The population of New York State, according to the census returns of the year 1852 was, in the aggregate, 3,097,358; of whid number 2 439,296 were native born, and 658,-062 of foreign birth. Of the former 2,151,19( were born in New York State, 26,352 ii Pennsylvania, 35,319 in New Jersey, 66,101 ii Connecticut, 13 129 in Rhode Island, 55,773 ii Massachusetts, 14,519 in New Hampshire, am the remainder in other States. Of the foreigi population 343,111 is Irish, 118,398 German 84,820 English, 23,418 Scotch, 12,515 French 7,582 Welch, and 47,200 British American More than two-fifths of the foreigners are lo cated in New York and Brooklyn cities.