The “Montreal Herald” publishes a rail road table, of which it says :—By this table it will be seen that of 2,051 miles of road, we have already in operation 225 (for the Raw-don and Industry line, of 20 miles, is comple ted) miles, 608 miles under construction, and 1,211 miles for which charters have been ob tained. Of these last, however, 523 miles— the Main Trunk, from Trois Pistoles to Que bec, and from Montreal to Hamilton—are now contracted for, and their construction may be considered secured—leaving 688 miles of chartered road not yet contracted for. Of the 225 miles of completed road, 192 miles are in Lower, and 27 in Upper Canada. Of the 1,131 miles, under construction and contracted for, about 330 will be found to be in Low er Canada, and 800 in Upper; and of 688 miles of chartered roads not yet contracted for, with the exception, say, ot 60 miles of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Grand Junction Road, the whole are in the upper section of the Province. Thus when all the roads un der construction contracted ior and chartered, are completed, Upper Canada will possess 1,465, and lower Canada only 586 miles ot road.