LOCK AND LATCH .-Charles Godfrey Gumpel, Leicester Square, London England.-This invention consists in the application of pins or sliders, of any suitable section, passing through the bolt or bolts, or sliding piece or pieces, acting on the bolt or bolts, and a fixed piece or bolt guide, or pieces or guides, in or on which the bolt or belts, or sliding piece or pieces, moves or move. COTTON-SPINNING.-- E. M. Greeson, Americus. Ga.-This invcn tion comprises an arrangement 9f a number of hoes or scrapers, at suitable Intervals, in a row suspended from a beam or frame, provided with guiding handles and connected at right angles to another frame mounted adjustably on one wheel, to the front of which latter frame the animal is to be hitched for drawing the same across the rows ofplants. DITCHING MACHINE.—J. W. McGehee, Fayetteville, Texas.-This invention consists essentially of a boring or ditching auger, suspended from the frame of a truck, and having an enlarged liead projecting in advance of the truck, and rotated so as to bore out a groove as the truck is moved along, securing the earth taken back through a trough to an elevator,which carries it up to a spout chuting it to one side. COMBINED STOVE PIPE, SHELF, AND CLOTHES HORSE.-W. C. Burnham, Blooming Grove, N. Y.-This invention relates to an improved stove pipe attachment, for usc as a stove pipe, shelf, and clothes horse, or frame, for holding clothes around the pipe for drying While serving as a shelf ; also, for holdimg vessels containing food to be kept warm. Ax.-Ernest Quast, Freedom, Mo.-This invention consists in making the polls in two parts, divided in the plane ofthe cutting edge, and shaped so that when put together and joined by rivets, a groove will be formed dovetailed at the base, for holding the bits which are fitted to it, so that a part of the rivets will pass through the tongues fitted to the said grooves. FILTER RAOK.-E. C. Andrews, Seneca Falls, N. Y.-This invention relates to improvements in racksforchemists' use, in supporting the funnel- shaped paper filters used by them for filtering liquids, and it consists of a skeleton frame, made of wire.or other suitable substance, and so arranged as to expose the greatest possible amount of the surface of the paper to the air while filtering, or to prevent the contact of the paper with the side of the common fannel when used for straining into a bottle, by placing the rack in the said funnel. WATER WuEEL-Denison Chase, Orange, Mass.-This invention consists in an improved form oftlie buckets and of the bottom of the wheel, calculated to facilitate the discharge of the water, and to obtain a greater per centage of power by the said discharge. Thc invention also comprises an improved arrangement of the gate, and the supports and adjusting devices of the bridge tree, which improvements :are also applicable to other wheels. COMBINED CANE, UMBHELLA, AND SEAT.-Gillespie SWceney, New York eity.-This invention relates to an improved cane, seat, and umbrella combined together in one article, in an arrangement capable of adjustm cnt for use in the capacity of either one of the said articles, and consists of a sheath answering for the cane, divided into three parts, and inclosing in one part the umbrellafrom the p oint below the lower ends of the ribs when folded, the stock isenlarged at this point and provided with rib::!, braces, and a web of canvas stitched across the ends of the ribs, which spread out similarly in some respects to the umbrella, and form a seat when the top is placed on the ground ; thislatter part is inclosed within the part of the sheathforming the handle, which i'3 divided longitudinally from the top down and hinged to the aforesaid enlargement of tho stock. These two parts fasten together with a strong cord. WINDING AND SETTING ATTACHMENT FOR WATCTIES.-Charles Spiro New York clty,-Thisinvention comprises the attachment to the fusee ofa ratchet clutch permanently fixed to it,and a drum carrying a movable clutch and a gear wheel, to which a folding handle of peculiar construction is connected, whereby the movable clutch may be pressed down into gear with the fixed clutch, and tht: latter turned to wind the watch, or the movable clutch is moved up out of connection with the other,so as turn independently of it. at the same time bringing the toothed wheel into gear with a train of gears connecting with the hands for setting. COOKING STOVE .—James Grimes, Portsmouth, Ohio.-This invention relates to new and useful improvements in cooking stoves, and consists in the arrangement of t he flues beneatli and back of the oven, and in the divided cross center and in air tubes. CAR CouPLiNG—John D. Kevrison, New York city.-Tilis invention relates to a new and useful improvement in couplings for railroad cars, whereby many of the objection::! to ordinary car couplings are obviated. WASHING MAcMNE.-I-Icrrmann Cramer, Sonora, Cal.-This Invention relates to a new and useful improvement ill machines for washing clothes, and consists in a hollow revolving cylinder with open rim, serrated on its inner surface, placed in a suitable tub with a heating furnace conn ected therewith. THILL COUPLING.-W. II. Cox and Theophilus Larouche, Willlamstown, Y.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in devices coupling thills to buggies or other vehicles. UMERELLAS AND PARASOLS.—Miss Maggie Clyde, Brady Post Office, Pa.— This invention consists in making the staff” of the umbrella or parasol in sections jointed together, and in a gutter around the rim of the umbrella, for conducting the water to. one point, with a single opening for its discharge. SELF SUPPORTING GATE.—J. R. Davis, Covington, Ga.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in the method of liangina- and supporting farm aud other gates. TUBE WEI.LS.-A&'I Waters, Mobile,Ala.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in “Tube,” or “ Drive wells,” and consists in covering the perforated well tube with wire cloth, and in protecting the wire cloth covering- with a perforated metallic shield. WATER ELEVATOR.-G. W. Dickerson. Prairietown, Ind.-This invention relates to new and useful improvements in the method of raising water from wells and cisterns. COMBINATION ENVELOPE OPENER.-C. B. Stevens, Riverton, Conn.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in an instrume nt for opening the envel opes of letters, public documents, etc., and consists in a peculiarly formed cutting blade and handle, and combining these with an ink and lead eraser. TURBINE WATER WHEEL.—Philip O. Palmer, Swoope's Depot, Va.-The °qject of this invention is to save the water, and to improve the construction of the gates so that they can be more easily op erated and adjusted than heretofore. IMPOSITION FOB DESTROY IXG INSECTS ON FLOWERS, PLANTS,E'M—John Ahearn Baltimore, Md.-This iinvcntion consists of a composition for destroying insects on flowers, plants, vines, find bushes. It is made in liquid formand appUed by sprinkling, eitlier with a wisp of hay or a watering pot. Thill C°UPLING.-Cyrus Fisher, Canton, -Mass.-This invention has for its object the fastening of the thills of a carriage to its forward axle, so that tlley can be readily and easily detached, when desired, and it consists in a strap bolt attached to the rear end of eaeli of the thills and fitting a h°le in a trunnioned block, which is confined between clips on the axle, the said strap bolt having a screw-threaded end, by means of whiQh and a nut, casualdetachment of the thills i.s prevented. FILE.—Albert Thompson, Norway, Maine.-This invention c°nsists in making a file with two sets of teeth on opposite sides, one set inclinQd in a direction the reverse of the other, in order that when a stroke in one Action has been made, the .file may be turned over,and a return cutting stroke be made with it, thus very much expediting the labor of filing a saw or other article. SCROLL-SAWING MACHINE.-William Oller, Scenery Hill, Pa.-This motion consists in making a saw in a frame consisting of two pairs of metallic levers, one pair at each side of the saw, said levers having their fulcra at the top and bottom of vertical metallic bars, placed one at each side the saw, and said levers being connected with the lower pair at their outer ends by means of extensible rods, by which the frame may be tightened or loosened at pleasure, and is made at once strong, fi exible, and elastic, so as to admit of all the necessary movements of the saw. ELEVATED OVEN RANGE.-Philip Rollhaus, Portc hester, N. Y.-This invention relates to a new manner of arranging the pipes between the water- back and the boiler, with an object of allowing them to be made with a short turn to enable the use of brass pipes. CORN SIIELLER.—HeNry P. Watts, Lynchburg, Va.-This invention has for it:3 object to furnish an improved machine for removing corn from the oob both when dry and when green, which machine shall be simplc m construction, easily and co.vcniently operated, and effective i n operation. BEDSTEAD.-D. M. Estey, Brattleborough, Vt.-This invention has for its object to so improve the construction of bedsteads that the slats may be* secured in place without the use of ledges or strips attached to the inner sides of the rails, and which shall, at the same time, allow the said slats to be conveniently taken out and put in when required. COMBINED DOUBLE SHOVEL AND TWO-HOR3E CULTIVATOR.-S. G. Hayl, Agency City, Iowa.-This invention has for its object to furnish a simple, col'lvenient, and effective two-horsecultivatorforcultivatiug plants planted in rows, and which shall be so constructed and arranged that the double shovel plows may be easily and quicklydetached from the carriage and adjusted for use as single-horse cultivators. BEAMS AND GIRDERS.-Richard J. Gutling, Indianapolis, Ind.-This invention has for its object to furnish improved girders and beams for fire-proof buildings and other uses, which shall be so constructed that the flooring and laths can be nailed directly to said beams and girders, and which may at the same time be constructed with less powerful machinery and at less expense than when made in the ordinary manner. FORMING BITS AND AUGERS.-James Swan, Seymour, Conn.-This invention has for its object to furnish an improved method of upsetting and turning the lips and forming the screw points of double, curved-lipped bits and augurs from the pressed and crimped blanks by means^of a pair of duplicate dies. MACHINE FOR MAKING HORSE SnoEs.-Frederick D. Altliause, Morris, ania, N. Y., and John F. Allen, Tremont, N. Y.-This invention has for its object to furnish an improved machine for forming; horseshoes which shall be so constructed and arranged that thc hot bars may be fed in at one end of the machine and come out at the other end in the form of perfect shoes. CIRCLE, OR FIFTH WHEEL FOR V EHICLES.-C. St. James, Pittsfield, Mass. -This inventionhas for its object to furnish an improvement in the construction of the eirclc, or fifth wheel of vehicles, so as to avoid the use of a king-bolt, and which, at the same time, shall be so constructed as to allow the wear to be conveniently taken up to keep the parts always close and firm. CAN OPENER.-H. C.Alexander, New York city.-This invention has for object to furnish a simple and convenient instrument for opening cans, sardine boxes, etc. LETTER CARRIERS' ALARM.-Edward H. Ripley, Boston Highlands, Mass. -This invention has for its object to furnish an improved attachment for the doors of houses,offices, etc., which are kept constantly or occasionally locked or bolted, which shall be so constructed and arranged as to enable the letter carrier to pass letters and other small packages through said door, and at the same time will notify the inmates of their delivery. WASHING MAoniXE.—Isaac Erb, Bowmansville P. O., Lancaster, N. Y.- This invention has for its object to furnish an improved washing machine, which shall be so constructed and arranged that while washing the clothes quickly, thoroughly,and without injury to the fabrics, it will enable the cover and presser to be turned back out ofthe tub andoutofthe way while putting in and tal\:ing out the clothes, and which will, at the same time allow a steam-tight cover to be applied to the tub. CORN CULTIVATORS.-A. J. Grush, Springfield, IH.-The object of this invention is to provide a cultivator capable, by a slight adjustment, of adaptationfor use and for guidance, either for the operator to ride upon it or walk behind it. It is also designed to provide certain adjusting devices for the plow beams forgoverning the depth of plowing-and their distance apart; also an adjustable arra.ngementforthe plow handles, and an arrangement of means for suspending the plows above the ground. DUESS PBoTECToR.-Mrs.A.H.Graton, Lawrence, Kansas.-This invention consists of a short annular sack, preferably of water-proof substance, shaped and adapted for receiving the lowerparts of the skirts, and to hold them up out of the water and mud, bybeing suspended at the outside by straps from a belt around the waist, and at the part inside the skirts, by straps hooking upon thehoop skirt or other under skirt. FAitJ'.r GATE.-George F. Bissell, Oneo41ta, N. Y.-l'he object in this inven- ti3ln is to improve and perfect the farm gata, various styles of which are in use, and the invention consists in the method of supporting and operating it. APPARATUS FOR MEASURING WATER AND OTHER LiQuiDS.-John Wins- borrow, Livermere Road, Dalston, England.-Tlie object of this invention is to obtain uniformity in the pressure upon the several parts of a meter, and, consequently, greater accuracy, with a minimum of wear and tear in working, together with correct measurement of the liquid passed through. FOLDING CHAIR.-Nicholas Collignon and Claudius O. Collignon, Closter, N.J.-Thls invention relates.to chairs which fold up into a small space, whereby they are rendered much more convenient for transportation and storage than chairs of ordinary construction. S ruD AND BUTTON FASTENING.-C. L. Horack, Willimantic, Conn.-This invention relates to a new and useful impr:>vem en t in a device for fastening studs and buttons to shirt bosoms and wristbands and for all similar uses. CONVERTIBLE WRITING DEsK.-Frederick Robbin, Hudson City,N. J- This invention consists in so constructing and arranging the top awl tlie case containing the drawers and pigeon holes,that a writing desk or a table may be formed at will. FIELD PRESS.-E. J. Marsters, Shaw'sFlat, CaL-This invention relatesto a new hay or cotton press,which is arranged so that it can be readily transported from one place to another, to press the material directly on the field or wherevcr it may be desired. The invention consists in the general con structlon of the apparatus, which is mounted upon a wagon, and which is so got up by the application of toggle levers and other devices, that a powerful press is obtained. EARTH CLOSETS AND URINALS.-Augustus Fraser Baird,Pimlico, London, England.-This invention consists iii constructing an earth closet which is provided with a receptacle beneath theseat for receiving the depo sits with which the earth is to be mixed, and with a shoot or passage opening into the said receptacle for conveying the earth into the same, and at the other eiid to that opening above mentioned, another opening by which the earth is supplied from a hopper to the said shoot. nexpensive ingredients for application to tlie roots, trunks, and limbs of trees, to destroying grubs and worms, and to prevent the ravages of in sects. It is alsosaid to be an excellent fertilizer.