CHURN.—Miles Fisk, Adrian, Mich.This invention relates to an improvement in churns, and has for its object to provide a dasher which shall, by one simple movement, throw the cream in difi"erent directions, the current produced by one set of radial wings being brought in conflict with the one next above, and so on successively. CLOTHES RACK.Andrew Harbison, New Castle, Pa.The object of this invention is to provide for public use a neat, simple, cheap, and convenient clothesrack,sOiConstructed and operating that it can be opened or expanded into different shapes to adapt it to difTerent positions in the room, such as standing in a corner, near the stove, in an open room, etc. ANIMAL TEAP.C. PoUey, Shelbyville, Tenn.The object of this invention is to provide for public use a simple, cheap, convenient, and effective trap ??????, being set near the holes of burrowing animals, will destroy them with certainty. PAKLOK STOVE.John H. Goodfellow, Troy, N. Y.This invention relates to that class of coal stoves in which the gas is consumed by the introduction of external air. PLOW.??. F. Pagett, Springfield, Ohio.In this invention the plow is constructed in a peculiar manner, and so attached to the standard and beam that it can readily and easily be detached and removed, and a simple cultivator tooth, scraper, shovel, or other form of ?????, be attached and used in its place. COTTON AND HAT PRESS.-J. J. Hincs, Evergreen, Ala.This invention is animprovement upon those presses in whichtoggle joint levers are employed to raise and lower the platen ; audit consists in a novel and simple application of such levers in combination with the means for actuating them. SEEDING MACHINE.D. C. and G. W. Van Brunt and H. Barber, Horicon, ' Wis.In this invention the construction of the frame is greatly simplified and better adapted for its purpose, and a novel method of holding the teeth is employed, whereby they retain their proper position when working in tillable soil, but yield to immovable obstacles. WAGON BnAKE.John Ludeke, Griffin's Corners, N. Y.This invention relates to a ??? wagon brake, which is so arranged that the driver can, when he applies the brake, let go the lever without thereby releasing the brake. MORDANT FOR DYEING AND PRINTING.-F. S. Dumont, New York city. This invention relates t ? a new mordant for all kinds of dyeing and printing processes, which is made from the serum of the blood. MODE OF FASTENING AB'''IFICIAL TEETH.E. C. Stone, Galesburg, 111. This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in the method of fastening artificial teeth to the plate when metal and rubber or vulcanite are used in combination ; and consists in the use of staples passing through the plate and fastened without soldering. EDGING TOOL.O. W. Morley, Tarrytown, N. Y.This invention relates to ne?V and useful improvements in tools for " edging " or "scarfing" leather in the process of making harness, and for similar purposes, whereby accuracy in the width and depth of cut, as well as a great saving of time, is secured. TABLE.A. Belchambers, Ripley, Ohio.This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in tables ?vith folding leaves, and consists in the mechanical arrangement for supporting the leaf. EXTENSION TABLE.Charles P. Lentz, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.This invention relates to new and useful improvements in extension tables, whereby that description of table is greatly simplified. UULTIVATOK.Job McNameeBaker, Fayetteville, Texas.This invent' relates to new and useful improvements in machines for planting and cu -tivating the soil, and consists in such a construction and arrangement of parts that the machine is adapted to all the purposes for which planting cultivating, and ridging machines are usually employed. SOFA BEDSTEAD.Adam Schwaab,'Ne?v York city.This invention con-sists of an arrangement, whereby the upholstered part of the back may be ? swung forward out of thO frame, on hinged arms, and arranged alongside and in the same horizontal plane with the seat, to form a bed. VEGETABLE CuTTEE.R. Hemenway, New Cassel, Wis.This invention consists in the application,;on a suitable bench,and between the table thereof, and a hopper above the table having transverse fixed knives across a passage through it, of a slide provided with a lateral two-edged knife cut ting both ways, and a series of knives below the said double-edged cutter which receive the slices therefrom, cutting them into smaller pieces which are again cut by the fixed knives in the table below; the said slide is arranged to be worked either by one or T?VO persona. PLOW.A. C. Judson, Grand Rapids, Ohio.This invention relates to improvements in plows, and has for its object to provide a detachable cutter at the junction of the mold board and landside to facilitate removal for sharpening, also to provide an improved construction [of beam-wheel attachment and drawing attachments. WINDOW AND OTHER BLINDS.Stephen Hebron, Buffalo, N. Y.This ift-Tention relates to improvements in blinds for ?vindows, doors, etc., whether for outside or inside use, and consists in an improved construction of the same for the adaptation thereto of mosquito bars. LIFTINGFLATS IN SELF-STRIPPING CARDING MACHINE.Benjamin Dob-son and W. Slater, Bolton, England.This invention consists in lifting the top flats by a bowl on the lifting wheel, acting on a curved surface on the slides, which are driuvn down by springs as soon as the bowls have passed. By this means the top fiats are rapidly raised and lowered again into their proper working place, and thereby better work is produced and time saved. Another part of this invention consists in the application ol a ratchet wheel to the cross-driving shaft, and a catch to the radial arm, to prevent the said shaft from moving in the wrong direction. CONE WHEELS AND CROSSINGS FOR RAILWAYS.Hugh Baines, Lancaster, England.This invention consists in forming car wheels with more than one tread so as to adapt them to tracks oi difi"erent gages and in providing crossings adapted thereto. STEAM GENEEATOE.James Stuart, San Francisco, Cal.The object of this invention is to provide an improved arrangement for marine steam generating boilers, calculated to make a better application of Uie heat and to afford better facilities for ?vorking within the boiler, for repairing, etc, WASHHOARD.Wm.Bellus and C. Bowers, Fredonia, Ohio.This inven. tion consists in forming the metallic rubbing surfaces by placing a sheet oi zinc, or other suitable metal, on a wood base and driving large round headed tacks through the same into the board, so that the round or oval heads, together with the sheet metal plate, formthe rubbing surfaces. TwEERJ. W. Barron, Hillsborough, 111.This invention relates to improvements in t?veers, and has for its object to provide an arrangement to simplify the labor of removing the slag and cinder from the fire, and for stirring the fire to enliven it, as is required, and ?vhich is now commonly done with a hand poker at considerale labor. The invention also comprises a weighted valve aiTangement for opening, in case of explosion of gas in the air chamber to prevent damage to the same. MULEY SAW MILL.R. F.Wolcott, Claremont, N. H.This invention relates to improvements in muley sa?V mills, and has for its object to provide an improved arrangement of the guides for the crossheads, to give the saw a forwardoscillatory movement at the same time that the downward cutting action takes place; also, certain improvements in the adjustable guides for the sides of the saw; also, certain improvements inthe''giging back and feeding devices, and, also certain improvements in the friction eed apparatus calculated to facilitate the regulation of the friction. CAR BODY ELEVATOR.-Reuben Vells, JefTersonville, Ind.This invention relates to an improved apparatus for elevating car bodies off the trucks for transferring them from one truck to another, as a means of transferring freight to roads of difi"erent gages, instead of unloading it from the cars of one road to those of another, the bodies being adapted to trucks of variousgages; and tracks of various gages are placed over the apparatus, so that a carol onegagemay be run upon the apparatus and have the body lifted ofi"and suspended, until the truck may be run away and truck of anothergagerun under thebodyandthe latter lowered uponit. The ap paratus consists of elevating tables, preferably four in number, suitably adjusted to take under the four corners of the trucks, and resting upon four levers having fixed rests at one end, ?vith their moving ends converging upon the vertical moving table of a hydraulic elevator, located centrally between the first-mentioned elevating tables, by ?vhich the latter are eleva ted or depressed to raise or lower the car bodies. HAND TRUCK.-B. W. Tuthill, Oregon City, Oregon.The object of this in vention is to construct the frame-work of hand trucks of metal tubes, preferably of gas tubing, to be joined together in a cheap, simple, and inexpensive way, by ?vhich they can be readily made tight and taken apart for repairs. MILL STONE DEIVEES.D. B. Ritter, Glasgow, Ky.The object of this invention is to provide improvements in the drivers used on the mill stone, spindles for imparting rotary motion, whereby they are adapted for applying the power more evenly on both sides of the spindle than can be done by the driver as now arranged. CHEESE PRESSING APPARATUS.-James L. Sprague, Hermon, N. Y.This invention relates to improvements in cheese hoops, and the followers for the same, and in the arrangement for connecting the screws of cheese presses with the followers. PROPELLING WHEELS.James S. Cunningham, New York city.This invention consists in an improved arrangement of the buckets for governing their position while dipping and escaping from the ?vateG, and also for holding them against the resistance of the water. WATER ELETATOR.D. A. Dunham, Pilatka, Fla.This invention relates to improvements in devices used lor raising or injecting water by a jet of steam, the object of which is to provide a more simple device than any now in use, and adapted for drawing water from the bottom of the vessels containing it, and it consists in a peculiar arrangement of steam and water conducting pipes withthroat and water-receiving passage. MILK HOUSE.Fritz Schaller, Mattoon, 111.This invention consists in an arrangement, on a brick or stone base, of A-shaped sides and vertical ends, the sides being hinged at the base to S?ving open in a vertical plane, and the triangular ends being divided at the center and hinged to swing horizontally ; the walls are made double, with spaces between,and provided with ventilating passages. CYLINDRICAL HULLING MILL.Charles S.Bailey, New York city.This invention has for its object to furnish a simple, convenient, and efl"ective hulling mill, designed especially for hulling cotton seed, Imt equally applicable to hulling other seeds, and which, while doing its work thoroughly, shall be so constructed that the knives may be easily, quickly, and conveniently taken out and adjusted. DITCHING MACHINE.James S. Anderson and James ?. Cooley, Clark's Hill, Ind.This invention has for its object to furnish a simple, convenient, and eflective ditching machine, which shall be so constructed and arranged thatit may be easily adjusted to cut a straight ditchf or laying tiles,, or a tapering open ditch, as may be desired. PLOW.-Moses Teasier, Cairo, lU.-This invention has for its object to improve the construction of plows, so as to make them more convenient, effective and durable, enabling them to be readily adjusted to run at a greater or less depth in the ground or to cut a wider or narrower furrow. PLOW.-HenryNolte, Lincoln, 111.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved plow, simple in construction, and eflective in operation, forplowing and cultivating plants planted in rows, when of such a I character or size as to require to have the soil turned about the said plants SAFETY ATTACHMENT FOE STEEST KAILEOAD CARS.John Pogarty, Brooklyn, N. T.This invention lias for its object to furnish an improved attachment for street railroad cars, W'hich shall be so constructed and arranged as to prevent any person or thing that may be upon the track from being run over by the vheels, or from throwing the cars from the track. CASTEE.-C. G. Wilson, Brooklyn, ??. Y.This invention '.has for its object to furnish an improved furniture caster, which shall be so constructed and arranged that it will allow the table, or other article to which it may be attached, to be moved freely in any direction, and which 8haU,at the same time, be simple in construction, strong, durable, and not liable to get out of order. COENHAEVESTEK.G. W.S.Bell, TaluUa, 111.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved corn harvester, which shall be so constructed and arranged as to cut two rows at a time and deposit it in bundles upon the ground, and which shall be simple in construction, effective in operation, and easily guided when at work. PLOW.A. Boles, Kinder, Ind.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved plow, simple in construction, strong, and durable, which maybe readily adjustedfor use as asingle or double plow, and which may IK attached to the framework of a buggy for use as a gang plow or cultivator. CORK PLANTER.Henry Baughman, Columbus, Ohio.The object of this nvention is to provide for public use a simple, and convenient corn planter which can be worked by hand or other power. WATER WHEEL.-P. H. Lamey and A. J. Beachell, Port Treverton, Pa. This invention consists in making the outer part of each of the buckets of a water wheel a swinging gate hinged to the inner rigid part. FCoATiNG VELOCIPEDE.L.D.Bunn, llorristown, N. J.This invention relates to a new floating velocipede, which consists of two floats or vessels, that carry a platform on which the axle of the propelling paddle wheel, that fits between the tvo floats has its bearings, and that carry each a rudder at the stern end. The two rudders are connected with each other, and by means of ropes or chains with the steering lever, so that they will be moved inthesame direction, thereby insuring greater certainty of action. DEVICE FOR PUMPING BT THE MOTION OF THE OARS.Robert E. Spedden and E. Clifford Spedden, Astoria, Oregon.This invention has for its object to pump a boat by the motion communicated to the oars in the operation of rowing. CLOTHES DRTER.-IT. C. Collins, Little Hocking, Ohio.This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in apparatus for drying clothes, and consists in the construction and arrangement and combination of parts whereby the facilities usually afforded by clothes dryers are greatly increased. IRONINGBOAED.D. E. Crosby, South Vineland, N. J.This invention rentes to a new and useful improvement inironingboards for laundry use, and consists in sojonstructing the board that it may be adjusted to any ordinary table, and it also consists in attaching an additional ironing board ? the main board. OVEN.Mrs. Clarissa Preston, Wheeling, W. Va.This invention consists, first, in supporting the grates upon the doors of the ovens, whereby they may be withdrawn from the ovens when the doors are opened,and restored thereto when the doors are closed; secondly, in an arrangement of sliding firate, Avhereby it is prevented from falling from its supports when drawn out for the reception of the articles to be baked; and, thirdly, in certain arrangementsofdevicesfor handling the hot plates and pans.