Wind from Hurricane Irene downed trees and power lines caused interruption of power for approximately four million people.

North Carolina

Renee Murphy, an Administrative Representative for Duke Energy, said, "During the 24-hour period between midnight on Thursday through midnight on Friday, power outages averaged about 47,500 customers without electricity." Currently, only about 780 people don't have electricity. She said that is normal for outages on a regular day. "Any damage caused by Hurricane has been repaired."


Georgia Power spokesman, John Kraft, said, "We only have a very small exposure to the coast and we had very little impact from the storm. We are sending crews to help out North Carolina and Virginia for Dominion Power."


In a press release, Dominion Power company out of both North Carolina and Virginia said they are working together with crews from Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and South Carolina to restore power to all the customers affected by Hurricane Irene. Dominion Power said that more than 1.2 million of their customers in North Carolina and Virginia lost power. They will issue a statement after assessments of the damages are complete as to when all the power will be restored. Priority will be given to electrical circuits that serve hospitals, water pumping stations, police, fire departments and other emergency locations. After those repair are complete, repairs will begin on restoring electricity to the most heavily populated areas.

Washington, D.C.

Bob Hainey, Manager of Media Relations for Pepco, a Washington, D.C., energy supplier, said, "We are trying to get an assessment of the entire system. Once that assessment is complete, we will issue a global ETR with an estimate of when all the repairs will be completed." He said, "We were hit pretty hard, there are 200 trees down in just the city alone." At the peak of the storm, about 180,000 customers were without electricity.


Rachael Lighty, a spokesperson for Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) said, At the peak of our outages there were 591,600 customers who lost power." Crews have been working to restore electricity and it will take several days for all the electricity to be restored, according to the BGE press release.

BGE is assessing system damage throughout the service territory from Hurricane Irene and restoring power where and when its safe. More than 3700 resources working around-the-clock to safely and efficiently restore power. This includes just over 700 overhead crews and about 200 Tree crews as of Sunday afternoon.


According to, the website for Delmarva Power, there were more than 40,000 customers (some in Maryland) that still had no power as of early this morning.


Pennsylvania power company PPL stated in a press release today that more than 200,000 customers in central and eastern Pennsylvania were without power Sunday morning. Power was restored to many overnight. Most of the customers who had lost power were in Lancaster and Berks counties. The report said that it will take four or five days to clean up the storm debris and restore power to everyone.

New Jersey

Representatives of Cooper Electric in New Jersey could not be reached for comment on Sunday. No figures were available on their website. According to the website of First Energy, there were more than 500,000 customers throughout New Jersey that were without power Sunday morning.


The Connecticut Light and Power website reported that as of this morning, there were still more than 500,000 customers without electricity.

Rhode Island

The National Grid website for Rhode Island reported that 279,269 customers did not have electricity as of Sunday evening.


According to, there were 319,631 people in Massachusetts without electricity as of Sunday evening.


There were 38,862 people who had no electricity as of Sunday evening, according to

New Hampshire

According to the National Grid website, there were 8,190 customers who did not have electricity as of Sunday evening.

New York

The ConEdison Web site outage map showed that there were 121,209 customers without electricity as of Sunday evening.


The Central Maine Power Company Web site reported that there were 146,000 customers without power as of Sunday evening.