahurin, Ira Holt, Levi Sherwin, L. J. Brown, and C.N. Wilson), FRcbburg, Maps. 97,190.Lock.Alexander InglIs (aSSIgnor to himself, C. W. Tyer, and John Inglis), Indianapolls, Ind. 97,197.Neck-Yoke.Jum Jacobs, On81da, Ill. 97,1(8.-Braid Holder.A. F. Jennings, Fredonia, N. Y. Antedated Nov. 11, 1869. 97,.99.EvXorating Pan foH Sol h u m Juice.-A. J. Johnson (assiguor of one half his right, to James Wilheim), Louisville, Ky. 97,200.-CoU n PlantIL-Danl' el K eethl er, M ount 0 rcb , 01110. !7,201.-Cultivator.-A. B. Kmg. Camden, Ohio. Antedated Nov. !7, 169. 97,202.-Boring MacIline.-F. L. KIng, Worcester, Mass. 97,203.-Flyer fon Spinnfng.-\m. La Banister and C. v. Ricker (ai8ignoI's to C. W. Hicker and S. S. Wilson),Chariestown,Mass. 97,204.-Car Replamjr.-B. S. Lawson, New York city. 97,2( ' .-Combinld Harrow and Cultivator.JohnLerch, Uhlersville, Pa. 97,206 .Composition Boot and Shoe Heel.-Frank Mar- qunrd, -o;uryport, Mass. 97,207.-CDal Car and 'fHack.--George Martz, Pottsville, PR. 97,20S.-CaU Coupling.-Charles Maus, Danville, Pa. 97,209.-'able SUde.-Soymonr May and Jo h n Hoop er, Waterl0o, N. Y. 97,210.-Molding MacIine.-Wm. McConnell, Clarksville, N.J. 97,211.-Locomotive HeadLwh'.-Lewis Michaels, Cinoin!atl, Ohio. 97,212.-Car Coupling.-J. T. Middleton ( a ssignor to himself and M. M. Harvey). Harveysburg, Ol1io. 97,213.I!hovel-Plow Pla'fe and Points.-Henry Miller, Roadside, Va., assignor to himself, S. P. H. Miller, J. G. I 11iller, 11. H. Miller, cd J H K I t". -P 972M 1 1 4ll.e-r,Inhalin g A'parat u s .--J ames Mont gomery, N ew York city. 97,215.-Buffer for Inserting Coiled ViHe around the edges of LampDeflectors.-M_ H. Mosman, Waterbury. Conn. 97,216.-Cooking Range.-C. D. Newton, Troy, N. Y. 97,217.-GlUdilon.-M. V. Nobles, Elmira, N. Y. 97,218.-Device ]or Forming tIle Shed in Weaving Wire.-M. V.Nobles , Elmira, N. Y. 97,219.-Kitchen Sink.-A. B. Nott, Fairhaven, Mass. 97,220.-Manm'ac'ure of Soap.-Nelson Orcntt (assignor to D. D. Gregory), Syracuse, v. Y. 97,221.-Machinl IWr P1,Tnting and E;oRsiKg Paper Hangings.E. S. Ormsby, New York CIty. 97,222.-MacUinJ foI Hul,[Kg Hice, Coffee, etc.-Enoch Osgood, Boston, Ma,s. 97,223.-H D isting AppaIta'Jus and DeJtnick.-Enoch OSgood, Boston, lass. 97,224.-Construction ol ' ILU lway.-J. U. Phillips, 'ashingtol, d. c. 97,225.-St e a \Vater Elevator.W. E. Pr al l , " ashing ton, d. C. 97,226.- Steam VVater ElevJtol:.-\V. I. Prall, Washington, d. C. 97,227.Lock.-Franz Pro(kert, N(,w YorR ity. 97, 228 .- a'er I ndicator.-llenry I eynohls (aSSIgnor to Reynolrs &Co . ), New Havell, Conn. Antedated November 12,1869. 97,22!.-Corn Planter.John W. Rickotts, Charleston, Ill. Antedated November 13, 186!). 97,2iO.-MaOhine for. Making Wood Screws.-Cwsar A. Rodney, vilmington, Del. 97,231.Reciprocating Steam Engine.-John B. Root, New York Clty. Antedated November 12. 1869. 97,232.-Method of Rknovating the Cut'rng Ed g es o F HarYester 'OARns.-Jacob Rummel, Jr. (assignor to himself andi'. V, Floor), Ne,v Middletown, Ohio. 97,233.-Sewing MaclUnT.-Jacob Rupertus and Thomas n. Wright, PhIladelphia. Pa. 97,234.Machine fob Spinning TubeR 0" S h El Ml1al.- Frederlck J. Seymour, Wolcottville, Conn. 97,23;.-Cutter for Monng Machines.Henry _. Shaw, West HoxbulY. assignor to Jame. A. Woof hury, Boston, Mass. 97,236.-Snle Saddl1 . rJg,-John Shelly (assignor to John j. Grimsley), St. Louis, Mo. 97,237.-StealI Gengrator.--Iewin Sheppard " Philadelphia, Pa. 97,238.-SpIUng 'urnbuckle fi \Vm e Rwging.-\2l lL Shock, Baltimore, Md. 97,23\.-Hailroad Spike.-V. S. Shoemaker, Tow8ntown, Mr., and E. H. Shoemaker Columbus, Oilio. 97,240.Mechanism for Convkrttng Reciprocating Motion into RotarY Mo'ron .-Wm. Simp,on and Alfrer] Gardner, lIford, England. 97,241.Electric Fuse.H. J uHus Smith, Boston, Mass. 97,242.Railway Car Coupling. A. Lewis Spear (asSIgnOl tu himself, John SIcpilens, Jr .. and Hoyal L. Iewis), ]lint, MICh. 97,243.-Lime Kiln.Jame. B. Speod, Lonisvill8, Ky. 97,244.-Plate for Artificial Tketh.John A. Straioht , Albion, N. Y. 97,245.-Cr,otIles Man g lI.-Esal D. 'aylor and David Cohn, Hornellsville, N. y. 97,24H.Lantern.Nathan 'hompson, Jrooklyn, E.D., N. Y. Antedated November 10, 18GlL 97,247.Gas Machine.Howard Til'n, Boston, Mass. 97,248.-AnUIal 'f Itap. - Robert Tompkins " Clarksviile, Tenn. 97,249.Machine for NaiI,ing Shoe Soles wl'rh Wn.- Elmer Townsend, Boston, anr Louis Goddn, Lowell, Mass. 97,250.Cnr Coupling.Henry B. V cIrie and Daniel G. Wigbtmau, North Kingston, h. I. 97,251.Harness.David Waldhaner, New York city. 97,252.-Dumplng Machine. - Benjamin Walton, Faris burg, 111. 97 '253'Scale Beam -Joh n W eek s, 1 uffa 1 , N . Y . A nt edated November 9, 1869. 97,254.-Machine ]or Polishing Wood.Daniel Westley (assignor to himself and E. W. Huss), Corry, Pa. 97,255.-CWar Machine.-John Wettstein (assignor to himself and John 'hO,mas Hennaman), Baltimore, Md. 97,H. HShuttle Ipindle.-Honry H. Wheeler and OlI ver H Reed, Lowell, Mass. 97,257.Combined Cotton and Corn Planter. - A. R. 'Y h;gs, Iuka, 1iss. 97,':8.Curry Comb . -Judson E. Yager, Barboursville, Va. H7,259.-PJan'l Protector.J. M. Watson, Sharon, Mass. 97,260_-Wire for :stening Soles '0 Snoes, etc.-' Vm . liekersham, Boston, Mas". 97,261.-Dem icJ for Puglkanng Standing Rigging.-Fred(rick Wittrara, San Francisco, Cal. 97,2ue.Lubricatinm C01pound.-Cyrus S. Moore, llie, Pa. REISSUES. 94,058.-MecIanical Velocipede.'Dated August 24, 1869 ; reIssue 3,7:;9.Arthur M. Allen. New York city. 63,220.-8oldeHing Machine. Dated March 26, 1867 ; re lssue 3,740. Edvard T. Covell, Brooklyn, N. Y. 55,658.Machine pot "Pressing and Molding Pliable MATKBTALS.Iated Juno 19, 1Rfu j :ejssue 3,741.George C. Howard, Philadclphia,Pa. 90,549.Apparatus for Drying SugaH and o'hlm like ArticTes.-jat(d May 25, 1800 ; :cissue 3,742.Gustavus A. Jasper, ChaTestown )ass. 41,929.-Bolt-making MacIHng.Dated March 5, 18(4; reo issue 3,251, I'te1 January 5, 1869; rcidsue i3,7,3.-"illiam J. I01 ' Pitt--rgh, Fa. 74,(:13.Ma K uIa c 'ure oJ Tin-lined Lead Ptp-KP-dD ated February 18,1868 ; anteIu]attd FelHuary G, 186R j reissue 3,74I4.Peter Nuy-lor, .ew York c H j y. aStlgnee of"m. Anthony Shaw. - 57,195.-Hand ScImw lamp.-Dated Augnst 14, I816 ; reissue 3 74').-HcrmaIill Schmidt, New Yorl: city. 79,040.W ire Spr ing M aT''KBss. -Da ted JuBe If, 1868 Patented In Saxony, Mal'eh 6, 1lG5 j l' bjssue 3,74B.-.fh Sll Wovcn-wire lat trest Company Hartford, Conn., assignees, by me c e assignments, l Franz Rudolph Wegman. 42,520.Lantern.Dated April 26, 1864 ; reissue 3,747. Vn.Westlake, James F. Dane, and .ohn P. Covert, Chicago ,i 111., asSlgnecs of Wm. 1Y ('SLlake. DESIGNS. 3,756 amI 3,75'l-CTnter Pilice.-Henry Berger, N(w York city. Two patents. 3,758.-School Desk.-P. Born, Selin's Grove, Pa. 3,759.-Glass \ are . -John Bryce, :ast Birmingham, Pa. 3,760.-PitcUer.-John lleming and John Hamilton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 3,76U.Plate of a Cooking S'rove.-Luther W. Harwood (assignor to Fuller, Warren &Co.), Troy, N. y. 3,762.-Coffin.-Samnel Hillier, Allegheny, Pa. 3,763.-Stove.R. P. Myers. B. F. Rouse, and J. M. Osborn, Cleveland, Ohio. 3,764.-Bo r dER F na me of a F me pI"ace.- J. Vn. Ro se an d Edward L. Calely. Jr., Phihtdelp hia, Pa., assignors to Wm . e. Wood &Co., Baltimore, lld. 3,765.- StovK-J. It Hose and Edward L. Cale ly, .r., Philadelphia, Pa., aS8i,2lors to William E. ood &Co., BaItimore, o. 3,766.-Fork or Spoon Handle.George Sharp, Phillt delphIa, Pa.