C. L. Osborne, of New ' York City, has taken measures to secure a patent for an improvement in articles of this description. The nature of the invention consists in a novel combination of stained glass, with mirrors, for the purpose of representing, with a peculiar effect, letters, figures, and ornamental devices suitable for door-plates, signs, and similar articles. The stained glass employed is of that description which is only stained on one surface, and on this stained surface is engraved such letters, figures, or other devices as are desired, to such a depth as to remove the stain entirely from the glass; behind the glass so engraved is then placed a mirror. The effect produced is, that when the plate is viewed in any position except that perpendicular to the line of vision, the reflection of the devices engraved is seen on the mirror through the colored part of the glass, which appeals illuminated, and the reflection of the colored portion of the glass is seen through the colorless or engraved portion, and presents a very peculiar andbeautitul appearance.