IMAGES BELOW show a plume of elevated ozone levels stretching from Africa to Australia. They were produced by researchers using a computer model called MOZART, which was developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

THE MAP shows ozone levels from a standard run of MOZART, including biomass burning and lightning emissions, in parts per billion (ppb) on a single day at the altitude of 300 millibars (about 6 miles). Highest ozone levels (purple) are over Africa, where the ozone is being produced, but high values extend across the Indian Ocean to Australia.

THE CHART is based on the same data as above except that it is displayed along a vertical cross section (N-S) at longitude 100 degrees E. The area of enhanced ozone between 20 and 30 degrees S latitude and 3 to 10 kilometers altitude is believed to be related to African lightning.

Images: National Center for Atmospheric Research

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