A picture frame on improved principles has been lately invented by John Wood, of New York City, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The object of this improvement is to conceal irom sight, when not used, a key, or sheet of paper, c, explanatory of the picture. For this purpose the explanatory key is fixed behind the picture on a hollow cylinder, within which is coiled a spring, which latter is held from unwinding by a ratchet wheel, c. The apparatus is fastened in such a manner on the back of the frame as to be concealed from view, the key only being visible when unrolled, which is effected by drawing a tassel attached to the end. When it is desired to wind the key up, a catch is detached from the ratchet wheel, and the spring, having no check, uncoils, thereby causing the cylinder to revolve and thus wind up the explanatory key or diagram. Captain Land, of the American clipper ship Challenge, died of dysentery, iat/Whampoa, on the 26 July. Upon examining his body, several rusty nails were found in him, one of which had passed through the left lobe of his lungs. It is thought that he must have swallowed them when a boy. It is the highest duty, privilege, and pleasure for the great man and the whole-souled women to earn what they possess, to work their own way through life, to be the architect of their own fortunes. All a Spaniard wants in this world is sun- R bine and garlick.