ISSUED FROM THE UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE For The WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 11, 1860. [Reported Olficially for the SOIENTIFIO AMEBIOAK] Pamphlets giving full particulars of tlie mode of applying for patents, aize of model required, and much other information useful to inventors, may be had gratis by addressing MUNN & CO., Publishers of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New Yorfc. 30,861.—S. \V. Adams, of Moultrie county, III., for an Improvement in Corn Planters; I claim the comhinat.ion and arran eminent, as described, of two plows, with the sli de, L, seed boxes, BE, levers, C C, andD, shovel H, and knife, I, substantially as and for the purposes described. 30,862.—Wm. Apperly and C. P. Johnson, of'Memphis, Tenn., for an Improvement in Cotton Harvesters: We claim, first. The reciprocating plate, E, picker, d, and plate, F, when combined and arranged to operate as shown and described, to wit, the pickers, d, having .i rotary and also a reciprocating and rising and falling movement, as and for the purpose set forth. Second.. The arrangement of the crauk: shaft, G-, slotted uprights, II, plate, F, roller, J, and the belts, i k, or their equivalents, all being arranged substantially as shown for the purpose of giving the pinner movement to the pickers, d. Third, In connection with the plates, ? F, and pickers, d, the endlong straps, M, blower or brush, L, and nprons, ? ?, arran ged for joint operation, as arid for the purpose set forth. [The object of this invention is to obtain a simple and efficient machine for gathering cotton from the standing stalks, so as to supersede the usual manual operation. The invention consists in the employment or use of rotating pickers having a rising and felling and also a reciprocating movement, and used in connection with aprons and stripping belts.] 30,863.—H. H. Baker, of New Market, N. J., for an Improvement in Plows: I claim, first. The mounting of the plowehares upon wheels arranged in the manner shown by. Ti and C, through the medium of a frame, G, which slides -vertically within, and is supported and guided by an exterior or principal frame A, as shown aril described. Second, Raising the plows, 1 and 2. vertically at will by theme-tiou of the bearing wheel, C, through the aid of mechanism, substantially as set forth. Third, The means substantially as shown and described for holding the forward side of the plow frame, G, bisher than the rear side of the plow frame, G, higher than tlie rear side thereof wlen in the act of being elevated in combination with means substantially aa shown and described for holding the salil plow frame level when it is fully lowered for the purpose designated. Fourth, In combination with the wheels. ? and C, frame. A. plows 1 and 2, the employmeut of tlie spring, E, for the purpose designated: -^ Fifth, The employment of the adjustable standard, S, in combination with tlie spring, E, for adjusting the rigidity of the latter in manner and for the purpose shown. Sixth, In combination with the adjustable snrinff, E, the employment of the wheel, M, for the purpose Bet forth. 30,864.—D. B. Bartholomew, of Lancaster, Pa., for an Improved Arrangement of Devices in Sawing Machines: I claim the arrangement of the hinged support and rack, h, with the pressure roller, O, and adjustable bar, M, in the manner shown and described, so thnt, when the roller passes the end of the stuffy the support, N, win take to the rack, h, and prevent the roller lrom punning the stuff asainst the saw, all as sot forth. I claim the arrangement, as shown and described,of the obliquely placed feedine roller, J, and arliustable gage, Q, with tlie platform, A, eanr, G, levers, C C, shafts, D D, rod, F, and roller, O, all as shown and described. [An engraving and description oflthis invention will appear in the next number.] 30,865.—D. Beal & W. W. Beal. of Lester, Iowa, for an Improvement in Seedinc Machines: We claim operating the seed slides, E, bv means of the oval hubs, L, provided with the hook projections, f, tlie rods, O, provided with hooks, h, the so rings, ? and R, the pinion, K, and wheel, I, the latter being provided at its periphery with tlie toothed and smooth portions, and all arranged substantially as described. [This invention consists in an improved arrangement of means for operating the seed slides by which the seed is distributed from the hoppers, and also in an improved arrangement of the f urrow and covering shares, whereby the latter may be elevated, any one singly or all simultaneously, by the driver from his seat, and with the greatest facility.] 30,866.—Henry Bell, of Clinton, 111., for an Improvement in Seeding Machines: I claim the wheels. L L, provided with sliding bars. ?t, having screws, h, at their ends, which are fitted in the holes, I. of the wheels, in connection with the curbs, M, which encompass the wheels, all being arranged as and for tlie purpose set forth. [This invention relates to an improved seed distributing apparatus and the means employed for operating the same. The invention also relates to a novel means for properly disposing the seed in the furrows. The object oTthe invention is to obtain a machine that may be used for planting seed either in hills or drills, and without the liability.of having its seed distributing parts choked or clogged, and the seed properly distributed in the furrows.] 30,87.—Newton Benedict, of Amelius, ?. Y., for an Improvement in Swifts: I claim a swift having the various parts constructed, arranged, com bined and operating in the manner and for the purpose described. 30,8fi8—H. C. Boimlmnn, of Morrisville, Vt., for an Improved Clothes' Drier: I claim, first. The use of a wateroroof sliding collar or bub, constructed as described, in combination with arms, B, or bracef, D, the manner and for the purposes set-forth. Second, The method of folding the clothes' drier constructed with arms and brace, aa described, by means of a loop in ihn linn, , passed around tlie rfci, p, attached to tlie upper sliding collar, E, In tbe manner set Jorth. 30,869.—Theodore Briggs, of Philadelphia, Pa., for an Improvement in Explosive Harpoons: I claim making an explosive harpoon lance to be thrown by hand, with its forward end constructed and applied to be exploded by the breaking of tbe wooden pin, e, as described, its barbs, f f, being pivoted together in the mortise, g, and turning outward on being released by the backward motion of the armed slide, i, as described, the whole being constructed and arranged to operate together In combination with the body of the implement, in the manner de* scribed and for the purpose specified. 30,870.—Jean Communy, of New Orleans, La., for an Improvement in Apparatuses for Applying Sul-phurus Acid Gas'in Purification of Cane Juice: I claim the combination with the discharging pipe, F, of the receiving box, H, and conducting pipe, I, in the manner and for the purposes substantially as ehown and described. [This invention consists in so applying a steam pipe in combina* tionwith the pipe by which the fumes of sulphur are conveyed frcm the retort or furnace in which they are generated toward t be box or vessel in which the juice is to be treated, that the fume are forced, among the juice by the agency of a jet of steam.] 30,871.—Horace Crofoor, of Tawboro, N. C,, for an Improvement in Seeding Machines: I claim the arrangement of the roller. B, with the rotary harrowt, L L, shaft, I, cj-1 inders, ? ?, shafts, J I, and lever, N, In the manner eliown and for the purpose set iortb. [This invention consists in a peculiar combination and arrange ment of a roller and rotaiy harrows, whereby the whole area of the ground over which the machine passes will be fully acted upon und seed properly covered with pulverized earth, and the samerolledand Compacted on the peed.] 30,872.—G. P. Evans, of Maiden, Mass., for an Improved Clasp for Hooped Skirts: I claim, as a new article of manufacture, a skirt hoop united at itl ends, as described, by elastic or tubular caoutchouc clasps, constructed so as to operate substantially in manner and lor the purpose as set forth. 30,873.—A. L. Dennison, of Waltham, Mass., for an Improved Method of RepnlatinR Watches: I claim tbe eccentric pin, 3, with its index band, n, and graduated arc or dial, i. in combination with the regulating hand, D, and hair spring, C, arranged and operating in the manner set forth for tbe purpose specified. 30,874.—G. B. Field, of St. Louis, Mo., for an Improvement in Glass Coffins: I claim the article of manufacture,-viz., a coffin mode of. blown glass, composed of two or more pieces* in the manner substantially as described. 30,875.—James Fitton, of Cavendisli, Vt., for an Improvement in Carding Enpines: I claim tlie combination of an endless traversing apron with the cylinder of a carding engine,operating substantially in the manner set forth. 30,876.—T. A. Gait, of Sterling, 111., for an Improve- ment in Seeding Cultivators: I claim attachine the seed box, I, to the cultivator. A, by meant of the arms, ? ?, fitted on the pintles, h', and havingthe wheel, L, placed on the frame, M, which is attached to the bottom of tlie seei box, said wheel having the driving mechanism for the seed slide connected with it. In connection with the T-shaped draught bar, H, attached to tbe frame of the cultivator, and all arranged to operate as and for the purpose set forth. [This invention relates to a novel arrangement of a seed distributing d evice and cultivator, whereby the two devices may work simultaneously or either be used separately, ae may be required, and the devices, when combined, placed under the complete control of the attendant.] 30,877.—P. J. Hardy, of Now York City, for an Improved Recumbent Chair: 1 claim the reclining back, d, and hinged bottom, e, connected by the crank arms, 3, and links, 4, in the manner and for the purpone specified. I also claim the stop, h, on tl arm piece, t, passing through the slotted slide, p, and provided with the spring, 10, and projection, ? ion? * eS> "ie 8lide.”iia.”End for the PulPoeil Mt 30,878.—T. G. Harold, of Brooklyn, N. Y, and G. L. Kelty, of New York City, for an Improved Curtain Fixture: I claim a blind or curtain roller fitted to receive a lateral or sideways motion at one end, by the action of tbe cord for connecting or disconnecting said roller from a atop, for the ijurposes specified. 30,879.—A. A. Hotchkiss, of Monroe City, Mo., for an Improvement in Water Drawers: I claim the arrangement of the weight on the “ bite.”of the rop in connection with tlie bucket and cleet,d, in the manner described, so as to keep the weight out of the water entirely and the bucket from descending too low, so that neither of them shall rill the water when used in connection with the drawing apparatus described. 30,880.—Benjamin Jackson, of Louisville, ??., for an Improvement in Cotton Cleaning Machines: I claim the arrangement of tbe two rotary screen. ? , and nprons, D E, with the box. A, dust chamber, C, screen. H, and compressing rolling rollers, F F, in the manner and for the purpose! shown and described. 30,881.—J. F. Keller, of Greencastle, Pa., for an Improvement in Water Elevators and Conveyors: I claim the water carriage, D, in combination with the pendent portion ^f the rail, A. said carringe being provided with wheel which clasp the sides of the rail for the pm-pose of guiding the carriage when descending r ascending the well, substantially as scl forth. theCluimoees K*tefor]hetlUing G*"'?''.”combmation therewith, for 30,882.—S. A. Lindsay, of Unionville, Md., for an Improvement in Rakes for Harvesters: I claim, in combination with a hinged platform and a hinged revolving reel and rake, the inclined shaft. P, and universal joint, q, for the purpose of retaining the rakes and reels in their proper relative positions to Hie platform when the latterie raised or lowered, substantially in the manner described. I plso claim attaching the rskes or reels to their respective armf by mean of the links, n. and springs, O, substantially In the manner and for the purpose described. 30.8P3.—A. S. Maiknam and Dnnicl Mmltham, of Monmouth, III., for an Improvement in Corn Planters: We claim securing the seed distributing slide. IT, in OTOTKT pnrt-tion hr means of the slides. J, in connection with the nriiiwtalle rnt-offs, I, substantial!! as shown and described, to admit of tbe application or employment of met elides of (llffercnt thicknesses, to regulate as mav be desired the quantity of seed to be planted on given area or the number of seed to be planted at a dropping. {Tbe bjeetof tbi Invention Ig toobuin corn planter overwhich the driver may hare perfecteanirol, tbecoisiilaiilad at a crater w 410 less depth. as may be reqUired, aud the cutters and ehare3 elevated above the ground when the machine is being drawn from place to )llace ; the device also ndmitting of the rendy temporary elevation of the cutterd nnd shares when the machine is beiug turned. The in\ention hllS further for it * object the cutting of weeds, stalks and othCl' trash that may lie in the path of the fm'ro,v and covering shares, thereby admItting of the perfect operation of the lattcr. The invention has lastly for its object the varying of the quantity of seed to be sown ou a given area, by a simple adjustment of the seed dis tributing slide in its place, whereby slides of different thicknesses, and forming seed cells of varying capacity, may be used. as occasion may require. to effect the desired end.l 30,884.—Wm.H. H. Meillen, of Littleton, N. H., for an Improvement in Steam Plows: I claim, first, The,arrangement of the levers, G G, pliding pin-Ions, f f, on shaft, F, and the ge:ll'ing, I I k k, on the shaft.-, F J, es_ sentially as shown, whereby the plows, K', lllUy be rotated or stop-pefi instantl,V at the will of the operntol' or attendant. Second, The nrmngement nf the )pvers, R R, with pawh, t, and lips, u, attached, the ratchet. Q, on the Hollow shafts, ? ?, the dutches, ? q, gearing, ?, on the shafts, O, on which the hollow hafts, N, are placed, and the J'opes or chains, n n, nttached to the cross bar, M, of the anus, k. essentially as phnwn, for the )lUrpose of eievating the shaft, J, nnd its plows, K', when desired. ['rIds invention relates to an impl'ove(l steam plow of that de-scription in which rotary plows are employed. The object of the im. provement is to obtain a light, portable amI efficient plowing machine—one that may be readily manipulated, and the parts placed under the complete control of the operator 9v attendant.] 30,885.—Samuel Mo wry and Eli Deppen, of 'Yomels-dod, Pa., tor an Improvement in Corn Planters: \Ve chim, first The arrangement of the divided axle, F, the secd boxes, G G'. tim disks, II, tubes, 0 0', springs, 8 b', pinions, II}1' and N N', shaft, M, pinion, L, spur wheol. K, and wheels. A A'—the leveml pa.rts being constructed and conuected substantially as “ud for the Jll1l'pose specified. Second, In cornbin:ltion with the Pllbject of the firstciaim, we claim the lever. E. bridle, Q, furrowing tubes, P P', covering hook?, R R', and tie rod8, S S, arranged and used as and for the purpose specified. 30,88G.—J. 'V. Lnwrence (assignor to Hcnry Brewster, T. 'V. Lawrence and J. 'V. B"ilton), of New York City, for an Improvement in Hoad 'Yagons: I chim attaching the side bar to the body of the wagon by a rigid central fLnd two elastic supports, when the side bar i3 so formed that it mav have elasticity between 'he central nnd the side supports, a3 get forth 30,881.—B. Picqnct, Or Augusta, Ga., for an 1mprovement in Maehines for Sowing Fertilizers: I claim the arrangement of the right an(l left scre\v, B, v:uiable driving cones, R g. apertures, e, Rnd partitioned hoppel', A, with the Ilotted beam, D, \vheel, F, nnd adjustable plow and standard, G G', a. aud for the purpose shown and de8cribed. [This iuvention is an improvement in machines for scattering guano or other fertilizers, and for sowing seed either broadcast or in drills. It consists in the use of a peculiar Ehnped hopper, with a Buitable number of holes in its bottom, over which holes a right and left screw shuft is placed, which is tnrlleu bJ' cone pulley!*, and a belt commnnicllting with a wheel upon which the muchine is mounted. The holes through the bottom of the hopper are fnrnished with plugs, so that, by stopping up some of them, the flow of guano orseed may be diminished, 01', by opening all tho holes, the cuanomay be scattered broadcast. Said scattering mechanism is furnished with a plow for loosening the earth and forming a fnl'ro\v, and a scraper for covering up twe fertilizer or seed and leveling the carth.] 30,888.—G. D. Sargent, of Boston, Mass., for an Improved Folding Beustead: I claim mv improved folning bedstead or arrangement ana ronnections of foul' setH, A A' n C, of progressive levers, in the manner (without the intervention of separute posts) substantially us de-IClibed. I also claim, in its combination with such n folding bed8tend, a “'overing chail', D, as constructed, witl! a chnmucred back opening into the “pace under the seatand between the Ipgs, and to be upplied to snch bedstead in the manner us specified. 30,88!l.—Oswald Schevenell, of Marion, Ala., for nn Improved Tenoning Tool: I the portions, A A' A', the circnlnr plate. B, with Us ellip_ tical hole, the parallel bar,-*, D D, with the crescent pieces, h h, in combination with the knivr8, F F. knife boxe?, E E, and their lug?, g fr, and apt screws, e e—all constructed, arranged and operating eubst,antirllly in the manner and 101' the plll'p08eS set forth. I also claim, in combination with the. plate, B. and parallel bars, D D, the b:U', H, with its centel'ing point, ]c, when snid bar is attached to the instrulllent substantially as aud for the purposes specified. [This invention consists in combining with a circulaar plate with a large emlltical hole turough its center, and with a peculiarly shaped bit s4ock, to which said plate is secured, two parnllcl gnide bara, whiclt arc connected to.sKthcr at their ends b^ crescent-shaped pieces, and which are fitted to the bottom of the circnlar pluto and secured to the same by clamp screws, ',hich 8crews, nt the same time, secure the two catting boxes iff their proper places; said guide bars Rre furnished on their bottom surfaces and at the middle of the length of euch with dovetail grooves, for receiving and holding n bar carrying the centering pOInt for guiding the cutters properly to their work at the commencement of the operation of l'ol'ming the tenon.] 30,890.—J. V. H. Sccor, of New York City, for an Improvement in Seeding :Machincs: I claim, first, Elevating and depressing the front part of the framp, A. by means of the eccentric. D. fitted in the buck part of the draught pole, and arranged essentially as and for the pui*poseset forth. Second, The an*angemeut of the adjustable frame, F', pl'ovidel with the wheel. G, and connected with the platform or foot piece, H. as and for the purpose specified. Third, The levers, KK, burs, 1, slides. L, boxes, N, and !ides, a, of the hopper8, arr:mged and combined to operate as nnd for the purpose Bet forth. Fourth, In connection with the levers, K. slides, JJ, and boxes, N, the bars or levers, 0, arranged to operate conjointly with the parts aforesaid, for the purpose specified. Fifth, The arrangement of the furrow shares, Q. with tlle shafts, R, and bal'^, S, as and for the purpose set forth. Sixth. The arrangement of the covering shares, T T, with the shafts, U U, springs, W W, adjustable pendants, X, and buttons, Y, as an.d for the purpose sct fmill. [This invention relates to an !mpl'oved !eedin: mnchine of that elass whicb are used for planting seeds in hills or drills, and in check rows, when reqnil'ed. The invention consists in an improved leed distributIng arrangement, and parts pertaining to tho operating of the lame. and to an improved arrangement at the furrow and eovering sharpe ! and also to 1m imvroved meRns of elevating and lowering the front part of the machlUe. The object of the inTen- tion is to obtain a simple and efficient dcvice for the desired pm' pose, and one that will be under the perfect control of the driver and readily manipulated.] 30,891.—Richard Solis, of New Brunswick, N. J., for an Improvement in Machines for Making Shirred Goods: I claim, first, Arnuiging ,the toothed, cnide,, b, in machines. ior\ manufacturin^phir.^etfoiiptiier elastic goods, down close to the revolving guttle J, aa*ahd; for the purpose specified. Secoud, The pivoted guide, a b e, com1trllcted. a1'ranged and operating,aijd for the purnoses ee^t forth.' [This invention consists iu arranging the toothed guide in shirring machines down close t the revolving gUIde, nndi'n making the said toothed gnide adjustable for convenience in threading it.] nO,892.— 0Iiver Sparks, of Shelbina, Mo., for :m Improvement in l'lows: I cluim the two plows arrangcd one in front of the other, a? n: for til purposes set torth, in combination with the levers, F G'? nnd G, arranged, supported and operuting us described. [This invention is an improvcment in trench plows, nnd consists in combining, in a novel munncr, a breaking or sod plow with n trench 01' subsoil plmv, whereby both plows may be t11rown into or out of the ground simultaneouslj*. The principal objegt of the invention is to more perfectly bring the BabsoH to the surface and covel' up the sods or surface 8oi1.] 30,89n.—J. D. Sqnircg, of Cold Spring ,N. Y., for nn Improvemcnt in Appamtnses for liaising 'Yater: I claim the ring, I, either plain or provided with, attache(l to the bucket by ear?, h b, or their equi\'alcnt, and lcm'ing a space hctwef'n the bucket 8mI the ring, when thc sallle ia used il combination with the tilting rod. II, substantially as set forth. I also claim the wedecpircc, N, provided with the wedge-shaped arms, i and k, and, 1, in combination with the hinged brake, L, acting on the windlass, substnntially us described. 30,S94.-E. S. Taylor and H. S. Larned, of Clcveland, Ohio, for an Improvemcnt in 'Yater Elcvators: 'Ve claim the rib, L', spirally inclined planes, J J, and niche, I, for facing the spout of t.he bucket, 0, to the spout, n, of the cllrb, ns specified, nnd in combination therewith, we claim the special arrangement of the lip, 11, :md box, K, for the purpose Bet forth. 30,895.—J. K. Taylor, of Bridgeport, Conn., for an Improved Bolt Cutter: I claim holding on to or against the nut whilst the cutter if being actuated by the lever, instead of tUe bolt, for the purpose of leaving that part of the bolt that is to be cut off free from any resistance on the ade opposite to the cutter, substantially in the manner aud for the purpose set forth. 30,8%.—J. C. Tilton, of Sanbornton Bridge, N. ?., for an Improvement in Temples: I claim inserting the teeth, c c, into n removable piece of wood, C. fitted and secured in the plate, A, substantially a3 und for the purpose specified. 30,S97.—Benjamin Tinkham, of Camcron, Ill., for an Improyement in ClIlti"ators: I claim, first. The combination with t.he nxle, B, and plntes, c d, of the beams, E, plates, a b,andpinsor bolts, f, substnutiully asand for the purposes 8f't forth. Second, In comhilmtion with the above, I claim the pins or supports, h, with the hounds, D, as nnd for the llUl'p08e described. 30,898.—P. D. Van Hoescn, of Ncw York City, for an Improved 'Ynshing Machinc: I claim the combination of the triangular-shaped tnh. A, with the reversilJle washboard, e, constructed and operating tmbstantially in the mannel' and for the purpose set forth. [This invention consists in the arrangement of a triangular wash tub, in combination with n reversible washboard, in snch a manner that said washboard can be used either fOl' the purpose of pounding the alothes or in the ordinary mannpr for hanu washing.] 30,899.— F. 'V. Willard, of Ncw York City, for an 1mpl"Ovemcnt in Vapor Lamps. I claim the combination of the plate, K, “trip of metnl. I. and the wir*, J, constructed and operating for the purpoies and uaea substantially as set ferth in the specification. 30,900,—J. J. 'Yatson, of Buffalo, N. Y., for an 1mprovemcnt in Tnpping Gas anu 'Yatc,. Pipc: I dnim, first. The employment of the wheel, n, provided with holes, DUE, Jllld dividen in two parts thro'agh its pcriphcIT, substantially as and fQr the purpose specified. 30,901.—John Adt, (n.signor throngh mcsne assignments to 'Ym. B. BarnaHI), of \Yaterbury, Conn.”fot an Improvnd Knob Loek: I claim the arrangement of thc spring, r, nnd a rinp, jr. thnt is pro_ vided with a depression, i i,, 11 II, awl Flot, i. with thn shank, E, box, d. pin, n. and notched rose, C, as shown aud described for the purposes set forth. [This invention consists in applying to the shank of an ordinary knob a pecnlial'ly shaped ring, with lugs projecting from one edge, which lugs fit into corresponding notches cnt. into the flange of the nose find keep the knob fI'om turning “,hon it is desired to lock the door, and when the knob is to be left frec to turn, this ring can be ?et back and securcd.1 30,903.—A. J. Kramer (assignor to himselt and Bcnjamin Reece and N. 'V. Claflin), of Marion, Iowa, for Improved Arrnngcments of Parts in Hotary Planers: I rlnim the arrangement of the vertically slidins rotary pInner, G, with the cnl'1'iage, I, adjustable clamp frame, J, clamp, K, eccen_ trir. L, jaws, llm, nnd screwB, M M M', as aod for the purpose herein shown and described. 30,904.—S. A. Worth en (assignor to himself and 'Ym. 'Yalker), of Morrisville, Vt., for nn Improvement in Cross-cnt Sawing Machines: I claim the “pring rn.tcllet,,' D, nnn, I, If'vpr, L, weight, 'V', nnn arm, H, in combination with the reciprocating saw snd frame ar_ ranged and operating substantially as nnd for the purpose set forth. RIMS SUES. T. J. Mayall, ot Roxbury, Mass., assignor, by mesncTHE assignments, to J. H. Cheevcr. of New York Citv, for an ImprO\'ement in the Manufactnre of Hnl'd Rubber. Patented November 30, ]858: ? claim the use of fattv substances formed in or derived from 01'ganic matter or vegetable origin, when inCOl'pOl'ntpd wit,h the rubher compound in the manufacture of hard vulcanized rubber, as described for the purpose 01' purposes specified. G: W. Brown, of Galesburg, 111., for an Improvcment in Seed PlantCls. Pntented May 8, 3S55. Reissued Novemher ]0, ]857: I claim, first. In combination with a eeen1 plan tins machine, thnt.ifi operated by hand, the placing of both the driver and the person who operates the seed slides or valves upon the machine in such position as tbat each may attend to his particular dut.y witilOut interfering with that of the other, substantially as described. Second, I also claim, iu combiuaiion with a seed planting mnclline that iH operated by hUlld and upon which the driver and the person who works the seed slides or valves sit or stand, the so locating of paid seats or stnnds ns that the weight of one of the persons may be used to counterbalance or ovel'bn lunce the weight of the other, for the purpose of more readily l'nising or lowering the seeding apparatus, subdtuntially as and for the purpose described. G. VY. Brown, of Galesburg, Ill., for an Improvement in Seed Planters. }'atented May 8, ]855. He' issned November ]0, ]857: I claim in comuin:ttion with a 8ced planting mnchine opernted by ll:lnd :Iud having its seeding devices forwnrd of the ceuter of the wheels, and forward of the driver's sent, Hlld a hinged connection, the locating of the seat in snch relation to n line druwn through the centers of the wheels or ground supports.n' tlnit the occupnnt of 8aid pent mar, by moving hinH!elf or throwing' hrs weight forwanl or backward on his seat, without the necessity of rising, wlIikingor stllnding ovpr or near the needing devices, force the seeding apparatus into, or raise it from the ground, substantially as described. G. W. Brown, of Galesburg, III., for an Improvcment in Sced Plantcrs. Patented May 8, ]855. Heissued November ]0, 1857: I clnim, In combinutioll with a seed planting macliine thnt has a hinged or yielding joiut between its fixed points uf support, und with its seeding devices between 8nid V(lint.^, the PO connecting of the pnrts between snid fixed points of support as that thnt portion of tlw machine carrying the speding deviceH may bn raised lip fmd out of the ground by the attendant riding on the macliine, and be cll1'ried by the tongue or horse llecks :Hul the supporting wheels, substantinIly as und for the llUrpose described. G. 'V. Brown, of Galcsburp, III., for an Improvement in Seed Plantcrs. Patented May 8, ]855. Heissned November ]0, 1857: I claim, in combinntion with n Eec(l planting machine 80 made ns that the forward part of the ma('hine can be r:liscd up onto the supporting wheels, and then' curried, a lock, block, 01' stop, h, whith prevents the rear part of the frame from descending to low ne to strike the ground or inconvenience the occnpunt of the scat lIpon said real' portion of the fmme, substantially us and for the purpose described. G. 'V. Brown, of Galcsburg, 111., for an Improvement in Seed Planters. Patentcd May 8, 1855. Reissued November ]0, ]857: * claim socombining with n lever by which both may be operated, a vulve or slide in the seed hopper Hnd a valve in the seed tnLe, us tlJ!I,t u hulf motion of the lever by the operator ruling on the machine by which 1hey arc operated shaM both open nnd close the seed passages nt regular periods and in measnred quantities only, substantially us described. J. J. Johnston. of Alleghcny City, Pa., for an Improvement in Com Shellers. Patented April 19, 1859: I claim, first, The combination and arrangenipnt of the two 81)('11ing disks running on the same plane, in opposite directions, as de. scribed nnd for thc pnrpose set forth. Second, The r.ombin:ltion of the Enid disks with guide, spring 01' press plates, or their equivalents, us deseribad und for he purpose set forth. D. E. Somes (assignor to J. S. Andcrson), of Bidde-ford, Maine, for pn Improvement in Cnring Pro"isions. Patented November 13, 1860: I claim 8ulUng and curing food and hIdes in any latitude ana at times when the temperature of the snrface of the earlh is too hi^h (or the ordinary process, by means of operating in excavations or shafts made in the earth toa deptli sufficient toattiiiu Ihc mean temperature of the earth or to a depth nt wllich meats have 110t heretofore been galtet! and cured, and further to cool by artificial rcfrigemtion, substnntiulty as Eet f01'th. C. T. James, of Providence, H. I., for an Improvement in Projectiles. Patented February 26, 185G: I claim the cmploymeatof ancxpanEible packing SHl'l'Ollllllinr-the projectile und So combined therewith, substantially us described, that the force of the discharge acting on tlw imide of sHch pncking shall force it outward agniust the bore of t.he gnn nIHl into the grooves thcnol, if tIle gUll be rifled, substantially us described. ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENT. T. G. Chase, of l'hilndcIphia, Pa., for an Improvemcnt in Hcndering Fabrics IncolTodible. Patented Nov. 9, 1858: I claim the interposing of a mixed powder of cftlrinNl feldspar sulvhnte of lime with the m'tnllic oxyde of magnesium, culciul andiron between the block of caustic alkali couted with-:l imraflinc and the paraffinc wrapper. Ialeo claim the composition of paraffine nud rosin for the pm'11oscS described. NOTE.—Thc above list of claims does not compare favorably with the nnmber issued lust week. There were issued 011 TuesdllY. 4th iUl^t., BKVENTY-t???? patents ; while the above list, isnled December 11Lh, numbers onlyi'oitTY-TrntEE, which is not as muny cases as were filed into the Patent Office through onr agency nloue, during the omme week. Among the nbovenamed patentees we recognize NINETEEN, or nearly one-hulf of the entire number. a8 pe1'80nS who pro. cnred their Letters Patent through the Scientific American Patcnt Agency. —-??-—