On page 333, of the present volume of the Scientific American, we expressed our views on the plan about to be adopted to disinfect the Susquehanna, and we entered our protest against removing her stores at this season of the year, prophesying disastrous consequences from snch a very fool-hardy proceeding. Well, our learned Board bf Health and sapient officers of Quarantine knew better, and despite of warning, continued their operations. The result will be seen in the following paragraph, copied from the New York Tribune of July 22d, under the'head of "Quarantine Matters" : "The United States ship SI!squehanna appears to be sitnated about as badly as the Grotto (another infected ship). Cases of fever occur daily, and those on board, numbering abont forty, are much alarmed, and ask to be relieved. Since Monday five men have been prostrated. Every effort will be made to free the vessel of the infection, though all past efforts have most signally failed." This is exactly as we expected, and, of course, nO one is to blamethe mis-govenlors of the city not being. responsible for human life. What a fine thing it is to hfwe a good salary and no responsibility