A machine for the purpose of superseding manual labor in the operation of plastering walls, has been invented by Isaac Hussey, of Harveysburgh, Ohio, who has taken measures to secure a patent. It consists of a movable frame upon rollers that can be adjusted to suit any height, and of a smaller frame sliding within it. The latter serves to support a mortar box containing the trowel, which is raised and lowered by means of a drum and endless chain. When in operation the trowel is supplied with mortar by a rod and follower, which are worked by a lever, the quantity being regulated or shut off, as required, by a slide that covers the opening in the box. For plaster, ing ceiling it is only requisite to raise the mortar box to the top ai the frame, and for side walls it is adjusted accordingly by turning it to a proper position. For this last-named operation the box is shifted by the sliding frame, which is moved bac k and forth for that purpose by means of the already-mentioned lever. There are also various cords and pulleys attached to the machine for facilitating the operations of the different parts, which are included in the invention and form a part of it.