MESSRS. EDITORS—The following 13 a method by which I have prepared liquid glue, and have found it very convenient :— Take the glue in any quantity desired, and dissolve it in as small a portion of boiling water as possible ; it will then be found too thick for use. While it is still hot, take the glue-pot from the fire, and reduce or thin the glue to the proper consistency with alcohol ; then put it in a bottle, the mouth of which must be covered with india rubber or other material impervious to the air. Liquid glue made in this manner, and placed in bottles, may be kept ready for use for a number of years. I have some glue which I now use that was thus prepared six years ago, and is as good as when newly made. ItoOnly requires to be slightly warmed for application during cold weather. MERCHANT KELLY. Bentonville, Ind., Dec., 1857. [This is a very good method of making glue for use where only a little is required, and that but at considerable intervals of time. Liquid glue is very liable to rapid putrefaction in warm weather, and it freezes in cold weather. Alcohol preserves it from both of these influences. A bottle of liquid glue is very convenient for use in families to mend broken chairs and other pieces of furniture.