Engineering. Steam Engine.—William F. and Eugene W. Cleveland, Rounthwaite, Manitoba, Canada. This is an engine of simple construction, designed to afford a bigher than usual degree of efficiency by reducing to a minimum back pressure in tbe cylinder. It has a main and a supplementary exhaust pipe, the ends of the pipes being alongside each other, and the upper end of tbe main pipe extending above the upper end of the supplementary pipe, and creating suction over the latter, removing atmospheric pressure and securing a more prompt and perfect exhaust. Constructing Sewers, Subways, etc.Harry P. McDonald, Louisville, Ky. This inventor provides Iln apparatus comprising a pair of telescopic shells, the rear one having an annular shoulder pressing against the line of the conduit. the sections being independently or simul taneously forced forward or in opposite directions. Means are provided for temporarily sheathing and applying a permanent cement lining, pe. culiarly arranged plunger or feed devices setting the sheuthing and compressing the concrete as the sheathing and cutter carrying means are forced forward. A carrying mechanism is provided for removing the loose earth and bringing into position the concrete for lining. Generating and Applying Vapors. Oreon S. Rhodes, East Stroudsburg, Pa. This improve ment is for the generation of vapors of volatile liquids and driving motors thereby, the boiler fluid being preferably a fixed oil boiling at a high temperature, giving great heat without corresponding pressure, and the vapor being generated from a volatile liquid combined witb a soluhle gas, a volatile liquid, or a liquefied gas. The boiler and cngine form but one machine, both making use of the s'me boiler fluid, the construction being such tbat the fnel is utilized to the greatest advantage and the danger from explosion is reduced to a minimum. Elect,lcal. Antisparkle Commutator Compound.John R. Davis, New Iberia, La. To prevent sparkling at the commutator of a dynamo, this inventor provides, Jor application on the commutator, a compouud containing a fatty substance mixed with a good conductor of electricity, the m;xture being hardened by chalk. The compound is designed to reduce the wear of both the commutator and the brushes, while preserving a uniformIy good contact, so as to obtain a steady How of electricity. Mechanical. Wrench.Matthew C. Gay and Joseph Heard, Arcadia, Fla. According to this improvement a fixed head and hinged jaw are detachably connected, so jaws for pipes or for nute may be interchangeably used, the connection being so effected that the pivot portions of the hinged jaw are guided and slip longitudinally into their seats, moving with such seat in the tilting movements of the jaw. In one tool IS tbus afforded a pipe wrench and a nut wrenCh, the device being al.o simple, inexpen.ive and durable. Tack Machine.Russell Hathaway, Elbridge G. Pauil, and Cyrus D. Hunt, Fairhaven, Mass. 1'his machine has two cams operating two levers carrying the leader and lazy knives, the cams actuatmg the leader knife and maintaining the lazy knife up and still while the edge of the plate is turning down, the improvements consisting principally in the form of the lazy cam, the form of the gripping cam, and the centering of the gripping lever. The machine is designed to be run at a high speed with good feeding of the plate, the following of its cam by the gripping lever, and diminution of the wear of the leader knife. Agricultural. SicklZ Bar.James Smith, Granite Canon, Wyoming. This invention provides for a coustruction of the cutter or sickle bar to materially lighten the draught in mowing grass and harvesting grain, tbe bar being so made that it may be used for trimming edges as well as for cutting grass. The bar has a Beries of overlapping disk cutters and means for rotating adjacent cutters in opposite directions and reversing the direction of rotation, each of the alternate cutters being adapted to co-operate with either of the cutters between which it is located. Planter.John W. Shore, Angola, Ind. This machine is adapted to plant two kinds of seed alternately if desired, the seed being delivered to a chute to conduct it to the ground, and the planting being uniform as to distances apart and the number of seeds or grains delivered at a time. The shoe carrying the chute makes the furrow and covers the seed, aud also allows for the vertical adju.tment of the chute, springs holding the shoe in yielding contact with the ground. Stake for Plants, Flowers or Trees.Theron N. Parker, Quick, Iowa. This is an improvement in devices for tagging plants, trees, etc., by florist, nurserymen and others. This stake has a number of wire legs whose upper ends sie twisted together, one of the lengths of wire extending up above the others and being bent at its upper end to encircle the stalk of the plant. A sheet metal tag is attached by wire to the bend. Miscellaneous. Photo-M echanical Printing. Ed- ouard G. D. Deville, Ottawa. Canada. To change the continuous tones of an original into tones formed of black and white dote by a .creen placed in fro of the photographic plate, this inventor has devi.ed a new kind of pcreen, furnished with alternate opaque and transparent squares, disposed like the squares of a chess board. Adjusting Beat oF Clock Pendulums.Fred. F. Richey, Topeka, Kansas. This is a leveling attachment for a clock mechaniom controlling the pendulum and verge to such an extent that it will act properly even though the clock should be considerably out ot plumb. The device consists of a weighted swing- ing frame ol a novel character arranged to carry the-verge, and is applicable to any form of clock mechanism.. It ie simple, durable, and ineXpensive. Vacuum Pan.Alpbouse F. Gaiennie, La Fourche, La. This Invention provides an improved separator for use on evaporators to save liquid carried by the vapors, and for use in separating oil and grease from exbaust steam. The improvement consists principaHy in the placing of one or more cone-shaped plates in the path of the vapors. within a suitable casing, there being a receiving receptacle at the lower edge of each plate into which pass the liquids separated from the vaporsetnking the plates, such liquids being returned to the mass boiling in the evaporator. Chocolate Dippers. Cyprien Gous- sel, New York City. Two patents have been granted this inventor, one of which is for. an appliance for dipping stick chocolate and other elongated forms of candy. It comprises a frame with cross wires formed into loops and transverse brace wires, forming a s.mple and inexpensive device which may be made to fit odd shapes and hold the Btick. so that they may be readily dipped into a chocolate s.olution, the device holding a comparatively large quantity of candy. In the other dipper, comprising a frame with crOBS wires and serle. of rmgs, provision is made for securing and dipping a large quantity of creams at a time, the creams being so held that practically their entire surface is exposed while being dipped. Clamp Filing Device.Edward W. Farnham, Chicago, Ill. (C., B. & Q. R.R.) Thi. is a file holder and binder In which the file are stacked on a tray provided with cord clamping devices, there bein an independent cover with cord for winding around the holder. and one of the ends of the cord being removably secured in the clamping devices which, with tte cord' furnish a guide to retain the files in place. The deVICe ..s a very .imple and inexpensive one to facilitate compact and secure filing, and large orders for it have been placed by the raIlroad offices m Cblcago. Mattress Holder for Beds EI'lzabeth Calkins, St. Joseph, Mo. For holding the bedding etc., in place, ni folding beds when they are turned up, thiS." inventor provides a simple and inexpensive con- ' struction, appI'lcabIe to beds of all kmds and readily adjustable for different thicknesses of bedding. The hIdoer .s attached to the bed raU, and has laws.. which engage the npper and lower sides of the bedding. The holder consists of two sections, one having a lug engaged by a pivoted notehed locking plate on the other section, to hold the sections adjustably locked.