Under this fieading we shall publish weekly notes of some of the more prominent home and foreign patents SHEAVE PULLEYJ B Vasnan, and N P Cramer, Carbondale, Pa This invention relates to improvements in casting grooved sheave pulleys, the object of which is to provide sheave pulleys with a chilled portion of the surface of the groove CONSTEITCTION oi" BUILDINGSJoseph Potts Harrisburg, PaThis invention relates to improvements in the construction of buildings intended to provide a combined arrangement of brick and wood walls, and framing calculated to so strengthen the brick portion thereby, so as to produce walls of the desired strength, with fewer bricks than as now constructed STEAM GENEEATOEH B Smith, and J V Stevens, Pomeroy, OhioThe object of this invention is to provide an improved arrangement of steamgenerating apparatus, calculated to simplify the construction and to facilitate the generation of steam economically, also to admit of changing the position of the tubes from timeto time, placing the bottom sides upward 30 that the scale previouslyformedwillbe thrown off COMBINED WAGON AND SLEIGH John S Drake, New York cityThe in vention consists in so attaching a pair of " bob " runners to each axle, that, by a simple movement of a hand lever, they may be turned down 10 the ground and the wheels drawn therefrom,or by the reverse movement where the wagon is being backed up, the said runners may be raised up in front of the wheels out of action, where they may be secured THEOTLE VALVE GEAHSamuel Moore, Providence, E IThis invention consists in the application of affixed toothed or friction segment to the valve stem and a friction pinion on the lever, so arranged that the movement of the lever causes the pinion to revolve, which being controlled by a friction clamp, will resist any tendency of the lever to move, and thereby hold it as set by the attendant A pivoted handle for the friction clamp is provided and so arranged as to be grasped and the friction released, when the lever is grasped for moving it TINNEBS'BENDING MACHINEIsaac Grim, Polo, 111This invention re lates to improvements in machines for bending the edges of square sheet metal pans for wiring them, and the object is to provide a simple and cheap machine adapted for pans of various sizes LAMPJohn Phelps, Owego, N YThe object of this invention is to provide a simple and cflicient arrangement whereby the filling orifices through the necks of kerosene, and other lamps, may be readily opened for filling and immediately closed on the withdrawal of the nozzle of the can by a selfclosing device, which will keep the passage closed sufficiently tight to prevent danger, and which will not work loose or get out of order FiiNCEWmFAuxlerMasonCity, IllThis invention relates to mprovements in fences for river bottoms liable to be overflowed in times of high water, the object of which is to provide a fence which may be readily turned down so as to make less resistance to the water, and which will be so secured to the ground as not to float away The foundation is suchthat the posts cannot be undermined by gullies formed around their base by the water FANNINGMILL ATTACHMENTPardon Austin, Medina, WisThe object of this inventionisto provide animproved arrangement of elevating apparatusforfanning millsfor receiving the grainfrom the discharge apron of the mill and delivering it into bags or other receptacles The invention consists in the arrangement of the attaching and operating apparatus to adapt the elevators for attachment to any mill WASHING MACHINEJ M Starr, Jr, Fond du Lac, WisThis invention consists in a wash tub, of rectangular form at the top, with a bottom curved in the direction of its length, and provided with curved ribs in the same direction, and the combination therewith of a series of horizontal notched beaters or agitators suspended upon levers pivoted at the center from which the curvature of the bottom is struck, and projecting upward to receive oscillatory motion from a crank shaft MANUFACTURE OF FLOWSHenry Barnes, Franklin, IowaThis invention consists in the construction of the blanks for the moldboards and share plates, by first rolling the plates from which they are to be cut into such form that the blanks may be puched therefrom without material waste of metal, and the " shins," or parts thereof subjected to the greatest amount of wear, may be formed with the increased thickness required to withstand the wear ICoRNiPLA^TEEPeter Shellenberger, Millerstown, PaThis invention has for its object to furnish an improved corn planter, which shall be so constructed and arranged as to plant the corn at a uniform depth APPARATUS FOR EMPTYING THE COOLING TUBES OF FILTERING FURNACES Eugen Langen, Cologne, PrussiaThis inventionhas for its object to remove the reburnt animal charcoal from the vertical cooling tubes of filtering furnaces, used in the production of sugar, in an automatic and uniform manner CHURNRobert "Wilson, Bees Corners, MdThis invention has for its object to furnish an improved churn, simple in construction, convenient, efficient, durable, and not liable to get out of order, and which may be manufactured at comparatively small cost PIPE TONGSE Crain, Shaffer Farm (Dennison P O), PaThis invention has for its object to furnish a simple, convenient, and effective pipe tongs, which will securely clasp and firmly hold pipes, tubes, or other cyl* indrical bodies, and at the same time will not injure the articles grasped HORSE BONNETJ L Mclntosh, Brooklyn, N YThis invention has for ts object to furnish an improved bonnet for protecting the horse from sunstroke, by keeping his head cool and protecting it from the heat of the sun COMBINED PLOW AND CULTIVATORSamuel Huber, Danville, PaThis invention has for its object an improved plow, which shall be so constructed and arranged that it may be easily adjusted for use as a furrowing plow covercr, cultivator, or potato digger, and which shall at the same time be simple in construction, easily adjusted, and effective in operation in whatever way it may be used LOCK NX^T Almon Eoff, Southport, ConnThis invention relates to a now device for preventing nuts on bolts from working loose, and consists in the application of a lefthand screw, fitted into the end of the bolt, so that its head will partly cover the end of the nut, to prevent the same from being unscrewed ALARM BELLL F Bruce, Bridgeport, ConnThis invention relates to a new attachment to doors and windows, by means of whicli, should an attempt be made to open such doors and windows, a loud and continuous alarm will be given APPARATUS FOR OPENING PACKING CASESC M O'Hara, New York city The object of this invention is to provide a simple and effective apparatus tor opening packing cases, whereby the cover of the case may be readily separated from the body of the same, without splitting the cover or marring the edges of the case ORGAN"Win Bobjohn, New Yorfe cityThis invention relates to certain improvements on the organ, improvements for which letters patent No 54,603 were granted to the same inventor on the eighth dayofMay,18G(i The present invention has for its object to simplify the devices on the composition board, referred to in the aforesaid letters patent, as well as the pneu matic lever, and to provide a reliable and practicable tremulated pneumatic lever and a reversible coupler for the keyboards GLOBE LANTERNWilliam Porter, Sr, and "William Porter, Jr, New York cityThis invention relates to a new manner of constructing lanterns with a view of making the globe removable from the top COMBINED LAMP AND CANDLESTICKF C Eicher, Gilmer, TexasThis invention has for its object to provide a new and useful device, by means of which a lamp can be converted into a candlestick, and vice versa, while on the other hand the lamp burner may be used on any kind of oil reservoir MILLING AND EEAMING TOOLAlbert J Lutz and H Beiss, New York cityThis invention relates to a new manner of arranging the cutting edges of milling tools and reamers with the object of preventing their becoming blocked with shavings HEAD BLOCK FOR CARRIAGESJ C Bates, "Warrensburgh, MoThis invention relates to certain improvements in the head blocks of carriages and buggies, and the devices with which they are directly or indirectly connected COFFEE BOASTERF "W Zochert, "Watertown, "WisThis invention relates to a new coffee roaster, or rather to a new case for containing the same, and consists in the use of a cap which covers the roasting cylinder, and which is provided with double folding doors through which the cylinder may be removed to be filled and emptied "When the doors, are closed, the heat is all confined in the cap, and is brought above as well as below the cylinder to equalize the roasting process FLOORING CLAMPDavid Nevin, Boulder City, Colorado TerritoryThis Invention relates to improvements in clamps to be used for clamping the boards of flooring tightly together, previously to nailing, when laying the floors of buildings EAILROAD CHAIRD B Skelly, Lockport, N YThis invention consists in a peculiar arrangement in recesses in the outer sides of cast metal chairs upon elastic beds of blocks to secure the rails and receive the wheels and support them while passing the joints at the ends of the rails SAFETY WATCH POCKETWilliam O Sumner, Brooklyn, E D, N Y The nature of this invention relates to improvements in pocket watch safes which are designed for the protection of watches, against the efforts o] pickpockets to abstract them from the pocket It consists in the manner o: arranging the partsof apocketsafe, designediorbeing secured to the in terior of the pocket, whereby they may be readily opened to receive 01 deliver the watch, and be secured together while holding the same SUBSOIL PLOWJ W Murfee, Havana, AlaThis invention consists ii an arrangement of a horizontal wedgeshaped share, for plowing and pul verizing the earth This wedge Is driven horizontally through the ground by being attached to an inclined and wedgeedged cutting coulter, whicl coulter is attached to the beam of the plow The coulter is set as acutely with the horizon as practicable, so as to approach the line of the axis of th plow or hoe as near as may be, and the power is applied thereby as nearly in the direction of the axis of the wedge as possible The standard of tht frame is a continuation of the line of the coulter shank, and the angl which the handles make with the horizon, or base of the plow point, shoul be a mean of the angles which the top of the point and front edge of tin coultershank make with the horizon, so thatany power employed in th direction of the handles by the plowman will have the greatest effect 01 the point and shank FENCEIsaac J Morrow, Everton, IndThe object of this inventionii to provide a fence for farm, and other purposes, which can be easily ant cheaply made, with portable panels and of a durable character STEAM ENGINEW H Hull, Warren, OhioThis invention relates t a new and useful improvement in steam chests and valves for stean engines EXTENSION HAMEF M Schaeffer, Blooming Grove, KansasThis invention relates to a new and useful improvement in hames for horses' harness, and consists in so constructing them that they may be extended and thereby made to fit differentsized horses, and also so as to change the place of draft or strain CONVERTIBLE LADDERHenry B Malbone, Geneva, N YThis invention relates to a new and useful improvement in ladders, whereby they are made convertible to various purposes MILK CAN STOPPERJohn M Burghardt, Great Barrington, MassThis invention relates to anew and useful improvement in stoppers to milk cans, whereby all motion in the milk is prevented GAS BURNERIsaac B Fisher, Beading, PaThis invention relates to a new and useful improvement in gas burners, having special reference to horizontal burners, and consists in a device for protecting the flame of the lighted gas from lateral currents of air PRINTERS' GALLEY BESTJohn M Murphy, Olympia, Washington Ter This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in the method of holding or supporting the proofcorrecting galley in printing offices WATER FILTERJ D Parrot, Morristown, N JThis invention relates to a useful improvement in apparatusf or filtering water HARROWJohn Jay and Joel Coppock, Jonesboro', IndThis invention relates to a new and useful improvement in harrows, whereby they are made much more useful than harrows of ordinary construction, and it consists in the means applied for raising the harrow teeth from the ground, either in whole or in part TILTING BARRELSJohn C Curran, Philadelphia, PaThis invention relates to an improvement in the mode of adjusting barrels SEWING MACHINE I^TTACHMENTJ W Gillam, Newton, NJThis invention relates to anew and useful improvement, whereby the sewing machine is rendered more useful and efficient than it has hitherto been MACHINE FOR TWISTING CORDGeorge T Wright, New Preston, Conn This invention relates to new and important improvements in machines for twisting or " laying" cord and twine, having m ore particular reference to hard twisted cord, twine, or rope CHURNING BUTTERWilliam Kegg, Lassellsville, N YThis invention relates to new and useful improvements in churning butter, and consists in the peculiar form and construction of the dasher, in the method of aerating orsupplyingatmosphericairto the cream and regulating the temperature thereof BLASTING WEDGEGWerlich, Watertown, WisThe object of thia invention is to provide a blasting wedge or packing device, for confining the blasting charges in the drill holes, so shaped that when the explosion takes place, the force will be delivered wholly, or nearly so,upon the walls of the holes, in the manner best calculated to separate the rocks ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCKJohn C Smith, Brooklyn, N YThis invention relates to a new and important improvement in locks, designed more especially for outside doors of dwellings, public buildings, banks, vaults, and safes, but applicable to locks f or allordinary purposes, and consists in controlling the movement of the bolt of the lock by means of electromagnetism PLOWJ W GilliamElkton, KyThe object of this inventionis to provide an adjustable double plow, capable of turning two furrows either right or left simultaneously, or in opposite directions or towards each other, whereby the said plow may be adapted for various kinds of work COMPOUND FOR CUTTING AND POLISHINGJames P Hall, New York city The present invention relates to a new and useful compound, combining both cutting and polishing qualities The object of this compound is to offer a good and cheap article, which will act as a substitute for emery, rotten stone, and sucli other articles which cut and do not polish, or which polish without cutting MODE OF PRESERVING AND CONSERVING FRUIT, PRODUCE, ETCS d'Heureuse, New York cityThis invention relates to improvements in means for preserving fruits, vegetable products, and other organic substances containing nitrogen, from putrefaction, mold, and decay, when stored in confined spaces either in bulk or in packages WRINGING MACHINEEdward L Perry and Charles Manheim, New York cityThis invention relates to improvements in clotheswringing machines, whereby it is designed to provide a more simple and eifectivc machine than any now in use It consists of animproved arrangement of the adjusting supports of tlie adjustable roller Also, of improvements in the arrangement of the supporting brackets for connection with the roller supports BEEHIVEBichmond Pearson, Appleton, WisThis invention consists in forming a skeleton frame of wire, shaped like an egg, and suspended from the under surface of a honey board, and covered with paper in a peculiar way, the honey board being provided with transverse strips for the attachment of the bee comb, and with passages thro ugh it for the bees to have access to boxes above for the honey FARM LOCOMOTIVEDaniel *' Leach, Forsyth, 111The object of this invention is to improve the construction and arrangement of the device which supports and guides the forward wheels, and to improve the construction of the traction wheels of locomotives employed for farm "work CIRCULATING BOILERJohn Wells, Baltimore, MdThe object of this invention is to construct the boiler in such a manner that it will effectually separate the dry steam from the wet, condensing the latter and returning the water of condensation to the water space, while, at the same time, the the water is caused to circulate more freely, than heretofore, among the heating pipes, whereby the heat is thoroughly utilized SULKY PLOWBenjamin Slusser, Sidney, OhioThis invention relates to thatclass of plows denominated sulky plows, (plows supported upon wheels and provided with a seat for the driver); and it consists in a new and improved mode of attaching the plow to the carriage, an improved mode of adjusting the draft of the plow, and an improvement in the means for raising and lowering the plow for any purpose TOBACCO AND GRAIN CURER AND ARTIFICIAL SEASON PPODUCERHenry B Bobbins, Baltimore, MdThe object of this invention is to construct an apparatus by which tobacco or grain can be artificially cured in an exceedingly short timenot only without impairing its good qualities, but in such a manner as to produce, with certainty and uniformity, an article of cured tobacco superior in appearance, fragrance, and taste, to thatcured from the same material by any other known process Mechanical Engravings, Such as embellish the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, are generally superior to those of any similar publication, either in this country or in Europe They are prepared by our own artistawho have had long experience in this branch of art, and who "Work exclusively for us There is one pertinent fact in connection with the preparation and publication of an illustration in oui columns,that needs to be better understood by many inventors and manufacturers who pursue a shortsighted policy in bringing their improvements to public notice They often go to a large expense in printing and circuating handbills, which few care either to read or preserve Now, we undertake to say, that the cost of a firstclass engraving, done by our own artists and printed in one issue of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, will amount to less than onehalf the sum that would have to be expended on a poorer illustra tion, printed in the same number of circularsand on a sheet of paper in sizt equal to one page of our journal A printed handbill has no permaneni value Thousands of volumes of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN are bound anc preserved for future referencebeside, we estimate that every issue of oui paper is read by no fewerthan one hundred thousand persons Parties whe desire to have their inventions illustrated can address the undersignedwhc are also prepared to send artists to make sketches of manufacturing estab lishments, with a view to their publication in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN For particulars address MUNN CO, 37 Yark Bow, New York