Electrical Devices. INSULATING-FIXTURE. L. STEINBERGER, New York, N. Y. Mr. Steinberger's invention relates to an insulating fixture adapted for use in connection with arc lights ; also as a suspension device in connection with span wires, and is especially serviceable as an insulating Support and strain member, and may be employed as a turn buckle. It may be used in a variety of ways for insulating conductors, and is well adapted to act in combination with other fixtures. Of Interest to Farmers. IRRIGATING OR DITCHING PLOW.M. JACKSON, Mabton, Washington. The object of this invention is to produce a plow which is especially adapted for making ditches, for clearing ditches already constructed or for cultivating between the rows of corn, potatoes, etc. The construction enables a plow to have a knife attached thereto for cutting away roots of weeds and similar growth between the rows when the device is used as a cultivator. COTTON-CHOPPER.G. M. HEAD, Marianna, Ark. The invention pertains to cotton thinners or choppers adapted to be used by cotton planters for thinning or blocking out the rows of growing cotton. The object is to produce an implement which may be advanced by a draft animal down the row of growing cotton ; the construction being such that the implement operates automatically to thin out or chop Out parts of the growing plant. Of General Interest. TOBACCO-PIPE.E. VALLANCE, New York, N. Y. In this instance the object of the improvement is to provide a means for cleaning the interior of the pipe-bowl. In operation, for cleaning the pipe, the rotating part is to be rotated, which will rotate the blade in the pipe body, thus effectually cleaning the same of incrustation that may be therein. BEER-TAPPER. R. B. SPIKES, Bisbee, Ariz. Ter. The invention is in the nature of a new beer tapper, for use in simultaneously drawing beer from a barrel and admitting compressed air, and it consists in a novel construction and arrangement of tapping devices, part of which are permanently fixed in the barrel, and part retained at the bar or dispensing place and are applied by the barkeeper by being coupled on to the permanently attached members on the barrel. AMALGAMATOR.G. E. PAULLINS, Colorado Springs, Col. The amalgamator is an apparatus for use in extracting gold and silver from refractory ores, a portion of these metals being converted into amalgam with mercury in the receptacle into which pulverized ore is delivered and wherein it is treated mechanically and electrically, and the fine ore separated from such metal in the free state being removed by mechanical means. SPRINKLER.G. BUELNA and A. R. POETT, Santa Barbara, Cal. The invention relates to sprinklers as used in sprinkling lawns, etc., relating to those which are placed at any point of the lawn and automatically revolved by the reactive force of the water and throwing the same thereabout. It is adjustable to throw a spray at any angle, thereby increasing or decreasing the radius at which the major part of the water falls ; or, the angle may be changed 180 degrees, in which case the rotation will be reversed. PIANO-PROTECTING PAD.KATHERINE M. KEOWEN, New York, N. Y. The invention refers to improvements in devices adapted to be used in connection with pianos or other similar instruments to protect the front panel from being accidentally marred or damaged by the shoes of the player. The object is to construct a device compact and complete in itself which may be very readily and easily applied or removed and which does not mar or injure in any way the piano on which it is used. INSTRUMENT FOR USE IN DETERMINING THE FUNCTIONS OF CIRCLES.A. S. H. HITCHINGS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many attempts have not solved the problem of "squaring the circle" except by methods of approximation. They have not been strictly accurate mathematically. While this inventor does not claim to have supplied this deficiency, yet he has succeeded in producing certain geometrical constructions which have provided him with means for forming an instrument for use in determining the area and circumference of a circle from a known diameter. Hardware. RAZOR.L. HEUSER, New York, N. Y. The inventor provides a razor with a blade adapted to be detachably secured to a shank, and constructed of thin, flat metal adapted to be readily ground at its edge thereby avoiding the expensive operation of hollowing out the sides of the razor blade by the grinding process, which frequently results in drawing the temper to a greater or less extent and preventing blades from being tempered in accordance with a uniform standard. Household Utilities. WATER-CLOSET LID AND DEVICE FOR PREVENTING SEATS FROM SPLITTING AND WARPING.J. E. ALBRIGHT, Greensboro, N. C. This invention is applicable to closet lids or covers as well as seats. The closet seat has a continuous circular groove in its inner side, a circular metal hoop is arranged in the groove, the normal diameter of the wire being slightly less than the diameter of the groove. Thus the hoop when expanded under influence of heat, is of sufficient diameter for insertion in the groove and then upon cooling grips the inner wall of the groove by contractile force induced by lower temperature. COMBINED KNIFE AND PORK.W. R. BROWN, Tidioute, Pa. The object of the invention is the production of an article which will carry a knife blade and a fork normally in a folded relation and attached together in a convenient handle, the latter being made in separable parts so that the device may be capable of use as a knife and fork. MOSQUITO-NET SUPPORT.F. D. RAPPELEE, Green Bay, Wis. A purpose of the invention is to provide an economic type of net support, capable of being compactly folded, and of being quickly and conveniently unfolded and placed in position on the frame of a bed, cot, or like article of furniture, arching over the same whereby to support a net at a point above the bed or cot at its sides and ends. Machines and Mechanical Devices. FEEDING AND TENSION MECHANISM. B. W. SCOTT, Detroit, Mich. The invention relates to machines for forming tubes by con-volutely winding bands or strips of paper or other fibrous material coated with cement upon a mandrel, and the object of the improvement is :to provide means for unwinding the band of tube material from the roll and drawing it through the coating mechanism at such a speed as to supply the winding mechanism as the material is required, and to stop this supply when none is required. VENDING-MACHINE. J. J. RONAN and J. F. BARRY, Jersey City, N. J. The invention | in this case relates to vending machines, designed especially to provide coin controlled mechanism, adapted to permit a ticket to be withdrawn from the machine on depositing therein a coin of any desired denomination. While capable of being used for various purposes it is especially suitable for use in distributing railway transfer tickets. GEARING.J. W. LEONARD and H. B. BROWN, Washington, Pa. In the present patent the invention is designed for the provision of a gearing which is strong in construction, very effective in operation, and durable in use, and especially adapted to be employed in connection with convertible gas and steam engines for use in operating oil wells. ATTACHMENT FOR AIR - SHIPS. A. MATHEWS, New York, N. Y. This invention is designed to be applied to air ships having suitable propelling and steering mechanism, and has for its object to provide mechanism for the purpose of elevating the device to which it is applied. The device may be applied to air ships of any suitable construction having any desired means for propelling and steering the machine. Prime Movers and Their Accessories. CRANK-SHAFT.T. J. FAY, New York, N. Y., and J. M. ELLSWORTH, Bernardsville, N. J. The invention refers to improvements in crank shafts, and more particularly to sectional or knockdown crank shafts adapted for use in connection with engines, compressors, and the like, and the object is to so construct the device that the shaft may be made of the minimum length and the ball bearing support thereof may be brought as close to the throw as possible. Railways and Their Accessories. TORPEDO-PLACER.F. JAMES, Lanesboro, Pa. One purpose of the invention is to provide a device for placing a torpedo on the track in position to be exploded, and for automatically exploding the placed torpedo by the passage of the train should the engineer run by a semaphore set against him. Another is to operate the torpedo feeding mechanism and mechanism for setting the striking device, from the same lever employed to operate the signal. CAR-DOOR.T. A. CORSON, Portland, Ark. A door constructed in accordance with Mr. Corson's improvement cannot be fouled by freight falling against the door, since it swings entirely clear of the door opening when being opened, and moreover may rock on a vertical axis! owing to its being mounted on a single wheel. By supporting the door from a single wheel or roller, only a short section of track is necessary and warping of the door will not impede the free movement thereof. Pertaining to Vehicles SHOCK-ABSORBER.W. E. SLATER, San Francisco, Cal. In its preferred arrangement the invention embodies an axle having a cavity therein, in which is movably fitted a part in connection with the body of the motor vehicle, between the walls of which cavity and said " part is arranged a pneumatic cushion provided 1 with a supply device automatically regulated by the movement of the vehicle body and its connections. NOTE.Copies of any of these patents will t, be furnished by Munn & Co. for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of , the invention, and date of this paper.