THIRTY CENTS per line for each and every insertion, payable in advance. To enable all to understand how to calculate the amount they must, send when they wish ailvertisemciits published, we will explain that ten words average one lino. Engrnvings T^^I not he a^tlmiti,ed intn nur a'lvci'nviug colmiiii"' :aJHI, ar: heretofore, tlie ]Kibli?-.]|cr!^ ref.1ci'-';-e to themselves tho jTg^ht to reject any !i(lvertiei"'inei!t soii'i f:v publlcutinn. p IFF ARD'S BOILER INJECTORFOK PUP- V!X plying water to boilers by direct pressure of stciini v.-il'jout iJiC iToterventvon of any machinery. The attention of en^iinerr.^ and otiiers intnrept(^d is invited to tlirs" newlv invented inptrinnr-'' IIOV,- on exhibition and for sate by CHARLYS W. COPKLAM^ N.-. IlK; Broad^Fay, New York. "I 1;; 1%/rECHANICS WANTEDIN ALL PARTS OF -IT-IL the United Statpp, to manufacture And sell, or Bell on cemmis-.!'Iion. nn article needed in every family. For particulars. address B. F. NORTON, Machester, N. H. l* /NUAT OTIIUOSTTY.-MAmC CIGAK CASES, vTf with sni^rpt (Iravvor ppiit frao on i'e.-eipfc of twcWo rf d POETHPN 111 t i-t limite i t nltpa ?'I 1 A nta wnnti'.l. t)} BIIOT.I I IT k M ll U i t ll hi^iluU ftiliitemMtoO. J, 383 STOVER MACHINE COMPANY, NOS. 11 AND 13 Platt-atreet, NeW' York.H. D. stover's Ii-on Planing Mach ine^. D. StoveI" E:\gle Molding Machine, and all themost improved Wood and Iron-working Machinery, Haill'oad Supplies, &c. For refers ce to of the parties using our machines (but not our latest machine, as illustrated on the first page of this paper), we may mention the LeliigU Viilley R. P.. Uo., Cleveland, Col^bu.^ & Cincinnati R. R., Lfiuisville, ){ew Alb any & Sal em R. R., Memplus & Tenneaaee and Memphis & Oliio R. R.; Wm. C. Lyon, Bruner & Moore, Decker, \Yallace &: Bai-les, Steiwiiy & Son, Manhattan Chair Factory, in New York : Mm-s^ll, James &, Traver, Emery Bros., .Sennick & Co., Albany, N. Y.; i"ay & Co., Furst & Bradley, J. B. Idc.'o;oii & Co., W. H. Doane, of Ctncago, 1ll.; Fay & Co., Lane 6.:; Bjdlev Smith & Holley, Mitchell & R:imiiel^erg, A. R. C. Bronte, Cincimati, Ohio; Mooi-e & Halste^l, Memphis, Toon.; Lane &, Bod-Icy, New Orl^n.s, La.' Kimball & Gorton, HenI\'" Disston, Charles H. Sm^h, Jackson & Sou,", Philadelpiia, P.v; Arsenal, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Eaton, Gilbert & Co., Troy, N. Y.; II. & F. Blandy, Zanesville, Ohio ; Warder & Child, Dane & Co., Whitler, Gashes & Kelley, Springfield, Ohio ; Lewis & Hwl-in^n, Coldwater, Mi^.; Ketchum & McDowel, OtisviUe, N.Y^.; Th^as HiUTis & Son. Sheldrake, N. Y.; D. M. O.iborne & Co., Aubui-ii, .\. Y.; Gates, Kirturn & Co., Burlington, Vt.; D. A. Clay &. Ca.. Ulaiemont, and M. &: A. H. Buck & Co., Lebanon, N.H.; Uhamberbiii & Barton, Ellswra-th, Maine; J. E. D.miol: & C)., Wis.hart & St)v8i\ No. Bti Utica-street, Jonas Fitch, Bo.s^^o ; Willard Eyerett ; (J.^i., St:Hlth Dedham ; J. A. Fay & Co., B.all & WilliMiis, W("'eester, M,,'"'-...,; C. B. Rogiirs & J. A. Fay & Co., Norwich ; P,iciflc Iron \ri)rti, Bridgeport, (Joiin,; L. Wright, HuiiUngton Machine Co., D. Walker & Co., Newark, N. J.; Thomas Siedden, Petersburg; J. & G. Mendel, Wheel ng, Vn.; Nathaniel 'rhomp::mn, London, England ; Amqnnago, Pedoaso & Co., Havana ; the only cai- shop in Austra lia; Million, Gniet & Co., Paris, and almost an innurnerable auiuber of others. Call and see us and Bee our improved machinery, or Bend for a.r:ircular or catalogue. LABORATORY OF GHEK^ISTR Y.CONSULTA-tioils and advices on chemistl'y applied to arts and manufiic-Im-es, agriculture, metatargy, mining sm-veys. Information oii chemical fabrications, with drawings, such as colors, varnishes, coal l Ikalief, salts, i^a-rnbb^^ gutta-pe^^^^^ & AdtoessPro^at^r H. DUSSAUCE, chemist (from the Conservatoire Imperial of Arts and Manufacture, Paris), "Sew Labanon, N. Y. 1* AMERICAN STOCK JOURNAL.-THE THIRD volume mences Jan. 1, 18SlDevoted especially to matters relating to domestic animals ; the largest and dleapest paper of the kind in the world.^^shed monthly, at No. 25 Park-row, New York. Pnce, $1 pel' year, in advance. Specimen copies gratis D. C. LINSLEY. lditor and Proprietor. OTIS F. R. WAITE, Associate Editor. Papers giving the above advertisement three insei'tioils, and sending a marked copy to A, G. Hatch, Winds or. Vt., will receive acopy of the paper one year free. 1 A. G. HATCH, General Agent. BRAZIL AND THE BRAZILIANS.-HIGHLY Interesting Lecture.The only complete report of ReT'. Dr. Fletcher's ^cture bofoi-e the New York Historical Society appears in No. 10 of the HOVSEHOLD JOURNAL, having been reported spe-citl.lly for it. Mailed to any address, on receipt of a three-cent Itamp. To be had of all news agents. PublishersA. HARTHILL i!l CO., No. 20 North William-street, New York. 24 HW. BEECHER "YOUNG AMERICA."" Tlw non-pilitk;il. interesting and characteristic lecture just delivered by R^^^ ^^eeclier. o^^ ^^^^^g America," will be fouled in No. li ^ llOJ^smOT.D JOTONAX (ilifs week^ Reported specially.Mailed to any address, on receipt of a three-c^t stamp. Publi8hera-A.^RTOILL & CO., No. 20 North William-street, New York. To be had of all s agonta. 24 SOCI A L RESPONSIBILITIES - BY J. B. Gough. This lecture, lately delivered in New York and Boston to delighted thousands, will appear in HOUSEHOLD JOUttNAL No. 12 (next week). Reported spccialh-". Mailed to any nddipfltl., on receipt of a three-cent stamp. PublishersA. HARTHILL & CO., No. 20 North William-atreet, New York. To be had of all news agents. 24 THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL^EV^EIRY Eli for three CMt^contains li qnarto pages, and furnishes the greatest quantity and v.ariety of useful, entertaining and instructive read^g matter compared with any other paper of the kind in the world. S^ple conies intiled free to any addi-ess by the publishers, A. lIARTOIMj & CO., No. 20 North William-street, New York. To be had of allnew.s agents. 24 THE CHEAPEST MONTHLY IN THE WORLD. -The HOUSISHOLD .JOT^AL is published in monthly parts at tweh-e cents, covered, stitched and cut, and in that form will be found to contain a larger q^W1.ltitv of reading matter of the best kind than is furnished in .any other month^ in the world. ple copy mailed to any address on receipt of 1.2 cents. No. 2 jnst out. The HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL is publif'lwfl also in weekli-numbers; price, three cents. Publishers-A. HARTHILL &, CO., No. 20 North William-str^t, New York. $1 for 34 weeks ; $1 ,50 a year. In clubs, mucli lower. 24 MASON'S PATENT STORE WINDOW VENtilator (patent d Jan. 24, 1MO), totall.y prevents condensation, frost, hCHt, iiud the resulting damage to goods exposed in show windows. Rights, single or district, for Bale low. Apply to S. R. MASON, No. 1,522 North Fourth-street, Philadelphia, Pa. 24 4' IMPORTANT TO STOCK GROWIRS. THE third voln'!ie of the AMERICAN STO.lOT^'AL commences Jan. l, 1861. It is devoted exclusively to mattei-a i-elatmto the care and management of Cour domestic animals, and is by far the Iftrgeat, cheapest and most widely circulated paper of the kind in the world. No stock grower can AFFORD to be without it. Six- teen lai'ge octavo pages: handsomely illustrated. Pubhshed monthly, at No. 25 Park-i-ow, New York, at $1 per yeal-, in advance. Spo. cimen copies sent gratis. D. O. LINSLW. Editor and Poprietor. OTIS F. E. 'VAITE, Associate Editor. Newspapers giving the above advertisf\ment two insei'tions. .anri eending a marked copy to A. G. Hatch, 'Vindsor, Tt will receive n cop v of the paper one ycii^- frwC!. 1* A. G, HATMl, General Agent. To CANDLE AND SOAP MALTKERS. AD-viees and inf rmation on the art of making Candles and Soaps, phns of Factories, drawing.s of Apr.aratuseR, recipe to manu-fa cture Candles and Soaps of ever.y description common, adamantine and Fench Candles : processes to purify Tallow, preparation of Ley.s, foi'mula for liard, soft, resin and fancyT Soaps ; processes to bleMh P,ilm Oil, and make Crindles and Soap.s out of it ; essays of Tallows, Greases, Oils, Soaps. &:c. InformnUon in general. Address Professor H. DUSSAUCE, Chemist, New I^ebanon, N. Y. 1-1 EG. KEL^T,lW, NO . 110 .JOHN-STREET, SOLE s-gent ffii- tlie citi' of New York for the sale of the Oils manu-factOTcd bv the Patent Pa.i-affine Lubricating Oil Company, whose Oils are manufactuved by his newlv-disMvpi'ed process, which gives them the properties of pure SPF.M OIL. E. G. Kellev's Patent Triple-refined Paraffine Lubricating Oil, for cotton spimUes und nil kinds of flne machinerv (So. 11. $t ner gaUon ; do.. fol- heavy rnii-chinei'Y (No. 2), 75 cents. P.itent Ti-iiile-reflned Inumlniting Oil, superior to nny In the market (No, Ij, 75 M,nta per gaUon. C^mon Illuminating On ^o. S, fig cens, White Chem!.! Oil. for m. r.In9a(.N"n. 1 ), 1 oenti t o, da. do., tnt himvy msetilisry (S*, S), M esmi.Offsg foftho alnsf tSs Oii, Xe, IM ,To!iB'5tmt Aeiil -f:. e. rsAKti MmMmm mi Am*f("II!! . P ORTER'S IMPROVED GOVERNOR _ The rep?tatioD. of theae governors is well establif;hed:. Par. t.w? troub l ed wIth unsteady power nmy aend for them In entire conproved tidenee. They nev c l' fail. . The numerous valves in use ar(l all equ al ly' good, If well made ; the form of the opening is immaterial. The goverllors are warranted to work prrfcctlr with any und all valves, which move freely an d c l o se tolel::tbly tI ght. . A style IS made expressly adapted to waterwheellrl? to wInch they will give a llerfectl}" uniform motion, under any vatiation of resistChair i1llCe. I have long done with troubling my customers for ce;rtificn.tes ; but aill able to refer-to a large number of partie8 now USlllg thIS goverBJdlev nor in a majority of the States of the Union. I will seud a governor to any respon?ible party for trial. Ifit does not operate perfectly it ma.y be retnrned. A liberal di scount tu the trade .. whose orders will always be promptly filled. 14 tt CHARLES T. PORTER, No. 235 'Vest Thil'teenth?stl'eet, cornel' of Ninth.nvenue, Kew York Uity. - 5 000 AGENTS WANTED-TO SELL FIVE new inventions-one vprv r e c e nt, and of great vallie to ia1l1ilif":. AU pay great profits to ng-ellts. Send fonr 8tampt3 and get ij;1 }'age.'! particulal':-:. EPHRADL BRO\VN, Lowell, Ma8s. 17 1:3* HOUSEHOLD ARTICLE FOR EVERYDAY n:-..:e-Patent for eale.-A ?elt-soapillg Scrubbing Bath (11' Nail Bl'l1iih. (jail be got up cheap ; all excellent opportullit . .\" to make money. Patent grunted Ma.y 22, Itl60. Addres$ Wl\I. TUSCH, Box No. 773 New York Post Office. 18 . CHARLES A. SEELY, CHEMIST, NO. 424 Bl'otdwuy, New York.-Analyses of 01'C8, mineral::" article::: of comnlerce? &c. Advice and instru ction i ll chemical pl'Oce?i'ei:i generally ; advice on chemical patents. 20 S* NEW SHINGLE MACHINE-THAT WILL HIVE and Shave 24,000 Shingles in a duy. for sale by 1 tf S. U. HILLS, No. 12 Platt?8treet, New York. HAYDEN SANDERS & C O . , No. 306 PEA RL- street, New York, manufacture every variety of bra':ls work for portable steam engmes, whistlcl;, valve?, all cups, gage cock?, k m w WANTED-TWO POWER PRE S S E S OF MEdium eize, without back gear. PLANT'S MAN 'FG CO., 24 3* New Haven, Coun. BOILER PLATE PUNCHES.-RUST' S PATENT, manufactured and sold by the proprietor of the patent, f3.. (), HILLS, No. 12 Platt-strf..let, New York. Price $.150. 1 elll GREAT CURIOSITY. -PARTICULAHS SENT free. Agents wanted. SHAW & CLAnK, 6 24* Biddeford, ?Iaine. BOILERS FOR SALE. -NEW AND SECOND- hand Boilers, of all de;:"cl'lptions and cOlJlpleted ; !l180? Hoilprl'l taken ill exchange. Inquire of or address "t?L l,'INNEY & CO., No. 107 'Yater-street, Brooklyn, L. 1. 22 4* GROVER & B AKEH,' R SEWING MACHINE R do all kiuch; of sewing with two tlpool? without rewinding and with the only finished and elnKt,;c douhle back.Rtitch which ('nHIlPt. he ha.rmed by wfi,shing anel i1otlin?. .? 'Ve have had one of 01'0\, (,1' & Baker's machineg ill lIse ill onl' family for :'lome time P:l.stl :llHl it i? considered the most useful article in the honse? next to tlw cradle, and no less indir:veusflhlc thrm thllt."-SomNTu'loJ Al\1EtncA?. No. 4!)5 Broadway, New York. Scnd for a. circular. 23 U. COLD IRON BAR C UTTER S . -N O M ACHIN E Shop. large 01' r-:nmll, shonhl be without them. 1" 01' cirr,uJal's, a.ddress URESSON & llUBBAl{D, No. 1,509 Pennsylvaniaave lllle, Philadelphia, PI1. 22 5* GUILD & GARRI S ON' S STEAM PUMPS FOR all kinds of indcpendrnt Steam Pnmping, 'fol' sale at 55 nn(l 57 First-street, 'Yilliamsburgh, L. I., Hud 74 Beekmau-stl'(:,pt, New York. 1 26 GUILD, GARRISON & CO. ??T ARREN' S TUHBINE WATER WHEEL (W AH- ,. f l'pn & Damon'S l) atent). manufactured b.Y' the Ameri can \Vater vYheel Comp:my, BOSt-Oll.'el's and all those who have bren sadly flisuppointHl in wheels by listvuing t.o the e1mrming song of ,,' high pCI' ccntag(),''' l\?('., and \vho wonld anopt wheel? that will give the bef'1t pr:lctiC'-;t1 },(?imlt wiw!I tCflted by the Rpindle anrl loolll, will do well toinveRtignte this turbine. Ahollt. three hlludrf'd fnctori es are 110W Pl"opdled by these wheel? in t,lw United Statcs? foIurpassing, in Pcon011lY, convenience and effir.iency, H ninMy prJ' cent. wh('el? " (!'IO called), :1.tld all wheels which it; has tnkcn the lli?\c{' of. 'rhc;.;c prominent advant.ages are acknowle(igel1 hy t.he lending manufacturers in the country. Send for pamphlet (44 png('s), rO!l_ bining engrltvings, &c" compl (.te. Inclose two st.amps. Address ALOXZO \Y ARREN, agent,.No. 31 Exchange-street, Ro;:ton, Mas;;:. 2:J 6* SAVE YOUR Sl'EAM . -L APITAM' S STEAM trap:" aTe perfcC'tly reliahle for all pnl'llOSE'Et :mcl l1nder fill df'gl'rc? qf prCAsm'C'. Rent to reRponl'lible pn.rtip.:"l C'Tl trial. For cil'f'.lllnrH or tnlps, [vlilrcss C. A, nVi{GTN. No. ?3i5 BroadwfW, Nnw Ylll'k. 2:? ,1* P ORTABLE STE AM ENGTNES-fi, R AND 10 . horse, at $GOO? $6-"35 and $780. For sale by S. C. IIILI ... S, No. 12 Platt-street, New York. 1 envy CrmSTEr? GUILD & SONS, M A N U FACTUHEHS nf HlGLTING LEATHER, 16 Dlackst.oue-st.l'E'el. Hostun, M!1":?. 14 13* n A L V ANIZED IRON PIPE-CHEAPER AND \? bet.t.p.l th?n lerul fo1' r?: lH-ie,l in the cities of Brooklyn aud IIn.rt.fol'n for wnt.(';]' pi pefl. in riwel1 in? honsm?. So1rl at. wholesnle by JAMlcS O. MOnSE & CO., No. 76 ,Johu-street, New York. ll!tt Sur !iBelld'/tutt o fitt' ?rfitt ber. (l'r!ittber, l1Jtldie tticfJt mit ?cr ,".,Ti[ctJ'" i?lacr" Felantt! ftnb . fi'n"'tt iim lJRittl"iTttllaeH itt ?'r b,"t[cr,ctt 13 \'1'0"" mad"n. @'fhlen ?"n (ftfinl- ;"'"ftt mit fuw,r b,lI!fim p" f(flriel1mej! :e(fct)rei?lIn?m Mi,h mo!! 1)1 ?h"rm\'?li il'q bmHing, A ????bB?.n?s??? f!?! ??r? ??'?b??? ?'?????:-_ l;l"l;:,ll1g about 13 ncre ?l s mta ble tor Cotton, Paper 01' !t?lY otiH'l" l1!HllH_ tactu nn g Vl1l'po?ef. 'l' lc?'e ?l'e s?vep\l large. f:iprillgs of l'U!T ,, 'atH 011 the pl'ennseH. The Bluldmg . 18 four stOl'lt}B high, Dl xlC(/ it l't; tho bat-'elllent walls are 2% fe et tlllck ? the whole buHdilJ g' is put up in the mOEt s ub?tantial manner. In addrtion thereto, it) all octagon Y\,Theel-house, two stories high, 34:x:31) feet, containing a lap"e ii'oIl overshot \Vat e r 'Yheel, built by Barton, of Troy . Attachcl'to the IJl'Ope L'ty are 11 good Dwellings aud 11 Store. The situation of this 13??r::'?lJis l??i? ?i?afifi!:?? i:?i(s?????f???W? i(? 1_J 1??{???E;'?y(?? :?;?('f oue mi'le of the l\ew York find Eric Hr:1l1ch Huilro:ld. If lld. f-ujll by the firEt of JHuuary ? it will be to rent. T his propertJ" i,; Ll.'\ 1H c o tn l?let e ?rdel', and ready for operation. Ifor furth(;l' particul:Il"", inqmye of the ?ub!'5 c l'lb en\ at ()ol'llwali, Urange county, N. Y. Ilj o*eow OHR & CO. S WISS DRA WING I:.TSTRClIlENTS. - CATAlogue (f'eyenth edit-ioil), cuntailling U\"U' ;:'; 0,.-traiic'll1"! of Mathematical, O pticnl and Pltil?);." Ollhicftl Jns?rl1l11("Ilt?, "it.h attachment of n large t-heet n.}ln?f.{'ntJI]g the genUIn e ?wi"" 11l?trumen t 8 n their actual size and shHIJ(', will he delivered on application to all ptuts of t.h e Uniteit Stat.u", f!ratis, by . C. T. AM::SLEH, No. fj35 Che stnnt-street, Phila(h'lphiH, Pa" ci:'tabh?hed agency for the SwiEf' irawing lnstrumentj,i SiIlCO Ib48. 20 6*cow STEAM HAMMEHS. - TIlE UNDERSIGNED makers .of the celebl'?t.ed Nu.!3m}:th halllmel'?, having a fnil 1l8801'tment of patterns , cont-wilo to 1n1'1ll;-:h tilflll nt rcdnced Pl'iC"ff and of any size, from 5 cwt-. lllJwal'dt:l. The large numbol" hHhertZ lll ad e by them, and ill tlncc e ?sf nl opel':ltion, predudes the neccfsity of pre.?enting any recoll1.mendlltion:..:. They. ar c also patentees and exclUSIve lll:lkers, for tIllS country, ofwhut H3 generaily kno,Yn as the H Con die," or inverted hammer, one of which of six tUllt'l, fulling t!ix feet, has bel?l in operation at th e Franklin l! .... Ol:ge, Sew York, sine'; 1849. [1 cowt.t] MBHI}lCK & 801\S, Phil:ult'lllhia. M ACHINE BELTING, STEAM PACKING, EN GINE HOSE.-The !:!uperiorit:r of these articles, ru nnufuc tlll'ed of vulcanized rubber, is e $tabli f:!hcd. :Every belt will be war ran ted sup81ior to leather, at oIlc-third less price. 'l'he SteH lll Pu(.k ing is made in every val'ictr, and warrnnted to 8tand ?WO tiegs. 0 hellt. T he Hose llever needs oili ng, and i? warrant.ed to stalld any rcquired pr e ssure ; together with all varieties of rubber a.dapted to mechanical purposes. Directionfl, priCCI'!, &c., can be obtained by mail or oth erwise at our Wal'ehOllsP. NE'Y YORK BELTl?G A1\D PACKIN G COMPANY. JOliN H. CHmSVEH, Tl'eo8Urer, 1 4 13 1\os. 37 and 38 Park-row, New York. O IL ! OIL ! OIL !-FOR HAILROADS, STEAMers, and for l\Illchiner:v and Rurning. l)ease's ImpI'ovHl Ma .. chillel'Y and Bu rRin g Oil will save fifty pel' cent,., and will not gUlJl. Thi;3 Oil possesses qnalitie? yiilly essential for Illbrienting and bmHing, nud i(mnd in no other oil. It is offered to the public upon the most reliab le , thorough aHd pract.ical test. Our 1ll0f:.t :::: killiul enginp, ers and machinists pronounce it superior to and chen per thnn 3Uy other, and the only oil that is in all cases reliable and will Dot gum. The SClRNTIFIC AMERICAN, aftrr several tests, pronouIlces it Hsupcrior to any other they have ever llsed for machinery." For sale only by the Inventor and Manufacturer, l'?. S. PEASE, No. 61 Maill-street., Buffalo, N. Y. N. B.-Reliable orders filled for any part of the L'nited Sta.te,g and Europe. 18 13 ";\TOODWOUTII PLANERS-mON :FRAl\1ES TO f f plane 18 to 24 incheH wide, at $90 to $ 1 1 0. 1"01' sale by S. ?. HILLS, No. 12 Plat.t-stre et, New York. 1 tf IRON PLANERS, ENGINE LATHES, AND OTHER . Machinists' Tools, of snperior ql1nlitv, on hand and finishing, fwd for ?mle low ; also HaITi son's Grain MillR. 1'01' descriptive cil'culftl', address New Haven Manufacturing' Co., New Havell, Conn. 1 2G I]AnmSON' s GJUST MILLR-20,. 30, 36 A N D " 48 lnchr.R di:nnetf'r, at $100, $200, $300 and $400, with nn the modern improYemcnts. Also, Portable and St.ationary St.eam-engin(8 ?c?Llll?;ii ??li????]?1'L1:k? ??.1l:2 P???????t?rRfe??Y?;k:'s, Jt'! ?i??r, SA VE YOUR STEAM . -HOARD & WIGGI N ' S Improved Steam Trap Valve, for l'Plieving ?-team pipes, cylinders, &c., of condensen water. n.v ita use the boiler preE?ml'e is kept np, the fnll hent maintained, and a large saving in fnel made. Several tho118?nd of these trap valves nre ill successful nse, a n d we offer t.hem with entire confidence that they will accomplish nIl that we e1aim for them. For an illustrat.ed eil'cular or a trial lImchine-, aulire,,- ,T. 'V. IlOAl{]), 1 P d R I 14 15"' GEO. B. \VIGGIN, rOVl ence, \ . . SOLID EMEHY VULCANITK -YYE ABE NOW - manufacturin g wheels o f Illil'l remal'kulJle l"'.llh:'f.ance 101' Clltting, grinding and poli?hing met:ali', t h a t will outwenl' hundredR of the k i u d commonly used, li n d will do :l. much greater amonnt o f work iu the same time, and m o r e efficiently. AU intereillted can s e e t h e m 111 operation at our warehouse, 01' ('.i n'lllars describing them will be furnished by mail. NEW Y ORK BELTING AND PACKING CO., 14 13l Nos, 37 and 38 Park-row, New York. READY THIS DA Y. -NEW EDITION, llEvised Rnd En.lnrged.-H Wrlls' Every Man hj:; OWH Lawyel' and United Statc? Form Book." A complete nnd reJiabl(', gllide to nIl matters of bnsiness Ilegotiations for eVelT Stnte in the Union, c ontailling simple instrllct.ion ", to enable all c1 t1s!3efl to tl'mlfl1Lct their hUfliness in n legal way w iHlOut legal AI!3o, con tain ing t.he laws of the va.rious and Territories concerning the ColIpction of Debts, Propert.y Exempt from EXf'cntion? Lif'D I?flWR, Laws of r?imit.atjon, Laws of Contract, Legnl Rntes o f Int.erest., License to Bell GOOdR, QnnlificatioIl!:l of Vote1'lS', &c., &c. ? No man or bmdnf'SS womau flhonld he withont thi..? work ; it wi] ! r";lve nU11ly tim.('s HfI COf't, llll1ch pf'l'plf'xl1y uIHl lofls of tinlP. 12mo., 4U8 pagep, Jaw bin di! }}.! ; prico $1. Spnt POf?tPRid. A!'"rnl R wnntp(l for t.his fi Hd oth er 1IO})1IIa1' pllbHentioll f'. Ad(]l'Cf-'fl ,1 {;H)." G. ",rEI?l,s, Pnbli?her, cor_ nel' of Park-row and Brekman-streetB, New York. 25 tf PU M P S ! PUMPS ! ! PUMI' S ! ! ! -CAllY' S IM- .. l)]'ovcd Rotary F01'Cn Pnmp, ltnl'iYHlrod for pl1mping hot or cold ljfln!d? .. J\hnllfltct.llJ'(',l =mc1 pol (1 h:v CARY & BRAT NERD, Bl'ockP01' t, N. Y. Alf'o, sold b}r J. C. UATIY, No. 2 Astor House, New York Cit),. 11 13 W ROU GHT IRON PIPE, FROM ONE-EIG HTTT of fin inch to eight inches bor e, with f'vf'ry variety of fittjn?fl and fixt.m'ps. for l2"as? stp.R.m or WRtpl'. Sold at the lowf'st rnA.rkf't price, b} JAMES O. MORSE & CO. No. 76 John-street., New York. 10tf A MESSIEUHS LES JNVENTEURR-AVIR IM- . _ 'POl'tant.-J ... f'S inventetu'R non f:lmilif'l'fl 8V(,C 1a lnngnf' An?laise et qui preferertllf'.nt non::! communiqner }Plll"R inventi0'i1i1: en Fl'LU]raJf!? ?????n:tni??]? :l???;r:??l? ????i??' ??;?lft??t??t:i;???bV?li'e ?n ?o?:-; !!!-'ifii?F'Ilt!;:?le ,,?l'llPt ?, .m eiYilfl.d"i1N?. " ., '- ' ., . " : 'f .?i t: ??? ri1; ?Jd ? ?" :?M,??Jh? p??niiNC?W(Jffi(\f. ??1 f}7 1'arIt .. i'iiW'i :N?W" );fi?'? THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF INVENTIONS During the period of I'ourteen Years which has elapsed since the business of procuring patents for inventors was commenced by MUNN &, Co., in connection with the publication of this paper, the n umber of applications for patents in thiscountry and abroad has yearly increased until the number of patents issued at the United States Patent Office last year (1859) amounted to 4,538 ; while the number granted in the year 1845fourteen years ago-numbered 502only about one-third as many as were granted to our own clients last year; there being patented, through the Scientific American Patent Agency, 1,440 during the year 1859. The increasing activity among Inventors has largely augmented the number of agencies (or tran s actin g such business. In this profes s ion, the publishers of this paper h av e become identified with the universal brotherhood of" Inventors and Patentees at home and abroad, at the North and the South; and with the increased activity of these men of ge n i us we have kept apace up to thi s time, when we find ourselves transacting a larger business in this profession than any other firm in the world. We may safely assert that no concern has the combined talent and facilities that we pos s ess for preparing carefully and correctly applications tor patents, and attending to all business pertaining thereto. FREI EXABIINATION OF INVENTIONS. Persons having concei ved an idea wvhich theyth ink maybe patentable are ad vised to make a sketch or model of their invention, and submit to US, with a. full description, for advice. The points of novelty are carefully examined, and a reply written coiTesponding with the facts, free of charge. Address MUNN 6 CO., No. 37 Park-rO\v, New York. PRELIMINARY EX^INATIONS AT TIE PATENT OFFICE. The advice we render gratuitously upon examining an invention does not extend to a search at the Patent Office, to see if a like invention has been presented there, but is an opinion based upon what knowledge we may acquire of a si milar invention from our long experience, and the records in our Home Office. But for a fee of $5, accompanied with a model or dra win g and description, we have a special search made at the United States Patent Office, and a report setting forth the prospects of obtaining a patent, &c., made up an d mailed to the inventor, with a pamphlet, giving instructions for further pi-oceedings. These preliminary examinations are made through our Branch Office, corner of F and Seventh streets, Wash-in g ton, by e xpeiie nced and competent persons. Over 1,500 of these examinations were made last year through this office, and-as a measure of prudence and economy, we usually ad vise inventors to have ft, preli minary examination made. Add ress 1t1UNN &: C O., No. 37 Park-roiv, New "tork. CHEATS. Persons desiring to file a caveat can have the papers prepared on reasonable terms, by sending a sketch and description of the inven. tion. The govern ment fee for a caveat is $20. A pamphlet ofad vice regardin.g applications for patents and caveats furnished gratis on application by mail. Address MUNN 6 CO., No. 37 Park-row, New York. HOW TO MAKE AN A PPLICATI ON FOR A PAT ENT. Every appli cant for a patent must furnish a model of his inven -tion, if susceptible of one ; or if the invention is a chemical produc-Hion, he must furnish s^ples? of the ingredients of which his composition is composed for the- Patent Office. These should be securely packed, the inventor's name marked on them, and sent, with the government fee, by express. The express charge s should be prepaid. Small models, from a distance, can often be sent cheaper by mail. The safest way to remit money is by draft on New York, payable to Munn & Co. Persons who live in remote parts of the country caii usually purchase drafts from their merchants on their New York correspondents ; but if not convenient to do eo, there is but 1 i ttl e risk in sending bank bills by mail, having th e letter registered by the postmaster. Address MUNN 6 CO., No. 37 Park-row-New Yoi-k. Circulars of information concerning the proper course to be pursued in obtaining? patents in foreign countries through our Agency the requirements of the different Patent Offices, &c., may be had gratis upon application at our pri ncipal office, No. 37 Park-row, New York, or either of our branch office s. TESTIMONIALS. nr The annexea letters, fi*om the last three Commissioners of. Patents, we commend to the perusal of all persons interested in obtaining Paten ts: Messrs. M^NTT 6 Co^I take pleasure in stating that while I held the office of Co^m i ssi on e r o f Piten ts, MORE THAN ONE-F^TOTH OF ALL THE BU^ESS OF THE OFFICE OAME THROUGH YOUR HANDS. I have no doubt that the public confidence thus indicated has been fully deserved as I have always observed, in aU your intercourse wUh the Office, a marked degree of promptness, skill and fidelity to the interests of your employers. Yours, very truly, - CHAS. MASON. Immediately after the appointment of Mr. Holtto t?! offiJ! of Po^tenastej'^eneral of the United States, he addressed to us the sune d very gratifying testimonial : Messi-.s. MUNN &, Co.:Tt affords me m uch pleasure to bear testi-mon,' to th e ahle and effichmt manner in wh ich :'ou liave d ischnree d your it uties of SoHcitoi'S of Patents while I had the honor of hol ding the office of Commissioner. Yonv business wItS very large, and you susstained (and, f ilonbt, not, justly deserved) the reputation of energy. marked ability and uncompromisingfidelityin performing your professional engagements. Very respectfully, Your obedient savant, J. HOLT. Messrs. Mmw & Co.:Genttem^ : It dves me mnch pleasure to aav that, during the time of mv hol d i ne the office of C ommiss i on er of Patents?, a verr large proportion of the business of inventors before the Patent Office was tTan^ct,ed through your agency, and th at 1 h ave ever found yon faithful and devoted to the interests of your dient, as well a" ^Inentlv quaiyied,to perform the duties of Patent Attorneys wi^h.,a^^y,Jgrrtsp^|,.g_ ^13^0*.