Moses S. Beach, 01 New York City, has invented an improvement in Railroad Signals, for which he has taken measures to secure a patent. The great number of accidents occasioned by the want of proper signals, has induced inventors to devise a variety of means for preventing them. This is one of the most efficient methods for accomplishing this purpose which has come under our observation. The certainty with which this signal gives notice of an open draw-bridge or turned switch, at any desired distance from the place ot danger, entitles it to particular notice by railroad men and engineers. The improvement consists in a new mode of operating a series of signals for day and night, placed near thedraw or switch, and also at a considerable distance from it, on either side, by means of eyes and arms. These are so arranged that when the draw or switch is moved, a corresponding motion is communicated to the signals by means of cords or small chains passing from and operated by the drawbridge or switch, to the signal or signals, a number of which may be used sufficient to insure safety. Thus, when the main track is clear, the signal boards are parallel with the track as day signals, and green lights are shown up and down the track, as night signals, that all is right and safe. And when the main track is broken, either by a turned switch or an open draw, the signal boards are turned at right angles with the track as day signals, and red lights are shown up ami down the track as night signals of danger. The signal is turned by a pulley upon the signal staff, over which the cord or chain passes. This arrangement is exceedingly simple as well as cheap and efficient.