One of tho most noteworthy features of the revival of industry in tho Southern St ates, Is tlie apparent disposition on. the part of tho people in that section to rcuder themselves as f'aras possible independent of other sections for their supply of utensils, uuchinee, ami other essentials to the counduct of their sgricnltural and mauufacturing pursuits. One of the most striking evidences of this fact is foimil in the incread numbers of original devices calculated to advance the progress of the various branches of iudustry peculiar to that large. fertile, ami, soon to be, most flourishing region. .And not only are the Southern inventions which rams under our notice ill tho coin-So of our business applicablc to the wants of the South, but many of them will find widely oxtendcd application throughont all sections of the country. This is a most ciicouraglng sign of future prosperity, and one which al Hovers of our comuion country Just rjoice to sec. In this connection it will be interesting to notico some of tho more reoont and prominent Southern inventions, A Memphis paper states that Georgo V. Grader, a cltizen of that city, has taken tho bull by the horns anil invented a machine for ginning cotton aud relinting cotton soed and cot. ton motes, which promises to revolutionize that: of cotton ginning in the country. Taking cotton from tlie boll, Mr, Gmder'fO machine 'eveno motes. the falls comprising nothing but tlie dirt. Itcleaus the seed, making them mom valuable for manufacturing purposes. and sa.vcs tlie planter illarge per centago on his crop. The Memphis paper pronounces this invention of Mr. Grader one of the most extraordinary of the present time. Mr. llenry Thompson of Mobile, has invented, tlndobtained 11 patent on. submarine telescopic lantern, an ingenious .le- sign admirably adiipted to the purpose of cxamining objects at any depth under the surface of tho water, as tho bottoms of vessels, foundations of pier!;. giving light nndur the water, Enid taking: photographs of any cbjeets, e'on at tlie bottom of tlie sea. At the same time it is an invaluablo aid in ennbling submarine divers to see how t:l work in hying pier or other submarine foundations, wreckiug::nd recovering the bodies of persons drowned or valuable articl(m hidden under the &.:a. This instrument is of simple construction. similar to II bilot's sounding' pok, sectional tubes joined together with rOo ficctors, mirror, and light at one end, artistically arangcc. as to reflect objects under the wter to the eyeoftheohserver above. The same versatilo invcntor has takcn out patents on it life, surf, bus'mess, and. pleasure boat, and, accordiug to the Mobile Daily 'l'ribuile, has invented one of the niost graceful, rapid ..nd safe three-wheeled velocipedes ever devised. The Boden safety vah-e is another Southern invention. Accordin,,; to tho LouisvilleJouvlUtl, it lias lmen sub mitted to the most satisfactory tests, and lias como out tri_ ninpliaii'. It consists of two valves, one of wMch opens on the inside of tlio laoiler and the other on the outside. Thus it will bo seen .Iy any one fit all acquainted with tho workings of si steam boiltr-, tlir.t an over-pressnre of steam will open the outside valve, and a suction or vaeunmwill open tho inside one. Wo aro in receipt o numerous letters from Southern men, making inquiries in reg^'d to projected improvements, which indicate that an active spirit of invention pen-ades the Southern mind. Gen. G. T. Beaurcg:ard, of New Orleans, reccntly oiJtained lettc!';! patent through the Scientific American Patent Agercy, for improvemeuts in apparatus for propelling cnrs and other vcbicles on land, aud boats on caimls or riveI'8, by means of overhcad wire rope, opcrnted by stationa.ry engines or other powm- placed nt intermls along the route. 11is in"ention comprises no,-d aud ingenious clamping devices aud spring: uttachment for the same, attached to the car, for engaging and d'Sl'eigagin!! the propelling rope, in a manner to avoid shocks and jars to tht cars or boats. In “ recent letter to us on the subject, he says ; “ Thanking YOII for your prompt attention ;n olitninjug my paf'nt, I wvonlu statc tlrnt this improveiucnt of mine is destine.:, 1 believe, 1.0 create “ rapid increase m tho number of street railways in :ud about cities, ami of canals in tli(J counky, by materially diminishing' their current or ruiiniug expcnses, Moreover, in northern latitudes, whcre. owing to the ice,canals itsmain idle jlart of the winter, they will be nsod in connection with the stationary engines and endless wire ropes of my system, as sornany railways for properly constructed cars and boats. Vlu:n theso arrive at ally locks they will be easily transferred from one levfd to the other by a lifting platform." We are hnppy to chtonicle these signs of growing pro- perity ajttoi I g the Southern people