Issned from tile Unite(l States Patent Office FOR TilE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 10, 1857. [Rtported officially lor the Scientific Amerzcan.] ProjectilesHenry Bates. of New London, Conn. I do not claim the attachment to a projectile of a tail, to be inserted with it into a gun, and to be extended after leaving the gnn, as I am aware that tuils of such character have been applied to gun harpoons for whaling purposes. I claim first, the employment of a tail, consisting of a "piral spling or coil of wire applied to the bomb or other projectile, as and for the purposes set forth. Second, Secnring the fuse in the fuse tubes of the bomb, by bending the said tnbes after the insertion of the fuse therein, as described. [This improvement will be found described in another column.] FormiNG Round Tenons on Window Blind Slats Thomas C. Ball, of Keene, N. H. : I do not claim the combination of machinery for pricking the staples' holes and forming the journals and shoulders. But I claim the arrangement and combination of sliding shoulder cutters or their equivalents, and sliding tubular journal cutters, to operate together, substantially as specified. Sawing MachineHarvey Brown, of New York City : I do not claim a saw or baud running over pulleys, without referenc3 to its constrnction and operation. First, I claim the ways, H, constructed substantially in the manner and for the purposes as set forth. Second, I claim the arrangement of gearing for the purpose of moving the. carriages, I I I I I J, on the waYd. H, substantially as set forth. 'l'hird, I claim the pulley, g, with its appendagee of the pnwl, h, and ratchet wheel, r, in connection with the projection, i, and the dogs, f, by means of the cords or chains, k, substantially in the munuer and for the purposes described. I do not claim the projection, i, the dogs, f, or the chains, k, separately, as they arA not new, aud maybe altered in their form in my mill, and 80 u30d in connection vdth the pulley, g, and its appendnge, which is my claim, ns abOTC. Fourth, I claim the entire arrangement of my mill, by which a series of carringes arc brought forward on endless wnys to nn endless saw, and each log upon its carriage being accurately set as it passes tho projection, i, and thereby securing accuracy, rapidity and effie'iency, substantially in the manner and for the purposes set forth. Cokn HuskerJoseph Cawthra, of Hochcstcr, N. Y.: I claim the grooved rollers, I k, saw wheel, 4, and endless apron, P. in combination with the husker 2, grutlng 3, and curved tooth fan, 1, the whole being constructed u.set;forth. Determining Approximate Latitude at SeaEdward Cavendy. of New York City : I claim the deseribed Inethod of determining approximately the zenith of the observer, under the circumstances set forth. -Moving MaOlline}ohn CowJon, of New Orlaans, La. : I claim the combined arrangement of the gear Wheels, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1415 and 16, and pulleys, 17 1819 20 44 45 and 46, and the chains or cords, f hand J, all arranged on the shafts as represented, or snbstantially the same, and for the purpose of giving and regulating the forward motion of the machine and movement of the elevators, in the manner and for the purposes mentioned. I also claim the constrnction of the elevators by div:ding them into three, more or less, pieces. und arranging the pieces, 31 32 and 33, to the chain, 20, and hook pieces, 34, aa specified and represented, or substantially the same, for the purpose of causing them to expand or spread for freeing the dirt from the elevator?, when being discharged, in the manner and for the purposes specified. I also claim the combination and arrangement of the parts with, and employed for carrying the end of the conveyor frame, consisting of the carriage, 1), cord, o. and pulley stake, 59, friction rolls, 30 30, und driving pulley, 50, or substantially the same, operated in the manner and for the purposes specified. I also claim the combined arrangement of the shaft, 87, nut, 38, wheel axis, 39, with the frame-work, 41 as representcd, Jor elevating and lowering the rear end of the frame at the machine preparatory for steering and giving the machine direction, as specified. Distributing Apparatus in F LOUSING MillJames lI. Clark, of Lancaster, Pa. : I do not wish to be nn derstood to claim a double series of spouts and valves, as that has been done before. But I claim the adjustable or hinged spout or series of adjustable or hinged spouts, as described, for the purpose of rejecting, mixing, separating, re- olting, or re-grinding and re-bolting any portion of the lower grades of flour, as set forth. Second, I claim the combination of the adjustable or hinged spout, or series of adjustnule or hinged spouts, with a smgle series of slide valves or valve, the circular division, y, the conveyor, J, and scraper, N, as set forth. Hoisting Apparatus for BrWks, c.John Craw-shaw, of Hochester, N. Y. : I claim elevating articles within a vertical trunk by means of the mechanism shown, or any equivalent device, so that the articles will be raised with a continuous motion within said trunk. I further claim the reciprocating plunger, C, clamps, 1I, and arm, n, operated by the cams, B G J, or their equivalents, and used in connection with the dogs, M, tne whole being arranged to operate conjointly as and for thowhole purpose set forth. [For more information about the above we refer to a notice on another page.] Pulling BeansJUstus Day, of Murray, N. Y. : I claim the movable hend, arranged and operated as de-scribed, for the purposes set forth. RaiJ..s for RailwaysTimothy Dwight, of New Haven, Conn. : I claim the rail with ita flanch or flanches, in combination with the sill adapted to fit the lower part of the rail, as described ; and these I also claim in combination with the screw bolt ..and nut, as described. AttacIiIng Steam Gages to Locomotive Boilers J. L. Eastman, of Boston, Masa. : I claim interposing between the gage and the boiler the elastic cushion or spring, so that the jar or vibrations of the engine shall not be transmitted to the gage, as set forth and described. [This invention consists in the intervention of a spring box and flexible tube between the steam gage and boiler of a locomotive, so that it will not be affected by the shaking of the engine when in motion.] \ Holding Music, c. Andre Adolphe Gaget, 01si Paris, France : I claim the construction and employ-) ment of the hooks, D, and holdfasts or braces F, in con-\ nection with the back, A, for the purpose of binding to-fr gether the music manuscripts, and other loose papersl sa substantially as described. i. ^ Seeding MaomnesAlbert Franklin. of Genoa Cros, Roads, Ohio : I claim the combination of the wedge. shaped or triangularly-formed discharge openings, h i, of the hopper, U, with the eimilar shaped cells., m n, in the feed cylinder, B, arranged for operation in the reverse directions to cacihother, and the several cells in each circular row of said cylindtr, forming through a continuous opening, by means of channels, Z, connecting the apex of the one cell with the base of the other, for the purposes set forth. Stoves for Burning Tan, Saw-dust, o. Samnel Fisher, of Canton, Mass : I do not claim combining with a fire pot or place and air Hue or chamber for air to pass through and over the f!lel, when the fire pot or chamber has a grate, and a current of air passing up through the grate and the fuel on the same, for in my stove there is no grate, and an upward current running through the entire mass of fuel would consume the fuel too fast, and render the stove liable to explode. But I claim an improved stove of the kind and for the purpose as described or as constructed, not only with a fuel chamber, without a grate or air passage or passages through ita bottom, but with an air chamber, arranged in front of the chamber of combustion,and made to communicate therewith and the external atmosphere and the side fluee, whereby air can be supplied laterally to the chamber of combustion, and made to pass over the same, and down into the flues, such air not only SU1Jporting Hlow downward combustion of the fuel, but serving to create draft down the flues, so as to carry off the smoke and combuetible gases, and prevent explosion of the stove. Fruit GatherersFirman Goodwin, of Astoria, N. Y. : I claim the frame, A, formed of the elliptical ane annular rim*, a b. nnd socket, B, the socket having an oblique position relutively with the frame of the outer, a, having the bug, D, nttached, and the run, b, provlll^dcold. with the c, c c, and openings, d d, as and for the purposes set forth. [A peculiar shaped metallic ring is set in a hnndle, and has a bag fastened to it, for the fruit to drop in, and it forms a simple and useful fruit gathcrer.] \Vater-proof Soles and Heels for Boots a;;d SnOES^Benjamin D. Godfrey, of Milford, Mass. : I do not claim making a heel separate from a sole, as thia is common to leather shoes. But I claim the employment of a cast heel of india rubber with an entire sole of rolled or sheet rubber, substantially M set forth, as an improvement in the manufacture of rubber shoes. CoKn HuskerSamuel A. Gould, of Seneca Falls, N. Y. : I claim the trip leverl E, in combination with the bncet-shaped knife, D, the guide, V, andthe slotted lever, H, the whole being constructed and operating as described. Springs for Mattresses, Chairs,- c.William Hersee, of Buffalo, N. Y. : I claim supporting or maintaining the spring, A, in a proper vertical position upon the slat, C, by means of the gnide pin, B. secured within the spring by means of the head, a, and block, b, the lower end of the pin being fitted, and working in or through the socket, V, in the slat, U, us and for the purpose specified. [GuHe pins are fastened into the slats to prevent the spring from warping ; they are placed in conical blocks, and slide through slots or sockets inserted in the slats.] Cooking S'rovebJames R. Hyde, of Troy, N. Y. : I wish it distinctly understood that I do not broadly claim so constrneting a stove that heated atmospheric air can be ndmittcd at the same, or at different times, into the fire chamber at different places above or beyond the fuel, from one or both of two separate air-heating chambers, by the use of the dampers by which the admission of cold air into such air-heating chambers is controlled, for the purpose of promoting the combustion in different parts of the fire chamber of the gases evolved by the burning fuel. I claim the arrangement of the hot air chambers, A B and U, thc chamb2rs, A and B, being so constructed that the air can be admitted to or excluded from them. entirely independent of the chamber, C, by means of the registers, c and E, and being provided with apertures, u aund b, in the manner and for the purpose specified. CultivatorsDavid E. Hall. of Abington, III. : I am aware that cultivators have been previously devised, in which shares have been so arranged as to allow a certaindegree of lateral movement ; but I am not aware that shares have been arranged and applied as shown, to admit of the two movements described. and rendered capable of being adjusted with such facility. I therefore do not claim, broadly and separately, the adjustable shares, irrespectIve of the arrangement shown and described. But I claim the attaching of the shares, P P, to the bars, I I, which have their back ends pivoted in the pendants, H , and their front ends fitted in the pendant slotted bars, J J, which are attached to the sliding bar, K, the bar, K, being operated by the treadles, M, to give the lateral movement to the shares, and the bars, I, used vertically by the treadles, N, to give thelll their vertical movement, as described. I further chim the cutters, Q, pivoted to the bars, 0', and over the plates, R, and connected to the rods, 1, the whole being arranged as shown for the purposes specified. [By giving n lateral and vertical motion to the shares under control of the person guiding the cultIvator, it is enabled to follow the sinuosities of the furrows ; and it also has cutters attached, for cutting up stalks or weeds thut may be in the way.] Turning SpiraI^ Forms,John C. Hintz, of Cincinnatj, Ohio : I do not claim the oppositelyrotating cutters as new in themselves. But I claim, first, in combination with the adjustable screw-cutting lathe, the described construction and arrangement of the gravitating frame, L, and concentrically and oppositely rotating cutters, ', whereby the latterare made to cut in unison, and always over a point in the axis of the piece, in the manner and for the purposes set forth. Second, In this connection I claim the pair of finishing bits, z z', operated automatically by means of the screw stem, 1, ratchet wheel, 2, tappets, 3, and spring pawls, 4, as described. Third, In combination with the adjustable screw-cutting lathe, rotary cutters and gravitating frame, as aforesaid, I claim the described construction and arrangement of the roller, q, and bracket, p, whereby (the brace, 0, being disconnected) the sflid cutters may be vibrated in a (substantially) horizontal plane, at any desired angle to the stuff, for the production of spiral or oblique flutings on a prismatic post, as explained. Feeding Paper to Printing PressesRichard M. oe, of New York City : I do not claim feeding sheets of paper to printing presses and analogous machines by means of a feeding cylinder, in connection with a series of endless belts or tapes, and a drop roller, tor such device is well known, and in common use. But I claim giving the drop roller, F, a constant or regular speed, corresponding at all times to that of the other running or working parts of the device, by bringing said roller, F, when in an elevated position, and detached from the cylinder. D, m contact with the impelling roller, 0, actuated by the belts or tapes. K, as andfor the purpose set forth. [This is described on another page.] Patterns for Cutting oUt the Uppers of Boots and ShoesW. W. Merriam, of Oswego, N. Y. : I do not lay any claim to the extension pattern, which can be operated in such manner as to produce the various sizes of patterns. But I claim the method described of operating the sliding parts of an extension pattern, so as to adjust the same not only to different Sizes, but also to change the proportions of the several sizes at Illensure, without regard to the Whole; u. set forth. I^ifting JaOkLucius J. Knowles,of Warren. Mass. : I claim the loose collar, C1 having a series of teeth arranged upon its inner face, in combination with a BCrmy head, D, carrying a drop clutch, when an'anged and operating in the mauner and for tho purposes as described. Spring HingeJohn Maxson, of De Ruyter, N. Y. : I claim one or more springs acting against an inclined plane curved or othenvise. with a recess at the end so arranged as to close and hold a door, substantially as described. I also claim, in combination with the above, a coiled spring. so arranged a3 to assist the feather spring or sprmgs, substantially in the manner described. Grain DrillsJoseph Ingila, of Fayette County, Ind.: I am aware that a seed slide has been operated from a zig-zag wheel, and caused to draw or force the grain to the exit ; this I do not claim. But I claim. in combination with the cells G, the feeding blocks, P, vibrating in said cells, and provided with recesses, S, for catching and forcing the grain to the exit openings, as described. Fire PlugsLucien Moss, of Philadelphia, Pa. : I claim the arrangement of the fire plugs, so thnt a gas pipe may be introduced within the metallic or other non-combustible casing surrounding the water pipe, or plug proper, Sllid gas pipe being so arranged with openings or burners that the flame and heat produced thereby, caused by the gas flowing from them, being ignited may be mafIc to act upon the water pipe, and canse the water therein to be thawed, if it should, by accident, or from neglect, have become frozen, or to produc; within the metallic or other non-combustible casing, a temperature that will prevent the water in the plug proper from becoming frozen during times of extreme cold. PI.owing MachinesHenry Moeser, of Pitt.sburgh, Pa. : I do not claim, broadly, the operating of a gang of plows on an endless chain, transversely or obliquely to the line of draught. But I claim, first, The arrangement and combmatlOn of the trnllsverse beam, P, connecting links, a n, chains, II H, driving pulleys, R K, lIulleys, J J', and wheels, G G, or any other equivalent devices, when operating in relations to each other and to the steam carriage, as sct forth and for the purpose described. Second, The arrangement of the guiding bar, N, supported on the transverse beam, F, and the forks, f f, on the plow carriages, or any other an-angemcnt snbstantially the same, for the purpOEe of guiding the plow carrb.gcs, as described. Cutting BreadJames Nanghtcn, of Cincinnati, Ohio : I claim the arrangement of the swinging plate, h h, gage plate, g. and set screw, C, when arranged with the spring, 5, and curved lever, J K, for gagmg the thicknessof the slice of bread cut, and discharging it from the machine by the action of the lever, f f, on the curved leyer J K. all as and for the purposes specified. ProtectiXr. Trees from CankeR \VormS, o.A. T. Nute, of lioxbury, Mass. : I claim my improved method of protecting a tree from the ascent of canker worms, the same consisting in applying finely pointed metallic wires or one or more strips of card teeth to the same, substantially us described. Bullet Maciiine\Vm. II. 'Yard, of Auburn, N. Y. : I claim, first, Arranging the feeding clamp and mech-anism for operating it, in snch a manner that the limit of tho backward motion remains nnchanged, While the forward motion is regulated by the amount of wire reqnired to form the blank as set forth. Second, The combination of the adjustable stop, k, the wire, and the mechanism for carrying the wire forwnrd, for the purpose of regulating the length of the feed, without changing the limit of the backward IllOtion of the feeding mechanism. Third, The method of regulnting the size and density of each blank before it is s,;vered from the wire by means of a pair of compressing forceps, or their eqUivalent. Fourth, The employment of two pairs of cutting anfl grasping forceps, or their eqnivalent; for dividing the wire, so arranged and operated as to grasp the wire as described, and sever it between their adjacent faces. Fifth, The combination of the oil box an'anged as described. with the cutting forcepR. for the purpose set forth. Sixth, The comhinution of the discharging collar, with the punch, and the mechanism for opening the dies, for the purpose of releasing the bullet from the dies, and discharging it from the machine. Seventh, Arranging the joint between the two pair of forcrps. so as not to be in the same plane, for the purpose set forth. Eighth, Arranging the groove around the cavity in the die as described, so as to allow the air to e8cape from the die and prevent the passage of the lead into the groove. Ninth. Uaking the opening in the die of less diameter than the base of the bullet, and of the exact size of the blank, for the purpose srt forth. rrenth, The method of gaging the blank, and forming the base of the bullet by means of an annular projection in the base of the die. Eleventh, The method of forming bullets of variable weight and of tho same external form, with the same set of dies and pnnches, by constructing the die with a projecting annular base, so that the punch canbe entered into the blank a greater or less distance, and thus expand the recess in the base of the blank, so that it will accurately fill the die, and thus form a perfect bullet. Printing PressesStephen Wilcox, Jr.. of 'Vesterly, R. L : I claim, first, The adaptation of the eccentric segment. B, to the stationary bed, A, when said segment is held to the bed by radius burs, C C, and operating substantially as set torth. Second, The elnstic fly bending round the platen and operating as described. Husking PalmD. E. Shaw, of Ross County, O. : I, do not claim a husking peg to be worn aeross the inside of the fingers. Bnt I claim the husking palm, to be used on the palm of the hand for husking and breaking off the butts of corn, constructed and operating substantially as described. Instrument for Surveying ann Calculating AreasJ. M. Lilley, of Greenville, Va. : I claim the combination cf three scales, A1 B, C, and quadrant, E, as used for the purposes already set forth. PlowsHoratio Stanley, of Green. Pa. : 1 claim tlfe construction of the plow frame, with'the rollers, as described, and so constructed that any number may be attached to the snme axle-tree by means of the frame. Fig. 2, constructed as described, or any other substantially the same. Grinding MillCharles Trlpp, of Ann Arbor, Mich. : I do not claim a burr formed of a series of saws for grinding, for such device has been previously used. and although perhaps preferable thus constructed is not absolutely necessary in my improvement, as burrs constructed in other ways, and ot a different material, such as stone, may bo used with success. But I claim the adjustable rests, G, placed between the projections c, and the plate, C, constructed substantially as shown, and provided with the discharge throats, 1. in combination with the burr, F, it being understood that I do not confine myself to the ring, II, and other parts shown and described, for adjusting the rests, G, but claim such means or any other means arranged to effect the same purpose. [A notice will be found on another page.] Window SashFrancis Thrasher and H. B. Horton, of Akron, O. : 'Ve claim the lOCking friction strip, for the purpose of raising the window with ease, and sustaining it at any height, substantially as set forth. Clamp fcr CeXtering Huns for BoringJohn Thrasher, of Avon, N. Y. : I claim the combination of the vibrating arms, I I, links, J J, and screw. L, con-structed and arranged substantially a3 described, for the purpose of centering and holding the hub while it is being reamed or bored and reamed. Last HoldersA. J. Tewksbury,ofHaverhill,MMe.: I qlaim the ball and socket joint, A and E, in combination with the spring bolts, B and G, substantially 8e sct forth and for the purpose specified. Generating Anhydrous SteamWm. M. Storm, of New York City : I claim the arrangement of mean! substantially such as set forth, for rendering steam anhydrous, WIthout the exposure of the tubes or drying vessel to the direct action of the fire or hot products of combustion. ReYolving Snow ExOavators for RailroadsJ. Frmy, of Wilmington, Del. : I claim, first. rrhe obliquely s et side paddle wheels, CC, whose axie hea in a plane, vertical to, and at right angles with the track und diverges downward from a point over the center of the track, and whose arms. radiating in a plane at right angles with said axis, have upon their extremities edged or toothed paddles, e e, so arranged aa that each one shall, when at the lowest point of the plane in which it revolves, be in a horizontal plane and oblique to the rail of the track, substantially as and for the purposes set forth. Second, The central paddle wheel, E, revolving in a ,^ertical plane at right angles with the track, in combination with the obliquely set side l)addle wheels, U C, the whole arranged substantially as and for the purpose descrlbed. Sun-soil PlowsJohn Wood and Reuben North, of Rochester, Wis. : 'Vo are aware that a snb-soil aUncllment to plows is very common ; alao, that a thin, fixed blade has been arranged under the bottom of the surface plow, therefore we do not claim such attachment as our invention. But we claim the combination of the auxiliary or subsoil share. and its adjustable standard. with the adjusting leyer and its attachments, when the whole is constructed and arranged in the relation to the main share and beam, as described, and for the purpose set forth. [A full description, with an engraving, ,yill be published in the SCI. AM. in a few weeks.] Machinery for Dressing 'VarpsSamI. Campben. of Whites town, N. Y-, assignor to John C. Whittier, of Northbridge, Mass. : I claim the method of dressing warps by means of brnshcs above and below each section of yurn, said brushes being alternate in their movement, and constrncted to come in contact with. and leave the yarn gradually by the mechanism described, or any other substantially the same. Lateral Feed Motion foX Sawing MillsE. R. Olmstead, of Chicago, Ill. : I claim the combination of a lever and cam or eccentric with an inclined plane, set rou, wheels, and racks, constrncted, arranged and operated substantially in the manner and for tho purposes set forth. Digging PlowsEzra Peck, of Deer Park, N. Y. : I wish it to be understood thnt I do not claim n rolling cylinder with either straight or curved teeth, as this has before been used, but I am not aware of any tooth having before been constructed and shaped in the manner shown so as to enter the earth with only a very smnll expenditure of power as the cylinder progresses. I claim the coulter, g, and its horizontal shear, 7, in combination \yith the cylinder, k, of teeth, I, the whole COllBtl'ucted and acting subBtantially as specified. Harness BucklesJohn Prendergast, of Hoston, Muss. : 1 d o not claim a buckle formed with a bridge for snpport of its tongue, when the front end of the tongne is arranged with respect to the body of the buckle as above specified. But I claim in constrncting a huckle with a eupporting bridge for its tongue, and with the end of its tongue bent upward as specified, is forming such tongue with a recess or shoulder. b, in order that the strain on the tongue lllay be so borne by the body of the bnckle as to relieve the joint of the tongue from the strain and wear thereof thnt would result therefrom. Signal LantrrnsJ. R. Pierce and Leavitt B. Austin, of Oswego, N. Y. : 'Ve claim the combination of a traversing chimney und lump, so arranged as to avoid the bad effect of the lamp's smoke in signal lanterns in the manner set forth. Seeding MachinesEphraim Russell, of Coatesville, Pa. : I claim, first, The combination of the screw friction clutch with the cam wheel, in the manner described. Second, The adjustable Jointed conveyor spouts when constructed in the manner and for the purpose specified. Protecting Trees from Canker Worms, o.P. C. Rowe, of Boston, Mase. : I am aware that for snch purposes an encircling plate or roof has been applied around the trunk of a tree ; also. that cotton batting or loose fibrous material has been wound aronnd and fixed to the body of a tree, consequently I do not claim such means of preventing the ascent of canker worm!, But I claim my improved tree protector made as describcd, viz., with the encircling roof or cover of metal or other suitable material. and one or more circular or surroundingfringers suspended from the said roof and around the tree substantially as described. Horse Shoe Nail MachineJohn Woottom of Boon-ton, N. J. : I claim, first, The employment of the nail rod itself as a ratchet, constituting part of a ratchet motion, by which it ia fed longitudinally to the machine, substantially as described, thereby insuring infallibly a proper length of feed, and dispensing with the necessity of gages to regulate tue feed movement. Second, eGiving to the punching apparatue a motion laterally to the nail rod, in addition to the longitudinal movement of the rod substantially aa described, so as to produce a combined longitudinal and lateral feed motion. [For information about this invention we refer to page S3.] Quilting FramesH. N. Dewey (assignor to B. L. Hill Co.) of Berlin Heights, O. : I do not claim an adjustable quilting frame as such. But I claim the vertically adjustable arme, B B,having spring jaws for adjusting the bars, C C, aa set forth. Lard Rendering KettlesAllen Lapham (assignor to himself and J. B. Bennett) of Brooklyn, N. Y. : lam aware of the patent of J. J. Bate, Oct. 21, 1856, wherein is claimed the combination of a double steam kettle, with an annular chamber, and I therefore disclaim any part of his invention. I claim in combination with a steam kettle, a vertical hollow steam cylinder supported upon pipes, D D, as described, whereby I am enabled to concentrate great hent upon the material rendering, thereby saving fuel, and making the kettle easy of access for the purpose of cleaning, as set forth and specified. Sewing MaOIiInesE. H. Smith, of New York City : I do not claim a shuttle from which the loop of needle thread is drawn, at every stitch, as shown in the patent of Joseph Bond, Jr., of May, 1855. But I claim the discordal shuttle constructed as set forth, and made to control the loop of necdle thread substantially in the manner described and represented. CandlesticksJamee Spratt, of Cincinnati, 0. : I claim the method of securing a candle by the conical ferule, b, adapted within, to be drawn over the candle and tightly clasp its butt, and screwed or otherwise attached to the sconce, u, substantially us Bet forth. RE-ISBUEB. PlowsGeorge Watt, of Richmond, Va. Patented Dec. 9,1856 : I claim the curved standard, with its front or concave side rounded off, and its curved surface extended to intersect the mold board along its upper edge, xxx, SUbstantially as and for the purposes let forth. Diaper PinsJoshua Heilmann (assignor to Ignatius Sturn) of New York City. Patent dated July 21 , 1857. ' I claim the combination of the sliding curved pin, C, with the shield or case, A, eubstantially in the manner and for the purposes described. Seed PlantersG. W. Brown, of Gralesburff, HL F 83 - Patent dated May 8 1855 : I claim. in combination with the hinged frames or hinge-joint, the locating of the conductor's or driver'sseat in rear of the supporting axle, so that as he moves forward or back on his seat, the rear frame may aet as a lever for lowering or raising the seeding pr'rt of the machine, and thus throw it into or out of the ground as circumstances may require in turning around or passing over any obstruction substantially as set forth. DESIGN. CasesTo R. Timby. of Medina, N. Y.