We have received a communication from J. B. Futvoye, Esq., of Quebec, giving us proper information respecting the securing of patents in the British Colonies of North America. The present Patent Laws (the new law recently enacted in England) for the Colonies has provided no means for American citizens securing patents in them; British subjects, however, who may be in the United States, can secure patents in Canada, by going to Quebec and remaining there only one day, and through his instrumentality a patent may be obtained. Our Canadian, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick friends, we hope, will exert themselves and get their patent laws amended so that our citizens may be able to obtain patents in the Provinces at a small expense. It would be well if the lees for American patents were reduced to $30 to stated residents in the Colonies, and we hope the fees foi American citizens will be reduced in the colonies to the same standard. An American patent, we know is of far more valuable than a Colonial one, but after all, in a question of an improvement in the arts, there is but little use of a dividing line on our Continent.