Luther R. Taught, of Macon, Georgia, has invented a very ingenious and original improvement for regulating the speed of steam engines, by cutting off the steam in the steam box when it exceeds the established velocity. The speed of the engine is regulated by the "cut-off," which consists of a plate of metal placed to fit and work on the back of the slide valve, which is furnished with certain openings through which the steam must pass into the cylinder while the cut-off plate is in a proper position. The form of this cut-off is not new, but the method of operating it is peculiar : the cut-off is caused to move with the slide valve by means of friction produced between them by suitable means, and by attaching the rod of the former to a pendulum axis or other device capable of offering resistance to its movement, which causes it, when the velocity increases to move a shorter distance than the slide valve and thus close the steam openings of the valve, and cut off the steam before the termination of the stroke of the piston. The steam passages of the slide valve are closed earlier or later, according to the velocity of the piston, by the action of this governor valve, to regulate the speed of the engine. The governor valve is therefore operated by resistance which increases as the undue velocity of the engine increases, to cut offthe steam early when necessary. Measures have been taken to secure a patent.