The Worcester (Mass.) Spy describes another of those brilliant inventions with which H. M. Paine is accustomed to dazzle the world, such as eclipsing the sun by his electric "water-gas light," &c. The present new invention is nothing less than a cold steam engine—the grandest, undoubtedly, of all his remarkable discoveries. Much was said and written about the " caloric engine," which, although it was to abolish steam with all its attendant dangers, nevertheless required a vast amount of heat to operate it ; but now H. M. P. advances and generates steam without a boiler, from water which never boils, in a tank which never gets hot, and which is to take the place of the huge death-dealing steam boiler ! A model of the engine has been exhibited to some admiring friends in Worcester, and the Spy states that " the result is incredible (we doubt not) to any but those who actually witnessed it." The Worcester Transcript is also jubilant over the subject, and asserts that " by the application of a common gas burner, a five-horse power engine can be successfully operated." Mr. Paine having already ascended to the highest round of the scientific ladder by his achievements in light, heat and electricity, and finding that none of these moved the world, he has descended to the lowest round, and with cold steam will no doubt make a most determined effort to hoist the globe—disdaining levers, fulcrum, and all such unnecessary equipments heretofore required by such old fogy philosophers as Gallileo. Wonders never will cease while H. M. P. survives.