A memorial has been presented to the I S. Senate, by CoL James French, 'uf Virgini praying Congress to aid in putting his inver tion of a new locomotive and railroad in ope ration at Washington, to test his plan the toughly. The memorial was referred to a se lect committee of five Senators, Messl Foote, Rush, Dawson, James, and Norris. Literary Notices Chemical Field LeOtures,Cambridge, John Bartlett; 12 mo , pp. 212. The aboTe is a cbemlcal work for agriculturists, by Dr. Stockhardt, Profe8 sor 10 the Royal Agricultural Academy, at Tharand Saxony, and IS now presented in a translation t the American farmers, with additional notes unde the editorship of James E. Tescbemaclier. Th subJect of agricultural chemistry is one of such vi .t,aI importance, that we canDot allow the opportu nity to pass by of making a few remarks upon th ubject. This new area of enquiry, which was firs opened .bySir H. Davy, and so vastly extended by LIebIg, 18 sufficiently ampl.e to admit of stillfurther yotaries j and, considering bis opportunities, no Jarmer should be consideringcontent, in the opportpresent uniadvanced state of knowledge, to be in ignorance of the con stituents of the ,oil that he tills. That mucb cul pable neglect has been exbibited by agriculturist of every country, in te tillage of the soil, DO on can deny; and, therefore, the dissemination of agri cultural chemistry will tend much to correct thos errors into which so many have fallen. The prope application of manures is a subject of the greate8t importance ; and the author has treated lucidl; upon the principalnamely, guano, bone dust, &c. But, as the work was originally written for the far mers of Germany, it is not so cseful for the agricul tUrtsts of our own country as we would have wish ed. , A careful reader will, however, gather much practical information from its pages ; and on ac count of the vital importance of every thing per taIDlDg to agrIcultural chemistry, we hail it as a v,aluable addition to the works already written on tbe subject. Illustrated Journals.On the first day Januau, Messrs. Barnum & Beach commenced the publication, in thjs city, of a weeldy journal de voted to art, literature, news, &c", under the title of the "'Illustrated News." It iA a large 8 vo. impe rial sheet, profusely lllustrated, and contains solid, interesting matter for all classes. It is truly a high, toned, admirable journal, and is conducted with great energy, enterprize and tact, No. 8, now beR fore us, contains 19 beautiful engravings; done in the best style of the art Among tb. subjects represented are the following: Durning of Steamers at St. LOUIS, The Castle, the Gbost uf Wallenstein Wadda Rapa, Mirage in the Desert, John Banvard' California Miner's R,ut, yeterans of.1812 at the Capitol, Sponge Fisheries ln Cuba, Fairmount Water W, rks) Philadelphila; Interior view of the Water Works. Mission House on site of the Old Brewery Hou, ..'f Refuge, Rand&ll's Island; Bridal CaKe at Rensel1aer Manori St. Peter 8, at Rome; Adams' Express Building) San Francisco; Madame Sontag from a daguerreotype; Madame Sontag in La Son: ambula, The terms of the IllIstrated News, are $3 per annum Office, 128 Fulton street, Book of the Would, No. 6; Weik & Wieck Philadelphia. This number, among other interest: ing matter, contains a short memoir of Henry Clay. It is properly called the "Book of the World" for it has something to say on every thing and it w'ould be strange if in so great a variety there should be any one who could not find some article that would be amusing or jnstructive. "A Guide to Roman History," from the earliest period to the close of the Western Empire, by the Rev. Dr. Brewerj C. S. Francis & Co , publishers 252 Broadway. This is a most excellent and instructive publication designed especially for schools and famIlIes, We recom-mend it as a work of uncommon value to those desiring to acquire, in an easy mauner, a general knowledge of thia ancient and venerable region.