We have a deep respect for the memory of John Guttenberg, the inventor of movable types It was not the /ranf* ig jrtss which gave the grand impetus to modern civilization and developed the age of discovery. No, it was the movable type ol the clear-headed German ofMentz. The press employed for a long time to take impressions, after the invention of movable type, (printing blocks were known and used before that), was a ment made in the type, than a reformation in eve-y department of knowledge commenced. All hail then, we say, to the memory of Guttenberg. his grave and see the improvements which have been made in the manufacture of type since his day, he would be as greatly surpri-: sed, if not more so, than at the improvement i which he himself discovered, as being supe-nortothat ofthe old pen-made books. Of this we are fully convinced by examining a specimen book of printing type manufactured by H. H. Green, type founder, our next door neighbor, (128 Fulton street, New Yorkl. This work contains the most beautiful samples of different kinds oftype thatwe nave ever seen, the manufacturer ot such type may well feel proud of what he has to offer to the public as specimens for all kinds of printing—plain and ornamental.