Sold by Willjamsj Stevens & Williams, Broadway; Wm. Terry, 113 Nassau street, sole agent.—An engraving from Stuart's superb picture of the Father of his country has been handed over to us for inspection, with which we are highly delighted. It is engraved upon steel by T. B. Welch, of Philadelphia, from the original painting in the Athenasum at Boston, and reflects the highest credit upon the artist. As a specimen of American skill, it is one that does infinite credit to our country, and we sincerely hope that the spirited publisher will receive all the patronage that he so justly deserves. It would be useless to enter into any critique upon the painting, which is too well known to require description, and it will be found that the engraving is a true copy of the original. Every feature is as accurately represented by the lines of the engraver as by the pencil ot the artist. It is a national work and therefore deserves national patronage. We doubt not that the sale will be immense. DANIEL WEBSTEK, Secretary of State, died at his residence in Marshfield, Mass., at 3 A. M, on the 24th inst.: thus have recently passed away our three greatest statesmen—Calhoun, Clay, Webster