Allow no one to touch them, for the oil on the skin will discolor the marble. In cleaning, be sure to use pure cold water only; and wash with a painter's small brush. To brush off dust, use a fly-flap made of peacock's feathers. Cover the marble in summer with gauze to keep off the flies. If any flies should get to it, use alcohol to remove the blemish, and on no acconnt use soap or warm water. The light should fall on a statue or bust from such a height as to leave a hair's breadth between the shade of the nose and the upper outline of the upper lip.mdash; [Courier amp; Enquirer. [By experience, we can say that cold, clean soap suds is the best.mdash;then wash them off with cold water.] A rich vein of lead has been discovered in Campville, Tioga Co., N. Y. The editor of the "Oswego Gazette " has been shown specimens of the ore, yielding 90 per cent. The Canada" Land Company" (England) have declared a dividend of 6 per cent, on the halt year.