ANTHH-ACITE COAL FOH. GLASS.—A patent has recently been taken out in London by James Timmins Chance, of Handsworth, glass manufacturer, lor the employment of anthracite coal in the manufacture of glass. The application of anthracite coal for the manufacture of glass, is spoken of on page 817 of Galloway and Hebert's "History of the Steam Engine," in speaking of Howell's Furnace. IMPHOVEMENT IS MAKISG CAsra.ES.-Wm. E. Cooper, of Mottram, Chester; England, patentee.—One improvement consists in making candle wicks with one-third, or thereabouts, ofthe strands, saturated with asolution of bismuth, in oil, or wrfli any other solution by which the burning properties of the same are increased; the object being to cause the wick thus prepared to turn out of the flame when being burnt, and so to obviate the necessity Another improvement consists in forming the rod or stick on which the wicks of dipt candles are placed for dipping, of a triangular form, and with grooves on one side for keeping the wicks at their proper distances apart.