Under this heading we shall publish weakly notes of some of the more prominent home and, foreign patents. Flow.-N. Robinson, Patchogue, N. Y.-The object of this inventi{)l Xs to prevent the plow from choking, when plowing in stubble, manure, etc. BURNERS FOE COAI OIL, ETC.—E. D. Boyd, Helena, Arkansas.-The o19j)eet of this invention is to provide a simple and cheap perpetual wick for lamps. HOT OVEN.—D. and J. Campbell and S. Raymond, Middletown,Pa.This invention relates to that class offurnaces or ovens employed to heat air for the blast of hot-blast furnaces. KEROSENE BURNER.-James R. Cole, Demopolis, Ala.The object of this invention is to prevent the danger of explosions arisirg from the heating of the wick tube, and the generation of gas in the upper part of the lamp. LIGHTNING- RODS.-W. S. Reyburn and F .J.Martin, Philadelphia, Pa.- This invention consists in making a section of a lightning rod of one piece of sheet metal, doubled upon itself in ribs, in a peculiar manner, whereby a very excellent rod is produced at a very cheap rate. VELOCIPEDE BOAT.-G. Haberland, Pontiac, Il1.-The object of this invention is to provide for public use a. velocipede boat, so constructed and arranged that the driver can conveniently propel and steer it, while it is light capacious, safe, and commodious. SASH BALANCE.-J. G. Jones, Baltimore, Md.-This invention relates to that class of sash balances in which a coiled spring is employed, and consists in a novel arrangement of such spring with the cord pulley, and a •on pie of small spur wheels,whereby the mechanism operates more smoothly and uniformly, while a smaller spring is required. COMBINED SECTION MARKEU AND ROLLER.-Elibu Evans, Denver City, Coloraclo.This invention consists in a new arrangement and combination of section rollers and section markers,in a single instruments be employed on plowed ground in rolling the surface and laying off well-defined drills or channels, at any required distance apart, into wM«h the agriculturist can lead water, and thereby distribute it uniformly over the field for the purpose of irrigation. MELODEON.-J. R. Cluxton, Hussellville, Ohio.-TMs invention comprises two important improvements in melodeons and other instruments of a simi- 1 ar character. 1st. The volume of sound fro-m each key Is made to depend upon the' pressure of the fiiiger upon that particular key, so that pedals, stops, swells, etc., may be entirely dispensed with, and the loudne,ss or soft- n'iss of each sound be regulated with the utmost nicety by the t°uch of the player. 2d. A vibrating b<tx, sounding board, and sounding posts are employed to increase the resonance of the instrument and soften and improve the quality of its tones. COMBINED HAY RAKE AND LOAD33:iR.Francis Terwilleger and John R. Isdell, Wyanet, IllThis invention has for its object to furnish a machine, simple in construction, and effective in operation, by means of which the hay may be collected and loaded upon the hay rack as the wagon is dra\vn forward. COMBINED PLOW AND SCRAPER.-J. Reynolds, Crystal Sorings, Mi. This invention has for its object to furnish an improved serapeI' for plowing and scraping cotton and corn, and which shall fle simple in instruction, effective in oper.ation, and easily operated CHURN.-James King, Suckasunny. )T. J.-This invention has for tts object to furnish animproved churn, which shall be so constructed that tt may be conveniently nestedfor market or transportation. FURNACE.1Vm. A. MadarrL, Spang'sMills, Pa..-This invention has for ita object to furnish an improved device for regulating the stock or fuel ore and flux, so that they may, pass down properly mixed, preventing the heavier parts from sliding' down in the middle and pushing the fuel or lighter parts to the side, and which -will prevent clogging, relieve the hearth from much ofthe weight, allow the blast to pass through more freely, and keep the furnace working cooi in its upper part. RAILROAD TRACK.-C. G. Wilson, Brooklyn, N. Y .-This invention has for its object to improve the construction of railroad tracks, so as to make them stronger, smoother, more durable, safer, and more easily and cheaply kept in repair than when constructed in the ordinary manner. HATS CC-TTEJ.George A. Harley, :gew York city.-This invention has for its object to; furnish an improved instrument for cutting or “ shingling” the hair ofthe human head, which shall be simple in coustruction itnd effective in operation, enabling each man to do his own hair cutting, if desired. HAY LOADER.J. G. Sehorn, Iowa City, IowaThis invention has for its object to furnish an improved device, desig-ned especially for loading hjiy upon a wagon rack, but which shall be equally applicable for loading manure, dirt, and other heavy weights, and which shall, at thesame time, be simple in construction, easily operated, and effective in operation. PICKET FENCE.—II. N. Hill, Pontiac, Mich.-This invention relates to a new picket fence, which is so constructed that it can be easily and cheaply made, and that it will be strong and durable. SEWING MACHINE.-Francisco B. Contesr.a, New York city.-This invention relates to a new and useful impovement in sewing machines, whereby they are adapted for performing cert ..in kinds of work in a better manner than such work has been done heretofore. PAPER PULP ENGINE.Peleg Rose, Norwich, Con1.l.-This invention relates to a machine called a “paper pulp engine,” for reducing rags, and other paper stock, to a pulp for the manufacture of paper. ARRANGING GEARING.—T. Salisbury, Albion, Pa.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in arranging gearing for driving; agricultural machinery, and for other purposes. WATER WHEEL.-Joseph Hathaway, Woodstock, Vt.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in car wheels/whereby many of the objections to the ordinary arrangemen t of,the shutes and parts connected therewith are obviated. WROUGHT-IRON MOLD FOR VULCANIZING RUBBER CAR SPRINGS, ETC.— Qharles H. Franklin, Jersey-City, N .J.This invention relates to a wrought- ironmold for vulcanizing rubber car springs, etc. . COFFEE RoASTER.Adolph Colin, Louisville, Ky.This invention relates to a new device for roasting or parching coffee, or malt, and has for its object simplicity of construction, rapidity of action, and economy of fuel. AUTOMATIC DISENGAGING APPARATUS.John H. Kingsland, New York city;-This invention relates to a new automatic disengaging apparatus, which is more particularly applicable to suspend ships boats from their davits and to release them as soon as they reach the water, but which ma.y also be used for otherpurposes. Ciimx.J.H.Wildasin and J. A. Peek, St. Charles, Towa.-This invention consists in the application to the lower half of a cylindrical case made in two parts, and having a rotary beater working therein, of an auxiliary semicircular case with a perforated bottom, through which the buttermilk may be drawn off after the butter is formed,to facilitate gathering and SO- lidifyi.ng the same. AXLE Box.James B. Hendricks,Clayton, Ill.-This invention relates to a new axle box for carriages, buggies, and all other wheeled vehicles which have stationary axles, and lias for its object to produce simpler and more durable supports for the wheels than were heretofore provided. MATCH SAFE.-Hiram Richmond, West Meriden, Conn.-This invention cons't3ts in so forming; the back of one piece, and the frQol1t sides and top of another piece. by casting, of any prepared metal, that when placed in position together for securing by screws or rivets, coincident recesses formed in each, or recesses in one and projections in the other part, will constitute bearings forthe doors, which are made self-closing by weighting one side. LAMPwrcrc ADJusTER.-Wm.F. Rippon, and George A. Johnson, Providence, R T'l'he object ofthis invention is to provide an adjustable spring preeser, foil” use in lamp wick tubes for regulating the breadth of the wick passage ia the said tubes according to the wicks, Which vary materially in thickness. T0RPED0,James Dickey, Venango City, Pa.-The object of this inven- tions'teprovide a torpedo whtch affords an instantaneous and [explosive effect, tha:reby acting upon the surrounding media witha more instaneous concusSfcve effect. BEEFST1iAK CnusITER.-Horace Thompson, Concord, N. H.-This invention relates to a new beefsteak crusher, which is so"constructed that it will cut entirely through the fibers of the meat, without separating the same, thereby making the steak tender andpalatable. HAY RAKF AND LOADER.-Andrew Sheline, Edon, 01iio.The object of this invention is to provide a simple and efficient hay raking and loading apparatus, lor attachment to a wagon, so that while being drawn along behind the wagon it will gather up the spread Ihay and deliver it up to the said wagon. Cm:cuLA'riNG MACHINE.John Hermann Rudolph Reffett, Hoboken, N.J. Thil:)liavention has for its object to provide an apparatus, by means ofwhich either one of the four rules of' arithmetic, namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, can be successfully exercised for practical and educational purposes. The invention consists chiefly in the arrangement of a disk'J or turn table, working between two slotted disks or plates, and carrying a system of figures and dots, or apertures, by which the required calculating systems are most effectually produced. The inventor is desirous of disposing of state and county rights, or to sell the whole patent, which is (fated Sept.14, 1869. WASHING AND WRINGIN G [MACHINE.Orin” Skeel, Winslow, Ill.-This improvement comprises an arrangement of grooved rubbing rollers on a spring bed in the bottom of the tub; also, in conjunction therewith an arrangement of grooved rollers on a hinged frame above the first-mentioned rollers, between which two. sets, the clothes. are drawn back and forth by turning the upper rollers, first one way and then the other, by means of crank and suitable connecting gears. The said improvement also comprises a wringing attachment to the hinged frame.under an arrangement whereby it is operated by the same crank that works the grooved rollers. PLANTER AND CULTIVATOR.A. J. Misenhivuer, Oskaloosa, 111.The ob jeet of this invention is to provide a planting attachment for cultivators which may be readily applied to or detached from the cultivator, and to provide a simple and eificient arrangement of the same plantinG attach ment. MACHINE FOR MAKING CLOTHES PINS.A. J. Oekington, Stratford llol low, N. H.The object ofthis invention is to provide a simple'and efficient automatic machine for receiving the turned blanks from one or more 1 allies sawing the said blanks, which are long enough fcfr three or more pins, and slotting and delivering them. HARROW.-J. H. Williams, Tontzvillo, Kansas.This invention consists in constructing the two branches of a triangular harrow iu short sections, overlapping each other, and pivoted together, so as to oscillate freely in vertical planes, and provided with strengthening links connecting each piv ot bolt. WAT.EI: REGULATOR.Xavier Amoun, Sidney, OhioThis invention RE lates to improvements in water regulating apparatus for the supply pipes of cisterns, etc., andhasforits object to provide a simple arrangement of regulating valve to be operated by a f.oat to close the inlet passage, and turn on the water into an escape pipe when the cistern is sufficiently full and to open again and admit the supply when the water falls in the cistern,, and designed more especially to be used in cisterns winch are supplied from the eaves of houses, A NOVELTY IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS .The number of inventions ap plied to musical instruments during the lust decade has been very large but these inventions have been in the nature of improvements upon existing instruments ; and a new musical instrument, worthy of the name, has not appeared in the last twenty-five years. This is an age ofprogress, however, and this wideband hitherto unworked field has been entered at last. - Mr George Herrick, of Waverly. New York, has invented and just secured a patent for a musical instrument which promises to create considerable ex: citement in the musical world, and bids fair, the inventor thinks, to intro duce a formidable rival to the piano to the music-loving public. The invention consists in connecting a key-board, like that used for an organ or piano, witli a series of steel tongues like those used to prodnee the tones in a music box, through certain mechanical means (which cannot be easily shown without the aid of several drawings of the instrument), thereby placing the tones of the instrument at the will of the performer as completely as they are in the piano. Any <ine acquainted with the rich, full tones, unequaled for clearness and sweetness, of the best music boxes, may wonder why this instrument has not been invented before. This music has long been highly prized, some of the Dest music boxes commanding fabulous prices, but they have never come into general use; partly because of theirhigh price, partly on account of their delicate machinery and its liability to get out of order, but chiefly because they were mere machines, playing only a stereotyped number ofpieces. The inveutionofMr. Herrick is intended to enable one to have an instrument possessing all the advantages of a music box: with none of its defects. In a large instrument its range of tones is declared to be unequaled, and in power unsurpassed by any instrument, unless it be the pipe organ. In the higher notes of the scale its tones are of that clear dulcet quality found inno other instrument. In the lower register, tones can be produced lower on the scale (hut still clear and full) than by any other means than the large pipes of the organ. Finally, it willhave the great advantage of not getting out of tune. For these reasons it is believed thatthis instrument will be a verypopular one. VELOCIPEDE.—M. L. Rood, Denver, Colorado Territory.-This invent 4ou relates to a new three-wheeled velocipede, which is so constructed that it can be propelled by a convenientmotior.of the feet or hands, readily steered and stopped, and that it will accommodate two riders at once. DETACHING SHIPS' BoATs.-Chas. II. Nye, Vineland, N . J.--The object ot this invention is to provide an effective means of detaching ships' boats when suspended over the side of the vessel by davits or cranes. STEAM GENERAToR.Levi S. Ives, Pittsburgh, Pa.Tlie object; of this invention is three-fold, namely: 1. To separate'from the feed water all mineral and organic matter in solution and suspension,.thereby preventing in crustation of the boiler ; 2. to heat the feed water to the same tempera perature as that in the boiler before it is thrown upon the heating surfaces and 3d, to prevent priming or fo aming. FURNACE FOR STEAM GENERATORS, ETC.—M. Tildesley and James Bird, Willenhall, England.-This invention lias for its object the construction of furnaces, stoves, and fireplaces generally, in such manner that the .air may come in contact with the fire, and a draft maybe created upon ail sides of the fire, at the back end, and at the bottom or under the fire, the top alone being closed, by which construction we obtain smoke-consuming fires.• 1 FLAX BRAKES James Boyce, Wooster, O.The,object of this invention isto provide in combination with the” Sanford and Mallory” :flax brake a feeding attachment whereby crossed and tangled stalks may be in a great measure straightened and arranged in the proper orderfQ.r feeding into the said brake in the required lengthwise position. SIDE SADDLE.John T. Gathright and John C. Freeman, Louisville, Ky. This invention consists in a seat of peculiar construction pnd application of the same to the side bars or pads usually employed, the said soat being made of thin wood and pressed into the proper shape to comprise the cantel seat proper, back and fore springs of the off'horn and tlie support for the near horn. ORE GRINDER.Samuel Stephens and J. W. V. Rawlins, Houghton, Mich. The object of this invention is to provide a simple and efficient machine for grinding ores. It consists of an arrangement of crushers or grinders suspended adjustably from a revolving plate, so as to project into a tub or mortar,into which the ore is fed in a peculiar way.