Thirteen bottles of preserved fruit were exhibited lately at Rochester, New York, by William R Smith, of Wayne County, viz:— five of cherries, two of peaches, one of different varieties of currents, one of blackberries, and one of plums. They were examined by a committee, and found of fine flavor, and the committee expressed the opinion that the ait of preserving Iruit in this manner is practicable, and that the fruit, when carefully put up, can be made to keep as long as may be desirable. The method of preserving is thus given to the New York State Society by Mr. Smith : " They are preserved by placing the bottles) filled with the fruit, in cold water, and raising the temperature to the boiling point as quickly as possible ; then cork and seal, the bottles immediately. Some varieties of fruit will not fill the bottle with their own juice— these must be filled with boiling water and corked as before mentioned, after the surrounding water boils." [Fruits can also be preserved by 'carbonic acid gas. The bottles after the fruit is put into them, should be charged with this gas under pressure, to expel all the air, then sealed up.